Goku Vs The Incredible Hulk

Goku Vs The Incredible Hulk

Here is a match between Goku and the Hulk that sets up to lay waste to whatever and whomever is nearby. The amount of destruction these two would inflict battling would be tremendous to watch…

…who wins?

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2,703 Comments on "Goku Vs The Incredible Hulk"

  1. Vicious 117 March 17, 2009 at 9:41 pm -      #101

    @ The one Sin

    SEE! thats what i mean. I dont know that but i said it right?
    They still say that im an idiot and i think im superior and all of that, yet they dont know me, so what do i have to do? stand up for myself because i dont expect anyone else to, yet everyone is sticking up for them but they do the same??? THey target me first and i am the bad guy just because i defend myself?
    I put my 2 cents in and even though i admitted and accepted defeat to you guys, you still come back for more harping on me?
    What else am i to do? Would i be more pitiful if i stood there and took it or would i be more pitiful if i ignored everything you guys said?
    I accepted your criticism and admitted to it and yet people keep coming back calling me pathetic like they know who i am!
    No, im not gonna sit here and let people think they can change my mind by using big words in harsh conversation! i am standing up for what i believe in, and apparently that is a crime on this site!

  2. Marche March 17, 2009 at 10:00 pm -      #102

    “actually GT is Canon….”
    its not based off the original dragon ball manga,thus technically not canon.

  3. Marche March 17, 2009 at 10:18 pm -      #103

    btw,when did i judge your english?

  4. Vicious 117 March 17, 2009 at 10:27 pm -      #104

    Well thats true, you have a point there, but it is still acknowledged as a continuation of the series from what i have heard. hmmmm if not maybe i heard wrong.

  5. Vicious 117 March 17, 2009 at 11:53 pm -      #105

    you didnt judge my english but everyone else did. I was just saying how people were targeting me, while i did not start anything other than posting my opinion

  6. L-W March 18, 2009 at 2:02 am -      #106

    Believe it or not, but the validity of your debate is highly dependent on your language skills, not in the sense that the occasional misspelled word or incorrectly used term would immediately disseminate the rationale of your argument; but a post devoid of any coherency or at least basic sentence structure *is* nauseating to the nth degree.

    So your first post earned that distinction not only on the basis of essentially being unreadable, but by being devoid of any logic whatsoever beyond what I can only assume to be random capitalization. You think I threw first punch? I say you need a thicker skin, because very post of yours after number 70 has devolved into Childish rant akin of nothing that I’ve ever seen before.

    Children recognize when they are wrong and when they must remain silent, even a Dog will desist biting off more than it can chew if it recognizes the futility of it’s actions. You on the other hand, well let me show you:

    “ha ha so yeah im done with this site, i feel like i have been beaten by the “geek squad”
    Yes i admit, you all have great proof, and i can respectably accept defeat, fair and square, i had no proof. Everyone else had great proof, so its all good. WOW! talk about getting a life??!?!??”

    See what I mean regarding the issue of coherency? “i had no proof. Everyone else had great proof”? Indeed. Whether or not I’m labeled as a Nerd is of no issue to me (I quite frankly enjoy Star Trek), but at least I have the common decency not to repetitiously flood a board with the same uninetelligent diatribe ad nausea purposefully of the sake of trolling.

  7. Spellca March 18, 2009 at 6:35 am -      #107

    Honestly…and i mean this on the lightest way possible. No one gives a sh!t about you covering your ass for a pity party. You said you were going to leave yet you still come on and post. I am sorry but make up your mind.

    I want to actually get somewhere, rather then dragging on about someone hating this site. Maybe I am a nerd…I am fan of Star Wars, science fiction and gaming – so your little comments did nothing to waver me in any manner and it definately still didn’t help your argument at all.

    This site is classified for having people come on to post comments about “Fantasy Fights” that will never occur in canon, most likely, and thus it allows anyone to support and debunt claims that others have on certain characters. Just because you are losing, don’t go on trying to harvest some dignity by slashing at others regardless of previous situations. The irony of that is…hehehe…the remaining dignity you had went down the toilet.

    Can you just either stop posting in this thread, post some type of good argument or leave all together.

    L-W? Are you for whose victory again?

  8. JoshMcFace March 18, 2009 at 1:29 pm -      #108

    Vicious 117, I’m not going to read all those posts, just say that:
    -I write informally, how I speak, and don’t really care about grammar online unless its used in that immensely annoying “rawr kawaaaaii oh em gee” way. And I didn’t say anything about your language in the first place so yeah.
    -I’m 15 not 30, and yes, like many people of my age, I’m overly nerdy, although not so much outside my chosen subjects (mainly Metroid, DBZ, LOTR and some marvel) on the internet, because I do have a life despite what you may think.
    -If you don’t like people arguing over your opinions, don’t post them on a site devoted to arguments, you’re bound to meet someone you won’t agree with.

  9. Matapiojo March 18, 2009 at 1:57 pm -      #109


    Hey guys.

    Guess what.

    Viscious117 is inconsequential. Lets learn from our mistakes and simply scroll past his posts. There, problem solved.

    Now things can go back to normal. Normal being Sayan brains spilling onto the concrete below.

  10. Spellca March 18, 2009 at 5:22 pm -      #110

    “Hulk would tear Goku to shreads. It would be a long fight but in the long run, Goku is still mortal and is not all powerful, despite the cries of fanboys, and can be killed, as even fanboys know. Hulk can just come back for more and that is what needs to be understood – if Wolverine can survive an explosion that burnt him down to a corpse then Hulk could and would survive a nuclear payload. If there is one thing capable of killing Goku easy it is Hulk. Grab the gi wearing saiyan, jump upwards to the outerlimits of the planet’s atmosphere and slam him into the ground – killing him and decimating the tectonic plates of the world. Then once that “Hulk Smash” is done…hmmm anyone else can line up.”

    That was from a earlier post. Anyone want to comment upon that?

  11. Vicious 117 March 18, 2009 at 6:50 pm -      #111

    ok whatever you guys say, you are entitled to your own opinions. I will not be like the people on this forum and try to call you anything negative for your own opinions.
    Certain people have been doing much worse things, and being assholes wayyyy before i showed up (just look at most of their posts on other battles). See it or not, dont care. If i lack importance to guys on a forum that really makes me want to go cry a river……. (Sarcasm for the slower bunch)

  12. Spellca March 19, 2009 at 2:51 pm -      #112

    “Vicious117 is inconsequential. Lets learn from our mistakes and simply scroll past his posts. There, problem solved.”

    Can do Matapiojo.

  13. The One Sin March 21, 2009 at 8:13 pm -      #113

    Just a thought. Is the Hulk at full power right from the beginning? Or does he power up exponentially without limit? Goku powers up too but he will stop at some point, so I’m thinking this fight would actually be even for a time until the hulk powers up beyond Goku. Am I right?

  14. Matapiojo March 23, 2009 at 10:06 am -      #114

    That’s the general concept.

    Hell, I even think Goku starts up slightly stronger than Hulk, but there is no way he can keep up with the Green Scar’s rage. Even at Hulk’s weakest, Goku cannot take him out permanently.

    Once Goku makes the first attack, he will be doomed to fall…

    …no matter how long that will take.

  15. Cpt Olimar March 23, 2009 at 12:31 pm -      #115

    This is probably more “wishful thinking” than actually probably outcome but……

    Is it possible for Goku to teleport away somewhere and just wait for the Hulk’s anger to diminish enough for him to revert to his human form, and then kill him? Only “The Hulk” has these super powers right? Not the human form? So would let’s say, a punch from goku on Dr. Banner instantly kill him? Or does the human himself have defensive resistances that give him time to transform into the hulk if he gets angry.

    (Man I don’t know why I am arguing for Goku… :( I only liked vegeta from the series anyway)

  16. Thepocalypse March 23, 2009 at 3:03 pm -      #116

    “Is it possible for Goku to teleport away somewhere and just wait for the Hulk’s anger to diminish enough for him to revert to his human form, and then kill him?”
    He could probably find Goku, even in space, but if he did revert, he’d change back the instant the attack began. Bruce has tried jumping from cliffs and various other forms of suicide and always transformed into the Hulk.

  17. L-W March 23, 2009 at 8:34 pm -      #117

    A cliff? That’s nothing.

    David Banner once had a Grenade explode within extreme close proximity to his face, just as the shrapnel began to pierce his eyeballs and skull, he had already started to transform into the Hulk. Before the majority of the concussion could pass him, he was the Hulk, his wounds already having regenerated and his anger risen tenfold.

    Or how about the time David Banner leaped onto an exploding Gamma Bomb to protect his friends? Just as the fissile material in the highly destructive weapon detonated we could clearly seen David Banner being ripped apart by the intensity of the blast, his flesh being seared from the bone as every Molecule in his body moved away at light speeds, but in the next panel (A process that was literally faster than the expansion of a nuclear blast) the Hulk was present, using his immense mass to absorb and deflect a nuclear detonation.

    David Banner had been disintegrated, molecule by molecule, at light speeds. Yet the Hulk still managed to take over just in time.

    “Is it possible for Goku to teleport away somewhere and just wait for the Hulk’s anger to diminish enough for him to revert to his human form, and then kill him?”

    What a lot of people here (Despite how often it has been mentioned) don’t realise in respect to the Hulk’s rage is that he doesn’t simply revert to Banner mode if his opponent is still alive, active or quite possibly present. According to the Hulk he HAS to be the strongest there is, without question. If Goku managed to escape following their initial encounter, the Hulk will just continue to hunt him across the vast expanse of the Universe (He has time on his side), increasing his rage for each wasted second that he is forced to look for this “Cowardly” Human.

    If the Hulk ever finds Goku, depending on the distance he has traveled his rage will be incomparable by any known standard. Not only does he have to prove who is stronger, but he has gathered enough frequent flier miles as to toss a Galaxy.

  18. Cpt Olimar March 23, 2009 at 11:17 pm -      #118

    Alright so basically, his human form technically has no super powers, but the speed at which his transformation occurs means that he essentially does have all the defensive capabilities of the Hulk. There is *nothing* that can kill the human, nor the Hulk.

  19. Thepocalypse March 24, 2009 at 5:36 am -      #119

    And then you have the powered version of Savage Banner.

  20. masterchiefwins April 10, 2009 at 10:14 am -      #120

    Ok Hulk may not be able to perform a Kamehamehah but does that mean he cannot become super monster jumbo angry and rip goku in half? Hulk can do that if Goku dares to try and fire a kamehamehah but it would miss and destroy earth. Then a gamma ray burst occurs and he llitterally tears goku in half.

  21. Skrunks April 13, 2009 at 6:00 pm -      #121

    “Two, don’t call me a god-damn Trekkie (no offense to Trekkies)”

    I almost attacked you with my Bat’leh there :P

    And I thought the Hulk was Bruce Banner? Who’s David?

    @Hulk vs. Goku

    The fight would be over before it get’s into the Galaxy busting realm of destruction. Goku is a good guy! He would sacrifice himself to appease the anger of the Hulk once he realized that the Hulk was feeding of the fight. Goku won’t jeopardize billions of innocents just for a pointless battle. At the beginning, I have no doubt that one punch from Goku would send the Hulk sprawling. But he will just regenerate and keep getting stronger. Goku will have to power up to compensate, but once the destruction starts killing people, he will stop fighting one he realizes that he can’t win, and if he lets himself die, the Hulk will calm down. Goku is smart enough to figure that out.

  22. Preston April 14, 2009 at 1:33 am -      #122

    Skrunks is right also even though i am a fan boy my self after his death or so called he could teleport himself out of hell and back on earth not to mention at the end of gt he became praticaly a god that asorbed the DBs and can wish for anything. (sorry for any miss spelling)

  23. JoshMcFace April 17, 2009 at 9:47 am -      #123

    Preston please don’t start speculating that Goku can wish for anything. PLEASE.

  24. Thepocalypse April 28, 2009 at 6:50 pm -      #124

    “And I thought the Hulk was Bruce Banner? Who’s David?”
    In the Incredible Hulk television show and related works, Bruce was referred to as David since Bruce Banner is a stereotypical alliterative comic book name.

  25. Spellca April 30, 2009 at 1:14 pm -      #125

    I think in terms of the Dragonball universe, the Dragonballs are a plot device and to think that you can win any fight by wishing the foe gone isn’t plausible as they are usually scattered. “Wishing” things away are just the anime fanboys translation of using “the rings” to have Master Chief win every conflict.

    I think Hulk will win…and I have proved that.

  26. billy May 3, 2009 at 11:38 am -      #126

    Skrunks FTMFW. I’m pretty sure he hit the nail on the head. Goku might have limitless power, but Hulk has limitless rage that would give him the power. It would be a never ending fight if Goku would allow it. In the end everything would be destroyed and Goku would not allow that.

  27. alpha9 May 11, 2009 at 1:29 pm -      #127

    the fight would last forever, goku would beat the shit outa the hulk but the hulk will keep regenerating power. and to those who doubt gokus power, he’s beat guys who have destroyed planets just by looking at them, the hulk is strong for marvel but against someone like goku pshhh one spirit bomb and its over

  28. Matapiojo May 11, 2009 at 2:26 pm -      #128

    “but against someone like goku pshhh one spirit bomb and its over”



  29. Space marine May 15, 2009 at 7:28 pm -      #129

    “but against someone like goku pshhh one spirit bomb and its over”

    /waits until mata finishes his facepalm

    /Shovel over the back of the head

  30. anakin skywalker May 18, 2009 at 9:38 am -      #130

    hulk wins it no sweat

  31. Terror May 18, 2009 at 5:59 pm -      #131

    I was browsing through here, as I’m not too familiar with Goku. But from what otehrs have mentioned, he sounds pretty powerful. One thing I do think that needs to be addressed is I see a certain someone misrepresenting Hulk again… LW… I will attempt to set these inflated comments straight.


    LW – “But World War Hulk is Banner’s current “base Hulk”. It’s just the most dominant incarnation at the moment and therefore the basis at which all other Hulks work from and around.”

    Terror – Wrong – The Green Scar is not the current manifestation of Hulk, and has not been since the close of that series LW – The Savage Hulk is the current manifestation. You know, the Hulk who just got his butt kicked over and over again by Rulk, and Thor had to deal with RULK to keep Hulk from getting killed?

    LW – “a) There was the Mjöllnir impact that he took to the face courtesy of Thor.”

    LW – You are so biased it is not even funny. You quote one instance of Hulk taking Mjolnir to the face, but then fail to mention the battle where Thor was easily taking Hulk out with his hammer, and Hulk stated he was AFRAID of “stupid hammer” and made Thor throw the hammer away before he’d continue fighting him.

    For every time Hulk has challenged Thor, Thor has also put down the Hulk. (Once even knocked him out cold with a bolt of lightning)

    LW – “b) A direct and concentrated Nova blast from The Human Torch that is said to be greater in output than our nearest star.”

    Terror – Hyperbole – Unless you want to claim that a dozen other run of the mill heroes/villains who have also survived his nova blast are also durable enough to survive the equivalent energy output of Sol….

    LW – “c) Deflected the sub-atomic wave beam of the Gladiator (Kallark) with his bare hands, a beam so powerful that even on its lower outputs can split structures at the molecular level.”

    Terror – After it almost drilled right through his chest, and Hulk admitted it would kill him if he didn’t so something. Gladiator uses heat eye beams just like Superman – He’s said so himself. He is a blatant S-Man clone after all.

    LW – “d) Dissipated the Power Cosmic with his bare knuckles.”

    – Terror – Hulk has fallen before the power cosmic like a toy doll every time he’s gone up against the Surfer. Did you mention that?

    LW – “e) Withstood several direct planet ending blows from Galactus, returned to normalcy and continued to pound him with greater ferocity.”

    Terror – When did this happen in canon continuity? Or are you intermingling the Zombie universe with canon again? hahaha — In normal continuity this is not even remotely possible.

    LW – “f) Withstood the voice of the Black Bolt, which is capable of undoing the entire universe on a molecular level.”

    Terror – Uh – once again, when has this happened? If you’re referring to the WWH issue where Blackbolt screams and Hulk survives it, then you’re not up on current events. It was revealed over 7 months ago that this Blackbolt was nothing more than a Skrull – That’s why Hulk was able to accomplish this. Second, where on earth did you hear Blackbolts voice can undue the entire universe? haha – Blackbolt has never displayed anywhere near this level of power – Heck, he’s screamed before, and at the most, he is a planet-wide, or solar system wide threat – NOT a universal threat.

    LW – “g) Laughed off an attack from the ultimate nullifier, nothing merely laughs off an attack from the ultimate nullifier.”

    Terror – Getting your facts twisted again LW – Why don’t you go ahead and post the issue number this happened in so posters can read the real story behind this claim?

    LW – “h) Stopped a second miniature universe from spawning by clasping his hands around it.”

    Terror – It seems you’re referencing when HUlk was in an alternate reality, where it blatantly explained at teh beginning of the series that Hulk was in a dimension where “ANYTHING” was possible – The laws of physics ceased to exist as we know it… WHy don’t you let people know these things before making these claims?

    Spiderman would have been able to pull this feat off just as easily, as long as he “wanted it to happen” badly enough. That’s how things work within this alternate reality.

    LW – “i) Was pulled into a black hole, which he managed to literally fight his way out of by wrestling with the core.”

    Terror – Wrong again. I’m beginning to doubt you’ve even read these issues, and are pulling your “facts” from a website. It was not a blackhole LW, it was a singularity. Even Namor and the others were able to “swim” through it. Sound like a black hole to you?

    LW – “j) Absorbed and saved the universe from a spawning alternate dimension by swallowing it whole.”

    Terror – Not familiar with this feat. Must have missed the issue. As usual, I’m sure there are some vital facts being left out.

    LW = “The Hulk can survive undue levels of punishment, and even the Celestials mentioned that it would take the power of a million stars combined to just temporarily slow him down. The word “temporarily” cannot be stressed quite enough here.”

    Terror – ??????? Are you talking about teh Zombie universe again LW? Hulk is as NOTHING to the celestials in normal continuity. Less than a flea. Do you seriously believe a being who has no other powers than “He’s super strong” can be a threat to an entity who controls time, can alter and warp reality, and can even cause his atoms to disperse?

    Even Surfer wasily TOYED with a raging Hulk as if he were ntohing, and thought to himself how easy it would be to simply turn him into dust, and scatter his atoms into the core of a star.

    Terror – In the same series, Surfer (A being who has less than 1 trillionth the power of a Celestial) nearly accidentally killed Hulk. Hulk had to scream for the Surfer to stop doing what he was doing, or he’d die…. Hulk does not even approach the SUrfers level, and has yet to win a single legit encounter with him. So how could you believe the Celestials have anything to worry about?

    LW – “4) Those exploits of strength listed were some of his “low end” epic feats. Whilst holding a planet together, lifting a tectonic plate, throwing a mountain, destroying a coastline, lifting Thor’s Hammer, obliterating an Asteroid twice the size and density of Earth and stopping the Juggernaut in his tracks with a decapitating punch are actually quite impressive.”

    Terror – “Uh, Hulk was amped by the power of the Celestials in order to stop Juggernaut Why’d you leave that out? Up until that point, Hulk has never managed to stop Juggernaut. Since then, the same is true. What does this tell us? That even a low level being such as Cytorrak far, far outstrips teh Hulk.

    LW – “5) I never considered speed simply because it is not an issue.”

    Terror – Ok, so on one hand you have a being who can move at about 300 – 500 mph. On the other, you have a being who can traverse the planet 7 times in one second, who could punch the Hulk 100,000 times in one second, and has the strength to shatter planets – and you claim it’s not an issue?

    What are you on LW? Fanboyism? Let’s see. Hulk is routinesly knocked out cold by opponents less pwoerful than him: Samson has done it, Hercules, Namor, Wonderman, Blackbolt. These are beings that have LESS strength than him.

    In fact, in many of these fights it was said that Hulk could easily have been killed while he was unconsious by said opponenets. Now you’re going to claim that a being with hyper speed, that Hulk could not even see, much less react to would not be an issue? — Hoooooboy.

    LW – “In the past, the Hulk has dealt with opponents who can travel faster than light or even teleport, and has often come out on top on almost every occasion imaginable”

    Terror – Really? When? Name one fight where Hulk (CANON) where Hulk was able to tag someone who WAS moving at light speed. Writers have to dumb down his super fast opponenets and make them FORGET they have superspeed, otherwise it’d be all over for Hulk… You know this is true.

    LW – ” He once yanked the Silver Surfer out of the sky and threw him violently into the Earth,”

    Terror – So has Drax and Thing. — Surfer was not using superspeed in those instances. So what’s your point?

    LW – ” he managed to backhand the Flash (Who was at the time attempting to vibrate him into an alternate state of existence at FTL speeds)”

    Terror -Flash – The DC character? Are you citing non-canon crossovers again? The same crossover where Superman knocked Hulk out in a few panels?

    LW – “Speed has never been a real issue for the Hulk, who treats it more like a game than a challenge.”

    Terror – Even SpeedFreak, a villain who is less than 1 millionth the speed of a character with lightspeed capability was a challenge for him. Speedfreak doesn’t have superstrength beyond ultra-low, laughable levels… Imagine someone with HUlk like strength also amplifying a punch with light speed velocity!

    – – –

    LW – “I must finally reiterate a point that been continually repeated until nausea on this thread and many others. The Hulk is the ultimate definition of the term infinite,”

    Terror – Uh-huh – You mean like in The End – When he dies? haha – Or how he’s been easily wiped from existance by the Infinite Gauntlet? Or how he was man-handled by the Destroyer? Or how he was embarrassed by Drax?

    LW – “he is after all powered by a “Pocket universe” that never ceases to output the energy necessary for him to not only survive but to be the biggest and strongest there is. ”

    Terror – Stength means very little on a cosmic level – He’s one dimensional – A brick – Planet bound without help. Seems very finite to me.

    LW – “He is an example of perpetual motion, an unstoppable force that will ultimately find a way to be the best there is.”

    LW – “Superman can fly faster? The Hulk will just continue to mutate and grow until running at the speed of light is nothing more than a trivial enterprise of his total abilities.

    Galactus too strong? His rage will only increase until he’s strong enough to crush Galactus and swallow him whole.”

    Terror – Stop quoting from Marvel Zombie. In canon, Galactus is way out of Galactus’ league. Heck, even Tahnos has embarrassed HUlk every single time they’ve met – Overpowered and outmuscled him. Apacalypse has done the same.

    Superman just stood there while Hulk pounded on him. Stood there and looked at him, and was hardly even annoyed as Hulk raged. Your claim that HUlk would rage and mutate until running at the speed of light is trivial???? Huh? What are you going on about? When has Hulk EVER shown anything even approaching this? He needed help jumping out of earth’s atmosphere even when the entire planet was about to be destroyed. How can you even believe that Hulk would stand up to a faster than light (Millions of times faster than light) opponenet would just stand there and let Hulk keep magically mutating (Not sure where you pulled that one from!) into a whole new being?

    Hulk cannot traverse space in a meaningful way, so one FTL flight to the sun, dump Hulk into it, and the story is over. You see a problem with this?

    LW – “Is life just getting him down? Don’t worry, Hulk will be last thing there is the entirety of existence. Or as he put it:

    “Hulk is…Only one…There is. Only one…There…Is”

    Terror — Don’t forget Marvels story: The End – That ended with Hulk getting ready to die. Oh yea, and getting his butt kicked over and over and over again for a century by giant cockroaches — Haha – Not quite the unstoppable cosmic level abstract you portray him as.

  32. Terror May 22, 2009 at 10:12 am -      #132

    “I never considered speed simply because it is not an issue.”

    — Still waiting to hear LW back up this statement.

  33. Terror May 23, 2009 at 1:29 pm -      #133

    Still waiting LW…. When you finally do come back, please address this statement as well:

    LW – “Superman can fly faster? The Hulk will just continue to mutate and grow until running at the speed of light is nothing more than a trivial enterprise of his total abilities.

    Back this up. When has Hulk EVER mutated to grow new powers? He was attacked and mutilated over and over by the SAME beings for over 100 years, and yet his body never mutated to form some new ability.

    So I’d like to learn where you came up with this mythical “madder Hulk gets – Faster Hulk gets garbage.” You really seem to be confused.

    This whole “speed doesn’t matter” bit is also disconcerting. You’ve thrown most your objectivity out the window with that one.

  34. L-W May 25, 2009 at 1:22 am -      #134

    As I mentioned on another thread:

    And now I know that.

    See what happens when you inform others of your intentions or demands and don’t just assume that they are going to respond in kind due to circumstantial events? Magic ain’t it? Several million years of evolution and we’re capable of communicating our desires to one another rather than assuming that our demands are going to be met despite passive intentions?

    Who’s learning about the basic comprehensions of intra-human communications? You are! Yes, you are! Who’s a good little boy…

    *Rambles into incoherent baby gibberish*

  35. Terror May 27, 2009 at 7:25 am -      #135

    So instead of backing up any of your wild claims and assertions, you just come back for an insult… Nice. Come on LW, Let’s talk about your claim that “speed” is not important in a battle against teh Hulk. Are you afraid that you’ll be made to look foolish? Or are you admitting defeat on the subject?

    Your true colors are showing LW, and they sure look like cowardice.

  36. cyborg pirate ninja jesus May 28, 2009 at 6:11 am -      #136


    “So I’d like to learn where you came up with this mythical “madder Hulk gets – Faster Hulk gets garbage.” You really seem to be confused. ”

    the madder he gets the stronger he gets and the faster he can move his muscles….even the ones in his legs….. so he will continuosly get madder at not being able to catch goku until he is mover fast enough to catch him

  37. Terror May 28, 2009 at 3:37 pm -      #137

    Cyborg Pirate —

    That’s quite the stretch. I have one simple question…. Is there such a thing as infinite rage? We’ve seen Hulk:

    – Respond to having best friends killed – No superspeed

    – Respond to having his wife killed — No superspeed

    – Betrayed —– No superspeed

    – Eaten alive tens of thousands of times over and over and over

    In any of those scenarios, did Hulk suddenly gain speed? So now suddenly being irritated at not catching someone, he’s going to be more angry than when Betty was killed?

    (This crazy scenario LW is promoting also assumes Superman is just flying around like a moron playing hide and seek with the Hulk ALLOWING him to get angry? Heck, Hulk was just KILLED with a trident in the latest issue… Yet someohow, a man with 10,000 times the strength of other heroes who have managed to put down the Hulk, plus FTL speed, flight, and a dozen other powers is suddenly going to be unable to knock out, or kill the Hulk?)

    How does getting stronger improve reaction time? I could fly a jet at mach 3 ten feet off the ground over a race course… Exactly what are the chances of staying over the track?

    Hulk simply does not have the reaction time needed for superspeed. His brain still has to slug it’s way through processing information. That’s what made LW-s statements so ludicrous and laughable.

    He wants to scrutinize every fine detail to prove everyone else wrong, then he makes the dumbest statement I’ve heard in weeks, and then hopes to gloss over it. I’d love for him to come back here and explain how Hulk is suddenly going to grow superspeed and move at a few thousand or millions times the speed of light, and then hope to hit something? (sorry, it’s just so ridiculous)

    Waiting LW…

  38. cyborg pirate ninja jesus May 31, 2009 at 6:05 am -      #138


    ok i didnt no that all of that stuff happened to the hulk and he still didnt move that fast

    i gess goku cant piss off hulk more than killing his wife

    apologies from


  39. Terror May 31, 2009 at 12:32 pm -      #139

    Yea, Hulk has had some crazy stuff happen to him. Abomination has really tried to push him over the edge many times, as have others. So I don’t see Goku pushing him that far.

    The strongest reaction we’ve seen from Hulk yet was at teh end of the WWH saga. When he went into WorldBreaker mode, Hulk was a beast. His mere presence was putting the whole eastern seaboard at risk.

    At that level, I don’t think there’s much Goku would be able to do to him. Can’t say for certain as he didn’t stick around long enough to demonstrate what he could do. But at normal operating levels, or even severely Tee’d off, Hulk just doesn’t have the speed to be a threat to anyone with true superspeed.

    Stinks though, because HUlk is still my favorite character. When well written, his stories are an interesting read.

  40. DJ June 20, 2009 at 12:38 am -      #140

    Goku would make fight with the hulk…after a screaming match!

  41. thezzzzzzzz July 4, 2009 at 12:19 pm -      #141

    goku would just use a kamehameha to shoot hulk into the sun game set

  42. marche July 4, 2009 at 1:35 pm -      #142

    “goku would just use a kamehameha to shoot hulk into the sun game set”

    That would depend on the hulk incarnation.

  43. cyborg pirate ninja jesus July 7, 2009 at 9:30 am -      #143

    hulk wins this there is nothing that goku can do to seriously hurt him

    and hulk adapts to his enemy meaning he will get faster stronger have better reaction time just because he will need it to win

  44. RazzleDazzle July 7, 2009 at 11:56 pm -      #144


    Do you not remember what Terror just said about speed and reaction time. I doubt he is going to get fast enough to catch Goku or an immensly improved reaction time. He is only going to be able to catch him if he either slows down long enough for him to catch him.


    Glad to see that you bring out even Hulks faults, and being fair in this debate. In early posts I was actually being led on by what LW said.

    Anyways I believe Goku would be in a way better then Hulk in my opinion, and as for the supporters of Goku stop, I’ve seen some of your posts which talk about Gogeta or Vegito, please stop its about Goku Vs Hulk not about the either fusion versing him.


    -You state how Hulk can survive nuclear bombs and regenerate, but you are clearly underestimating the power of a kamehameha which is OBVIOUSLY stronger.

    -Going back to Goku’s strength and further in detail Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga was able to blow up a planet easily. Now when he went to Earth and was beaten by Goku who’s power level was calculated at “OVER 9000″. What I’m trying to get at is that in the official card game his power level calculated at Super Saiyan registered as 4,900,000. Now I am not saying Goku should destroy the planet just describing his strength.
    Remember that he also beat Broly who did destroy galaxies. So if Hulk were to say face Goku Ssj 4 that should raise a question to if Hulk can actually beat him.

    -You talk about his feats of surviving stuff to the sub-atomic level and all this other scientific inquiries. Yes that stuff is truly incredible, and ranting on how Gamma Rays is the strongest. Well how about Ki or Energy that is introduced in Dragonball. That force has never been clearly described as what it is since it really is an unexplained force, so you can’t say its weaker then Gamma Rays just as much as I can’t say its stronger.

    -Another issue (don’t remember if you were one of them) is when it was mentioned that Hulk can track down Goku if he teleports to some other planet, I highly doubt that unless he has some ki sensing ability like the cast of Dragonball Z. Also do keep in mind Goku has teleported to King Kai’s planet when he was alive when Cell was about to blow up which is located in the after life (not saying Goku should run away, just a point I wanted to address).

    -A point I’d like to address is the whole wishing thing, like yes it is a foolish thing to wish Hulk away as it would be uninteresting, so why can’t Goku wish for immortality? If you believe him to be weaker then Hulk then this would result in a stalemate if neither can kill one another. Also don’t say I can’t use that wish or it is pure stupidity for using dragon balls, like why not? Goku should be able to use anything at his disposal as it is a factor and major part on the Dragonball world just as much as Hulk getting angry is part of the Hulk series.

    -From what I can tell the only reason you see Hulk being superior is the series has continued on making Hulk stronger and stronger. I’m absolutely sure if the Dragonball series continued Goku would be even stronger then how they left in at the end of GT which was 10 years ago.

    Now I’m not one to ignore details of how Goku can get just as beat up as Hulk. In one episode of the Cell Saga, Krillin threw a rock at Goku expecting him to catch it, only to get yelled for hurting him. Although a possible explanation for something as simple as a rock hurting him was that he wasn’t powered up even though he was in a relaxed Super Saiyan form. So you can say that Goku is just as vulnerable when he is not powered up like how Goku is similar to Hulk being vulnerable when he is Dr. Banner. Goku has had his share getting beaten from getting his body pierced by a beam or breaking parts of his body.

  45. cyborg pirate ninja jesus July 8, 2009 at 4:25 am -      #145

    @razzle dazzle

    i realise what terror said and i acknowledged it…but then i also remembered hulk adapts to his opponent which usually involves him just getting stronger but in this case his strength is enough and will just get annoyed at not being able to catch him,thus causing a speed and reaction time increase….also remember goku gets very tired after prolonged fights and hulk only gets stronger..the longer it takes to kill something

    as for them meeting…hulk doesnt need to find goku …the amount of destruction that hulk would be causing would bring goku to him.. and as for the dragonballs he needs to find them and summon the dragon before the hulk rips his head off

    hulk is the strongest there is if he gets hurt he will get so angry that such an attack wont even phase him next time

    goku doesnt have regenerative abilities to compete with the hulks

    “From what I can tell the only reason you see Hulk being superior is the series has continued on making Hulk stronger and stronger. I’m absolutely sure if the Dragonball series continued Goku would be even stronger then how they left in at the end of GT which was 10 years ago.”

    dont place assumptions in the form of facts because it is just as possible that they would have killed off aging goku to someone that was younger like gohan to keep children more interested

  46. cyborg pirate ninja jesus July 8, 2009 at 4:57 am -      #146

    oh and just to add on to my above statement..using the dragon balls would be outside help afterall shenron grants the wishes and he isnt goku or hulk so they would be as useful as a rock

    and most of these matches take place in a neutral universe so no character can have an advantage

    and hulk can be removed from banner(done several times) so it stands to reason that hulk and banner are not the same person but 2 different characters in the one body

    and marvel stated that the strenghth and power of the hulk is limitless and gokus isnt …sure it can get huge but it has limits

  47. RazzleDazzle July 8, 2009 at 2:59 pm -      #147

    I doubt Goku is just going to let the Hulk grab him and rip him apart, like after all Goku is trained to fight in martial arts so I don’t think he is just going to let him have a chance to beat him.

    “dont place assumptions in the form of facts because it is just as possible that they would have killed off aging goku to someone that was younger like gohan to keep children more interested”

    Yes I know it is an assumption just a point I wanted to address since people keep saying that make him stronger and stronger as the series continues.

    Another thing is that Goku has fought other’s who have had extensive regenerating abilities like Kid Buu. As cited from wiki, “Buu also has several abilities that stay consistent with his many forms. His rubbery body possesses a regenerative healing factor which causes him to heal at a sub-molecular level.” The part where it says Buu’s body is like rubber can in a way prove Goku’s strength to man handle Hulk. I am pretty sure that you understand that Goku’s punches were not as effective as thy should be when he fought him as the rubber like body would absorb the impact and Goku has shown to punch him and twist his head 360 dergees. Now I know Hulk’s body isn’t rubber so there wouldn’t be anything of him to absorb and decrease the effectiveness. Additionally Goku just has to vaporize Hulks head. For those who disagree and think that he will just regenerate one, that is scientifically impossible, as the cells need messages from the brain to create new cells. The electrolytes carrying the message also tells the cells what their function.

    Now if Hulk has survived and regenerated from anything that does not have his head or brain intact send me a link of the picture as I have not seen all the issues of Hulk.

  48. cyborg pirate ninja jesus July 9, 2009 at 3:10 am -      #148

    ok i do no that against buu his punches and kicks etc werent as effective as they could be…but to say that he can manhandle hulk is ridiculous……there is no way he could ever do that…unless is was very early in the fight and hulk wasnt quite angry…..hulk lived through a supernova… he destroyed an asteroid 2 times the size of earth with a punch he stopped the earth from ripping apart… and he never tires just gets stronger…

    when the hulk is calm he can lift aprox 100 tonnes….thats when he hasnt even started to fight yet

    and of course goku wont just let him grab him but regardless of how good you are at martial arts something that strong isnt going to be blocked. and when your attacks do little damage and tire you when you do it…while your opponent seemingly gets stronger..not only are you screwed because your gonna be 2 tired 2 fight…it would destroy your will to fight.because the enmy isnt tiring

    goku is good and can do a lot of damage but when compared to someone whos strength is limitless and whos regeneration speed and reactions increase with his anger…..and nothin angers the hulk more than an enemy that hes initially weaker than or slight amounts of pain

  49. cyborg pirate ninja jesus July 9, 2009 at 10:41 pm -      #149

    @razzle dazzle

    i do see where you are coming from with the whole head blown off thing which im not sure hulk could regenerate from

    but that would involve goku doing an insanely strong attack straight away
    which he has never done(as far as i know) he usually goes into a sparring match with them first…which is where hulk will just get too angry about being hurt and not instantly destroying goku which would make him so strong and regenerative that whatever attack manages to get through his skin would be severely weakend just from having to keep re destroying the same layer of tissue.

  50. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 2, 2009 at 7:30 pm -      #150

    i know that this is not on subject but i wanted this thread to make 150 comments

    WOOOOOOO 150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Mista Cool August 3, 2009 at 10:16 pm -      #151

    Hulk is tough, I’ll give him that and he can keep getting stronger. But the limit of his strength from 1 to 10 on the Marvel Power-Ratings chart is 11-12. 10 is 1,000,000 in the Dragonball Universe. Goku has already surpassed that level and unlike Hulk, he will become stronger after healing. The new beast-like green Hulk, that Jean Grey caused after removing his mind so that he could kill Onslaught who’s power-level is 1,000,000, can become more stronger than Post-Crisis Superman. I am 100% sure that Goku would win. If Hulk decided to kill Goku and would keep trying to do it, Kakkarot would just simply move in front of him at light-speed while Hulk is standing still and knock Hulk out without killing him. Goku is powerful and strong enough to not be killed by the Hulk, so there would be no point for Goku to have to destroy him out of existence.

  52. James August 4, 2009 at 1:03 am -      #152

    Would this not just another Superman vs. Doomsday fight? Goku could put out Hulk like Superman put out Doomsday. Maybe teleport him to the end of time? Somewhere dangerous? Sure Hulk could just adapt and get stronger with every punch he takes, but Goku is quite adept at finding weak points in his opponents (Goku vs. Pikkon, when he found a weak point in Pikkon’s attack, thoguh Pikkon was stronger, Goku won) so I would not doubt that soon, Goku would find some way to kill, if not, put Hulk out of commision.

  53. Kainan August 4, 2009 at 4:51 am -      #153

    Anyone who believes hulk would even stand a chance against SSJ4 goku is obviously an retard. Someone said hulk is strong enough to move continents, well goku has never tried to do such a thing. Goku would just do a 10x kamehameha and hulk wouldn’t exist anymore

  54. Kainan August 4, 2009 at 4:52 am -      #154

    Btw if goku would clash into hulk in a speed of light rush hulk would die

  55. kainan August 4, 2009 at 4:59 am -      #155

    And someone say hulks gamma ray burst would kill goku I mean LOL .. you should read what a gamma ray burst is in reality haha

  56. Space marine August 4, 2009 at 7:04 am -      #156

    Fail. Hulk Is just the Hulk. No Weakness anywhere in Hulk at anytime.

  57. Tim August 4, 2009 at 3:16 pm -      #157

    “Fail. Hulk Is just the Hulk. No Weakness anywhere in Hulk at anytime.”

    That’s not true, Hulk’s lack of inteligence is a weakness as is the fact that he reverts to Bruce Banner when no longer angry.

    Hulk loses this fight as he’s no where near fast enough to keep up with Goku and wouldn’t even land a hit on him. Plus Goku can just fly out of the Hulk’s reach and blast the crap out of him with ranged attacks. However he wouldn’t even need to do that as his likeable personality and friendly nature would mean that he could just calm down the Hulk and make friends with him, thus causing him to revert to Bruce Banner and giving the victory to Goku as the Hulk is no longer there.

  58. Marche August 4, 2009 at 6:11 pm -      #158

    Talk about retards. -_-

    1) Dragonball GT(despite having characters appear in games) is NOT canon.The anime is not based on the dragonball manga,infact several things in GT makes goku weaker.

    2) Goku is not lightspeed, he is nowhere near.He is at best massively hypersonic.

    3) The hulk reacts faster than he moves around.Goku not being near lightspeed can land a hit.Hulk’s durability also makes him hard to kill,judging from the fact that goku usaully goes H2H or lobs energy,hulk has a chance.

  59. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 4, 2009 at 7:47 pm -      #159

    ok for the people who think goku would just wait for hulk to revert to banner……what makes you think goku knows of this? when a giant green guy is tearing shit up goku isnt gonna stop and have a chat..

    hulks strength is infinite….thats not even a number thats how high it can go

    hulk can breath in space goku cant

    and the power levels in the marvel and dbz universes are undoubtedly different so you cant use them as a valid comparison for your arguements

    hulk has no weaknesses for goku do exploit other than hes dumb

    hulk has no weaknesses in fights never gets tired and always gets stronger

    goku is the opposite goku has weaknesses in fights he tires and gradually gets weaker

    and @tim you say that hulk wont be able to land a hit on him and could just fire volleys of “blasts”from a distance

    but what is he going to do when he sees the hulk shrug off those attacks like he does many others?

    goku has no way of actually killing the hulk where if hulk lays a hand on goku its pretty much all over

    and at mista cool how did you find that 10 on the marvel scale is the equivelent of 1,000,000 in dbz

    hulk has infinite power in his abilities when goku doesnt hulk wins

  60. Tim August 4, 2009 at 9:00 pm -      #160

    By the way I wasn’t saying Goku would deberately wait for the Hulk to revert to Bruce Banner I was just saying that eventually it would happen if they made friends, which they probably would because Goku is a friendly person and the Hulk makes friends quite easily, they wouldn’t have to fight, the Hulk doesn’t fight people to come up to him being friendly. If the Hulk is destroying stuff then this could calm him down and get him to stop, and would make much more tactical sense then getting into a fight where innocents could be get caught in the crossfire.
    Also the Hulk doesn’t have super reflexes, can get tired or be worn down and stupidity is a really big and easy to exploit weakness.

  61. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 5, 2009 at 5:48 am -      #161


    yay someone to debate with that actually knows the characters

    with the calming down and bruce banner thing

    even though it could happen i doubt it would because for him to be the hulk to begin with he would have to feel stressed and knowing hulk would be breaking stuff
    so i doubt goku is going to try talking to the hulk when the hulk well…..blowing shit up

    so they would probably start to fight there…and when you start to fight hulk theres no going back if he gets hurt

    the only way i can see hulks stupidity coming into this is if there is a trap or something set but other than that i dont see how it would come into effect

    hulks anger lets him adapt and im sure the super reflexes is no huge surprise for him he did fight ….ummm(the really fast guy with adamantium knives)

    so im guessing against goku it would just be a boosted version of that

    hulk usually gets tired after being hit by something really powerful which he recovers from really quick and it usually leaves the attacker in pretty bad state aswell

    the thing that i see hulk winning by is his healing factor he has gone through the sun and healed within minutes

    while goku heals about as fast(as far as i know) as a normal person unless he uses a senzu bean

    i have no doubt that both will take a big clobbering i just thing that goku wont be able to recover from hulks while the hulk can recover from….anything

  62. Uncle BEn August 8, 2009 at 1:18 pm -      #162

    Okay everybody here is what I think toe to to and pound for pound the Hulk would definitely destroy Goku. But remember Goku’s tactic of fighting is he always looks for his enemies weakness. Thus if Goku were to use his instant transmission, he could teleport the Hulk into space and leave him there to die from asphixyation. But… knowing Goku he is a warrior and would fight until there is no fighting left in him. enuff said

  63. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 9, 2009 at 12:13 am -      #163

    “@uncle ben

    plz do some research on characters b4 you post…hulk survives quite easily in space without oxygen

  64. Uncle BEn August 9, 2009 at 9:31 am -      #164

    To: cyborg pirate ninja jesus
    Actually I did do my research, I practically grew up with the Marvel Universe and DBZ Universe. Tell me what is unique about the Hulk to be able to survive in space? Yes he may have the lungs to hold his breath for a long time but eventually he will have to gasp for air. And when he does, its good bye. But like I said, Goku is a true warrior and he will battle to the end. enuff said :-)

  65. Uncle BEn August 9, 2009 at 10:19 am -      #165

    To: cyborg pirate ninja jesus
    PS By the way your previous comment “ummm(the really fast guy with adamantium knives)” His name is wolverine aka Logan. :-)

  66. Marche August 9, 2009 at 12:44 pm -      #166

    So Goku is somehow going to blast him far away from space?
    And hulk is just going to stay up thier?

    You do know Hulk can survive for extended periods of time in space.

  67. Megaraptor18 August 9, 2009 at 1:15 pm -      #167

    @ cyborg pirate ninja jesus

    “hulk can breath in space goku cant”

    Would you be kind enough to tell me what issue that Hulk was in space and could breath in space.

  68. James August 10, 2009 at 2:26 am -      #168

    Here’s a whole article debate on whether Hulk can survive in space with no oxygen. marvel.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=145361&postdays=&postorder=asc&start=0. He can’t, he can only survive for a limited time until he finds a planet with oxygen, he’s still human, he has to breathe and eat you know. If Goku teleports Hulk even farther into space than what happened in WWH, I don’t think he can survive for that long.

  69. marche August 10, 2009 at 2:58 am -      #169

    Its too bad Goku can’t teleport large distances(as in past earth) w/o locking on to a ki signature…

  70. James August 10, 2009 at 4:09 am -      #170

    Wait, doesn’t Goku get his sayian forms from anger as well? To attain SSJ1, he was angry that Freiza killed his Krillin. To attain SSJ2, he was angrier. SSJ3, he was even angrier. How do you know Goku power level won’t rise as well like Hulk’s, and maybe attain a new form to combat Hulk?

  71. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 10, 2009 at 7:11 am -      #171

    my apologies i just assumed he could considering he had enough time to go through the sun… hard to think he didnt draw a breath and had no adverse reaction

    and its not wolverine its another guy cant find the site i saw it from DAMN!!!!!!!

    he had knives not claws but dont worry ill find it eventually

  72. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 10, 2009 at 7:10 pm -      #172


    its because such forms havent been made yet….if they do get created in the cartoon or comic then they can be used but not until that time

    how long can goku survive in space because if the whole take hulk into space tactic hulk could just grab goku and wait it out

  73. Marche August 14, 2009 at 5:33 pm -      #173

    Goku doesn’t rely on anger anymore,it was justy to unlock ssj.

    SSJ 2 was first done by gohan out of anger,not goku
    When goku went SSJ 3 he was quite calm….intill he started yelling.

  74. CJ4short August 20, 2009 at 1:17 am -      #174

    I still like Goku for this one, if only for the fact that he always seems so calm and happy, unless his friends are dieing. Hulk seems so…unpredicyable

  75. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 21, 2009 at 3:05 am -      #175

    oh im stealing this from another post so not sure if its true but apparently hulk regenerated when he was turned to dust

  76. RazzleDazzle August 21, 2009 at 10:23 pm -      #176


    For your information Marche Dragonball GT is actually canon as I have one of the Beckett Dragonball Z Collector Issues stating it is a canon as even the Toriyama did have a part in GT, quote “character designs and studies, as well as foreign planet characterizations.” and if you are wondering what issue it is it doesnt say but the front cover has a picture of android 16,17, and 18 over Gero’s body.


    Well Goku has faced other’s with the ability to regenerate and those type of characters have been shown to be beaten. Cell for example was shown to be killed by evaporating every being in his body (even though it was by Gohan). The same can be said for Kid Buu when he got blasted by the Super Spirit Bomb but Goku can just use a 10x Kamehameha in Ssj4 form. I’m just simply stating that it seems illogical to regenerate from nothing as stating from my previous posts of how cells work. Hulk has been shown to regenerate from serious wounds only because he has had something left over to regenerate from i.e torso with his head intact and only having his skin, muscle, or organ tissue either pierced, torn, or or any energy type attacks hit him.

  77. Marche August 21, 2009 at 10:51 pm -      #177

    So making the character designs suddenly makes it a part of the DBZ universe?
    How does that truimph the fact that its not based on the DB manga,AND not even written by AT?

  78. cyborg pirate ninja jesus August 22, 2009 at 1:52 am -      #178

    you know what you guys are actually making me change my mind…so i think im now going for goku although i still think he will take quite a pounding

  79. Marche August 22, 2009 at 4:10 am -      #179

    Side note:Cell only regenarated because goku sheilded his head(something like that) and would be lucky if it happened again.

  80. Marche August 22, 2009 at 4:13 am -      #180

    Double post.

    The hulk who regened from dust is maestro,from future imperfect.

    Yeah,the hulk is pretty much fucked in this match,provided goku keeps his distance.Goku likes to go for the hand to hand.

  81. Tim August 22, 2009 at 8:59 am -      #181

    @cyborg pirate ninja jesus

    Sorry about not posting sooner but I forgot about this fight. By the way is Speedfreek the fast guy with the adamantium knives that you’re thinking about?


    @ Marche
    Dragon Ball GT is debatable as canon but if you say that it’s non-canon because it isn’t made directly by Akira Toriyama then you would also have to say that the Star Wars EU is also non-canon. Both follow on from the original and both are not made directly by the original author. However both are supported by the original author and in my opinion GT should be considered to be the equivalent of Star Wars’s C-canon because it keeps with the continuity and is supported by the author.

  82. Marche August 22, 2009 at 10:58 am -      #182

    “it keeps with the continuity”

    Actually it doesn’t,their are a number of plotholes in GT.
    I would also like to point out that it isn’t just because AT didn’t make it,its also not even based on the original dragonball manga.

  83. RazzleDazzle August 22, 2009 at 3:14 pm -      #183


    Is that your only reason that you keep bringing up, because it’s not based on the manga. There quite a number of anime’s out there that continue on from the anime that don’t appear in the manga and vice versa look at Inuyasha it only stops about half-way or so in the anime of the manga plot so should that not even be considered part of the series, and another thing animes like YuYu Hakusho like near the end that show extra stuff that you dont see in the manga or other anime that show too little content of the manga should they not be considered part of the canon series. You know what Marche why don’t you go find me an official website stated by AT or the executives of the the Dragonball series stating that GT is non-canon because all I’ve ever seen on sites is FANS declaring it’s non-canon just because it doesnt suit there tastes. Also give some examples of plot holes in GT, and even if it does what shows don’t have plot holes I’ve read and watched tons of manga and anime that have those.

  84. Marche August 23, 2009 at 12:06 am -      #184

    In those cases,Manga supersceeds the anime,the Manga generally comes out first so is the ultimate level of canon.
    I fail to see how YYH and inuyasha compare ot this,since dragonball and dragonball gt are two completely different series.

    How about YOU find me a source where it says its canon?

    1)Its not written by AT(The creator)

    2)Its not based on the DB manga.

    3) I don’t recall it being explicitly stated as being canon.

    Plotholes like making the DB cast weaker,and halo’s in hell are the nail on the coffin.That and the fact that the 42 volume has goku saying goodbye.

  85. fdsgf November 29, 2009 at 8:20 am -      #185

    Goku uses Destructo Disk (which cuts through anything) then uses kamehameha to blow the remains into nothingness. Ki attacks destroy beyond atom levels. Majin buu regenerated from the atoms that remained of him.(when gotenks blow him to bits and burn his remains, buu returned form vapour atoms.)

  86. Snoop Pigg December 13, 2009 at 8:42 am -      #186

    You guys are high. Goku would definitely win! No way the hulk would be able to lay a hand on goku. I actually bet that goku would win without turning super sayin. The whole marvel universe could come at goku at once and I still have my money on goku.

  87. Whacko December 13, 2009 at 10:06 am -      #187

    @Snoop Pigg:

    Shut it you ignorant fool. I do believe Goku could win if he just vaporize every single atom in Hulks body before the brute gets up to speed, but taking out all of Marvel? WTF!?!?!? Marvel has Hulk, Thanos, Thor and other supers, not to mention both time, space, death, whatever. Goku is able to ROFLSTOMP most things, but get real. You just can’t do THAT.

  88. Marche December 13, 2009 at 11:01 am -      #188

    “The whole marvel universe could come at goku at once and I still have my money on goku.”
    Well now,since this has too much fail for words…
    I guess i’ll just use this.

    ……………………………….`=-,……………….,%`> — ==“

  89. Asger December 13, 2009 at 11:06 am -      #189

    “The whole marvel universe could come at goku at once and I still have my money on goku.”

    Get out.

  90. VampiricTyrant January 3, 2010 at 1:52 am -      #190

    Hell I agree with him. Instant mission spirit bomb…..

  91. cyborg January 3, 2010 at 5:35 am -      #191

    @vampiric tyrant

    ok to stop your stupidity before it has a chance to start i have to say that marvel has toaa its equivelent of well god and even though there are many many many many characters that could kill goku most of which easily i thought i should point this out

  92. VampiricTyrant January 4, 2010 at 9:26 am -      #192

    Your clearly underestimating Super Saiyans. Sure mabye there is some characters that he coudn’t kill but most of them would get decimated. Rapid Instant Transmission Kamahameha’s win.
    Super Gogeta would DESTROY hulk.

  93. DeathNoteFan January 8, 2010 at 8:52 am -      #193

    Goku could win via BFR/BFD.
    (He could either fire a Full Powered Kamehameha and send hulk to space or he could destroy the planet,Instant transmission out of there,go to Namek and wish the earth and its people back)

    Other than this,In a Head on fight,I see hulk winning,he’s much stronger and more durable.

  94. Envoy February 10, 2010 at 9:52 am -      #194

    Well, base goku is a planet buster(at least), his super sayain 2 out classes cell(who busts solar systems), and three is insanely powerfull.

    SS3 Goku + instant kamehameha = critically injured hulk

    Although, if these DBZ fantards keep spamming with “durp a durrr” posts, I shuder at what I might do…

  95. shaun182 February 10, 2010 at 11:45 am -      #195

    let us not forget Goku does have advantage when it comes to flight, the hulk my be able to jump but cant change direction mid-jump, whilst goku can fly out his reach blow up up the planet and instant transmission to another world, leaving the hulk to gently float through space.

  96. Whacko May 24, 2010 at 10:52 am -      #196

    I’m not going to plow through the almost 200 comments here right now, but I’ll get around to it soon. At first glance, however, the Hulk seems initially outmatched by one extreme margin, that will rapidly shorten before the hulkie grows to a galaxy busting+ level with time.

    “This is how the fight would go:

    1 – Goku gets pummeled.
    2 – Goku resorts to blasting Hulk with everything hes got.
    3 – Hulk keeps coming, quite angrier.
    4 – Goku unleashes a blast that destroys the earth.
    5 – Hulk survives.
    6 – Hulk becomes more enraged that he has ever been as everything he knew was destroyed.
    7 – Goku gets vaporized by Hulk’s Gamma-ray Burst.
    8 – End of fight.”

    I’ll have to say I disagree Mata. Hulk, at his starting level, has nothing on Goku. The Saiyan will do the pummeling, not the other way round. That said, the Hulk grows stronger at an insane rate, but Goku at SSJ3 is pretty insane. I’m not sure if he can actually kill the Hulk, but the latter is going through one hell of a pummeling before he gets his giant green fists on the former.

    A Gamma Ray burst typically releases more energy in a few seconds than the Sun will in more than 10 billion years, if I remember correctly. That is instant death to Goku, but full-scale bursts aren’t going to come right off the bat.

    I’ll also need to look up on Hulk regeneration, which I know is at an insane level. Ki-based attacks have been known to vaporize targets, to the point where Cell and Buu were put down for good. (the former easily survived self destruction, and grew stronger by it, while the latter was apparently way better at regen than Cell was.) If Goku is determined, he might be able to get rid of Hulk before the more insane power levels are thrown about.

    Of course Hulk, being a Marvel creation, may prove to be able to tank anti-universe attacks for all I know.

  97. BLUWORLD ORDER July 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm -      #197

    I’m putting my money on the Hulk, this is the reason why…after Goku releases all of his most powerful attacks what happens…his power level drops. So unlike the Hulk who the angrier he gets the stronger and more powerful he gets Goku doesnt. Also you have to factor in the fact that Hulks indurance level is off the charts, so he can let Goku go and release all of his most powerful attacks and deplete his power and then beat the breaks off of him. and to the guy who said that all of marvel could not stand up against Goku ur an idiot, cuz i can name one being in marvel that would destroy goku with a thought and that is Galactus!!

  98. David "the Hulk rules" August 29, 2010 at 8:56 pm -      #198

    Every thing that has been said up to this point means nothing now. Goku will win and this is why. as a child goku could hurl a 20 foot tall boulder. thats several thousand pounds. This fight is with adult goku. he will definetly start out stronger. and as i said in hulk vs super man, huls healing factor works only till all his atoms are destroyed. and as i said in goku vs super man, goku can teleport any where in less than a blik of an eye. pls the spirit bomb can blow planets up. the force off over 100 nuclear war heads. to power up for the spirit bomb goku ‘barows’ the energy of the planet, the planets creatures and the planets people. this would destroy every atom, nutron, electron,ect. of hulk. goku would teleport to another planet so the blast wouldnt kill him. to the people who say goku would never kill the people of earth or earth its self, your right. but this match has no forced region. mabey the fights on planet hulk. if the fights on earth, the warp 100 times kamehameha, would do the same damage to hulk but not jepedise the earth or any humans. as you can see by my name i love the hulk. the only people i think could beat him is are goku and broly.
    for the record, im not a hudge ass animay fan. I only like dragonball z. no narruto or pokemon or digimon or any other homo ass crap. I love dragon ball z. I saw every episode, every movie, and most of dragon ball. i only saw some bits of dragon ball gt. hulk rocks, but goku rocks just that much harder.

  99. Rorschach August 29, 2010 at 9:12 pm -      #199

    The Hulk can rearrange tectonic plates, and almost sunk the North American continent taking five steps…

    Hulk for the FP award…

  100. Anime Hero Kevin September 3, 2010 at 10:08 pm -      #200

    hulk cant breath in space, so Goku will use his hyperspeed to kick Hulk so hard that Hulk will fly away in to space then Goku use his Super kamehameha to hit hulk in to the sun………………..The End Goku Wins!!!!

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