Link vs Kratos

Link vs Kratos

Start your engines. As the start of the swordfighter series, we wanted to match a classic gaming hero versus a newer character.

As with most battles, will the hero element win out? Or can awesome power trump the willpower of the common hero?


  • Physically powerful
  • Nimble
  • Ability to use Magic
  • Skilled at using many weapons
  • Bearer of the Master Sword


  • Unforgiving
  • More ruthless than Ares
  • No Remorse, No Repent
  • Badass
  • Wields Chain Blade Swords

Link doesn’t stand a chance in just about any sitch here. While Legend of Zelda and all the other games in the series have introduced elements of great achievements for Link, Kratos is just too brutal and relentless – what do you think?

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312 Comments on "Link vs Kratos"

  1. Halt19 September 29, 2014 at 7:24 pm -      #301

    I think that Link would win this. And yes, I am a Zelda fanboy, and damn proud of it.

    Close quarters:
    Kratos = Link
    A very even match. While Kratos has Spartan training, Link has mastered the Hidden Skills. He can also transform into a sacred wolf for further speed and use a nifty little energy bubble attack (although that requires Midna). The Master sword and the Blade of Olympus are pretty much on par, but the Master sword is designed to destroy evil. Kratos is literally covered in the ashes of his past crimes. That would give a serious advantage to Link. Link’s gauntlets can withstand enormous pressures and strikes, but I do not know how strong Kratos is. If he is able to strike with 1000 tonnes+ pressure, then he could slowly overpower Link. However, Link’s sword would hold the edge, as I said before. The two are basically equals normally, but Kratos is covered in the ashes of his dead family and the Master sword is designed to destroy evil (The Sword of Evil’s Bane…). It is too close to really call. Link also could use the Goron Mask to become stronger, the Zora’s mask to become faster, or the Deku mask to dodge easier. He also has an indestructible shield and several different armour types (Link the TP magic armour). Kratos, while he LOOKS awesome, has no shield or armour. Instead he opts for a badass looking but HIGHLY impractical kilt that offers no protection.

    Kratos Link just takes the cake here. He has the Hero's bow, which can carry bomb arrows, as well as all of his other items (like the Scattershot). Kratos has his weapons, but Link's indestructible shield can allow him to counter that. Kratos's shield would be hard to use with the chain swords, and when he switched out between items, he would be vulnerable to a Pegasus Boots charge. If Kratos uses the Medusa head, then Link is like "Yeah…
    NOPE! MIRROR SHIELD BIYATCH!" right back. This would in effect backfire majorly, and Kratos might even turn to stone himself- just like the Greek mythology character Perseus.

    Kratos Kratos

    If Link does have more trouble, he can use the Fierce Deity’s Mask to finish Kratos. True, Kratos has defeated gods, but Ganondorf imbued with the Triforce is a pretty good equivalent for that. Demise is the embodiment of evil, for pete’s sake! Also, Link is far more cunning then Kratos’s opponents are typically, and added to his OP arsenal and skill set, I just cannot see kratos winning.

    Oh yeah- since he won the Triforces of Wisdom and Power from Ganondorf, he also has the complete set.

    I will just sit back and watch this slaughter with a cup of tea…

  2. Warlock Lowk September 29, 2014 at 10:46 pm -      #302

    Was it mentioned somewhere on here that this was composite Link? Because it seems like everyones going off of composite.
    “has no shield or armour. Instead he opts for a badass looking but HIGHLY impractical kilt that offers no protection.”

    Golden Fleece. protects him. magic.
    “Kratos’s shield would be hard to use with the chain swords”

    What shield, what do you mean pulls out? He has a magic gauntlet attached to his arms to deflect attacks.
    “he can use the Fierce Deity’s Mask to finish Kratos.”

    Honestly Fierce Deity never really seemed like much. Loses his shield, can’t use other items. Takes time to put on.
    What exactly was it’s power? Sword beams?

  3. Alpha or Omega September 29, 2014 at 10:53 pm -      #303

    I haven’t used composite.
    LOZ II Link can polymorph him. He can use his shield to block any arrows or blades. If he’s in the throwing range of Kratos’s blades, he can polymorph him.
    I forgot if Four Swords Adventure Link can polymorph or not.
    Can’t the 4 Links shoot all four arrows at once? He can’t block all of them with the fleece.
    Spirit Tracks…loses. His weapons are horrible and he has no important items.

  4. OriginalA September 29, 2014 at 11:28 pm -      #304

    “I forgot if Four Swords Adventure Link can polymorph or not.
    Can’t the 4 Links shoot all four arrows at once? He can’t block all of them with the fleece.”

    Yes and no. There is an item in FSA, the Quake Medallion, that can polymorph enemies that are on the ground, but it isn’t an item that Link can carry normally in that game.

    To clarify:
    The Quake Medallion is in one other game aside from FSA. It is in LttP. In LttP the Quake Medallion is a selectable spell that can be spammed for as long as Link had sufficient MP, much like Din’s Fire from OoT or the spells seen in AoL.

    In FSA, the Quake Medallion operates slightly differently. Instead of being a spell that is selectable through a menu (again, like spells in LttP, OoT, or AoL), the Quake Medallion is an object that Link carries above his head (rather than inside his inventory) and then he smashes on the ground to use it; destroying the medallion. This makes it a one time use screen nuke, and in order to use it again, Link needs to find an entirely new Quake Medallion to pick up and smash.

    So, while there is an item in FSA that can polymorph, it isn’t something that I personally consider to part of his regular selection of items. I consider it more like an environmental advantage, but that isn’t quite accurate either. BankGambling rules aren’t exactly 100% specific about something like that so I guess there is room to debate it, but I generally ignore the Quake Medallion as an option for FSA Link.

    And yes, he can fire four arrows at once. FSA Link is four separate bodies with a single mind that can act independently of each other. This is a massive tactical field advantage in just about any fight because he has perfectly coordinated team work with himself as well as independent agency for each of his individual selves.

    As an aside… I like ST Link. Totally crap in a VS fight against people outside of his game (or even the higher ups on his own series) but I think he is one of the more interesting incarnations of Link.

  5. Commander Cross September 29, 2014 at 11:31 pm -      #305

    T.C* Link isn’t the person most of us were talking about at the moment.

    Also, doesn’t ST Link have a Flower that works like a Gun if I’m not mis-recalling?

    WW/PH Link has reasonably good odds to not die all over the place.
    What about TP Link with those Bomb Arrows and Magic Armor?

    1.) (Total Composite Link.)

  6. OriginalA September 29, 2014 at 11:44 pm -      #306

    You are misremembering, CC. ST Link has a Bow and Arrow for his primary ranged offensive option.

    You’re probably thinking about an item from Oracle of Ages: the Seed Shooter, which is basically a gun with seeds as ammo instead of bullets. Considering some of those seeds can bodily throw a man half way across a small country or incinerate someone… it is basically just as lethal as a gun.

    WW/PH Link is broken. Especially if he gets his arsenals from both of those games. Invulnerability + time stop… yeah that’s usually overkill (also how this match got its award.)

  7. Alpha or Omega September 29, 2014 at 11:46 pm -      #307

    Why do you think ST Link is interesting?
    He kinda seemed too similar to the WW/PH Link.

  8. Commander Cross September 30, 2014 at 12:01 am -      #308

    @Alpha or Omega at #307

    With Less Power to fire around and whatnot if mis-recalling’s not a threat.
    ST Link also has less Physical Prowess to toss around, either unlike TP Link.
    What does ST Link have to offer to make up for what the other Links have that he don’t got?
    I really don’t recall what is it, and I know that it’s aside from ST Zelda being with him at all times and whatnot.

    @Messenger OriginalA at #306

    I apologize for that, I thought ST Link was tech-based to make up for the fact he’s one of the Non-Magical Links.


    So The Seed Shooter’s what The Hero of Legends!*-Link got on him during the Oracles games.


    WW/PH Link has a lot of good reason to feel so happy, yet despite it all he be no fighting slouch.


    If we’re using Hyrule Warriors Link, I wonder what HW!-Link’s gonna bring to the table, I think Hyrule Warriors Link has High Potential and Promise to be an Amazing Front-liner for Future Fights.*

    1.) (What ALttP/Oracles/L.A Link got coined as in some other video.)
    2.) (Thus that’d be 2-and-a-half Links I’d be most familiar with, the others being N64 Link and WW/PH Link.
    I kind of feel like a Jerk for not mentioning HW!-Link in the previous post.)

  9. OriginalA September 30, 2014 at 7:19 am -      #309

    I got a completely different feel for ST Link compared to WW/PH Link.

    WW/PH Link started his quest because his sister got kidnapped so he went out to save her, and then he got attached to Tetra and the King of Red Lions and things just escalated. By the time PH happens, he is completely attached to Tetra, whom he was traveling with.

    ST Link, on the other hand, he had his own ambition before bad things happened and he got wrapped up into a quest. He wanted to be an engineer and operate one of the trains that go around the kingdom. This is fundamentally different than most other Links. Most Links don’t have an ambition, or when they do those ambitions facilitate questing (either being an adventurer or being in the army). ST Link, though, he was just a simple unassuming low-ranking government employee.

    Sure he eagerly accepts the call to quest from Zelda (which was another thing, the game started on a political note, which is out of character for the series as that stuff usually happens off screen; I liked that), but the main reason why he himself is questing is because Zelda’s choice for the place of the Hero was injured. ST Link is literally Luke Skywalker to Alfonzo’s Obi-Wan and Zelda’s Leia. Zelda wanted Alfonzo to be the Hero to help her out, but he wasn’t capable so his protegee took that position in his stead. This Link didn’t have to be the Hero; he chose to be it instead.

    And at the end of the game you get to decide what happens to him. Does playing the part of the Hero change his ambitions? Or does he prefer his original goals? Because of that, he is one of the only Links that can, definitively, walk away from being The Hero on his own terms.

    SS Link started a destiny of being the Hero.
    MC Link lost his initial trade as a Blacksmith because of his quest.
    OoT Link lost his childhood to his quest, and his quest’s conclusion removed any recognition he would have gained from it (in the timeline where he lived in anyways). He would be the unsung Hero and it would haunt him well after his death.
    WW/PH Link would get attached to girl and eventually begin a new kingdom.
    LttP/Oracles/LA Link would begin to roam the world in an effort for self improvement and seeking the next quest.
    TP Link gained too many friends in high places for it to not have any effect on his life, although he would probably try to settle back down I think.
    FS and FSA Links both would almost certainly await their Zelda’s next call to arms.
    LoZ/AoL Link is an adventurer by trade but seems to have gotten attached to Hyrule and got a girl out of it. So his life definitely gets different after his quests are done.
    ALBW Link gets recognition around the kingdom for his deeds as well as the friendship of a second kingdom.

    But little ol’ ST Link. He can take that little green hat and hang it up. Put his black cap on, hop in his train, and carry out his day job. For most Links, at least in my mind, being The Hero is destiny, but for ST Link it is his choice.

    You are right in that he does share many similarities with WW/PH LInk though. And CC has part of it right too; I do love the fact that Zelda is the exposition fairy of that game and I really enjoyed the back and forth between Zelda and ST Link. Something similiar happened with WW/PH LInk and Tetra, but it was over less time and for a while both of them were just using each other for mutual gain. ST Link supported ST Zelda initially out of nothing but loyalty to the crown but that grew to a personal loyalty and he was very empathetic to her loss, and that is something that most Links don’t have in large quantities.

    So yeah, I like him. I think his characterization is a little off from the usual for Link, and him having his own goals and the ability to pursue those goals after the quest are something that I like.

    He is a tech based tool user. He has a fucking TRAIN!

    And LttP/Oracles/LA Link has so many tools, spells, weapons, gizmos, rings, and powerups he has something on just about everyone. By far LttP/ect Link is the most well rounded when he has full access to his arsenal.

    HW Link brings a lot of sword combat ability to the table. He’s not quite as good with the Bow as OoT/MM Link, or TP Link, or WW/PH LInk (not sure about SS LInk here so I’m omitting that for now). And HW Link only has the bare basic of items (Bow, Hookshot, Bombs, Boomerang, and Bottles). But his swordplay is top notched. In a pure sword fight he would almost certainly win against any Link. FS and FSA Links would have to use their best team work to be able to maybe beat him, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

    But, if you allow other Links to bring their bag of toys to the party things start to sideways for HW Link.

    OoT/MM Link’s sword play as the Hero’s Shade + Nayru’s Love + Chateu Romani + superior archery skills + Fire/Ice/Light Arrows == a bad day for HW Link. Those arrows will tear him apart and Nayru’s Love firmly stops him cold. And the sword skill between HW Link and the Hero’s Shade isn’t so great that HW Link would be able to dominate him there either. Also, Deku Nuts…. Never underestimate a good flash bang.

    WW/PH Link’s Magic Armor + Time Stop is such an out of context problem for HW Link that there is pretty much nothing he could do against that. Add to that the fact that WW/PH Link is also one of the best plain sword fighters there is and could put a good hurt on HW Link with just the sword…. Yeah, that fight only goes one way.

    TP Link’s sword ability lets him hold his own for a while. Archery and Bomb Arrows definitely soften up HW Link. TP Link can be more mobile around the environment thanks to Double Clawshot and Spinner if the battlefield provides. Magic Armor helps too. It would be a rough fight for both of them.

    SS Link has invulnerability potions and decent sword skill. He should be able to at least challenge HW Link.

    ALBW Link has some neat toys that might slow HW Link down a little bit, but that’s a losing fight for ALBW Link.

    LttP/ect Link does what he always does: polymorph large area + invisible/one way intangible + gun + seeking bomb + invulnerability + revives + some other bullshit I’m probably forgetting == HW Link gets rekt.

    LoZ/AoL … Spell spell. That is all since that’s all he ever needs.

    But, in just a sword fight… yeah, HW link will do bad things to most other Links. He’s pretty powerful. If he gets his powerups he can pretty easily win against every Link that doesn’t have an “I Win” button.

  10. Soulerous September 30, 2014 at 1:34 pm -      #310

    A wiki-goer called Andika CL atmadja is claiming, among other things, that Kratos possesses country+ level durability and hypsersonic movement and reaction speed. I have invited Andika to defend those claims here.
    Your move, Andika.

  11. hellboy147 October 1, 2014 at 11:02 pm -      #311

    Read the whole thread .

  12. Soulerous October 2, 2014 at 12:08 am -      #312

    Read the whole thread .
    Done. Not only did I see no good feats for Kratos, I didn’t even see links to the material the feats were based on. It was some sorry debating.
    Andika is declining to debate for the time being. However, you are free to play the part. What makes Kratos hypersonic?

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