Link & Cloud Vs Kratos & Dante

Link & Cloud Strife Vs Kratos & Dante

As much as I enjoy the Zelda games, and the Link character, in this match it means little. For me, this match will be over in a few minutes as Kratos pummels Link while Cloud and Dante dance around. Then once Link is vanquished, the double team will be too much for Cloud.

What say you?

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947 Comments on "Link & Cloud Vs Kratos & Dante"

  1. Thepocalypse April 19, 2009 at 7:12 am -      #1

    Link will go down first, as Fierce Deity is the only way he could handle Team 2 and we’ve established that as outside help and therefore not allowed in this type of match. Dante would most likely fall to Cloud or take an arrow through the head near the beginning of the match, but I think Kratos will be the last man standing here.

  2. Spellca April 19, 2009 at 11:27 am -      #2

    Assuming a Fierce Deity transformation is plausible and that Cloud is at the top of his game, I think it is possible to pull out a victory…that is if Dante’s Devil Trigger and Kratos’ sheer power don’t overrun them.

    If I may place my prediction:

    Fierce Diety Link will go head-to-head with Kratos while Cloud ambushes Dante. Cloud will make quick work of the half-demon and end him shortly after. By that point, Cloud could fight Kratos from one side with Link taking the other dividing the God of War’s strength. I imagine, Kratos losing an arm to the Buster World before wounding Cloud before ending Cloud though, the Spartan dies as a jacked-up Master Sword rips into his spine killing him.

    Team 1 victory.

  3. Cpt Olimar April 19, 2009 at 12:04 pm -      #3

    The problem with Link is always determining what he has at any given time.
    Is he allowed fierce deity AND Nayru’s love. That would make quite a potent combination. I don’t see how fierce deity is outside help. While he does take on the persona of a god, it is technically an item that he possess just like any other. That’s how I see it at least. And isn’t dante more powerful than we think? Like he defies the laws of physics as a part-time job no?

    I think this is a really good match tbh.

  4. Tim April 19, 2009 at 12:39 pm -      #4

    Thanks for posting this admin, although my fight was a free for all this one is just as good. I think this would be a great fight and it could probably go to either side so i’ll come back later with my decision.

  5. Scenario April 19, 2009 at 5:08 pm -      #5

    Link could take Kratos. He’s always calm when he fights, and that offsets Kratos’s savage fury. He’s fought guys like Kratos before.

    Link doesn’t need to get close, arrows would do well here. Kratos is too strong for a light arrow to one-shot him, but it would definitely stun him long enough for a silver arrow. The master sword will take him out.

    But Dante is way too fast.

  6. Space marine April 19, 2009 at 11:56 pm -      #6

    “He’s fought guys like Kratos before.”

  7. Battra Boy April 20, 2009 at 3:06 pm -      #7

    Kratos would take out link in seconds, but I think Cloud may pose as a challenge.

    In the end, I think team 2 would get this one.

  8. Kyrr April 20, 2009 at 3:20 pm -      #8

    okay, link is cool and all…but in this fight he is literally useless. cloud could probably take out dante if it was 1v1…but kratos in there?! tsh, fahget about it…kratos and dante would mop the floor with team 1

  9. Scenario April 20, 2009 at 5:18 pm -      #9

    Nayru’s love, Staff of Byrna, and magic armor. Link is untouchable. Chateau Romani for infinite magic. The Master Sword would cut through Kratos like butter.

    I’m not even counting the fierce deity mask. How about the four sword? Now Link has three clones. Giant’s mask? He’s fifty feet tall. Light and Silver arrows destroy evil, and that’s all Kratos is.

    Oh, and as of Phantom Hourglass Link can stop time. Shall I continue?

  10. LO-G April 20, 2009 at 6:20 pm -      #10

    LInks powers and abilities are
    -immense super strenght
    -Is pratically a god when his triforce of courage helps him
    -very skilled swordsman
    -very skilled archer
    -Plus he has the Fierce Diety mask which stands for
    Link will destroy practically any one shit …Link all the way

  11. Albert Wikowonkavitz April 21, 2009 at 9:56 am -      #11

    Don’t bring swords to god and gun fights…

  12. Battra Boy April 21, 2009 at 1:12 pm -      #12

    “Light and Silver arrows destroy evil, and that’s all Kratos is.”

    Are you just plain ignorant? Have you PLAYED any of the God of War games? If you did, you would know he is an anti hero. Don’t chat about things you have no knowledge on.

  13. Baron Somebody April 21, 2009 at 4:02 pm -      #13

    Cloud is overrated, he dies first…Link is powerful but with Kratos in there it wouldn’t work

  14. Master Arbiter(Spartan G44) April 21, 2009 at 7:04 pm -      #14

    Give Link Soul Edge and then we have a fight…

  15. x on April 21, 2009 at 7:31 pm -      #15

    Im voting for Kratos & Dante they will own the other team.

  16. Scenario April 21, 2009 at 11:46 pm -      #16

    Kratos is an anti-hero? Are we talking about the same guy? Because I’m talking about the, “Ares is an ass so I’m going to destroy Olimpus” Kratos. The one that, once he became a god, pissed off all the other gods more than Ares ever did. This is a guy who chose to kill Zeus and continue the cycle, consequences be damned.

    Anti-Hero=/=Good guy, the protagonist can be evil, etc.

    And please, do not count Link and his ability to stop time out so quickly. Think about the divine artifacts he possesses. He can freeze everything nearby with the Ether medallion, or blow it all up with Bombos. Light arrows one-shot every enemy in the game except Ganondorf, whom they still stun. The silver arrows were the only thing that could kill Ganon when he had the complete Triforce and had gained immunity to even the upgraded Master Sword.

    I repeat: Link defeated Ganon when he had all three pieces of the Triforce.

  17. Space marine April 22, 2009 at 2:05 am -      #17

    “do not count Link and his ability to stop time out so quickly”
    Play god of war 2 you ignorant fool.

  18. Tim April 22, 2009 at 7:22 am -      #18

    I’ve made my choice and I think that Link and Cloud would win.

    Link can use the Four Sword to split into four Links and then one of the Links could put on the Fierce Deity Mask. With this there would be three regular Links and one Fierce Deity Link, that means that with Cloud added, team 1 would have five powerful people on their side compared to the two powerful people that team 2 has. Another thing is that even if all the Links somehow get downed Cloud can use a Pheonix Down on Link to bring him back, or Link could use a Fairy on Cloud if he gets downed.

    With the Four Sword and the Fierce Deity Mask Link could probably win this by himself and with another powerful character like Cloud to help him I think this is an almost certain victory for team 1.

  19. Scenario April 22, 2009 at 5:45 pm -      #19

    Don’t forget that with the Four Sword, all four Links must be killed within ten seconds of each other or they will be revived.

  20. Tim April 23, 2009 at 2:55 am -      #20

    “Don’t forget that with the Four Sword, all four Links must be killed within ten seconds of each other or they will be revived.”

    Good point Scenario, thanks I had forgotten to mention that, and it gives even more reason that Link and Cloud would win.

  21. demongrave April 24, 2009 at 6:47 am -      #21

    you know I think you guys are leaving too much of the battle to Link, but you forget the massive amount of abilities that Cloud posseses. He has magic of all forms, healing, fire, water, ice, dark, gravity, light, etc. Along with the items he has on his person he has so many different tactics he could go with. Plus the creatures he can summon, and his Limit Breaks. Add all together, give him the Ultima Blade, and combine it with everything Link brings to the fight, Kratos and Dante could last for a few moments before they’re crushed under combined might of these two powerful fighters.

  22. Tim April 24, 2009 at 8:56 am -      #22

    @demongrave: Good point about forgetting to mention Cloud. I know about most of his abilities but I didn’t list them because I know more about Link and didn’t want to make any mistakes. With all of Link and Cloud’s abilities put together they pretty much certainly win this, however I still think Kratos and Dante would last a while before being defeated.

  23. Tim April 24, 2009 at 8:58 am -      #23

    Sorry about the double post but unless someone can come up with a way Kratos and Dante can counter all Link and Cloud’s abilities can we put them up for a BankGambling award.

  24. Matapiojo April 24, 2009 at 9:44 am -      #24

    “Sorry about the double post but unless someone can come up with a way Kratos and Dante can counter all Link and Cloud’s abilities can we put them up for a BankGambling award.”

    I am too bussy to go into detail now, but a BankGambling Award at this stage is a bit premature. Just because the other team has had few supporters, it doesn’t mean that the facts have been propperly weighed.

  25. Battra Boy April 25, 2009 at 3:46 am -      #25

    Kratos is a GOD. Do you honestly think a kid that wears a green sock on his head could beat him? Kratos can pull a grown man in half, he can smash the ground beneath his feet!

    Just to mention a few of his abilities…

    Hades Army – Kratos summons the spirits of the fallen to fight for him

    Posieden’s rage – Kratos wields the power of posieden, the god of the oceans

    Zeuss’ thunderbolts – Kratos wields the god of thunder’s lightning bolts

    Medusa’s gaze – Kratos uses medusa’s head to turn enemies into stone.

    The blade of olympus – An indestructible blade used for slaying gods

    The ability to freeze time for as long as he chooses.

    The golden fleece – Repels any projectile/attack right back at the user

    The sun shield – blocks attacks and deflect them.

    And er.. Hes the god of war? Theres is no way that link and cloud could beat Kratos. (Althugh Cloud is badass.)

    Even if Link and Cloud manage to kill kratos, which is highly unlikely, then he can just pull himself out of hell, even angrier and more powerful than before.

  26. Tim April 25, 2009 at 6:00 am -      #26

    @Matapiojo: Fair point, and I would rather continue this discussion anyway because I’m enjoying it quite a lot.

  27. Scenario April 26, 2009 at 5:32 pm -      #27

    “Kratos is a GOD. Do you honestly think a kid that wears a green sock on his head could beat him? Kratos can pull a grown man in half, he can smash the ground beneath his feet!”

    Link lifted a giant stone obelisk and tossed it 30 feet in the air.

    “Hades Army – Kratos summons the spirits of the fallen to fight for him”

    How good are they and can they stand up to a hurricane spin?

    “Posieden’s rage – Kratos wields the power of posieden, the god of the oceans”

    Anything more specific?

    “Medusa’s gaze – Kratos uses medusa’s head to turn enemies into stone.”

    For three seconds.

    “The golden fleece – Repels any projectile/attack right back at the user”

    Can it block multiple shots? Link fires about 4 arrows per second.

    If he is sent to hell it counts as leaving the arena. I believe that is against the rules.

  28. OriginalA April 27, 2009 at 3:50 am -      #28

    Cloud could win in a one vs two fight against Dante and Kratos.

    Sneak Attack–Shield: Cloud casts Shield before anyone can do anything; Cloud absorbs to all element based magic, and is invulnerable physical attacks.

    Quadra Magic — Ultima; Ultima–MP Turbo; Ultima–MP Absorb: Cloud uses Ultima 4 times in a row and causes more damage than normal. Cloud absorbs MP back from Kratos and Dante too allow Cloud to do this ad ifinitum (provided Kratos and Dante don’t run out of MP for Cloud to absorb before they are dead) Additionally Ultima is one of the few spells that Dante would not likely be able to Royal Block as it is an omni-directional attack.

    I still got 8 slots left to fill.

    Add Effect–Time [armor slot]: Cloud become immune to time altering abilities.

    Add Effect–Contain [armor slot]: Cloud becomes immune to Confusion, Stop, and Petrify.

    Master Magic–Mega ALL: Cloud has all spells and they all hit everyone. Spells of note are Death (instant death), Stop (time stopper), and Toad (polymorph others).

    Final Attack–Phoenix: Cloud casts Phoenix when he is “killed” causing damage to all enemies and reviving Cloud.

    Notes about Dante’s and Kratos’s chono-manipulation abilities:
    Kratos NEEDS a statues in order to use his SLOW TIME. He doesn’t have a time Stopper.
    Dante has two Slow Times and a Time Stopper. QuickSilver is a SlowTime effect by accelerating Dante. Chrono Heart has a SlowTime effect on an area after an enemy is struck while Dante is DT’d. The Bangle of Time is a Time Stopper over an area. Cloud’s Add Effect–Time prevents any of these having any effect on him however.

    OH! and Link uses his Spell spell. Kratos and Dante are now bots. God bless polymorph others.

  29. demongrave April 27, 2009 at 6:32 am -      #29

    very good points indeed. Plus if Link is behing attacked by any of Kratos’s abilities then Cloud can counter them as well. Cloud is used to fighting with a team so he knows how strategize with his team mates. Dante and Kratos are lone fighters so they wouldn’t back each other up very well. So that’s another point to add to Cloud and Link’s victory.

  30. Battra Boy April 28, 2009 at 11:12 am -      #30

    “Link lifted a giant stone obelisk and tossed it 30 feet in the air.”

    Wow, Theres an achievement(!) Kratos can rip a man in half with his bare hands.

    “How good are they and can they stand up to a hurricane spin?”

    They’re souls, they can’t be attacked. So I’m guessing they could take the spin.

    “Anything more specific?”

    He can breath underwater, aswell as summon storms and aquatic powers

    “For three seconds.”

    Not really. Once you’re stone, you can’t move. He’d just prod you and you’d fall to the ground smashed. Once you turn to stone. You remain stone.

    “Can it block multiple shots? Link fires about 4 arrows per second.”

    It can repel ANY projectile no matter the numbers.

    “If he is sent to hell it counts as leaving the arena. I believe that is against the rules.”

    One could say that, but if its a fight to the death then it wouldn’t really matter.

    Also, All of Kratos’ weapons were forged in Olympus or crafted by Gods. They cannot be broken. So it makes no difference what weapon link used.

  31. Scenario April 28, 2009 at 9:08 pm -      #31

    Said obelisk is three times Link’s height and width. Takes more strength to lift that rip flesh.
    Master sword hits ghosts and manifestations of evil, as well as energy beings.
    Several creatures, including Kratos, have shrugged off Medusa’s gaze.
    I have seen the golden fleece in action. It takes him a good two seconds to reflect attacks back to their source, and it requires he know about the attack.

  32. Who? April 28, 2009 at 10:32 pm -      #32

    “Said obelisk is three times Link’s height and width. Takes more strength to lift that rip flesh.”

    Actually, it was around the size of a rancor, was it not?

  33. demongrave April 29, 2009 at 6:50 am -      #33

    also Cloud can revive Link if he falls with a phoenix down and if Link turns into stone then Cloud could use a soft. Like I said before, with Cloud’s experience in team battles Kratos and Dante would eventually lose.

  34. FierceDeity888 April 29, 2009 at 11:37 am -      #34

    Link and Cloud have this one. Cloud would be most likely to fall. I hate to think that way because Cloud is one of my favorites. However he may be able to pull through. Considering we’re using composite Link, he can become literally invulnerable. While constantly being protected, the cane/staff of byrna also damages anyone who gets too close.
    Dante is my second favorite character of all time, but he would eventually lose. I’ve seen everythin g that has been released that Kratos can do. He and Dante would be able to pretty easily kill Cloud given that he doesn’t get healed, but he would not be able to damage Link. There is no way to kill composite Link in battle. Plus with the Four Sword, he can split into four Links that not only can be revived by hundreds of fairies stored within the sword, but also automatically revive w/o the assistance of the fairies if all four aren’t killed within ten seconds of the first. In other words Link cannot be killed by neither Kratos nor Dante. Especially when you take Link’s many instant kills into consideration.

  35. Battra Boy April 29, 2009 at 11:39 am -      #35

    “Cloud could use a soft.”


    And how tall and heavy is link?

    Kratos’ blades of Chaos have a range of about 5 metres, so Kratos could slash Link in half before he even got close.

    Hmm… The God of War and a Demon VS two swordsmen..

    Isn’t it obvious. God and Demon.

  36. OriginalA April 29, 2009 at 1:15 pm -      #36

    “Soft” is an item that instantly removes pretrification.

    Link’s weight is disporportionate to how much force he can block. It doesn’t help Kratos very much that most of his normal attacks fail to cause even basic enemies to flinch, and Link is far more manuvaerable than them.

    Link’s arrows, and their varients, out range Kratos’s blades by an increadible amount an half of the differant types of arrows Link has can be spamed several times in only a few seconds that would allow Link to bypass Kratos’s Golden Fleece by overwhelming it with projectiles. Kratos does have to grab, pull back, and throw the projectiles every time per projectile and that takes about two seconds.

    Kratos isn’t the god of war anymore. He lost that title near the begining of GoW2. Even then the previous god of war was beaten to death by a giant, ornamental, dull, blunt sword…. immortals aren’t immortal in the God of War series.

    By the way you seemed to miss the part in my previous post that said that Cloud can cast, and spam, Instant DEATH spells on ALL enemies. God, demon, immortal, or not, it doesn’t matter when you are DEAD.

    Neither Kratos or Dante have a way to block or counter omni-directional attacks. Link and Cloud have a few of these: Ultima, Death, Stop, Thunder, Spell. If even one of these hits then it is practically game over for Kratos and Dante due to: Overwhelming power, instant death, Time stopper for enemies, instant death, polymorph others into useless bots.

    Kratos and Dante are outclassed.

  37. demongrave April 30, 2009 at 6:34 am -      #37

    Heck ya! And if they have to resort to it Cloud and Link could charge in together. Cloud would use Omni Slash, a multi directional attack that can’t be blocked, and hits all enemies repeatedly. And Link could go four swords and just tornado spin the crap out them at the same time.

    Result. Kratos and Dante= screwed
    Cloud and Link= (Final Fantasy victory theme)

  38. Battra Boy April 30, 2009 at 2:18 pm -      #38

    See, its kinda hard to use a soft.. if you’re made of stone!

    You can’t bypass the golden fleece, it blocks ALL projectiles. And arrows are nothing compared to lightning bolts. If you’ve played a legend of Zelda game, A devil may cry game, Final Fantasy 7 and a God of War game. Then you will know why Kratos and Dante would win.

  39. OriginalA April 30, 2009 at 7:53 pm -      #39

    @ Battra Boy: Yes the Golden Fleece can block all sorts of projectiles, but it cannot block more than one projectile at a time. Link’s fire rate surpasses the rate at which the Golden Fleece reflects projectiles. Enevitably Link would eventually hit Kratos while Kratos is in the middle of blocking the previous projectile.

    It is kind of hard to turn Cloud into stone when he is IMMUNE TO PRETRIFICATION!!!

    It is also kind of hard to live when Instant Death spells are being showered on you repeatedly. I’m a big fan of FF7, DMC, LoZ, and I’ve played GoW 1 and watched speed runs of GoW2/GoWCoO. Dante and Kratos have NOTHING that cannot be blocked, countered, trumped, or nulled by the Materia Setup that I listed for Cloud on Comment 28.

    Link is just the icing on the cake with two instant cast/instant hit area of effect spells that would either kill Kratos and Dante out right or turn them into useless bots (from which they cannot recover from). On top of that Link has a few more spells that would still polymorph them into slightly less useless creatures that are still very easily killed. Combined with the Four Sword means that Link can single handedly outnumber Dante and Kratos while attacking from two differant sides.

    Sure the Golden Fleece might be able to block all types of projectiles but can it block the front, left flank, right flank, and back at the same exact time? I doubt it.

  40. demongrave May 1, 2009 at 6:30 am -      #40

    Exactly. So there’s no reason for you people to keep saying there’s a way for Kratos and Dante to win. Give up, go home, and cry about losing this match.

    Thank You.

  41. Space marine May 1, 2009 at 7:23 pm -      #41

    “There is no way to kill composite Link in battle.”

    Read em and Weep. DO IT NOW! WEEP!

  42. Marche May 2, 2009 at 8:55 am -      #42

    Ok,Kharn is a beast we get it.

  43. x on May 2, 2009 at 11:39 am -      #43

    Well if link is composite Link then Kratos is composite Kratos same with the other two. I can’t stand how you link fans think Link can FIGHT A GOD AND WIN.
    Kratos is the god of war Link is not if you can’t see why Link die’s then there is somthing wrong with you.

  44. Cpt Olimar May 2, 2009 at 12:19 pm -      #44

    If all you can say is that “OMG KRATOS IS A GOD WOW HE OWNS EVERYONE ELSE WHO ISNT A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111ONE” then don’t bother posting. This is not to say that Kratos can’t beat link, but be have a better reason for him winning than that. Both are very powerful magic users, and both can die. Just because Kratos is a “god” doesn’t mean he cant die.

  45. x on May 2, 2009 at 6:04 pm -      #45

    Who says that Kratos can’t die but you have to be stronger to kill a god. Like Kharn stronge. Now if you can tell me how a motal can kill a god that has god killing items that can also destory allthings then link can win if you can’t then its pointless…

  46. Space marine May 2, 2009 at 7:50 pm -      #46

    “Ok,Kharn is a beast we get it.”

    You’d better or else….


    I’ll Get my pedobear….

  47. spoa May 2, 2009 at 10:07 pm -      #47

    if cloud can survive the sun turning into a massive red and consuming the earth (no solid or liquid can exist on the sun) i give this to team 1 it would be a great fight but i give it to link and cloud

  48. OriginalA May 2, 2009 at 10:35 pm -      #48

    I’m going to reiterate something I mentioned before about “gods” in God of War.

    When Kratos fought Ares with Pandora’s Box the Box had no effect on Ares. Its description itself points that it doesn’t negatively effect gods but rather possitively effects the user, in this case Kratos. So after Kratos uses Pandora’s Box, Ares would still be “immortal”.

    Anyways slugfest 1 happens, Kratos relives killing his family, then Ares takes away Kratos’s magical weapons and spells. After that Kratos picks up what appears to be a bronze sword that is used as a bridge to a statue, which he then beats Ares to death with during slugfest 2.

    That sword wasn’t magical in anyway, nor was it actually sharp as when you stand on it much earlier in the game you can see that the edge is flat for about one foot. Ares was beaten to death by a sword and the only reason why he was hurt is because there was strength behind it. With enough physical strength Kratos would have killed Ares with or without the Box; the Box only allowed Kratos to gain strength beyond his current limits.

    Composite Link is going to be able to be invulnerable for at least three days and Cloud can nullify all physical attacks, all elemental spells with the shield spell, and with the materia set up I posted a while ago is immune to time altering and petrification. Advent Children showed us that Cloud has enough physical strength to beat down a summon and FF7 gameplay shows him regularly doing large amounts of damage (e.g. 9999) to WEAPONS. Size isn’t an issue for Cloud.

    There is also the fact that GoW 2 showed Kratos being minimized by Zues but he kept his godly abilities, which just so happened to be exactly the same as his set up at the end of GoW 1 which in turn implies that at the end of GoW 1 Kratos was as powerful as a god but lacked only the size ratio to apply a proper beating to Ares. So we know Kratos is vulnerable to size altering magic.

    Master Magic, a materia I listed that Cloud should have, just so happens to have a size altering spell called Small. It changes people into tiny figures that only do 1 damage. Oh snap I do believe Kratos is screwed.

    Additionally there isn’t any proof that Kratos gains any kind of invulnerablity while a “god”, especially since Ares was killed by a BLUNT SWORD, so instant death spells that Link and Cloud have are still viable options as are their polymorph spells.

    It is note worthy that none of the spells that I listed as effective attack spells have a clear projectile path. Ultima is onmi-directional, Small originates on the target as does Death. Thunder and Spell are onmi-directional as well. It doesn’t matter whether Kratos is giant or not, or even if he has the Golden Fleece. He cannot do anything about attacks that hit him from all sides and either kill him outright or change him into something that cannot fight back.

    I will admit that Link must drop his invulnerability in order to attack with spells; Cloud however does not.

    God of War gods are not the end all be all enemies of VS debates that some people think they are.

  49. Cpt Olimar May 2, 2009 at 11:37 pm -      #49

    then that brings up dante. Isn’t he pretty strong though, I don’t know much about him.

  50. x on May 2, 2009 at 11:52 pm -      #50

    Go to Xena vs Kratos go to L-Ws post 18 and READ it then tell me Link can win.

  51. Scenario May 3, 2009 at 7:30 pm -      #51

    Very well, then. Link can win.

    Nayru’s Love gives Link the blessing of a goddess. The goddess of Wisdom to be precise. She’s the one that created the very concept of law and infused creatures with free will. Link cannot be harmed.

    In addition, magical/divine artifacts are quite common in the Zeldaverse. You know the Chateau Romani that we keep bringing up? The one that gives Link unlimited magic for at least three days? That was created by a young ranch girl with no magical ability whatsoever. She used milk and the Power of Hope. Think about that.

    Also, please note that Link defeated Ganon while he had the Triforce. Ganon had the complete, wish granting, was-around-during-the-creation-of-everything Triforce. Link defeated him, and in the Dark World (was the Sacred Realm before Ganon corrupted it), no less. And because Ganon had the whole thing, Link didn’t even have the backing of his own piece, Courage.

    So Link, without any divine power, killed Ganon while he had the goddesses power.

    Kinda cancels out your god argument, huh?

  52. x on May 3, 2009 at 9:46 pm -      #52

    No it doe’s not.

    Ok did you even read it? You did not state anything other then saying how Link beat some guy in his Universe with his stuff and saying how he beat him so fast so Kratos has to be beat that fast too… Kratos has a weapon that can destroy Universe’s! and kill god’s does link have a weapon like that? now i will take some stuff off L-W’s post.

    “Kratos has and can come back from death. He was not given any powers other than Spartan tenacity; and with this alone he ascended from death with his bare but powerful hands, fit and ready to fight literally moments afterwards.”

    “- A variety of weapons forged from Olympus itself, such as Chaos blades, the Great Hammer and the Blade of Oylmpus. All of them weapons designed for the very puspose of destroying the Ancient Titans (Just the big guys who created the Universe and gave birth to the Gods, nothing special) and all of them far greater than any weapon that any mortal could manufacture. Potentially they could wipe out entire galaxies with the magic that enfused them; the very magic that makes them unbreakable.”

    “Also his Armour is that of Hercules. Literally the powers embedded within Hercules have been transferred into a suit of armour, which quite frankly craps over anything a mere human could create.”

    “- Also in his reppetoir is the Amulet of Fates, which allow him to stop time for everything but himself. The wings of Icarus that allow him to fly and the Golden Fleece which deflects all projectiles and instead returns them to the sender, at even more accelerated (And devastating velocity) than before.”

    “- He is equipped with the Eurayle (The head of Medusa) to turn his enemies and whatever clothing they are wearing into Stone. ”

    “- Was the only Human to ever reach, equip and use Pandora’s Box to his own will without destroying the Universe. He took the most powerful weapon in the ENTIRE Universe and used it to attain victory. Which is how he destroyed Ares by the way, thus not weakening his postion as the God of War, but rather only threatened it.”

    “So there we have it, a former Spartan General who commanded the largest Armies of Greece, defeated the God of War, BECAME the God of War whilst gaining the strength, determination, foresight and ability to wield incredible magical powers. Carries weapons that no human could ever design or forge, wields weapons capable of destroying the entirety of existence. A flying millenia old warrior who is capable of deflecting projectiles, turning enemies to stone, summoning the strength of Gods, capable of killing Titans, using the Un/dead as weapons in combat and can even STOP TIME in such a way that would put Neo to shame.

    Never mind that he has Earth shattering strength (He has sunk Islands with his strength alone), survive explosions great enough to wipe cities off the map and the agility to fight Minotaurs, Hydras and the occasional God.”

    Now i wish some one like Mata,L-W or Alpha to come here and help me for i am not good at this but i will fight till i win or you show me somthing that really can kill Kratos.

  53. Scenario May 3, 2009 at 11:52 pm -      #53

    Link doesn’t have to come back from death. Mostly because HE WON’T DIE. If you want to argue that Kratos comes back after Link kills him, I’ll argue that Link will keep reincarnating until Kratos dies permanently.

    Link has the Master Sword, a weapon crafted by the gods themselves to destroy all evil. The Four Sword, created from the primal elements themselves (it also stores infinite fairies). The Phantom Sword, blade made from three pure metals of unknown (hinted to be divine) origin, hilt forged from the Sand of Hours, the essence of Life and Time (it can stop time).

    Link has four different things capable of protecting him from all harm. Staff of Byrna, Nayru’s Love, and two sets of magic armor.

    The Roc’s feather/cape lets Link fly and the mirror shield returns attacks. One mirror shield converted any ranged attack against it into a beam aimed at it’s source.

    Link is the only Mortal to touch the Triforce and not warp the world into a twisted mockery of it’s former self. He received unlimited wished granted by gods and used them for good. He then opted not to keep it and returned to his former life. So, if you use Pandora’s Box, Link wishes Kratos from existance.

    As for a weapon that can kill Kratos? The silver arrows should do nicely, as they killed Ganon while he was immune the Master Sword. Fierce Deity Mask would also work. A Four Sword double team could be effective.

    Picture this: Four Links, one armed with the Four Sword, one armed with the Master Sword, one armed with the Phantom Sword, and one wielding the Fierce Deity’s Sword. Or, alternatively, picture four Fierce Deities.

  54. Battra Boy May 4, 2009 at 11:34 am -      #54

    Silver arrows? Are you joking?

    Kratos would just lightning bolt Link to death.

  55. x on May 4, 2009 at 1:05 pm -      #55

    Ok here we go again… Link’s weapons and other items vs Kratos weapons and items.

    “Link has the Master Sword, a weapon crafted by the gods themselves to destroy all evil. The Four Sword, created from the primal elements themselves (it also stores infinite fairies). The Phantom Sword, blade made from three pure metals of unknown (hinted to be divine) origin, hilt forged from the Sand of Hours, the essence of Life and Time (it can stop time). ”

    “- A variety of weapons forged from Olympus itself, such as Chaos blades, the Great Hammer and the Blade of Oylmpus. All of them weapons designed for the very puspose of destroying the Ancient Titans (Just the big guys who created the Universe and gave birth to the Gods, nothing special) and all of them far greater than any weapon that any mortal could manufacture. Potentially they could wipe out entire galaxies with the magic that enfused them; the very magic that makes them unbreakable.”

    Of them who do you think as more powfull one’s?

    “Link is the only Mortal to touch the Triforce and not warp the world into a twisted mockery of it’s former self. He received unlimited wished granted by gods and used them for good. He then opted not to keep it and returned to his former life. So, if you use Pandora’s Box, Link wishes Kratos from existance.”

    “- Was the only Human to ever reach, equip and use Pandora’s Box to his own will without destroying the Universe. He took the most powerful weapon in the ENTIRE Universe and used it to attain victory. Which is how he destroyed Ares by the way, thus not weakening his postion as the God of War, but rather only threatened it.”

    Again we have somthing that can destroy a world and somthing that can destroy a universe whats stronger?

    “The Roc’s feather/cape lets Link fly and the mirror shield returns attacks. One mirror shield converted any ranged attack against it into a beam aimed at it’s source.”

    “Also in his reppetoir is the Amulet of Fates, which allow him to stop time for everything but himself. The wings of Icarus that allow him to fly and the Golden Fleece which deflects all projectiles and instead returns them to the sender, at even more accelerated (And devastating velocity) than before.”

    See and for that Silver arrows thing can’t you read? The Golden Fleece deflects all projectiles and then send’s them back at who ever shot them at him with more power! and again you say how he beat Ganon easy but then again Kratos is not Ganon so stop using that

    Ok then Picture Kratos God of war with the blade of Olympus, Golden fleece, Amulet of Fates, The head of Medusa, Pandora’s Box, The wings of Icarus, Armour of Hercules, Chaos blades and The Great Hammer. Then see who win’s.

    Also i was not arguing how Kratos can back to life i was saying how he can with out power’s unlike Mr. Link here who need’s it cus he’s too weak.

  56. Scenario May 4, 2009 at 5:47 pm -      #56

    When was it said that the chaos blades could destroy the universe? Both God of War and Legend of Zelda take place on one planet. There is no universal scale to compare them to. L-W is assuming that god>universe, which I have no problem with, but you are assuming that LoZ godone god.

  57. Scenario May 4, 2009 at 5:50 pm -      #57

    Now then, it’s down to Mirror Shield vs. Golden Fleece. With the Fleece, Kratos must pull it out, catch the attack, and throw it back, a process that takes a good two seconds. Link holds up his shield and the attack is returned instantly. He barely has to do anything. Can the Golden Fleeces defend from four directions at once? Because there are Four Link’s either shooting him with arrows, or stabbing him with their respective god swords. And all four can reflect his attacks with their own mirror shields.

    And you’re right about one thing: Kratos isn’t Ganon. But then, Ganon with the Triforce would kick Kratos’s ass straight to heaven, because Ganon controls hell now. The man turned the Sacred Realm, a holy place created by gods, into the Dark World just by setting foot in it.

    “Ok then Picture Kratos God of war with the blade of Olympus, Golden fleece, Amulet of Fates, The head of Medusa, Pandora’s Box, The wings of Icarus, Armour of Hercules, Chaos blades and The Great Hammer. Then see who win’s.”

    I thought that was the one we were using? Either way, four gods>one god.

  58. Who? May 4, 2009 at 9:33 pm -      #58

    Scenario, if you want you can go to the forums. I have only just started a dicussion thread on Ganon. It should be somewhat fun…

  59. omi May 5, 2009 at 8:44 am -      #59

    Kratos got the blade back so he can regain all of his ablities. his strength however is still the same

  60. omi May 5, 2009 at 8:44 am -      #60

    also the sun shield too is like the mirror shield

  61. Battra Boy May 5, 2009 at 12:28 pm -      #61

    Even if none of them had powers, Kratos would still win. There is absaloutely no way Cloud and Link could win. And… We’re onlky talking about Kratos here. Dante is pretty damn powerful too. Even if Kratos has vulnrabilities, Dante more than makes up for them. One bullet and Link is down.

  62. OriginalA May 5, 2009 at 1:02 pm -      #62

    I am amazed by how few people actually acknowledge my posts on this site.

    I’ve shown, multiple times, how Link (one specific Link) and Cloud with all of their equipment could be able to one hit kill Dante and Kratos with a number of attacks.

    The ONLY way for Kratos and Dante to win this match is by striping Link and Cloud of a good number of key peices of equipment. They NEED a handicap in order to stand a chance. Link and Cloud have too many ways to either cause Instant Death, or transform Team 2 into harmless creatures that have a greater chance of ruining Team 1’s shoes after being stepped on than actually defeating them in combat.

    Stop dening it. Kratos and Dante have no counter to massive area of effect, onmi-directional attacks that cause death by inflicting the status of Dead. They have no counter to being transformed into another shape against their will; Kratos has actually shown himself to be susceptable to this. Dante and Kratos have no counter to onmi-directional attacks such as Thunder and Ultima. They have no means of penatrating Cloud’s Shield spell, a spell that he could also cast onto Link. They have no means of placing Cloud in a time altered stat yet he can fully stop both of them for an extended period of time.

    Team 2 has no means of defense and no means of attack; they have no means to win this fight.

    Link has shown himself to be more than capable of taking extraordinary amounts of damage. A single bullet is not going to kill him when he can survive a 30 inch shaft of wood going through his head he can survive a bullet. Dante’s bullets don’t tumble or shatter, so likening them to an arrow is actually a pretty good idea to figure out damage dealt, which happens to be about 1/2 to 1/4 of a heart for an arrow. Link will survive a bullet. Cloud has been shown to be able to block them as well as survive them.

  63. Cpt Olimar May 5, 2009 at 1:12 pm -      #63

    With no powers, link would not be much of a fighter, I would agree there kratos would own, but the problem is that Cloud is a supersoldier from birth, so with no magical powers, cloud would own kratos.

  64. Belisaurius May 5, 2009 at 3:02 pm -      #64

    Gonna give this one to Link and Cloud.

    For the sake of argument, I’m asuming this is TP Link and GoW2 Kratos.

    It’s pretty much a given that Cloud and Dante would evenly match eachother in a frenzied, skillful, physics defying battle of phallic objects. Therfore, the battle boils down to Link Vs Kratos.

    Kratos is a berzerker at heart, his entire battle style is centered around being as savage as possible while still being lethal. While this gives him excellent attack capabilities, it shortchanges him in every other field. Most of his attacks rely on his athenian blades reaching out to his opponent rather than even atempting to maneuver. Rarely does his attacks ever move him more than a step or two.

    Link is a tactical fighter, he plays defense until he spots his chance. Considering the berzerker nature of his opponent, he won’t have to wait long. Link is also a very mobile fighter, rarely is he standing still. Finally, Link is flexible, hookshot, bows, bombs, magic, Link can fight under dozens of circumstances and stil be as competent and as reliable as he always is. Tacticaly, this allows Link to change the nature of the fight to get an advantage.

  65. Omi May 5, 2009 at 3:02 pm -      #65

    Kratos is superhuman from birth too. Kratos has a lot of battle speed.

  66. Battra Boy May 5, 2009 at 3:03 pm -      #66

    No one has even talked about Dante’s powers yet:

    And yes. Bullets would kill Link. Especially since Dante’s has an infinate ammount of them. No, Bullets would not kill cloud. The Sun shield and Golden Fleece would block ALL of Link and Cloud’s attacks. Even without Powers, Kratos fought his way out of hell. By himself. Twice.

  67. Omi May 5, 2009 at 3:06 pm -      #67

    but yes team two only matches because of the materia that cloud brings. but lets not forget that some of that said materia is projectiles that are need to aim. Magic was show to miss in advent children

  68. Thepocalypse May 5, 2009 at 3:08 pm -      #68

    “I am amazed by how few people actually acknowledge my posts on this site.”
    Oh yeah, all 24. Way to contribute.

  69. x on May 5, 2009 at 4:19 pm -      #69

    Fine i have lost. But you Link fan’s need to stop thinking he’s all that.

  70. Dracosphinx May 5, 2009 at 9:44 pm -      #70

    you know what? i haven’t heard one thing from L-W on this post! by the way, Evilsbane (Master Sword) could be wielded alongside cloud’s own buster blade. link stands on krato’s shoulder watching and waiting with the minish cap on. While link whispers doubt and greif into krato’s ear Cloud could block any erratic and wild movements from kratos, eventually the Ghost of Sparta would be diminished to a man with bleeding stumps, mourning over the loss of his daughter and wife. That’s when Dante comes in. He’s been watching and waiting in similar fasihion to link without the shrinking. While Dante is powerful he’s still half demon, Evilsbane was meant to kill demons. With the buster blade and master sword pounding on his weapon link slips in his magic boomerang, stuns Dante and cloud slips a sword into the poor guy’s brain.

  71. Cpt Olimar May 5, 2009 at 10:33 pm -      #71

    “Fine i have lost. But you Link fan’s need to stop thinking he’s all that.”

    Don’t say that. This is a discussion, unless you are truly convinced that you have lost, keep arguing and using facts and abilities of the side that you think would win to support your opinion. I really don’t think this discussion is completed yet.

  72. demongrave May 6, 2009 at 6:40 am -      #72

    Again I say the Cloud and Link win. O, and yes, some of Cloud’s magic needs him to aim, but that’s mostly his attack magic. His status effect and healing magics are instantanious and just need him to glance at the target while he casts the magic. But then of course if he uses master materia then he has powerful magics that affect the whole field. And, I highly doubt that Kratos and Dante would be too much of a problem if Cloud uses gravity magic or summons. Can you see Kratos or Dante winning when they have to fight Bahamut Zero along with Cloud and Link? I don’t think so.

    Cloud and Link= win
    Dante and Kratos= dead

  73. Battra Boy May 6, 2009 at 1:34 pm -      #73

    Unless Cloud and Link have God Slaying equipment, then they could never even come close to victory.

  74. Who May 6, 2009 at 5:41 pm -      #74

    “Unless Cloud and Link have God Slaying equipment, then they could never even come close to victory.”

    Battra Boy, I’ve been monitoring this debate for quite some time. On more than one occasion, your opponents have countered this claim with valid information. They have done proper research on all fighters. If you want to win this debate, I suggest you do the same. Remember to keep an open mind on the debate as well. If you lose, then go down with dignity. Good luck!

  75. Scenario May 6, 2009 at 6:06 pm -      #75

    How many times must I repeat that the Silver Arrows are god slaying equipment?

  76. demongrave May 7, 2009 at 6:41 am -      #76

    And Cloud killed Sephiroth multiple times and he has the power of gods and Cloud also killed Bahamut SIN, which, in his own realm, is a god. So I don’t think there’s a problem with the “God” status here.

  77. Battra Boy May 7, 2009 at 1:57 pm -      #77

    Well, Since Kratos controls all of the wars throughout history, being the god of war, I’m pretty sure he could pick how this one plays out. :D

  78. x on May 7, 2009 at 2:18 pm -      #78

    Scenario stop using the arrow’s the damn Golden Fleece stops all projectiles thus making the arrow’s useless can’t you read that?

  79. Battra Boy May 7, 2009 at 3:00 pm -      #79

    Exactly, And Kratos also has the bow of Typhoon, so that gives Kratos a ranges attack, whereas Kratos is immune to range attacks.

    Bow of Typhoon + Ebony & Ivory = Dead Link.

    Cloud would last a while by himself, but would eventually be overwhelmed by the duo.

  80. Cpt Olimar May 7, 2009 at 3:58 pm -      #80

    mirror shield will protect link from ranged attacks, and unlike kratos’s fleece, Link’s ranged defense is practically a passive abilitity. Kratos can’t fight and deflect while Link can basically interchange between the two very quickly.

    Can cloud cast the time altering immunity on link? If so, that takes one if kratos’s best abilities out of the window, while Link still has it.

  81. Scenario May 7, 2009 at 7:00 pm -      #81

    Here’s how I see Link vs. Kratos going down:
    First, Link splits into four with the Four Sword, then fires four silver arrows at Kratos. Kratos catches it with Golden Fleece and sends it back. One Link reflects it back with the Mirror Shield while the others scatter. Kratos has a few options at this point. He can reflect it again, leaving himself vulnerable to the other three Links, he can dodge, letting the first Link get another shot (while the other three rush him), or, he can attempt to attack them with another item.

    Hades army- All of Link’s swords have shown the ability to strike ghosts.

    Thunderbolts- Mirror shield.

    Medusa’s head- Mirror shield.

  82. demongrave May 8, 2009 at 1:47 pm -      #82

    If Link falls Cloud uses a Phoenix Down to revive Link. Link comes back. The attack as a team. Kratos tries to counter, but Cloud’s mastery of combat beats hims down while four Link’s ambush Dante.

    How many times do we have to prove you people wrong? Every tactic that you came up for Kratos and Dante is countered and beaten by Cloud and Link. Face it you guys lose.

  83. Battra Boy May 8, 2009 at 5:44 pm -      #83

    So, You think that a shield can save you from THUNDERBOLTS? and being TURNED INTO STONE? Yeah, REAL clever. -_-

  84. OriginalA May 8, 2009 at 6:53 pm -      #84

    Link’s Mirror Shied has been shown to stop lasers (LttP) as well as streams of fire and ice (OoT). I highly doubt that a Thunderbolt is going to trump a laser beam. It has also been shown to reflect Light Arrows, which appear to have electric properties as well as enough power to injure “god” level enemies.

    Every time Link gets stoned Cloud is going to use a Soft on him and cure that status ailment. Or Cloud could use whatever the white magic spell was that cured all negative status ailments.

    @Cpt. Olimar: Cloud would not be able to grant Link immunity to Time Slow or Time Stop. However Cloud could cast Haste on Link effectively doubling his speed and cancelling Time Slow.

    Kratos’s Time Slow is useless here anyways unless the battlefield is bias and favors Kratos and Dante. Kratos’s Time Slow ability requires a statue to be near by; without that he cannot slow down time.

    Of course that doesn’t stop Dante from slowing or stopping time, but that is why Cloud is immune to time slow/stop and can freely do both of those to Kratos and Dante.

    Dante would be able to counter Time Slow with Quicksilver (essentially Haste in its workings; by accelerting Dante, his perception of the battle slows down). Dante would not be able to prevent Cloud’s Stop spell however as Cloud cannot be stopped with the Bangle of Time (Dante’s Time Stopper) and Dante cannot act while under the effects of Stop.

    Kratos is more limiten is time altering abilities than Dante is and would have no counter what so ever either. Cloud can litterally force them to sit there and take all the punishment that Link and Cloud can lay on them untill the spell wears off, and then he can cast it again.

  85. Scenario May 8, 2009 at 11:37 pm -      #85

    In God of War II, the petrifying ability of Medusa’s Head manifests itself as a beam. How else would Kratos catch it to throw back?

    The Mirror Shield, in Ocarina of Time, reflected beams of fire, ice, and light. In Minish Cap, however, it blocked any ranged attack and then fired a beam of it’s own in retaliation. Also featured in Minish Cap was the ability to shoot beams from his sword when at full health or with one heart left. Did I forget to mention that the Four Sword could also break Vaati’s curse? What was the curse? Turning Zelda to stone, of course.

  86. cyborg pirate ninja jesus May 9, 2009 at 8:29 am -      #86

    ok i think that with links powers and all the awesome stuff that comes with final fantasy(pheonix down, soft,hero) and clouds spells and skill as a swordfighter that they could kill kratos because final fantasy has an item to counter pretty much everything. so i think that if they are able to find a way to actually kill dante that they would win …

    also if cloud is allowed to summon ifrit and shiva etc. it would give that team an even bigger advantage

    but can dante die?

  87. OriginalA May 9, 2009 at 3:11 pm -      #87

    Yes, Dante can die. Look at what happens when an enemy depletes your life gauge when you play Devil May Cry…. Dante dies. The tricky part to killing Dante is getting around his Trickster and Royal Gaurd Styles. Fortunately for Link and Cloud the spells Thunder, Spell, Death, Stop, Frog, Small, Countdown, and Ultima would all do the trick fairly well.

    Thunder, Death, and Countdown killing Dante out right with Countdown taking a little longer to count down.

    Spell, Frog, and Small would change Dante’s form to a relitively harmless form being a Bot, Frog, or miniature version of himself. Each transformation takes damage at a considerably higher rate than Dante would normally and the Frog and Bot forms cannot preform anything outside of “move slowly” and “pathetic attack”. Small Dante might or might not still have his magic tricks and styles, but I’m not sure; I haven’t played FF7 in a long time and it has been even longer since I’ve used / been affected by that spell.

    Ultima would cause a large amount of damage to Dante and it couldn’t be blocked due to its ability to attack from everywhere at one time. It might be dodgeable but Dante would either have to teleport at exactly the right time (not likely for the first hit at least due to not knowning the timing) or move very far away very fast (which is possible but it also causes Dante to loose just about every offencive option he could use against Cloud and Link.)

    Ultima would be cast four times for every time Cloud casts it due to the Materia setup I posted previously. Meaning if Dante doesn’t run away from it he would have to dodge it four times in a row while Cloud and Link are already onto doing more things to attack Dante. Additionally if it does hit it would drain Dante of his DT meter due to DT Runes being a type of magic and my materia setup having MP Absorb linked to Ultima; this would replenise Cloud’s MP at the same time letting him cast more spells while crippling Dante. The MP Turbo (a damage boost but it takes more MP) linked to Ultima is there only to counter balance the slight downgrade in damage that Quadra magic causes (reduced damage but casts a spell 4 times for the cost of 1); mixed together you get approximently the full strength of the spell cast 4 times for the cost of 2 casts of it. It should be noted that Ultima is one of the most powerful spells in the FF7 game too.

  88. Battra Boy May 10, 2009 at 7:23 am -      #88

    Well, We have to decide who has what items, Cloud can’t have unlimited quantities of evey item. Oh, And if Cloud can use Aeons, Then Kratos can summon his Titan buddies (only the guys that created the universe..) I’m pretty sure that the attacks of gods cannot be deflected by a shield. And how can you say Kratos and Dante cannot counter Slouds time spells? How do you know they’d even be affected?

  89. OriginalA May 10, 2009 at 9:50 am -      #89

    I can say that because Dante has been shown to be able to be affected by chrono manipulation, and to grant Kratos an immunity to it just because it hasn’t been used against is a horribe reason. I could say the same thing on why you think Link would be hurt by bullets, but I won’t because it is a stupid arguement. Kratos should be considered vulnerable to something until there is canon evidence to suggest that he is resistant/immune to it, until that time Kratos is out of luck against Time Stoppers.

    Dante was shown to be able to be hit by time altering abilities in DMC3 by Grayon. Dante would be able to counter Slow with QuickSilver, but Stop is a differant beast altogether. Quicksilver could counter Slow with a preemtive activation (making Dante faster, then slowing him down to regular speed) or with a post-effect activation (making Dante null the Slow effect after it starts to slow him down, then he returns to normal speed).

    Since Stop stops someone completely a post-effect counter is not possible without immunity to the effect in the first place. The best Dante could try to do is Stop Cloud before he casts Stop, but Cloud is immune, so that would fail and quickly be followed by Cloud casting Stop to which neither of his opponets are equiped to deal with.

    Cloud can either have 99 of every item or 0 of every item (except weapons, armor, and equipment) and my strategy would work just the same. Cloud would just have to use the “cure ailment” spell instead of Softs every time Link gets stoned. It doesn’t matter to me. Dante’s consumables won’t protect him from instant death indefinately and I think Cloud and Link can hold off until then. Especially since Cloud can continuously drain Dante’s DT runes for MP to which he can then use to heal and buff himself and Link while cause negative status effects on Dante and Kratos who both are ill equiped to handle such things.

    Summons (Aeons is FFX not FF7) are a differant beast than Titans.

    Titans are individual beings that are clearly intelegant, sentiant, and have existed for who knows how long. Titans are clearly outside help.

    Summons are faily limited intelegence (destroy this, destroy that) are not likely sentiant as they never display an ability to think or even do something aside from attack target, and do not even exist pior to the summoning nor after the attack. They are materialized, do their business, and then are gone out of existance again. It is debateable as to wether or not they are outside help, however I do consider them outside help and don’t factor them into my debates.

    Even if you press the issue my stratagy doesn’t rely, or even mention, Summons so the point is moot. If Titans are suddenly allowed in on this party because of Cloud’s Summons then get rid of them both; it is as simple as that.

  90. Lunar6 May 13, 2009 at 11:15 pm -      #90

    Team 2 seriously doesn’t even have to try. Depending on the Link, Cloud may very well be the weakest asset to this debate, as none of his magic or materia are even CANON, and his only weapons that are canon are the Buster Sword and the First Tsurugi from Advent Children. The only reason Link or Cloud ever beat their nemesies is because Ganon is weakend by ONLY the Master Sword or Light Arrows or other such righteous weaponry, and because Sephiroth never fought Cloud with a full effort, opting to toy with Cloud instead; we’ve never seen either of the villains’ full powers, but sure as hell can comprehend the limits of the protagonists, neither of whom be it by feats or even status are comparable to the likes of team 2, especially at their peaks.

    If all are at their primes, Kratos is the most powerful one here by far. Aside from being, at his peak, a 300 foot tall God of War, he also wields about a dozen spells, controls time itself according to Gaia, wields a weapon with better feats than anything in any other characters’ series here (Blade of Olympus), and the only thing ever to kill a God of War God was either another God/Godly power; Ares was killed by a Kratos amped with Pandora’s Box (“The power of the Gods unleashed”, a canon quote), Persephone was killed by a strike from the Gauntlet of Zeus, and Athena was killed by the Blade of Olympus, which was not only forged by Zeus from the “heavens and the earth”, but also contained Kratos’ powers as the God of War. It’s the same concept with Ganon only being able to be harmed and put down by the likes of the Master Sword or righteous powers from the Goddesses. Even putting that part aside, Ares has shown the power to literally obliterate an entire ARMY of thousands of men with only a single gesture. Kratos as a God is described as “More dangerous and powerful than Ares ever was”, and putting two and two together giving no reason he can’t as well. Even in base form, most arguments I’ve seen so far for team one are based more on gameplay functions or animations that actual canon facts, which rarely if ever holds ground in such debates. Even in base form, Kratos’ best strength feats far outdo everyone else’s here. Link or Dante’s best feats of strength are thanks to enhancements like the Golden Gauntlets or Gilgamesh, none of which compare with Kratos resisting being crushed by Atlas or tossing the 300 foot Godly imbued Colossus of Rhodes with his bare hands.

    In general, the speed advantage goes to Dante, I don’t need to speak why. Neither Cloud nor Link have shown anything of virtually impressive speed in their canon series, and both Dante and Kratos have shown to be capable of that whole leaping through the air at huge distances that Cloud has shown in AC; Link, agile as he is, is the only one not to have shown this ability, or even the capacity of it. Even in his weakest state, Dante’s shown to have a vast healing factor, being able to heal almost instantly from any wound as soon as whatever’s in him gets pulled out of him, and probably the only way to cut anything of his off would be to use something wider than his limbs, which granted the Buster Sword/First Tsurugi is, but their wielder Cloud is nothing compared to him in speed or even range, another clear advantage that he and Kratos have here, Cloud has no canon projectiles to speak of unless someone wants to count the Blade Beam (which given it’s slow speed would just get Golden Fleece’d), and Link’s got maybe one that’s any impressive compared to a thunderbolt or a minature tornado or condensed sun orb, all of which Kratos wields.

    Despite the vast exagerrations of character’s capabilities given by Advent Children, Cloud is actually pretty mid-tier in the overall universe of FFVII. At best, he’s maybe the most powerful of his comrades or second behind Vincent. Sephiroth is confirmed as the most powerful character in the series, with Chaos Vincent and Omega Weiss being probably his equals or at least the closest to him in power. As I said before, Sephiroth’s never exerted himself upon becoming one with Jenova (just as Ganon hasn’t after acquiring the Triforce of Power), and only ever lost to Cloud out of arrogance and letting his guard down. Getting back to the point, I’m saying that Kratos and Dante at their primes are at least in the leauge of Sephiroth and Ganon, whereas Link and Cloud are otherwise leagues below and are only ever able to so much as go toe-to-toe with them due to PIS or CIS (Plot Induced Stupidity/Character Induced Stupidity), and it ain’t gonna be the case here, even with a composite Link, who I’ll admit to being a higher league than Cloud and certainly a much closer one to Kratos and Dante, if not admittedley in the same league, but in the end, Link and Cloud are still both human, and that’s just what Kratos’ potential feats are used against at first.

    Don’t take this as bias, Zelda’s my fave series pretty much, and I love the kid as much as any other fan (Cloud can go to hell and take his typical JRPG emo one-dimensional prettyboy character basis with him) but in an all-out comparison, there’s seriously nothing keeping Kratos from ending it with one gesture the same way Ares did to an entire army. Link and Cloud can either end up with their heads blown up, their bodies torn in half, or caugh on fire.

  91. OriginalA May 14, 2009 at 4:08 am -      #91

    Actually Cloud had a whole chest of Materia in AC. Where do you think the bad guys got the materia from in the movie? They stole Cloud’s stash. Yuffie even says that she brought back the materia right before Cloud starts to fight Sephiroth.

    Cloud gets his materia. The materia setup I stated earily, which nearly everyone seems to have completely ignored… repeatedly, is fool proof. There is nothing that Team 2 can do when they are in constant STOP TIME. Dante and Kratos are not immune to TIME STOPPERS. Cloud can STOP TIME. This makes everything that Dante can Kratos can do to dodge or attack USELESS.

    Cloud has spells that couse DEATH right out. That is all they do. They don’t cause damage; they inflict the state of being DEAD.

    Ares was killed by an empowered Kratos weilding a dull bronze sword. This weapon was not enchanted nor has Kratos shown to be able to channel magic into his weapons without said weapon being magic based from the start. This tells me that if you put enough power behind any weapon it will kill a god from the God of War series. PERIOD.

    The Blade of Olympus has feats that may or may not be attributed to the weilder. Only Zues has been shown to weild the Blade with a great distructive force. Even if it is an ability of the Blade and the weilder Kratos hasn’t shown the ability to utalise the Blade to that potential.

    The same thing directly applies to a couple differant Links. OoT, TP, and WW Link all weilded the Master Sword with great effect, but only LttP Link was able to shoot Sword Beams with the Master Sword. The Sword had the ability, but the weilder didn’t have the ability to utilise it to its full potential.

    Kratos has been shown to be effected by polymorph spells (GoW2 intro level where Kratos looses his giant size). Both Link and Cloud have devistating polymorph spells that either decrese the target to a tiny size (about 6 inches) or into a useless, defenseless, low level creature (Toad (cloud’s spell) or Bot (Link’s Spell)) that can easily be one hit killed by either member of Team 1.

    It doesn’t help Team 2 very much that Cloud can make himself and Link totally invulnerable (minus the immunity to Petrification for Link) to everything Kratos can throw at them as well as much of what Dante can do (Shield spell).

    Kratos CANNOT BLOCK a spell that either originates INSIDE his body or one that hits EVERYWHERE at one time.

    Finally; don’t diss Ganon and Sephiroth. Ganon is a sorceseror/diety that can alter entire dimensions and Sephiroth is nearly a Planet Buster (Planet poisoner really) and still the heros managed to KILL them. Kratos and Dante cannot say the same thing as their major antagonists (Zues and Mundus) still live.

    Read my previous post. ALL of my arguments here have been made before and still have yet to be countered.

    Oh and AC showed that Cloud is bullet speed, what with the blocking bullets and reacting to them and all.

  92. demongrave May 14, 2009 at 8:29 am -      #92

    OK where the heck did you get the idea that none of Cloud’s spells and abilities are not canon? All of the spells and abilities we’ve listed come straight from teh FF7 game. Not the compiliation series, but the original one. So to say they’re not canon is like saying the earth if flat.

    O Cloud is not completely human. He is a clone of Sephiroth who was a super SOLDIER infused with Jenova himself. So you can take that and throw it out the window. Next every strategy you just listed has been defeated multiple times in previous posts. Ok Dante’s fast, Cloud has time altering magic that is more precise than Kratos’s. Cloud cannot be affected by status ailments and if Link gets a status ailment then Cloud has the spell and items to counter it. If Cloud falls Link can use a fairy to revive him. If Link dies Cloud has phoenix downs.

    So Kratos was once 300 feet tall, big deal. Cloud has killed the weapons and Bahamut SIN which were just as tall, if not taller than Kratos super sized. And Link has had his fair share of massive boss battles. So size doesn’t matter.

    Both Cloud and Link have spells and abilities that can affect the entire feild so any army Kratos brings out is doomed to fail. Even if they are dead, both Cloud and Link have shown the ability to kill the undead.

    Sorry,but every tactic you just tried to use has already been defeated. Find something original and come back with it.

  93. Scenario May 14, 2009 at 8:40 pm -      #93

    How do you know righteous weaponry won’t affect Dante and Kratos? Dante is half freaking demon, and Kratos is one of the most amoral protagonists I’ve ever seen.

    And Kratos may be a god in his world, but he is neither omniscient nor omnipotent, and doesn’t quite fit the definition. He’s essentially a Greek hero. Oh, and just because Ares can destroy an army with a gesture, doesn’t mean Kratos can do the same thing. He has never displayed that power.

    By the way, Link has no less than four items that manipulate time: The Ocarina, the Harp of Ages, the Rod of Seasons, and the Phantom Hourglass. Then there’s his other stuff. With the Giant’s mask, Link is now 300 feet tall. And what you seem to be forgetting, there are four of him with the Four Sword. Should one (and only one at a time) be petrified, one of the others will play the Song of Healing to get rid of it. Not to mention all four must be killed simultaneously. Then the Fierce Deity mask makes him the avatar of a god, an oni, to be precise.

    Composite Link is the strongest one here. Ever wonder why whenever Link gets poisoned, cursed, or looked at by a Redead, the effect never lasts? He’s kinda protected from that stuff.

  94. The Chosen One May 15, 2009 at 1:01 am -      #94

    It should be Link and Kratos on a team Kick Ass

  95. Tim May 15, 2009 at 9:35 am -      #95

    “It should be Link and Kratos on a team Kick Ass”

    That would be awesome and would make a great game, although I don’t think Kratos and Link would get on very well as they both have completely different personalities.

  96. john May 15, 2009 at 12:28 pm -      #96

    link could maul dante if he wasnt a demon and cloud would tank kratos you guys are just fanboys of kratos

  97. Onesidedfight May 16, 2009 at 1:10 am -      #97

    I would like to see the “god of war” and Dante dodge a metor, or dodge something when cloud uses his time stop and link uses his time stop, because according to what I’ve read, no one supporting team 2 cares about abilitys that could be tottaly lethal to the enemy. If you can tell me times when team 2 has been able to dodge metors and death, then team 2 wins.
    Also, barrier wich at level 3 makes the user more then 50% restinte to physical damage and reflect wich can be cast on anyone can reflect magic onto the enemy, making the stone thing a promblem for krones, not link or cloud. Finaly, although death has limted succes on bosses, which is what I would consider team 2, metors, time stops, and bio (poison which hurts you when ever you move or take action) work.

  98. spillman May 16, 2009 at 1:25 am -      #98

    idk dude link can take ganon so i think he could take kratos atcually i wanna see that kratos vs ganon and wait dante cant die so he wins

  99. OriginalA May 16, 2009 at 5:55 am -      #99

    Dante CAN DIE!!! Play the games and don’t dodge anything if you don’t belive me.

    SPOILER to the above action: HE DIES.

  100. Battra Boy May 17, 2009 at 6:41 am -      #100

    ^ Wow, aren’t you observant..

    ALL of these characters can die.. If you do nothing!

    Ares was capable of destroying a whole army with a single gesture, The gods had said Kratos is more vicious and more powerful than Ares ever was. So assumedly, Kratos snaps his fingers and its all over. And, being the God of War he has leverage over every war/battle in history. So he alone decided the outcome of this battle.

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