Master Chief vs Sephiroth

Master Chief vs Sephiroth

Ok, I’ll admit that I don’t know too much about Sephiroth. I never got into Final Fantasy even though I know it’s a huge, epic game and I know lots of people who enjoy it. From what I read, he’s a real badass – so let’s see who’s got what it takes to win:

Master Chief

  • Various weapon skills
  • Regenerating Shields
  • Multiple Vehicle selection
  • Lone Wolf Mentality
  • Super Cool Armor


  • Giant sword only he can use
  • Very powerful Materia (Magic)
  • Ruthless
  • Super Nova attack
  • Considered the elite of SOLDIER

Looks like the Chief may have met his match here…

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145 Comments on "Master Chief vs Sephiroth"

  1. Aaron May 10, 2008 at 1:36 am -      #1

    The master Chief could own Sephiroth, Sephiroth is not the best fighter, He was completly useless in the last fight in FFVII (yes iv finished it) he sttod there and waited for you to kill him, the Master Cheif though CAN BLOW AN ENTIRE HALO OUT OF THE SKY IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES, Sephiroth cant top that, so what he has materia and magic mastercheif puts on bullet in his sword and the matira breaks its not as strong as most people think it is, the master chief wins this fight easily and Im a Sephiroth fan

  2. The almighty shank May 10, 2008 at 11:18 am -      #2

    did any of you guy see the mgs cutscenes where a few of the characters deflected bullets with there blades, well that is exactly what sephiroth would do and when chief tries to get in close he would get the almighty shank from sephiroth’s 6 foot katna. And Aaron, of couse they stand still in the final fantasy games its how the game is played all enemies stand still in the actual fight. Watch the ff movie to see how sephiroth would fight.

  3. iron bob May 11, 2008 at 5:42 pm -      #3

    Ah, the age old battle of Magic Vs Technology.

    Perhaps sephiroth could deflect a few bullets with his sword, but at the rate of fire they’d be coming from masterchief, he’d have a hard time keeping up.
    And trying to deflect a rocket, laser, or plasma ball (from fuel rod gun) or sticky grenade would be futile.

    With masterchief’s high rate, and fast speed of attack, sephiroth wont have time to cast any spells (sephiroth’s spells are probably comparable to a spartan laser, powerful if they hit, but take too long to charge, and can easily be interrupted).
    And if masterchief uses an energy-drain on him, sephiroth won’t have any magic to cast spells.

    But at close range, sephiroth sword would have a much faster rate of attack than any of masterchife’s melee attacks, so he would probably win in this situation.

    There’s also the issue of set-health Vs regeneration.
    -If the battle goes quickly then sephiroth may be able to take down all of masterchief’s shields before his own health is depleted.
    -If the battle goes slowly, masterchief will have time for his shields to regenerate after each attack, but sephiroth health will continually decrease as the battle progresses.

    So masterchief for the win in a long range, or drawn out battle
    And sephiroth for the win in a short range, or intense battle.

  4. LvL 44 May 13, 2008 at 2:53 pm -      #4

    wow thats would be an awsome fight. dont forget to think about the M.C from the book not the game

  5. canon bob May 17, 2008 at 9:06 am -      #5

    Why would the books matter, they’re not canon, they’re just adaptations (of the games), and just someone’s opinion (and basically just licenced fan fiction) and are largely inconsistent with the games (which are canon) anyway.

    Bringing up the Halo books is as good as admitting that masterchief has already lost (that is, the real masterchief, from the games, not the ones from the books that bears little resemblance to the real one)

  6. missing dougnut May 19, 2008 at 8:49 am -      #6

    microsoft paid him to write the books, so the sh!t is legit - edited for language, admin

  7. canon bob May 19, 2008 at 10:57 am -      #7

    So what?
    Being licenced doesn’t mean the same as being canon, just look at all the Star Wars stuff out there (comics, games, books, etc.), it may be official, licenced and endorsed, but that definitely isn’t the same as canon.

    And how could the Halo books also be canon even though there are so many inconsistencies with the games? (and if you can’t work it out, the answer is – they can’t).

  8. Bobman May 25, 2008 at 9:35 am -      #8

    Hey, sould we include EVERYTHING that Sephie can have? Such as p. downs, potions, and all that other itemy goodness? And seriously, Sephiroth can cut things WAY beyond 6 ft. His sword, masamune, can slice through entire buildings while he is safely away from any harm. I think the one winged angel wins this one….

  9. Some Guy Who Doesn't Understand May 25, 2008 at 8:30 pm -      #9

    I think Sephiroth deserves more credit than what you Halo fans give…

  10. CatholicSpartan May 26, 2008 at 5:16 pm -      #10

    Both are badass. Septhiroth has the biggest mofo sword EVER. MC has and enrgy sword (but he can’t do f*ck with it if his arms is sliced off already). Sephiroth is freakin faster then the speed of sound. MC is faster then your average bear, but not as fast, no, not nearly as fast as Sephiroth. No vehicles, because Sephiroth would slice them into little bite sized pieces. If MC threw a plasma when Sephiroth wasn’t looking, he might win.

    Sorry Halo fanboys, but unless Chief has the entire UNSC ( United Nations Space Center) on his side, Sephiroth would shove Chief up Chief’s own a$$ (and yes it is possible… i think.)

  11. Aaron Benedetti May 31, 2008 at 12:16 pm -      #11

    If masterchief is killed by a spartan laser then i wouldnt hold up much hope against a super nova

  12. vicarious one June 16, 2008 at 6:55 pm -      #12

    Hypothetically, lets say the fanboys get their way and mc somehow kills sephie. He won’t stay on the other side. All mc fanboys watch advent children, sephiroth is reincarnated using the body of a remnant of soldier after the remnant drinks a liquid containing the genes of jenova and sephiroth. I am sure that after knowing all of mc’s moves from the first fight he would know just what to do to tear mc a new #ss trhe second time. Sephiroth would have the last laugh an we all know it.

  13. Red Spartan MK1 July 7, 2008 at 7:35 am -      #13


    OK,I am a big halo fan,but Sephiroth would beat Master Chief,all of the other forums Chief would win,Sephiroth could cut through anything with his long ass sword,he can use the heartless angel(brings an enemy’s health to almost Zero)he is quick so he could easily get out of the way of a rocket launcher,he wouldnt even need to use very much spells,though,Chief would have a chance against him,its very slim,thanks to his shields though,he would be able to take a lot of blows from Sephiroth,I think a real battle,would be Master Chief VS Solid Snake

  14. Man Spider July 7, 2008 at 8:08 am -      #14

    Sephiroth can fly, or very nearly so.
    He is impossibly fast.
    His magic is like that of a god.
    He simply destroys Master Chief. With ease.
    Sephiroth has the ability to deflect bullets easily. HE CAN GET HIT BY BULLETS AND LIVE. IF you’re going to use the game as a reference. He gets cut, shot, magic is cast on him, he takes so much sh!t and survives. Then finally you beat him in the lifestream. If Master Chief had Cloud on his side, then yes. He’d win. That’s it.

  15. Sephiroth > Master Chief July 7, 2008 at 10:11 pm -      #15

    Entire post wiped.

    Racist comments will not be tolerated on this site, you will not be warned again. Admin

  16. Man Spider July 10, 2008 at 8:41 am -      #16

    Instant win.

  17. vicarious one July 12, 2008 at 7:19 pm -      #17

    I just had a b!tchin idea! Sephiroth Vs. Grey fox :razz:

    added to the list. Admin

  18. Nitroacid July 14, 2008 at 6:49 am -      #18

    I am a HUGE fan of both titles and have been for years, but Sephiroth would pwn The Chief everywhere, The Chief is much to slow to keep up with Sephiroth, Ok yea he has alot of weapons to pick from but he can only use two at a time and as he reloads Sephiroth would take him apart.

    Bullets/grenades/missiles etc wont even effect Sephiroth as he can dodge them even though he doesnt need to dodge most them as he can be shot an it wont effect him, and he can also use his sword to deflect them, and dont even get me started on the spartan laser, by the time that piece of junk charges up Sephiroth wud of sliced the thing into little bits.

    Anyone who says that Sephiroth wudnt be able to hurt The Chief with his sword because of The Chiefs suit clearly doesnt kno that Sephiroth can slice his way through buildings an massive metal posts.

    So yea hands down Sephiroth would win.

  19. THE GAMER July 23, 2008 at 2:24 pm -      #19

    i know im more of a fan of the final fantasy series than i am of the halo series, but i say MC wouldnt last very long against
    sepiroth, if you ask me, theres no competition, sephiroth is fast as a bullet, powerful as a nuke, and pulls it all off in leather, and he swings that sword like its a feather, so yeah. sephiroth could knock down this guy by breathing on him.

  20. Draguss July 29, 2008 at 5:11 pm -      #20

    Sephiroth wins, no competition. The combination of a Heartless Angel and a high speed combo from KH, or just Meteor could beat him. He can deflect all bullets, evade plasma weapons, and would slice MC to pieces while the gun charges/cools. I think Sephiroth could even beat Superman! Hey, there’s a nice one: Sephiroth vs Superman

  21. person July 29, 2008 at 5:18 pm -      #21

    Oddly enough, even without Materia, Sephiroth is actually about even with MC physically, not to mention they both received top-notch military training….

    There’s a theory that the reason Final Fantasy characters can get away with using swords and the like is because they have a semi-protect spell that regenerates constantly embedded in their armor…

    It’d be an unfair match up close, even if MC had an Energy sword to block, since going in close with Sephiroth is suicide for all but other Final Fantasy Protagonists (and Sora).

    Long range, well…if you’ve seen Crisis Core, Sephiroth has this thing where he sends blades of energy at people…and they cut buildings apart…Chief’s cover wouldn’t do much good.

    If Chief got a plasma stick in, that would probably really hurt Sephiroth, but I think he could take it…that’s just how ridiculous a SOLDIER is….

    This is all, of course, assuming Sephiroth isn’t using Materia….

    Materia = Healing, Shielding, Mass Destruction, SUMMONS, and attracting Chocobo’s.

    Sephiroth wins. NEXT!

    There should be a Sephiroth vs. series…. all things considered…

  22. person July 29, 2008 at 5:19 pm -      #22

    ah, yes. And all that ^ was Sephiroth BEFORE he merged with Jenova… XD

  23. showemup July 30, 2008 at 6:18 am -      #23

    wow Halo fanboys push the limit of Master Chief to unbelievable heights (even pass god at times) there is NO WAY IN HELL that MC could beat Sephiroth, im sorry, i like halo, and i like Final Fantasy but come on…..really…..bullets beating sephiroth…..he was slaying dragons before he even realized who he really was, and what does master cheif have that can really hold up to a dodge that moves at lighting speed before he was beefed up?…..a laser? and a microwave oven of a sheild?


  24. mc master August 4, 2008 at 7:20 pm -      #24

    ithink mc wins at close range sephes sword gets caught betwen the prongs of the energy sword or is blasted out of his hands by the gravity hammer

    at range im sure a few snipe head shots could kill him

  25. Blue One August 6, 2008 at 8:17 am -      #25

    Well i would say sephiroth would use super nova then master chief would die of old age before it is done

  26. Dan August 6, 2008 at 1:16 pm -      #26

    w8 SWord over archer archer over magic but if you a tehnoligy tech beat magic.
    Master Chief would beat Sehporof up close far away and the bullets are stronger than the sword and all of Sehporof it would kill him.

  27. Bob August 6, 2008 at 1:19 pm -      #27

    Sephiroth is the new Michial Jackson! :mrgreen:

  28. styaishpf August 7, 2008 at 9:09 pm -      #28

    idk sephiroth is like a god

  29. mc kicks your @ss August 13, 2008 at 10:08 am -      #29

    :neutral: chief gets no challenge here. just pull out the sparten laser and BOOM, sephiroth is dead :twisted:

  30. vicarious one August 14, 2008 at 6:31 pm -      #30

    “chief gets no challenge here. just pull out the sparten laser and BOOM, sephiroth is dead”

    Really? Just like that? You dumb fanboy. what is the matter with you?

  31. onesidedfight August 20, 2008 at 12:25 pm -      #31

    sorry, but its has been proven that only two people can beat sephiroth and thats cloud and sora, and sora only one because or 99 potions, 99 hi-potions 34 ethiers, and 99 exilers, AND im allmost sure sephiroth was drunk-high-taking pity on sora because of him running into my spells.

  32. copycat August 22, 2008 at 7:58 pm -      #32

    everyone do not forget which you all seem to be doing sephiroth is really really fast he can also fly he can suk masterchiefs life out of him with one word ohh and remember how i said hes fast masterchief shoots at sepiroth sephiroth dodges them or refelcets them sephiroth decides to use his gigantic sword to cut those guns in 2 hm masterchief is defenseless oh right masterchief is strong but sephiroth is getting bord so he decides to light the entire area on fire ohh poor masterchief just got roasted or maybe he feels lkke killing masterchief by saying one 2 lil words or he feels like hurling meteors at masterchief you heard me meteors see people there is no challenge here sepiroth is the elite of the elite and will cut anyone down masterchief is no exception and what you all seem to be forgetting tho strong and fast masterchief is still only a man sephiroth is much much more masterchief loses simple sepiroth wins its just that easy :cool:

  33. copycat August 22, 2008 at 8:01 pm -      #33

    oh and remember guns to sepiroth are not really a threat at all there more like useless toys to him little anoyances you know :roll:

  34. Demo August 26, 2008 at 9:09 pm -      #34

    the chief would win this hands down, for one reason, he was bread for war and if any of you have read the halo books you know what i’m talking about, this is no contest sephiroth would have his rear end handed to him.

  35. Demo August 26, 2008 at 9:30 pm -      #35

    i’m updating my last comment a bit,

    the chief would win this hands down, for one reason, he was bread for war and if any of you have read the halo books you know what i’m talking about, this is no contest sephiroth would have his rear end handed to him.
    update: you all seem to forget the chief isn’t technicaly human no more,he was cloned as a kid and then clone was sent back to his parents and they kept the real deal, and enhanced his body beyond any thing like a human, the chief has fought many battles with internal bleeding (and other internal issues) and broken bones like it was nothing, and you also seem to forget the chief single handed took out the halo rings.

  36. one sided battle August 27, 2008 at 10:21 pm -      #36

    1. i think that most people forget that only cloud can kill sephiroth
    2. sephiroth speed and strength is ridiculous
    3. next time master chief survives a supernova or a meteor shower directed towards him u tell me until then he’s nowhere near touchin sephiroth he’s barely even sniffin his oxygen

  37. copycat August 28, 2008 at 2:45 am -      #37

    ha ha oh demo you make me laugh really you do your masterchief is far from perfect hm how about i name a dent in your precious masterchiefs file and i have read the books ghost of onyx masterchief in his full mljinor armor and guess what he was captured by humans omg did i just say humans yes i did masterchief and his whole team were captured by humans wow humans captured the whole mljinor team covered in there precious armor hmm now it seems like if some humans can capture masterchief and his team looks like sephiroth doesnt have to worry oh and masterchief would have died if he didint get his ass saved by a new guy on the team kurt masterchief was saved by a guy named kurt oh boy anyway so lets see masterchief captured almot killed by a bunch of humans not only did they capture him but his team aswell now lets looks at sephiroth hmm captured by a bunch of pathetic humans nope hmmm any back up for sepiroth hmm nope and with no backup does he still win ?OMG why yes he does sepiroth still manages to kick everybodies ass with no help at all wow so lets see here masterchief pff loser sepiroth there we go thats a winner right there you go sepiroth also demo tell me how can masterchief win againt an almost god like creature such as sepiroth hmm he cant oh and your saying masterchief isint human well guess what he is hes just genetically enhanced to a higher level big damm deal wow hes like on super steroids on and demo dont forget something that armor of his enhances his strength to ok so dont forget that now back to the main guy here sepiroth do you honestly think that guns grenades are going to work huh no they wont ok how pathetic brninging a gun this aint no elite or brute or flood you can just shoot away ok so bam guns grenades are out oh and ha ha ha dont even mention masterchief trying to punch sepiroth ok he would never lay a hand on him and even if he did 1 punch or a 1000 punches wouldnt do shit to sepiroth ok trust me on this is no human and tell me something how can masterchief beat sepiroth sepiroth is faster stronger and can fly and teleport and hurl meteors and damm theres so much more he can do i cant even name it all he can even kill masterchief by saying 2 lil words ok this is no contest sepiroth wins this in the blink of an eye ok oh just in case i didint say this ill say it again guns grenades and strength are out hm what else oh masterchiefs speed nope thats out to cant even match sepiroths speed so it looks like sepiroth beats masterchief should i say it again masterchief loses sepiroth wins its that simple just get it and accept it :cool:

  38. vicarious one August 29, 2008 at 6:42 pm -      #38

    Copy cat, well said. Have you put your two cents in on the MC vs solid snake debate? Theres fanboy logic in need of debunking over there.

  39. Dan August 29, 2008 at 11:29 pm -      #39

    “sorry, but its has been proven that only two people can beat sephiroth and thats cloud and sora, and sora only one because or 99 potions, 99 hi-potions 34 ethiers, and 99 exilers, AND im allmost sure sephiroth was drunk-high-taking pity on sora because of him running into my spells.”
    ““chief gets no challenge here. just pull out the sparten laser and BOOM, sephiroth is dead”

    Really? Just like that? You dumb fanboy. what is the matter with you?” Yes just like That I hate over powered characters , prove that Sephy can beat Master Chief then? And you dont have to say sorry + KDH 1 and 2 got outlasted by SSB n64.

  40. The One Sin September 1, 2008 at 3:59 pm -      #40

    Let me start by saying that if people are gonna talk about book mc then I’m gonna talk about what I saw sephy do in the movie. I saw him cut the top a sky scraper in one hack and then fight in the middle of it in free fall. so what chance does mc’s armor have. and if that doesn’t work he can just use supernova, or better yet, meteorfall. and to say that mc is faster is like saying prohibition worked like charm in the twenties. Theres no way that mc could keep up, sure hes super human but so is sephy and then some, other than shinra creating him to be faster and stronger than all others and able to carry a sword only he can handle, and the thing that gave him his abilities, jenova’s cells, these carry on her will even after leaving the body, Cloud, zack, and all the other SOLDIERs fell victim to this, but Sephitoth turned it around and controlled heaven’s dark harbinger to his wishes. So this goes to show that Sephiroth is even beyond superhuman and the only thing that can kill him are Cloud and sora only with supernatural intervention. I doubt MC will have the grace of holy and the lifestream at hos disposal.

  41. soadlp September 1, 2008 at 4:24 pm -      #41

    i dont know much about final fantasy but im sure sephiroth will take it as he is agile and can cut bullets with his sword, closed match but i still see no winner

  42. North September 3, 2008 at 3:55 pm -      #42

    Sephiroth completely. The people above me have already given enough reasons.
    *nibbles on a kitten*

  43. Rufus Shinra September 5, 2008 at 4:46 pm -      #43

    This has to be the stupidest comparison I have ever read. Naturally fans of each series are going to say their man is going to win over the other. Yes I am a fan of ff7 more so then Halo, however a lot of posters have a point, bullets to Sephiroth are meddling. Now take a look at the ff7 series alone, have any characters who primarily use guns gone one on one with Sephiroth? No. I’ll tell you why, because Squaresoft (Square Enix) looks at guns in a secondary light. It has not been until recently that guns have started to make a break through in the franchise and been taken a little more seriously (gunblade ff8, dirge of cerberus, ff vs. 13 etc.) Despite this slow progression, the world of ff7 however still doesn’t truly acknowledge the strength of guns.. unless of course there is a shinra army and your corned on a ledge with no way to dodge them (zach). So despite Master Chief being superior in strength, tactical situations, and an array of cool weapons/gadgets, I’m sad to say Sephiroth would out maneuver him in the blink of an eye and slice him in half within a fraction of a second. Now if Master Chief can pop off a grenade pin in his hand while all thats happening.. maybe he can take Seph with him, but highly unlikely. In a simplified version, its like a tank vs. an agile harrier I wonder who is going to win? Overall, dumb comparison.. and I got sucked into a rant… o well. :shock:

  44. onesidedfight September 8, 2008 at 4:56 pm -      #44

    your right dan, srry for not explaing why seporthorth would win(srry for spelling to, hard to type on Ithouch) he has magic powerfull enough to bring down metors and has the abilty to drain your helth to 1 and can run a six foot sowerd though rock, and can fully heal himself. Mc is great, but he has shield and less speed then seporthior

  45. JAKJAK September 11, 2008 at 9:40 pm -      #45

    ok well this would come down to wich sephiroth were talking about. before or after he found out about his true power? so ok lets say were talking about the “newer” sephiroth, lets review what he can do; he can teleport, he can fly (or jump with control), he is able to swing he sword so fast it omits waves that can slice anything that it comes in contact with(from a distance), he is virtually imortal, has a ton of magic at his disposal, is considered super strong and smart, and is a master of combat with his blade. im not trying to make master chief to seem like a wuss because hes done some crazy shit to, but y does everyone insist on saying he can defeat a demi-god. honestly master chief wouldnt have a chance, as soon as they spotted eachother sepheroth wouldnt let him pull the trigger. or he would but just to play with him, seeing as how sephiroth is psychotic and enjoys other peopls pain. so sphiroth slices his hands off, masterchief runs in terror then sephiroth says something prophetic as he ussually does and then slices him to ribbon.

  46. skull leader September 15, 2008 at 12:59 am -      #46

    lol, all of sephiroths powers & abilities are retarded, like goku retarded, all he would do is to just pull out his “made in china” sword then MC would be like “your kung-fu ain’t match for my chief mobile”, then MC rides his warthog & splashes sepiroth with it. the he does the T-Bag over him and calcinates sephiroth’s body with his “lazer beams” wowowowowowowowowowowowowo BOOM!

  47. copycat September 15, 2008 at 7:53 pm -      #47

    excuse me skull leader if your being funny i got np with that but if your being serious i must respond ok first of lets take a look at your little situation ok now you say they already spotteed each other right its all ready over skull bamm slices masterchief in half ok next thing u said masterchief gets to his warthog do you really think sepiroth is that slow that hell let masterchief get to his warthog and drive it into him umm nnoo even if masterchief did drive his warthog into (which he never would cause sepiroth can fly teleport slice the warthog in half )it wouldnt do shit to him ok do you really think crashing a car into an almost god like creature will kill him i dont think so my god man accept it lets see what else did you say oh right calculate sepiroth what the hell dude sepiroth can move sooo much faster than masterchief and when i say so much faster i mean god like creature fast or not even use his speed and teleport but see thats another thing a hahaha laser come on dude do you really think a laser a grenade or a gun or any other halo shit can kill sepiroth no this is a no brainer sepiroth wins this no matter how much all of you halo fan boys try to defend masterchief he just doesnt have a leg to stand on cause sepiroth cut them off hahaha jk anyway so yeah masterchief loses this fight very badly and sepiroth wins this without even trying :cool:

  48. Carch September 17, 2008 at 8:04 pm -      #48

    Ok I think a lot of people posting on this debate are forgetting one very important issue. Sephiroth is a bunch of gay lame ass bullsh!t. I never played final fantasy, wanna know why? Because its all a bunch of stupid Japanese garbage. Halo is incredibly successful because it has great replayable gameplay and an awesome story. Fanal Fantasy is just a load of gay magic homo crap. How many of those freakin games are there anyways, god I wish they would just call it quits and stop making this bullsh!t. And the answer to the original question… Master Chief would easily kill that f#g. Firstly because Sephiroth has no armor or shields so Master Chief would just shoot him in the face, end o story. And secondly because Master Chief has never lost, not once, not ever. Soooo… I hope this post has brightened someones day.

  49. copycat September 17, 2008 at 8:12 pm -      #49

    Hahahahah…you are so gay man. “I mean an almost god like creature”. haha you suck man. stop playing lame ass japanese games and start enjoying good old American games, that don’t have any of that stupid magic bullsh!t.

  50. L-W September 18, 2008 at 5:21 am -      #50

    Do I detect a hint of Jignostic racism on your part?

    Although I do laugh at the statement “Good old American games”. Do you know how many games are still made in the continental US? Jeez, most of your production companies are outsourced to South Korea, Australia, Russia, China or European companies because as history has proven, they produce greater levels of quality gaming.

    Also, Japan virtually created the gaming industry; and most of the best gaming series and games seen thus far. Look at a list of the top 100 games, not many American games on that list my friend.

  51. lol September 18, 2008 at 1:15 pm -      #51

    Riiiight ok first of all anyone who cheers halo should be shot on sight with their precious guns cuz seriously Play Halo and then watch Advent children since ur so gay to even play the game first take a look master chief can be killed with a 2 or 3 grenades of his own maby even 1..ive played the game all 3 their boaring and simple now…Master chief can also be killed if a tank falls on him…NOW….watch advent children..and see what he can do. cuz seriously i think this is like a comic book nerd fighting godzilla with a stick cuz yea i live in america their games blow ass and to the person whos like goku retarded skills why dont u go choke on some good ol american dick. cuz their power is achived threw training,birth,pain of loss now lets see why ppl are like this cuz GUNS require no skill whatso ever u can tell if u play halo its spray this spray that get kill with a back hit..meanwhile sephiroth rapes dragons kills more then 20,000 soldiers WHO use guns without breaking a sweat and laughing at them and bullet to the head…HAVE u seen omni slash used on him hes STILL STANDING after what 20 torso head leg slashes sure hes bloody but he cant be killed if u wana compare somone like the way ur doing go to masterchief vs wolverine cuz seriously sephiroth can destroy the sun and kill everything on the planet and master chief can be crushed by a car while as sephiroth would cut it in 1/2 b4 it touched him. Play BOTH dont be fanboys This is a no braininer I mean Sephiroth is a God not some simple being that can be shot in the head and game over sephiroth will laugh heal himself using 2 fingers summon bahamut sit in a lawn chair while bahamut destroys the entire area and bahamut is less then 1/1mill of sephiroths power jackass’s. GAME OVER! halo fans And IF u go oh overpowered he can be killed just not forever he will come back no matter what. Im sick of idiots thinking some one who has a gun and armor with a shield that sucks ass can kill an all powerful creature. TO kill a mortal A MORTAL BEING it takes what more then 6 pistol shots to kill a cow TO THE HEAD. TAKES UR GUNS and turn into emo kids and shoot urselfs since obviously u cant see and guns stronger then swords watch ppl do things with real guns they shot a samurai sword with a gun a magnum and the sword cut the bullet in 1/2 and was unscratched..U take a gun to old armor it bounces but a bow goes threw it Moderation isnt always better assholes.

  52. lol September 18, 2008 at 1:21 pm -      #52

    Last of all dont compare a god to a retard in sh!tty armor with guns make a Master chief vs samus thats more understandable.

  53. Destroyer September 18, 2008 at 10:24 pm -      #53

    yeah id like to say somtim you guys sayin sh!t about America being great A..90% of them saying that are George Bush supporters who love guns so much they stick their tiny dick in the barrel so do a favor and pull the trigger while its in..Sephiroth is..God..Any Reject can use a gun it takes skill to use a sword of any sort meanwhile what Master Chief tries to block the Masamune with the lazer sword spokes…are u a reject its a tiny metal handle that doesnt guard ur hand and lazers sephy cuts threw if he miss’s his hand witch is doubtful play any games or watch movies he cuts threw genesis’s laser hits and also A cloned dude…a cloned man is still a man and hes enhanced woohoo friken wolverine can pwn the sh!t outa his ass too CUZ hes more ENHANCED and guns = heal..lasers = heat…HE RAN threw pheonix’s flame aura and still sephiroth is immune to all elements and can dodge everything and the spartan lazer is crap it only shoots towards what u point at thats junk Teleport behind him just as hes shooting and slash his god damn brains out and i dare ya to bitch and whine cuz it just proves Your some dipsh!t who thinks guns rule over all.

  54. Destroyer September 19, 2008 at 4:47 am -      #54

    My last post for now somthing else u cant destroy sephiroths materia or drain his…HE is basicly the materia watch advent children u cant see them until he casts and a simple wave of his hand can cast a summon or even thundaga MC has to reload sephiroth never has to in that 4 sec reload..he already has a giant wave of lightning going at him..magic beats tech no matter how you slice it UNLESS its magic tech u cant drain sephiroth of mp eaither he uses MP magic NOT energy thus cant be drained sephiroth could laugh at mc pull out a microwave turn it on channeling small jolts of lightning magic at it smash the front and make his ass explode just to be funny and cruel and for the last time fanboys run fast… can he leap from building to building can he fly without a helicopter..Enough agility beats anything..Tanks can be hijacked,planes can tech can all be short circuted were as magic cant unless you have a Magic stealing ability note ALL tech can be destroyed u just gota press the right button or just smash it to peices or blast it with lightning. Master Chief Can Most likely Destroy anyone of normal military fenix in gears of war granted he doesnt have chainsaw gun any and all FPS games MC Would probly win but u cant kill what u cant see and scanners dont work with teleporting its instant moving its like a ship is on ur left disapears everyone flips out and its on the right shooting at u..except it isnt gonna happen with seph watch and tell me if MC has a chance in hell of killing the long haired king b4 he gets his full power this is when he was still weak.

  55. Jt September 20, 2008 at 6:31 pm -      #55

    Has ANYBODY considered that sephiroth himself can wield a gun. He was in a super solider program also like Master Chief, what’s not to say that sephiroth can also use a gun. I also doubt Sephiroth Facing Master Chief
    ONE: Master Chief Is No Pushover
    TWO: Master Chief Cannot be toyed with
    Sephiroth IS Superhuman, meaning that he would be hard to beat, Also that he is also stronger than master chief.
    Master Chief’s Armor is also an exosuit enhancing mobility and strength
    And I’m not including Sephiroth’s Materia
    Sephiroth has enhanced Antamoy
    But Master Chief does have a small chance of defeating SEphiroth:Sephiroth likes to boast , Giving Master Chief a chance to defeat him.

  56. L-W September 20, 2008 at 10:16 pm -      #56

    Sephiroth has never boasted his strength or ability, he merely either provokes his opponents or kills with the upmost of efficiency.

  57. The One Sin September 21, 2008 at 5:30 pm -      #57

    This just became a game battle between american xbox and jap ps3. Guys, I’m buying a ps3 soon because of the ff7 remake, mgs4, and many more games that were made overseas. It has gotten to the point where I don’t play halo at all nearly, I bot a 360 just to get halo3, and I regret it. Forge was the only good thing to come out of it. I bought cod4 and it is much better than halo by lightyears. Compared to the first two, halo 3 sucks. Too many times have I been the victim of aimbot, dumb luck bullsh!t, and random grenades. Halo 3 was in itself a dissapointing end to an already lame and unimaginitive story. I mean how old do you have to be to come up with space marines vs aliens and a supersoldier to save us, wow they are geniuses. Final fantasy took 40 hours and three discs to tell a longer and better story than halo did in like six years. I like the fist halos gameplay the most, because the guns weren’t pissy little pea shooters that 3 tries to call efficient, it becomes a race to get to the sniper and rockets. What kind of shit is that? This leads to my biggest question, How the f#ck did this become such a cult thing? Fanboys, pwnd on an emotional level.

  58. RPG=Rocket-propelled grenade September 21, 2008 at 9:13 pm -      #58

    japs are sure retarded, they actually think that swords are deadlier than fire arms, specially the retards at Square.
    if we remember some historical facts the samurai who thought of themselves as being superior were defeated by normal people operating fire arms & in open field the were pwnd by earlier gatling machine guns.
    also as for those people who still think that japanese gfames are better that western developed ones i can say that the probably been living under a rock for the last few years. The japanese development of games have passed two second place and now the western developers have dominated this industry. most of today smash hits are developed here in the good old USA. Gears of war, Call of Duty, Halo, Mass effect, etc. only the larger japanese studios may still be able to produce games but most of them are the same old shit like Final Fagasy wich is not even a real RPG. If you want to play a decent RPG w/out all the gay homo bullsh!t that square makes then do yourself a favor & play TES IV: Oblivion & Fall out series. And finally Master Chief owns sephi-whatever due to one simple reason: unlike sepiroth Master Chief does not hang around with mickey mouse so there. w00t

  59. L-W September 22, 2008 at 3:52 am -      #59

    1) The average Japanese quotient of intelligence is on average, higher than that of Europeans and Americans.

    2) The Samurai were actually a local policing force who had the misfortune of not having the resources of replicating and mass producing gun powder weapons found in either China or the western continents. They were simply stuck with what they could attain during that particular period.

    It was upon the request of the Emperor that the Samurai be dissolved in favour of a modern Imperial Army that could field modern weaponry and equipment; but despite this many Japanese children were still taught the culture of Samurai tradition due to Japan ACTUALLY having thousands of years of history and culture.

    3) Japan still is the strongest contender in the Video Gaming market, with both the Wii and the PS3 stripping the microsoft consoles with abandon this season, with very few Western contenders managing to even produce a console on either the scale or tenacity of either Nintendo or Sony.

    As for Halo, the Americans can keep it. If you want generic first person shooters you can play them, since you listed a LOT of FPS’s there (I wonder what this American obsession with shooting stuff is?). I’d rather spend my time playing…

    Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Castlevania, Ico, Silent hill, Mario, Zelda, Phantasy Star, Tekken, Tenchu, Xenosaga, Ninja Gaiden…

  60. Black Troll September 22, 2008 at 6:35 am -      #60

    Chief would shoot him down, his fanboys/girls all over the world would cry and might commit suicide…

  61. The One Sin September 22, 2008 at 6:10 pm -      #61

    Clearly you guys don’t know sh!t about sephiroth. And if my last post didn’t broaden your narrow minds, then You are the ones living under the rock. And the samurai used swords because they took skill, any old jerkoff can aim a gun. The only people that can use a gun well are guys delta force, I mean jesus christ Mc never used sights except a scope. And If Sephiroth can wrap a 30 foot cobra around a tree and then impale the head through the top of the tree, Mc is in for the end of his lame stereotypical life. And ff uses guns too, just look at vincent’s cerberus and Rufus Shinra’s Sawed off double barrel shotty, and of Course, Barrets’ f#ckin arm, and there bullets barely sting sephiroth so How could Mc’s be any different!

  62. Jt September 23, 2008 at 9:18 pm -      #62

    sorry meant toying with victims

  63. Jt September 23, 2008 at 9:19 pm -      #63

    Also, Sephoroth comes back, time and time again, meaning he wins by default

  64. Destroying September 23, 2008 at 11:10 pm -      #64

    Now somthing to tell all gunhogun retards Swords are mightier then guns however guns are mightier then most bodies thats why samurai’s lost Bullets are stronger then bodies for most part sephiroth was impailed by clouds sword and continued to move that big ass sword and keeps movin guns are not stronger then swords..Magnum bullets can be cut in 1/2 by a sword dont wana hear any sh!t I live in amerika the gun ho gun thing stupid as sh!t ill give u gun and cut u in 1/2 cuz oh whats that NO AMMO master chief can only shoot so long b4 out of ammo and sephiroth can dodge hes not normal human or super human say it to the wings dicks..he always comes back by the hatred of humans and cloud so sephiroth wins MC looses go to the nascar tracks and shut up and beat ur future wife u #ssholes gunhogun idiots = rednecks.

  65. jt September 24, 2008 at 3:06 pm -      #65

    I’m a fan of ffvii and the Halo series, but Sephiroth has this battle :mrgreen:

  66. jt September 24, 2008 at 3:14 pm -      #66

    Sephiroth barely exerts himself in any battle.

  67. Bach September 28, 2008 at 7:42 pm -      #67

    :twisted: Ok, so heres the skinny. An elite flagship is hovering over the atlantic ocean. Sepheroth takes over and kills off everyone. Hes thrown the arbiter over board and hes planing on blasting a hole into the earth to force it to rejuvinate. Clounds off banging Tifa so he has no clue as to whats going on.
    Mean while, S117 who was on his way to kick some alien ass anyways stumbles onto the ship with all his dumb luck. He finds slashed up elites and hunters in all the hallways and a few scorched grunts here and there.

    He makes his way to the bridge to find sephidose (how the Japs pronounce it) charging up the weapon systems (why they aren’t charged allready who f#cking knows). Weilding only his standard A.R. and a few grenades the Cheif busts in firing.

    Sensing the danger Sephidose quickly stops all time in the room rendering the bullets ineffective. Luckily the Master chief didn’t just barge in, opting to play it safe and take out the sword weilding maniac from a distance.

    Intrigued by the giant cyborg in front of him, Sephidose starts talking.

    I’m not good at that dialog sh!t so you think about what they would say.

    After about 3 minutes of how they got there and what they both want Masterchief realized this f#ck is psycho and he ain’t gonna cave so he tosses a grenade rolls right, draws his a r and the battle insues.

    The S man freezes the whole room with ice then starts shooting fire at the Chief whos taken cover on the other side of a bulkhead.

    What happend to the grenade you ask? It exploded in the Smans face but hey, hes no dummy. He put a wall as soon as the sparks started flying again.

    Mean time, Chiefs trying to formulate a plan, hes got to get around Sephidose’s defences but the guy is too quick… SUDENLY HE GETS AN IDEA.

    How do you drop a sword weilding megalomaniacle maniac hell bent on wounding the world and killing off all existence just so he can become a god?
    Well in an ordinary fight the cheifs resources would be limited but this isn’t an ordany fight. They are on an elite starship with has an elite power core.. Man oh man if that sob isn’t a resourcefull one.

    Masterchief dumps all his ammo into the bridge tossing everything he has at Sephidose. While covering himself he makes his way back down the hall and starts heading to the reactor.

    Sephidose, seeing that the man is trying to escape unleashes a flare upon the hallway, scorching everything inside. Theres one more explosion as something in the hallway goes up in flames and for a few moments all we see is smoke. Thinking that hes won, Sephidose goes back to business as usual.

    Now, at the other end of the hallway the masterchief escapes by the metal skin of his hide. Rolling into an adjoining corridor. He makes his way to the reactor once more.

    Meeting no further resistance (Mostly due to Sephidose’s cockyness) he reaches the reactor and over loads it. Making it out in the nick of time.

    Sephidoses stronghold is destroyed but somehow we don’t think its so easy to bring down the Sman. His plans laid to ruin we see Sephidose Taking to the sky in search of a peice of pitty ass.

  68. RPG=Rocket-propelled grenade September 28, 2008 at 9:38 pm -      #68

    Excuse me L-W but japan is no longer the main contender in the videogame industry. first of all the wii is a step backwards and all that “casual gamer” bullsh!t is just a lame excuse & the best one that nintendon’t could come with since they don’t want to accept the fact that they have a wrong policy. they been going down since the N64. it seems as if they no longer care about real players. & as for the PS3 even though the system was made with state-of-the -art technology enough to win a science fair still hasn’t delivery any real good games & the only good games that they have can be found on the 360. Also if you thinks that americans are obsessed with FPS maybe it’s because they are actually ENTERTAINING and actually communicate with other people to make the best decision on how to take out the other team while in J-RPG you just follow a typical anime-like emo story with pretty CG-movies and very little game-play. & BTW if Mickey Mouse can beat Sephiroth then he just does not stand a chance in hell against the Chief.
    P.S. all the games you mentioned are gay. well castlevania used to be cool until they copied metroid and started to use some homos as main characters, not like super castlevania IV wich was actually good.

  69. L-W September 29, 2008 at 1:09 am -      #69

    If you attend to address me directly, I implore you dictate yourself with a modicum of intelligence, please, you embarress me.

    Actually the Wii alone has outsold the 360 by ten million units, with the N64 and EVEN the Gamecube outranking anything produced under the Microsoft corporation logo. actually the top ten selling consoles of all time are either Sony or Nintendo; and still are. Wii never stepped back from anything, in fact it took a very big step forward and made a bold statement, a statement that’s lining its pocket with Gold and strengthening Japans place in the entertainment industry. But to be honest ALL respect for you diminsihed rapidly when you said this:

    “the only good games that they have can be found on the 360″

    Honestly, only a Scientologist could ever compare to such stupidity. You sir, should be flogged with flails and chains.

    And as a safegaurd, neuter yourself, for the sake of humanity. Anyone who ever claims Metal Gear or Resident Evil to be “Gay” should be dragged through the streets by their eye sockets. Smash your face clean through a wall, do anything, just justify your meager existence upon this lonely planet.

    There is an opinion; and there is just being plain and utterly retarded beyond redemption. You are of the latter category.

  70. RPG=Rocket-propelled grenade September 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm -      #70

    acting like if your intelligent whil;e closing yopur eyes does not make you so. first you just keep on talking about sales which to me does not mean shit. you can sell millions of wiis but what good are they if after a month they end up in the closet collecting dust due to having very poor software. and here;s the proof. if you remember nintendo used to have something called “the nintendo seal of quality”wich was later changed to just “nintendo seal” which means that is compatible with a nintendo product but lacks a certain word because nintendo only cares about the money, heck even in the last e3 they had to apologize for the lack of a mario or a zelda, so what does that mean for you?. most of the games produced for nintendo are either for kids or old folks & soccer moms. also metal gear is mainly just a movie, at least in the games i play the trascendental decisions are made by my as in Oblivion for example which is the closest thing to a real RPG, not that series of lame stories known as final fantasy were you get to play the stereotypical girly looking emo in turn, unlike Oblivion or Fallout were you actually decide who & what you want to be which are two of the most important things in a RPG. also i stand by my statement that most of the good games are on the 360. if you think that halo sucks maybe it’s because you are a very bad player who only knows how to react in a very paused battle such as those found in final fantasy or for that fact you just suck in any game were reflexes are important. also since you probably are just a PS3 fan i’m just going to say: “hit the enemy crab’s weak point for massive damage”
    P.S. i’just bashing the other games. not people so if you want to go that way then please, it makes me laugh when i get to hit the soft spot of a fanboy.

  71. L-W September 29, 2008 at 10:35 pm -      #71

    Please RPG, I asked you to display intelligence. What was that?

    1) Sales do count, they allow for the production of more products and an increased market share in the industry. Duh.

    2) Nintendo seal was changed due to a copyright issue with older nintendo software that they no longer had the licence for.

    3) There has been plenty of Mario and Zelda, that comment was taken out of context and you know that.

    4) Its called reaching an appreciable demographic, something that Xbox has failed to do repeatedly upon both consoles. Its actually fairly revolutionary encouraging a larger and more dynamic system not reliant on a stale demographic.

    5) I completed Halo in three hours, Halo 2 in two and half and Halo 3 in two hours. Even when I played Legendary it was no more than four hours of playtime at the most. Do not EVEN try to pass it off as a difficult game, it barely even registers as anything even close to complex. the old Doom games were harder.

    But many RPG’s (The newer Final Fantasy games especially) no longer rely on time based attacks, it’s mostly all real time events and combat situated within an actual combat frame that exists with the gaming environment.

    6) I admit I’m a fan of those games, but because they’re actually good games that have spanned multiple systems from their original predecessors.

  72. The One Sin October 7, 2008 at 6:45 pm -      #72

    L-W, I totally agree with every thing you say, and actually I didn’t know how much wii was selling, I thought they weren’t near as popular as 360 and ps3. I have a 360 and like it and the games(Microsoft makes a damn comfy controller btw). Now I have figured it out, halo saved the xbox, Microsoft knew how big it was going to be, thats those selfish jerks had bungie under so strict contracts, they wanted xbox to have some games exclusive, and what better than one of the big three(final fantasy, mgs, and halo). It amazes how greedy and tyrannical bill gates and microsoft can be, they left out a web browser in the 360 cuz they would rather have us buy dells loaded with microsoft programs, such as the failed OS, vista. pass on the word and maybe we can petition microsoft and they can throw it in withe therumored dashboard update.

  73. The One Sin October 7, 2008 at 6:46 pm -      #73

    My bad, I digress. lol

  74. Royer October 18, 2008 at 9:06 pm -      #74

    Sephiroth own the battle,i dont know much about halo.Sephiroth has defeated all the other Soldiers from Shinra company.Dont make me laught,no have fire weapon in the games dimensions is comparable with masamune(the biggest sword than you cant remeber the name).Sephiroth is the “one winged angel”,yes he have a wing,he cant “fly” but he can “plane”.Sephiroth have a monstruous speed,he can kill master chief before the same shoot.

  75. Xargen October 20, 2008 at 9:57 am -      #75

    “you actually decide who & what you want to be which are two of the most important things in a RPG.”

    You DO realise that “RPG” stands for Roleplaying Game, right? where you know, you play the role of someone that ISN’T you?

  76. Noctoural88 October 29, 2008 at 9:23 pm -      #76

    i would like to see that wus master cheif fight sephiroth without hiding behind guns and nukes. i know you’re thinking “but sephiroth has magic!”, which is true, but he developed his own magic. master cheif is using military issue weapons. thats his only strength. other people’s technology. sephiroth would kill him in .02 seconds without magic.

  77. Onesidedfight October 29, 2008 at 10:10 pm -      #77

    Noct, correct me if I’m wrong, but your saying that MC is screwed without the miltary right? Well so is sephiroth. Both are more or less test tube babys made by scientist who worked for the miltary/Shrina. The differance how ever is that sephiroth was exposed to a very high amount of mako for a very long time making his magie uncommparable. Because of this, Sephiroth was able to use matria much more effictaly. And his sowerd? Want to know who made it? Shrina of course! (Parton my spelling of it) So MC would be nothing without the army, but Sephiroth wouldn’t be anything without Shrina, I don’t think he would of even been born! Of course, if I am wrong about any of this, please correct me. Its been a long time scine I played the FF games.

  78. The One Sin October 30, 2008 at 8:03 pm -      #78

    Sephiroth was a love child between Hojo and lucrecia if I remember right from dirge of cerberus. He was given up to shinra for the SOLDIER unit. he broke away after getting all his weapons and power from shinra. So basically he doesn’t ned shinra anymore but, but you were partly right. MC completely relies on the military for armor, guns, and rides.

  79. The Average White Guy November 4, 2008 at 2:13 am -      #79

    Dude, NO QUESTION – Sephiroth… Did you SEE the spells that homeboy can cast? Summoning the universe ans shit?? No friggin way… It’s Sephiroth ALL the way..

    BTW – FFVII – best video game ever.


  80. Hamonlord November 14, 2008 at 5:58 pm -      #80

    Amaterasu from Okami would own both these grossly overrated fools.

  81. ahhah December 24, 2008 at 5:01 am -      #81


  82. Noname January 17, 2009 at 4:44 pm -      #82

    This topic is useless, because, sephiroth is a Semi-God… you don’t know about the character, and in the Game u can find a “Rival” to your plastic Soldier, search Barret, and compare, but you can’t make this topic, actually is a waste of Time to compare this Character, i think, better to compare Dante Sparda with Master Chief, because is more reasonable

    If u have a TV, See you there

    Gerks =3

  83. IroquoisPliskin January 23, 2009 at 12:06 am -      #83

    wow… meteors… tough one mc, uve never escaped an exploding planet before. oh wait, you did. twice. so maybe chief will just blow this planet up too… why not? bye seph…

    hmm and since sephiroth apparently has had access to all sorts of shit in the game, maybe master chief will fire up a few halos… u kno, wipe out all sentient life, everywhere.

    so no ridiculous items from games. no meteor showers, no halos.
    we’ll stick to guns and swords.

    im pretty sure that .50 cal sniper bullets move way faster than sound… idc how fast anyone is, you’re not dodging one of those shots. or 4 very well placed ones.

    short range? if you know anything about the SPARTAN II program, you would realize that mc is no natural human being. with all the treatments he’s been thru, he is at least as fast as seph. ya, sephiroth was an awesome member of SOLDIER, but unfortunately SE didnt have a good enough imagination to agument thier humans. besides, no one could wear the armor but a spartan (no retard SOLDIER), because of the precision and strength and control that was needed. which brings in the fact that his armor makes him that much sicker. either way, he puts up at least a good fight.

    but all that is bs. come on, magic vs guns? pretty dumb. take their weapons and abilities and armor away and throw them into a cage. who wins? well, last time i checked, sephiroth died twice. mc is still truckin… im giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  84. Space marine January 23, 2009 at 6:15 am -      #84

    Entire post wiped.

    Racist comments will not be tolerated on this site, you will not be warned again. Admin.

    Holy cow, How did he manage that…..Oh wait…I know….Being an @ss.

  85. guys? January 25, 2009 at 9:11 pm -      #85

    okay first of MC can shoot- yea but only so many bulltets and really if cant aim at him the only way to win is spray and pray (not much of a win)

    Speed!?!- okay SE or MC…how can u compare MC (he can run for god knows how long but speed is not his forte) SE (blink…gone) need i say more

    Power- weapons vs magic/sword- well this is a tricky one because a rocket or a nova…all goes back to who ever can be faster

    Limit items!!!- wait no meteor shower but thats part of magic…thats like saying yo MC no sniper ammo for u…wtf…oh yea well MC uses Halo (oh great so SE on a another plant fighting MC who is on a Halo…nova anyone?)

    i like the cage idea but MC abilities is well nothing since he is the abilities of a soldier pushed to the max

    in the end were comparing two different things; in the real world sure guns can beat swords but there are no MC or SE in the real world. Take the characters as they are and SE is the winner

    PS: fan boys are staying loyal ill give them that much

  86. the cheerful whale January 27, 2009 at 4:22 am -      #86

    lol iriquois pliskin how can u take away all of the special abilities of sephiroth so hes just a regular guy with a sword versin mc
    “so no ridiculous items from games. no meteor showers, no halos.
    we’ll stick to guns and swords.”

    lol mc could try to use a halo but he still needs to get there without being sliced into little pieces and a meteor droped on his hed.

  87. IroquoisPliskin February 9, 2009 at 12:37 pm -      #87

    well ‘guys?’ ur right ab the spray and pray. that fails pretty bad for mc. as for speed, well i dont think youve read the books if you think speed is “not mc’s forte” before the energy shields were added to mc’s armor he had to dodge every plasma shot or it would burn right through the armor. he’s a quick guy, give him some credit. not sayin that seph is slow by any means tho…

    as for nova vs halo… hmm i kinda wanna see it just for the hell of it. not a bad idea… tho mc could always just go into subspace till it passes. and seph survived the nova himself pretty easily guess ill give him a free pass on the halo

    seph can have a meteor shower. its effect would be negligible tho. oh no a few rocks are falling. mc’s survived much worse.

    like i said, its hard to compare the two thats where the cage idea comes in. and (once again) you def didnt read the books mc isnt just a soldier pushed to the max… hes had many surgical augmentations that make him a superhuman. not only was he hand selected (along with under 200 other humans) out of the entire human race for being genetically acceptable for what he was gonna be put thru but after all the training hes had you have to add on all the surgeries and altercations that were made. when one of the human engineers tried to wear the mjolnir armor, he couldnt control it bc his reflexes were too slow and it twisted and tore him to pieces. only a SPARTAN can wear it.

    “in the end were comparing two different things; in the real world sure guns can beat swords but there are no MC or SE in the real world. Take the characters as they are and SE is the winner”

    i agree completely, thats where the cage fight comes in and thats why mc wins.

    ps se means square enix, not seph

    pps oh and the cheerful whale, you proved my point. without magic seph is just an ordinary guy. without the technology and armor, chief is a motherf*cking bad*ss.

  88. Cpt Olimar February 9, 2009 at 2:07 pm -      #88

    “Please RPG, I asked you to display intelligence. What was that?

    1) Sales do count, they allow for the production of more products and an increased market share in the industry. Duh.

    2) Nintendo seal was changed due to a copyright issue with older nintendo software that they no longer had the licence for.

    3) There has been plenty of Mario and Zelda, that comment was taken out of context and you know that.

    4) Its called reaching an appreciable demographic, something that Xbox has failed to do repeatedly upon both consoles. Its actually fairly revolutionary encouraging a larger and more dynamic system not reliant on a stale demographic.

    5) I completed Halo in three hours, Halo 2 in two and half and Halo 3 in two hours. Even when I played Legendary it was no more than four hours of playtime at the most. Do not EVEN try to pass it off as a difficult game, it barely even registers as anything even close to complex. the old Doom games were harder.

    But many RPG’s (The newer Final Fantasy games especially) no longer rely on time based attacks, it’s mostly all real time events and combat situated within an actual combat frame that exists with the gaming environment.

    6) I admit I’m a fan of those games, but because they’re actually good games that have spanned multiple systems from their original predecessors.”

    this post is full of win. Japan has, and will most likely always be, the best producer of video games. I think last year, nintendo outsold Sony and Microsoft combined, which is beyond impressive. whoever said America is dominating the market just played halo, thought it was the best game ever, and made an idiotic assumption.

  89. Naki February 9, 2009 at 3:53 pm -      #89

    Well, I can’t really decide this one, as Seph would have a hard time blocking bullets, though possible. he is still near human, very tough but still a few bullets is all it takes. Supply the right weapons, and MC could pull it off.

    MC is actually probably faster, or at least a VERY VERY near seph, at 65kph, i doubt seph can run that fast. I’m not sure how Sephiroth’s sword would affect Master Chiefs armor, given Seph is really strong. But ill go with 3-4 hits and chief is dead. 2-3 hits surpassing the shield..

    I would give the Favor in the battle, to the master chief. But I sitll cant decide who i think would win. I’ve played ff7 a few times through, but i really dont know how things from that would affect MC. If someone could shed some light on that, then I could sleep at night knowing Which Very cool character would come out on top.

  90. IroquoisPliskin February 11, 2009 at 2:55 pm -      #90

    cpt olimar…. where to begin.

    1.) sales dont mean jack sh*t. check out reese’s sales last year. pretty amazing huh? looks to me like reese’s is quite a bit better than any console. obviously they’re doing something right… nintendo should come out with a chocolatey console next time!

    2.) dont care about the seal.

    3.) i agree w u here, twilight princess was great. i beat it 3 times and dont even own it. i’d rather the extra time be taken to come out with a sweet zelda game while not boring us by coming out with a million other installments *cough* ff *cough*

    4.) like i said before, chocolate reaches out to a much larger crowd. chocolate wii-mote anyone? besides, just because a lot of people bought wiis doesnt mean that its so great. roughly 4 out of 5 of my friends that have wiis do not play them. maybe its cuz the majority of them are in college too, but even the younger ones (down to 4th grade-ish- not friends, little brothers and sisters, nephews, etc) basically the wii sucks, admit it and get over it!

    5.) bullshit. i know the games aren’t the longest, but bullshit. ok, maybe on easy if you skip every cutscene and just run thru the game its possible, but then ur retarded. besides, if you really felt the way you imply about halo, you wouldntve taken the time to do this. so bullshit. oh and if you turn the skulls on, halo becomes pretty difficult.
    also halo has multiplayer, something that pretty much every rpg is missing. that makes the game great, and adds to the difficulty.

    p.s. i admit i like ff, its just fun to make fun of. and the wii isn’t a bad system (aside from the lack of graphics upgrade), its just that there aren’t many good games out for it. it’s not the console itself that makes it so great; its all about the games made for it. there aren’t many good games for the wii, and thats disappointing. same goes for the ps3 (well, at least till killzone comes out cant wait for that)

  91. Cpt Olimar February 11, 2009 at 3:12 pm -      #91

    iroqouis? Did you respond to me, L-W or both of us? lol
    In all honesty, I have seen Halo and was bored by it. Just another shooter is all I have to say for it. Although I admit the Wii has a TON of AWFUL GARBAGE for games, they have enough games to keep you playing for awhile. Metroid Prime 3, Twilight Princess, Brawl, Mario Galaxy.

    How many times does it have to be said? Sales matter. If the best game ever only sells one copy, it may still be the best game ever made, but the producers are still going to lose a ton of money and maybe go under. I’ll admit popularity does not equal quality, but that doesn’t mean that the success of a game does not matter.

    Hell, Wii sports is now the best selling game of all time with 40.12 million copies sold, maybe higher by now. You can’t just say who cares to this. Video game companies live by making money; thus nintendo’s success shows that it is DOMINATING the market right now. Just because you think it’s games suck, doesn’t mean that it is stepping all over the 360 and ps3 in terms of success.

    (coming from a person who doesn’t even like Wii Sports)

  92. IroquoisPliskin February 12, 2009 at 12:51 am -      #92

    cpt olimar
    i dont really know who i was responding to. you i guess…
    the listed wii games are really good, ive played all but metroid prime 3 (the one i wanted to play the most), but thats it. you’re telling me the wii has 4 good games?

    so ill admit, the wii is successful, but im just pointing out that it has left more people disappointed than the other two systems. you can’t deny it…

  93. L-W February 12, 2009 at 2:19 am -      #93

    “sales dont mean jack sh*t.”

    Tell that to SEGA.

  94. Thepocalypse February 12, 2009 at 6:21 am -      #94

    I’m a HUGE Halo fan, but Sephiroth wins easily. He’ll just hack the Chief in two and dodge and shots fired.

  95. L-W February 12, 2009 at 8:17 am -      #95

    As for whom would be victorious, please refer to information below that ascertain the falsehoods posted by others (Most notably Iriquoispliskin):

    1) Whilst Master Chiefs augmentations have increased his speed beyond that of the capabilities of most mortals, Sephiroth defies this parameter. His natural abilities (Without the aid of Materia) grant him the ability to travel at speeds excelling that of his own inertia, bypassing conventional bio mechanics to deliver incredibly fatal blows at organ shattering speeds.

    Considering he can literally dodge bullets AFTER they’ve left the barrel, or even predict their trajectory as to strike them mid-flight, I doubt that even the legendary perception of Master Chief would distinguish nothing more than a brief glint of light before he is decapitated.

    If he were to utilize his collection of time manipulating Materia, well. You get the picture.

    2) It was fortunate that you referred the hyperbole regarding meteors as mere falling rocks, I could have potentially recognized as someone intelligent for a second if it were not for Freudian slip.

    Reentering Meteors are often composed dense ferrous materials in excess of several hundred pounds per .cf, traveling in excess of 25000 miles per hour (Five times faster than any bullet) upon reentry. Given the size of the meteors witnessed throughout the game, the explosive force upon impact would equal at 1-2kt, a tenth of the explosive power of the atomic weapon detonated at Hiroshima.

    The concussion blast alone would be enough to kill master Chief, never mind being directly impacted. Come back when you get a clue.

    3) Sephiroth is a genetic hybrid of a Super Soldier and a psychic God-like alien that has committed Genocide across countless worlds, not only enhancing his every known physical attribute, but has imbued him with Jenova’s countless eons of memories, experiences and knowledge attained from its travels through the Galaxy.

    The SPARTAN program does not even compare.

    4) In a direct fist fight, Sephiroth would pummel Master Chief. In a contest of swordsmanship, Sephiroth would eviscerate his opponent. No matter how far we extend the range between both opponents, Sephiroth still has all the superior attributes necessary to decimate his opponent.

    You name it, speed, intelligence, experience, resilience, durability, stamina, longevity, strength and even regeneration lie in favour of Sephiroth here. He has everything going for him, and none of the disadvantages.

    – – –

    Now Iriquoispliskin, since you were referring to my post in your previous feeble diatribe, I will have to correct you:

    1) Sales count for everything in a capitalist market. As Cpt. Olimar mentioned, you can have the greatest game in existence, but if no one purchased a copy, you run a deficit in the millions of dollars you spent on production (Video Games are the new movies).

    With this, your company goes out of business, your stock is liquidated and you lose a lot of vital assets, including your ability to make games in the future. A successful game allows you to increase your market share, raise awareness, advertise and most importantly, make MORE games.

    2) The seal was an issue that I had addressed to another poster. If you had the forthright intelligence to just look several posts above, you would have seen this. Alas you don’t.

    3) Both Zelda and Final Fantasy installments are a part of major series of computer games (Some of the most widely recognized iconoclasts in gaming HISTORY), each one costing millions of dollars and requiring years of production each, their abundance is an issue of their popularity and overall success.

    Something that you repeatedly fail to understand. The more people like something, the more they are willing to pay for it, thus the more work the producers can put into extra installments. It’s called capitalism, it’s the whole foundation of our economy.

    4) Failed chocolate analogy is still a failed chocolate analogy. Imagine if Chocolate was only ever bought by a reclusive, tight-knight minority group, so small and stale that they make up only a slight margin of the market. Not only that, but to the majority, chocolate was considered uncool and a waste of time.

    Now imagine if a company came along (Nintendo) and introduced a Chocolate that was not only new and inventive, but reinvented the entire demographic. Now not only is everybody buying chocolate, it is widely accepted as being fun past-time. Suddenly you have whole new markets upon up, which means other manufacturers want to start making chocolate. Suddenly, you have global investors pumpin billions of dollars into the chocolate industry because it sells, thus adding more brands and more competition in the chocolate market.

    Say what you want about the Wii, be as ignorant as you choose, but it resuscitated the gaming industry that had been left stale after the likes of “World of Warcraft” had alienated the general public.

    5) Actually the length of a game has no influence upon my enjoyment.

    “Portal” only lasted an hour, but I consider it to be one of the best games ever made. Meanwhile Halo merely uses repetition and scale (Not even Legendary mode is that difficult once you develop a pattern) to needlessly draw it out. The fact that I completed it so soon really does not speak too well of its map design or game mechanics. Whilst Multiplayer is only fun for just that, groups of people who I only ever have at my current accommodation during social functions.

    Other than that, Halo spends the rest of the time gathering dust on my shelf (Whilst Portal still runs strong in my opinion).

    Sorry, but this is an argument you lost badly.

  96. Matapiojo February 12, 2009 at 9:59 am -      #96

    ““Portal” only lasted an hour, but I consider it to be one of the best games ever made.”

    While L-W’s entire post is full of righteous truth and logic, this statement was by far the most accurate. Portal is THE most ingeneous FPS game that has ever been created, and arguably, its cleverness transcends the genre.

    If you have an ounce of brain matter still clinging from the inner walls of your skull after playing the TIRED FPS genre (Halo not an exception), you must pick this game up.

  97. Cpt Olimar February 12, 2009 at 12:11 pm -      #97

    I don’t own an xbox, but I heard a lot of good things about portal. Someone put it as their 4th or 5th fav game in a list of 50 games. I kinda get the general idea of creating portals that allow you to travel between rooms, but what exactly about it makes it so awesome. Just curious that’s all :)

    One more thing iroquois. Don’t hate on games that are popular, just because they are popular. Final Fantasy games are always high quality and have really detailed environments and dialogue sequences. (Although I must admit, the titles are an oxymoron. “Final” Fantasy the twelth, lol) They are just a bit too long for my personal taste (FFX) and it’s the kind of game that I would rather watch my bro play it and see the plot continue then actually play it myself, but that doesn’t make it a bad game, just one that doesn’t fully click with me.

  98. Thepocalypse February 12, 2009 at 1:47 pm -      #98

    Portal is the BEST game ever made in my opinion. Not just for being more addictive than Tetris, but also for having the absolute best villain ever; GLaDOS.
    Her dialogue is incredibly subtle, but also very dark. For example “Should you get thirsty, feel free to pass out.” and “The companion cube couldn’t come, because you murdered him.”
    She’s the only villain I’ve ever truly despised in a game, and I hope she makes a BankGambling appearance soon.
    Admin? Chell or GLaDOS vs Anyone please?

  99. Tim February 12, 2009 at 3:17 pm -      #99

    I agree that there should be some fights including Chell and/or GLaDOS on this site but I’m not sure how they could actually fight though?

    P.S. I find it funny that the subject has changed from Master Chief vs Sephiroth to Portal.

  100. Matapiojo February 12, 2009 at 3:29 pm -      #100

    “P.S. I find it funny that the subject has changed from Master Chief vs Sephiroth to Portal.”

    That will happen from time to time, you can always return it to its rightful place.

    Which is MC dying…

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