Godzilla Vs Bahamut

Godzilla Vs Bahamut

A true clash of the Titans match here, these two combatants would leave a ton of carnage on the battleground floor. While I’d like to think that Godzilla could win, I think in the end, the victory would go to Bahamut…

What say you?

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109 Comments on "Godzilla Vs Bahamut"

  1. Sauroposeidon February 8, 2012 at 11:54 am -      #101

    Sooo.. Godzilla for the win?

  2. DReager1 May 2, 2012 at 12:13 pm -      #102

    ^Agreed……….Actually…if this is FF Bahamut then I may not agree. If it’s some other Bahamut Godzilla FTW

  3. Kuja9001 May 2, 2012 at 1:02 pm -      #103

    FFIX and FFXIII-2 Bahamut’s are the only ones with feats all the others never display anything outside of gameplay mechanics.

  4. TheRedEclipse March 26, 2013 at 8:42 pm -      #104

    Godzilla beats any version of Bahamut, easy. Sure hes a god, but so was mothra, megalon and Bagon. They=KOd by Godzilla. Easy win 4 godzilla.

  5. Kytheros March 27, 2013 at 12:52 am -      #105

    While I would agree that the Final Fantasy versions of Bahamut would get their collective asses handed to them by Godzilla, the D&D and mythological versions of Bahamut would beat Godzilla.
    Myth-Bahamut would have to apply a noticeable amount of effort to beat Godzilla, but would still be victorious.
    D&D-Bahamut, however, wins without the expenditure of noticeable effort.
    As the match does not specify which version or versions of Bahamut should be used(hell, there might even be a Stargate version of Bahamut – there was a SG Tiamat), or technically which version(s) of Godzilla, it is impossible to issue an award one way or the other.

  6. TheRedEclipse March 28, 2013 at 8:11 am -      #106

    what attacks do Bahamut have?
    Well, Godzilla has:
    Nuclear pulse
    Atomic breath
    spiral ray
    immunity to pretty much any attack except other monsters and the oxygen destroyer
    magnetic pulse
    healing factor
    magical ray
    final beam
    god ray

  7. Kytheros March 28, 2013 at 8:49 am -      #107

    While I’m not an expert on the mythological Bahamut, I am reasonably well informed about the D&D Bahamut.
    D&D-Bahamut is a higher-tier god, and is a casual reality warper, literally immortal (unless you’re a more powerful deity than he is – and there aren’t many of them that do much of anything). Ignoring the I Win button of at-will spammable Divine reality warping on a whim, D&D-Bahamut is capable of stripping regeneration and damage reduction from targets, advanced transmutation abilities, manifesting shields out of raw divine energy, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Oh, and he’s capable of employing the somewhat infamous infinite Titans maneuver.

  8. TheRedEclipse October 3, 2013 at 8:07 am -      #108

    Has Bahamut survived being obliterated? No. Godzillla has. Has Bahamut ever been able to kill over 100 monsters? No. Godzilla has. Has Bahamut ever defeated gods and was going to have a movie of him fighting satan? No. Godzilla has. Does Bahamut have a beam that can slow down a meteorite that could shatter earth, and then take it to the face? No. Godzilla has. Has Bahamut ever survived the pull of a black hole that could tear apart time and space? No. Don’t fuck with the king.

  9. Kytheros October 3, 2013 at 10:08 am -      #109

    D&D Bahamut is, by definition, immune to effects that would result in him being obliterated. So … technically, no he has never survived being obliterated, because he can’t be obliterated in the first place.
    Can Bahamut kill more than 100 monsters? Yep. He is a casual reality warper. He can kill a planet on a whim – although being a deity of Good, he normally wouldn’t.
    Has Bahamut ever defeated gods? Yep. Such is well within his capabilities, although his CIS is such that he’d rather teach/train you (if necessary) to fight your own battles than fight them for you. Besides, he spends much of his time/effort countering the activities of Tiamat, the evil Dragon-Goddess and his primary divine rival/nemesis.
    Was Bahamut ever going to have a movie of him fighting satan? Not to my knowledge, but I also fail to see the relevance. Besides, in the standard D&D cosmology, Satan is most likely represented by the Archdevil Asmodeus, whom Bahamut could bitch-slap into unexistence if Asmodeus ever broke the Deal that established his position.
    Does Bahamut have a beam that can slow down a meteorite that could shatter earth, and then take it to the face? A beam specifically to slow it down, no – disintegrate or otherwise outright destroy it, sure, and he could use other means to slow it down – he could even slow it down so much it would miss the planet. Bahamut could also just remove it from reality or otherwise relocate it to where it wouldn’t be a threat to the planet … so he wouldn’t need to bother with such crass things as headbutting it, although he could bend reality to allow himself to do so even if he couldn’t normally should he for some reason want to headbutt the thing.
    Has Bahamut ever survived the pull of a black hole that could tear apart time and space? That’s any black hole; and while Bahamut has never encountered such a situation to my knowledge, again, casual reality warper, he can either bend reality to protect himself or get rid of the black hole.
    Can Godzilla BFR or get back from being BFR’d? No. Bahamut can do both.
    Can Godzilla turn himself intangible while still being able to strike or strike an intangible opponent? No. Bahamut can do both.
    Can Godzilla cope with being transmuted into a gaseous being incapable of performing physical actions and at the mercy of the winds? No? Bahamut can do that to Godzilla – and Bahamut’s divine portfolio includes the Element of Air – aka, weather is his bitch.
    Can Godzilla survive being stripped of regeneration and exploded – or having his heart removed while stripped of regen or brain/heart/vital organs all disintegrated – or do that to someone else? No (or, at least, I’m pretty sure Godzilla wouldn’t survive that without his regen and I know he can’t do that to someone else either). Bahamut can do that to him (with magic/breath weapon, mind you).
    Can Godzilla transmute someone into an inanimate object/lump of matter – can he survive being transmuted into an inanimate/non-living quantity of matter? No. Bahamut can do that to him and is immune to such things being done to him.
    Can Godzilla do anything after Bahamut erases or destroys the planet/battlefield out from underneath? Not so much, while Bahamut would be entirely unaffected.
    Can Godzilla survive spontaneous existence failure? I’m pretty sure he can’t, and Bahamut can do that to him.
    Is Godzilla a casual reality warper? No. Bahamut is.
    D&D Bahamut has a wide spread of abilities that are well beyond Godzilla’s capabilities to deal with. D&D Bahamut is a casual reality warper and is hardly a physical slouch.
    Magic trumps muscle, and D&D Bahamut has plenty of both, whereas Godzilla is effectively entirely muscle.
    Godzilla may be the king of monsters, but D&D Bahamut is a Dragon-God, the Dragon-God, The Platinum Dragon. Even evil dragons respect him and fear his wrath.

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