Link & Marcus Fenix Vs Batman & Spiderman

Link & Marcus Fenix Vs Batman & Spiderman

Bragging rights for video games in one corner with Link and Marcus, and in the Comics corner, Batman and Spiderman are to represent.

To avoid any confusion (since the way to get a Batman win is that he’ll go back to his batcave and research), Batman has already done the research for Marcus and Link. The match takes place in Gotham City-

Who wins?

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69 Comments on "Link & Marcus Fenix Vs Batman & Spiderman"

  1. x on December 30, 2008 at 10:30 pm -      #1

    Im thinking spiderman and batman will win.

  2. ElectricDC December 30, 2008 at 11:52 pm -      #2

    Well batman has already “researched” his targets, whatever that’ll do.

    Batman knows the city already so that gives him a potential win point. And Marcus wouldn’t do much good since BM and SM are up close and personal guys so Marcus and his cover wouldn’t do much good.

    Well, i’m gonna go with the Supers.

  3. spoa December 31, 2008 at 5:27 am -      #3

    depends on what link we are talking about here and what gun marcus has…

  4. Tim December 31, 2008 at 5:44 am -      #4

    Thanks admin for putting this up and by the way I think Link and Marcus would win(mostly due to Link however as he is good at close range combat), but it would be very close.

  5. Space marine December 31, 2008 at 6:47 am -      #5

    Me too.
    Batman and The Spider would win this fight.

  6. Megafire December 31, 2008 at 1:48 pm -      #6

    Yeah, Batman and Spiderman would win.

    Tim, link might be good at close combat, Batman and Spiderman are as well. Especially against Spiderman, Link wouldn’t stand a chance, there’s no blow he’ll deliver without the Spider sense telling him exactly what he’s doing.

    Marcus Fenix? Well, it would depend on where they fight, if in Gotham or any other city, Batman and Spiderman would kick his ass, mainly because of their sneak and surprise attack capabilities.

    But if they fought in an open area, Fenix’ guns would turn the two Man’s into tiny little pieces.

    I don’t really see Link adding anything to this fight, apart from, perhaps, his magic weapons against Batman.

  7. HeroofTime85 December 31, 2008 at 9:04 pm -      #7

    I have to disagree with the crowd in this. Magic is just one of many factors in this fight that can result in Link and Marcus winning. You see, you all seriously underestimate Link. He can instantly kill both Batman and Spiderman with his thunder spell (it hits all enemies on screen). He could also use Din’s Fire. Spiderman would be unable to dodge these.


    Batman has had a lot of training in close quarters combat, and is very resourceful. Spiderman is fast, strong, has a spider-sense that alerts him of danger. Neither kills their enemy. I know little about Marcus Fenix, but he’s a good fighter, has a chainsaw at the end of his guns. Link’s full extents are not known through many factors because Nintendo is still making LoZ and because there are many temporarily unsolved mysteries, such as the Fierce Deity. (I will go to that later.) Let’s start off simple. The silver gauntlets give Link the strength of an army. This strength is increased with all of the many upgrades obtained. This is similar with speed, plus Link’s ability to control time comes into play. As for endurance, Link has taken many attacks from enemies with the power of a god and basically shrugged them off. This is without the upgrades given.

    Link’s masks would also be an important factor. They give him many abilities. I say the most important is the Fierce Deity mask. This turns Link into the Fierce Deity himself. We do not know near the full extent of the Fierce Deity’s power, except for the fact that he killed Majora (could control anything, started to make the moon crash to Termina for sheer entertainment) in one blow.

    Batman has done research, yes, but he doesn’t have knowledge of all of Link’s abilities. Link has found the weaknesses to every enemy that he has come across. He could find Spiderman and Batman’s weaknesses.

    Also, like I have mentioned, stealth is not a game that can be used by Spiderman and Batman. The Magic Cape gives Link invisibility and intangibility.

  8. Space marine January 1, 2009 at 1:58 am -      #8

    NO! BAD HEROOFTIME! BAD! this is link not the fierce diety.
    This is outrageous.
    If i was in a Necron lord vs MC debate i would not say something like “The lord transforms into the Nightbringer and kills him.” No. That is just not good for the debate so I am really getting annoyed with the deity and everyone else is too!

    So, No More Fierce Deity.
    Do you understand????

  9. Space marine January 1, 2009 at 2:02 am -      #9

    woops forgot, @herooftime
    You again show your lack of knowledge for the concept called Endurance.
    If link can be killed by a Small keese then his endurance is extremely low!

    Ah yes, the Magic cape.
    That just stops link from being seen not heard.
    The senses on spiderman could detect him.

  10. HeroofTime85 January 1, 2009 at 3:29 am -      #10

    Link can turn into the Fierce Deity. I’m sorry if you lack enough understanding to realize that he can do that when he wants. No matter how much you dislike it, it’s true. As long as the character can turn in and out of the form without having to go through a long transformation process, it can be used. For Link, he merely quickly puts on a mask. It doesn’t matter how much you dislike it or me, it remains true and a factor of this battle.

    About endurance. I do not lack understanding of, it seems that you do though. Any character from any game can be killed by the weakest enemy, given that the player stands still long enough to let it happen. Without the upgrades to endurance, it takes forever to die by just standing there. We’re also talking about the kind of power that the character can survive. Batman can die from 1 to 2 gunshots.

    Also, you can walk anywhere, even in the enemies face with the Magic Cape, yet they still don’t as much as hear you.

  11. KiraMasteroftheNote January 1, 2009 at 3:58 am -      #11

    What I think that Herooftime is trying to say is, is that Link is basically God among men. He has the ability to come back from the dead as much as he want. He can become invincible. He can be “Unnoticed” which even with Spidersense Spiderman would be unable to detect. He can go back in time. The Fierce Diety cant be expelled from this fight just like Spidermans Dark Suit cant be expelled or Batmans Power Gloves. Also Link has magic out the ass and super strength.

    Link and Fenix wins without Fenix even lifting a finger.

  12. L-W January 1, 2009 at 11:38 am -      #12

    Spiderman would only have to equip his Symbiote (Black) costume, coupled with his Uni-Power gauntlet (Gives him the power to defeat the Hulk), his Stark Armor given to him by Iron Man (AKA Iron Spider), the Utilitarian final costume, the Carnage gear and his 2099 suit and Spiderman would be the most powerful combatant on the field.

    Given the pliancy and malleability of each costume, with the costume and material splicing ability of the symbiote and Spiderman would be rendered invulnerable. Not only would he be protected against any physical harm, but his physical speed, strength, stamina and aggression would increase exponentially beyond known levels (The Gauntlet alone gave him the strength to punt the Hulk to the moon). With his psychic attacks and ability for interstellar flight at speeds exceeding Mach V, there is little the opposition can accomplish.

    Likewise Batman would equip his powered exosuit that allowed him to go toe to toe with Superman in hand to hand combat.

    – – –

    Based on their respective attribute enhancing artifacts, Marcus Fenix would be destroyed early in the fight with little resistance, leaving Link alone and scared against one veritable Demi-God and a Bat in an armored exoskeleton capable of giving Krypton’s favorite son a good thrashing.

  13. HeroofTime85 January 1, 2009 at 10:38 pm -      #13

    Here we go, this’ll be fun. Link could easily get rid of the symbiote. A symbiote’s two weaknesses are fire and sonic. Link could use din’s fire, getting rid of that threat immediately. Also, with what you said, Spiderman would be defenseless as magneto with wolverine if Link used the magnetic gloves.

    Spiderman may be close to invulnerable like this, but he doesn’t have literal invulnerability. He will eventually tire out, while Link stays strong. especially considering that he can’t touch Link without being hurt by the staff of byrna because it both keeps Link invulnerable and hurts any enemy to get into the radius about Link’s size. This alone would allow Link’s victory. You also forget about magic. Link could humor himself by using Quake or Magic Powder, turning Spiderman and Batman into jelly sacks.

    I would like to know more about this exoskeleton if you’ll tell me, because I know a good deal about Batman, but I don’t know about that. This is now fun.

  14. L-W January 2, 2009 at 1:09 am -      #14

    Here are the first few problems:

    1) Since Carnage and venom melded in the X series comics, the new symbiote suit harnessed an immunity to fire and anything but the most violent and bowel churning frequencies. Any attempt to disorient them with any form of high decibel sound wave would render anyone in the immediate area deafened. Coupled with the fact that the Iron Spider suit absorbs disproportionate amounts of heat with ease and that point has just been nullified.

    2) The Magnetic gloves only effect objects that have been previously magnetized or polarized by extreme magnetism (Magnetized spheres etc.), couple this with their limited range and power and they’ll hardly affect the nature of the fight beyond Spiderman making a wry quip towards Links choice of fashion.

    And do you honestly think Tony Stark would create an Iron Man suit affected by magnetism? Come on, really now. Both the Extremis Armour and the Iron Spider suit were designed to withstand electromagnetic chambers capable of ionizing the Iron content within the blood stream itself, tearing most normal human apart.

    A pair of Gloves will do squat.

    3) Combine the Hulk crushing strength of the Gauntlets, the regenerative capacity of the Symbiote, the 2099 ability to remain impervious to plasma, laser, alternate universe magic and psychic attacks and allow for an infinite well of stamina, Carnage’s ability to revive his fallen hosts and perform telekinesis, psychokinesis and shape shift, round it all up with the Iron Spider that grants every bit of the power of the power of the Iron Man Extremis Armour and you have a Spiderman that will remain invulnerable to anything either Link or Marcus can perform. Thanks to the splicing capacity of the Symbiote suit which essentially recombines the best traits of multiple systems in one simple package.

    In each case Spiderman is not only stronger than Link (Even more so than the Fierce Deity), but faster, has a higher degree of stamina, can only grow stronger as the fight progresses, can heal from any wound instantly (IF he can be hit), is impervious to magic and psychic attacks, can continue to fight even when his internal organs have ceased functioning, including his heart (Thanks to Carnage), and can see and know every event upon the battlefield to a level of pre-cognition that not even “Spider-Sense” could match.

    You say that Link can use the Staff of Byrna, I say that Spiderman enters orbit and razes the entire battlefield with his high density Repulsor beams in a repeated orbital bombardment. In which case I would put more money on Spiderman staying in orbit longer (Thanks to the power entropy of the 2099 costume) than Link surviving a firestorm that pulls the oxygen from the environment and suffocates him.

    4) “I would like to know more about this exoskeleton if you’ll tell me, because I know a good deal about Batman, but I don’t know about that. This is now fun.”

    As rude as this may seem, but you cannot claim to know ANYTHING about Batman until you’ve read two of the best novels, “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Batman: The Killing Joke”. That’s all the information you’ll ever need on Batman’s exoskeleton design.

  15. The One Sin January 2, 2009 at 5:32 pm -      #15

    okay. If all of them show up with just the things they would normally have I would have to say link and marcus, especially considering one likes to carry high powered weapons.. But if spiderman has all the crazy sh!t l-w said I would feel differently

  16. HeroofTime85 January 2, 2009 at 8:22 pm -      #16

    This is even more interesting, knowing that both sides have a character that can never permanently die.

    The magnetic gloves do affect more than things previously magnetized (Have you tried them on a Darknut?). Nonetheless, if the suit is impervious to magnetism as you say, this is a needless discussion.

    I’m truly not all that impressed by overpowering the strength of the Hulk seeing as to Kenpachi Zaraki being stronger than him (Kenpachi effortlessly cut a building into half while his zanpoktou weakens his strength and vice versa, while it takes multiple hits with a weapon for the Hulk to destroy a building.) How much does these gauntlets actually improve his strength? You tell me that, then I can understand how much this improves his strength.

    Not that I don’t believe you, but when it comes to some things, I have to see it for myself to believe, so if you would, would you please put a link to a site that tells that the 2099 suit gives him immunity to magic.

    Also, I cannot say that Spiderman is stronger or weaker than Link until I see how much the gauntlets increase his strength (I can do the math from there.) Strength, like with almost anything, is not really important. We cannot say either way who is faster either. I know we can say that their stamina is equal, considering that neither can run out of it. Considering his healing spell, Link can also instantly heal from a wound.

    Also, thanks to not knowing his limits (if any), we truly cannot say how much of a difference of power there is between the Fierce Deity and Spiderman. Since he is a god, I put my money on him. Being the deity he is, he would be able to survive without oxygen. Plus (I may be wrong, I have to check) Link doesn’t need to breath with the Zora Tunic/Armor. I’ll know depending on if there are air bubbles.

    Another advantage Link is given (believe me, I know that Peter Parker is a genius), Link can find anyone’s one weakness. Everyone has one and Link always adapts to eliminate them through that weakness. I’m saving almost all my points right now for later when it comes into play. This is fun. Since I have been given no information on Batman’s exoskeleton, I will get what information I can from the internet.

    Due to Spiderman and Link being unable to permanently die, this may have to come down to a fight between Marcus and Batman, which is easily won by Batman. That is the only conclusion to be possible at this point.

  17. Space marine January 2, 2009 at 10:51 pm -      #17

    Danm, my internet stopped working for a while.
    I was going to say that the A.I on LOZ games is the most stupid i have ever seen.
    And the Magic cape is programmed in the loz games to not make you detectable.

    Of course batman could die in 1/2 bullets what do you expect?
    Link would die from a shotgun.
    The heart container’s should not take part in this arguement.
    Think about a realistic fight.

    Such as, If one person is doing something what is the other person doing while he is doing that.

    The diety make’s the fight pretty unfair so i ask, Can we take it out of the EQUATION?

  18. L-W January 3, 2009 at 12:00 am -      #18

    All right, here we go again. Prepare to be wronged on so many levels.

    1) There is no way that Kenpachi Zaraki is any stronger than the Hulk. Whilst the aforementioned Manga hero was capable of slicing apart a building with a spiritually aided artifact (Since this was not a physical feat, more so an act of magic), the Hulk is capable of merely ramming Skyscrapers with his bare fists and bringing them crumbling to the ground in a single push. Never mind…

    (This is going to be a long, long list)

    …That he could lift an entire Tectonic planets standing amidst an ocean of magma, ‘throw’ a chunk of the Himalayas, destroy an Asteroid twice the size and density of Earth with a single punch that bore straight through the center, sank an entire coastline with a misplaced step, knocked Superman into the sun, compressed Doomsday to an astral anomaly sized pin prick, lifted and kicked the crap out of the Blob (I care not to do the research for you, but you’ll see why it’s ranked so highly amongst his greatest achievements), ripped Wolverine in half, thus being the only being to ever break Adamnatium and ATE Galactus. He actually crushed Galactus into a mouth sized morsel and ate him, gaining his powers.

    I have to say it, but comparing Kenpachi Zaraki to the Hulk was the greatest fallacy you’ve made today, and it’s not even lunch time yet (Not for me anyway).

    2) Either way, the Gauntlets gave him the strength to pulverize the WWH incarnation of the Hulk into submission and send him crashing into the Moon with a single throw. Not a minor feat unto itself.

    3) This was Spiderman immune to magic BEFORE the 2099 costume.

    The mark of the Red Sonja transgressed into all later incarnations of the Spiderman series, including the Generation X and 2112 Comics. Especially when he defeated the ‘Alternate’ Green Goblin, who was a pixie that used magic instead of technology.

    4) If you wish to formulate a basis of the Gauntlets strength, it allowed Spiderman the strength to actually throw the Blob. Making both the Hulk and Spiderman the only two individuals known to ever lift him (Something that Superman failed to achieve.) against his will.

    Now take it from me as an expert on calculating density phenomena in large astral bodies (Which is what draws me to string theory so blindly), when calculating the density and mass of a being that can create a mono-directional gravity field extending five feet from his center of balance (Essentially he can infinitely multiply his density to the point that he’s a Black Hole), thus threatening the entire universe by creating such a dense field of mass that he can collapse existence onto itself, it’s best to start off smaller and work your way up.

    I suggest you work on the Hulk and move up slowly, because if you even try and calculate the density of the Blob and post an answer, I’ll know you’re lying.

    5) On a previous thread I calculated and proven that if you were to average all the speed boosts and upgrades as a single compendium (Since each Zelda game contradicts the other), Link could possibly achieve speeds in excess of 30km/h.

    I recently attempted the same calculation with the Fierce Deity glitch (The one allows you to exit a Boss arena as the Fierce Deity) and found that despite his magnitude, the Fierce Deity can only reach speeds no greater than 50-60Km/h, despite the fact that the Fierce Deity animation was somewhat poorer than usual.

    In the Iron Spider suit, Tony Stark was seen challenging Iron Spider to a race, in which despite Iron Man defeating Spiderman and leaving him trailing in the dust, the Iron Spider could travel in excess of 300km/h on land and in air. Even without the attribute enhancing strength of both the symbiote and the Iron Spider, Spiderman can still run at speeds of up to 50m/s and perform leaps of up to 91.5m/s in single bounds. He is blindingly fast.

    6) The Zora Tunic/Mask was designed to allow Link to BREATHE underwater, granting him the ability to draw Oxygen from water (How do you think fish survive?) in a way that allows his body to easily perform cellular respiration, without disabling or impeding him beyond the point that he cannot physically maneuver within an aquatic environment (i.e. Drowning).

    At over 200-300 °C, a firestorm not only draws oxygen from the immediate environment, but evaporates all water vapor in the immediate area (Which is why conventional fire fighting attempts are often futile). Not only would Link suffocate within the confines of an atmosphere minus its oxygen, but we seem to have skipped the first and most logical step of them all. A fire at over 300 °C tends to have an effect upon Organisms called “Burning”.

    This process tends to kill most creatures on our planet, if not all.


    7) The problem with calling the Fierce Deity a God is that he possesses none of the traits that characteristically define a being as being a God, which include omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnibenevolence. Not only that, but if we looked at the Fierce Deity/Link hybrids true name (From the original Japanese translation) it is actually On-Link. An Oni (In Japanese lore) being a mischievous spirit of the forest, that exists within Goblins and Trolls.

    Is the Fierce Deity *A* God? No. Is the contents of the Majora mask of God-like descent? Most likely. Does the spirit within the Mask proportionally transform Link into a larger stronger version of himself? Of course.

    Essentially the Spirit within the mask metamophosizes Link until he is of suitable size and strength to defeat his enemies, it physically alters him by interdicting upon his currently known biological and physiological aptitude and manipulates (Or maligns) his known physical limits. Essentially it’s just ‘Raising the Bar’.

    The Fierce Deity can still be hurt though, as it is only an extension of Link, just as it still needs to breathe because without doing so his physical body would cease to function; and the host body for the Fierce Deity would be no more. Evidenced by the fact that when swinging his sword, he grunts or screams; and when taking damage he inhales in pain or shock, thus proving that despite his physical strength, Link AS the Fierce Deity still needs Oxygen to function (Couple with his anatomy to do so).

    8) “Another advantage Link is given (believe me, I know that Peter Parker is a genius), Link can find anyone’s one weakness. Everyone has one and Link always adapts to eliminate them through that weakness.”

    Apparently you’ve been under a rock for you’re entire life, because oddly enough that is how every protagonist in every game, movie, story, play and piece of literature in this history of mankind has defeated an opponent or antagonist.

    Spiderman discovered Venoms weakness to overcome him, Superman uncovered General Zods weakness to defeat him, Master Chief pulverized a Prophet, Hercules defeated a Hydra, Zeus imprisoned the Titans, Odysseus overpowered the Cyclops, David Linen uncovered the secret of defeating the Crab People, Barry Nirven learned how to defeat the Ringworld overlords, Harry freaking Potter has done so frequently, David Bowman overcame the HAL 9000, Gandalf outsmarted Sauron, Holden Caulfield, Ishmael, Jack Reacher, Dante (Of Inferno fame, not the game series), Neo, Ellen Ripley, Van Helsing…

    This list will go on and an on until either one of us dies. Just read Checkhov’s famous thesis on story structure and you’ll see that in no way is Link special in this regard.

  19. HeroofTime85 January 3, 2009 at 1:49 am -      #19

    It is an ability of Link. It’s like taking Kharne’s armor away from him. Link has survived far worse than a shotgun. I admit defeat because this is gonna have to be decided between a fight between Batman and Marcus Fenix. There is no other way to have a conclusion.

  20. admin January 3, 2009 at 2:45 am -      #20

    @L-W – another excellent post!

  21. L-W January 3, 2009 at 3:12 am -      #21

    Thanks admin, and before I forget, I wish you the best of luck in your online endeavors with 2009.

  22. Space marine January 3, 2009 at 8:25 am -      #22

    Suck-up………lol kiddin.
    In the fenix vs batman I’ll go with batman because he always researches his foes before he strikes.

  23. HeroofTime85 January 3, 2009 at 9:32 pm -      #23

    I got many things to say although I had said before, due to Spiderman and Link being unable to permanently die here it would be a Marcus Fenix vs Batman in the end. Thus I give the overall victory to Spiderman and Batman. I know when I have confronted a loss and I won’t deny one. I do however have to say a few things.

    First thing is about Kenpachi Zaraki. (First thing is that I’m excited to see the fight between him and Ichinoe, I might have misspelled his name. Kenpachi’s zanpoktou weakens him and he weakens his zanpoktou due to being unable to work together. Zaraki also weakens himself in many other ways, I have a good deal to say so I won’t go into that. His spiritual pressure is great enough to where most are unable to cut him. It doesn’t truly effect his attacks. Although he is capable of focusing it into a shockwave. Due to being the combat squad, squad 11 does not use Kidou. Kenpachi does not use Kidou. Kenpachi effortlessly sliced through the building. I also thought of leg strength. Although there is a size and weight difference I do realize, Kenpachi has leg strength to where it seems as if he disappears. Hulk jumps incredibly fast and far but not as fast. I realize that I didn’t consider weight there so that is my mistake. Of course, I did actually go by the game for this although I usually don’t. In the game it takes many blows with a weapon to bring down a building. I had not known about ripping Wolverine in half though. That’s an amazing feat.

    Also thank you for showing me the site. That’s what I needed to see.

    Also, I have disregarded some of your calculations for LoZ due to the fact that I go by books and mangas instead of games. They bring clearer facts. They also do not weaken the character to the point that a player can control their actions. Link is faster in the mangas as with the Fierce Deity being a god. Hercules is a god, yet he shows few to no signs of it. Link’s body seems to be replaced by the other body, while retaining everything that the previous body has. It also seems to put the person the mask is of’s complete being into Link in these states (I know that that sentence is hard to understand.) Although Link did the impossible by resisting the masks ability to turn the wearer evil, it caused major aggression. Link had previously never killed any human, but he killed the four children in the moon. Also when one hit is made by Majora, it doesn’t even affect him. Link gains the entire being of the mask he puts on. Almost everything is unknown about the Fierce Deity. They seriously weakened the Fierce Deity on th game. I want Nintendo to make a game on the Fierce Deity, but until then, we know no extents. You most likely know this but in japanese, oni means ogre demon (I know cuz I looked up the actual definition.)

    Many who don’t need oxygen make battle cries. I’m suprised that you would bring up something as pointless as this, for instance Freiza from Dragonball Z has no need for oxygen, yet when he is hit extremely hard, he inhales in pain.

    Like I said, I might be wrong about the Zora armor/ tunic, I currently cannot check due to the fact that the other night my brother spilled Mountain Dew all over my Gamecube. If you will, I’d like you to check to see if there are air bubble for both when underwater. If not, this shows that the armor and tunic make it so that there is no need for oxygen because if Link had to breath, air bubbles would come out.

    Yes, I know all heroes have to find some weakness, but usually after a big defeat, Link immediately finds it unlike most. Such as where Hercules was hurt severely before finding the weakness of the Hydra. I need not say more.

    Like I said before, it will come down to a Batman vs Marcus in which Marcus will lose. Noone will in this case anyway, noone actually dies knowing the fact that Batman, Spiderman, and Link normally don’t kill people with the exception of Ganondorf, Vaati, Koume and Kotake and such. I admit defeat because Marcus’s weakness is the only way to conclude this. Link and Spiderman will not be able to die permanently. This concludes my veiw of this fight.

  24. L-W January 4, 2009 at 4:13 am -      #24

    1) Kenpachi is far from the fastest character in Bleach, the honor of which would certainly go to Byakuya, who actually has a grasp of Kido. The issue is, leg strength does not determine speed, merely the propelled inertia of body mass through space. The greater the mass, the greater the inertia upon impact, which results in tissue damage and increases the likelihood of collision.

    Speed is determined by the mechanics of an athletes body, which when you consider that the Hulk can instantly regenerate from any tissue damage, would be of little consequence to him. Allowing him to push his considerable weight harder and faster.

    If you were to read World War Hulk (Arguably one his middle powered incarnations), he collapsed a building just by leaning on it, after giving Iron Man an his Hulk Buster suit a solid beating. When you consider that the guy punched clean through over twelve sextillion tons of rock, iron, copper, diamond and highly potent ferrous material in a single strike, a building is going to be of little consequence.

    2) Kenpachi uses a process of physical transcendence to manipulate space and time so that he may appear where he wishes to in a form of teleportation that is not limited to speed. When using his physical incarnation, he is not incredibly fast by any Marvel standard.

    The Hulk in his weakest incarnation, for example, can sprint at speeds in excess of 500km/h; and when leaping can utilize his already accelerated mass to leap at distances four to five miles at a time at 600-700Km/h, whilst achieving heights of one to two miles. A later version of the Hulk once caused Pre-Crisis Superman to gasp in disbelief as to how fast he was, stating that he was the fastest being that he has witnessed other than a Kryptonian.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly never been complimented by a being who could tear a hole in the fabric of reality with his speed alone.

    3) The calculations upon the previous threads were based on the fact that the creators have delivered no actual canonical, therefore a true scientific analysis was undertaken to present a correct, to at least, objective understanding of a hypothesis. The purposeful effort of this work was disclose the conjecture you were using to such an ample degree in the previous discussion.

    The fact that you were using a licensed video game to form an objective comparison of the Hulk entity (When the more canonically suitable comics are considered to be of greater significance), shows that both the irony and the stifling hypocrisy are lost upon you.

    There are only three foreseeable options in regards to this.
    A) Cease the conjecture.
    B) Accept the thesis.
    C) Challenge with and present one of your own.

    4) Hercules was not a God, he was an Agra Maia, a spirit born as the result of a God and a Human in a deified conception. Exceptionally powerful, yet still bound by conventional mortal restraints.

    It was not until he died and fell to the Underworld, that Zeus resurrected him as Herakles, a Demi-God born to serve the Pantheon of Olympus. If anything, the Fierce Deity lies between the mortal and immortal incarnation of Hercules, too deified to be considered a mortal entity, but certainly does not fulfill the criterion of a Demi-God (And far from being a God himself).

    I’ve heard the Fierce Deity be refered to as a God within the context of the Zeldaverse, but this strikes me as a paradigm to the Mayan precepts, which saw the Sun as a literal God entity. We know that our nearest Star is not a God, for a dense fissile mass of Hydrogen certainly does not meet the standards of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnibenevolence we imbue upon sentient deities.

    But as we know, the Mayans were viewing our Sun from a limited viewpoint of practical knowledge. Likewise, the mere mortals present in the archaic world of Zelda would certainly view something along the lines of such a spiritual manifestation as an act of God.

    Sorry, but not meeting the correct criteria in any respect does not equal a God.

    5) Coming from someone who has showed a so far limited knowledge of even basic Biology. Frieza (At least spell it correctly) generates aerobic reactions from a gas present during his species evolution upon their home planet, which although contains Oxygen, could contain any number of single digit gaseous elements unknown to even the Dragon Ball Z periodic table. Frieza has been shown to somehow generate an aura even when traveling through a vacuum, that replicates an atmosphere suitable for him to breathe in, thus logically stating that he still needs to perform aerobic (And sometimes anaerobic) respiration.

    Oxygen in its purest form kills most Earth Organisms, which is a result of our evolution upon a planet that has so far been a composition of Nitrogen, Oxygen and various other gases present in the atmosphere (Argon, Boron etc.).

    Grunting during physical exertion is the process of rapidly inhaling and exhaling air to perform cellular respiration during periods of intense physical tenure. This allows the body to operate during brief stints of anaerobic activity where the Oxygen monoxide molecule cannot properly diffuse amongst the blood stream. Combat would be included within this definition.

    The process of grunting (E.g. A Sword swing) and screaming (E.g. Pain) are indicative of the body suffering a build of lactic acid, which prevents the muscles from safely operating under physical duress. An aerobic cellular reaction allows the body to briefly maintain lactic acid levels, whilst processing glucose and stimulating the adrenal cortex to produce the Hydroxide molecule Epinephrine (Adrenaline).

    Equally, speech is another indicator of a respiratory system within Organisms. To formulate audible speech, air needs to be inhaled as the particle medium for attuned vibration, which requires the presence of lungs and a diaphragm, which then need to resonate over vocal cords and vocal folds. None of which would ever atrophy in an organism requiring the use of audible vocalization as a means of communication. Especially when the Fierce Deity is merely an extension of Links anatomy; and not a precept to any significant physical alterations.

    6) Do Fish blow bubbles? No, because the Oxygen they draw from the Water is dissolved and does not exist as its gaseous form present in a terrestrial atmosphere. There is a particular species of fish called labyrinth fish that draw air whilst feeding from the surface of the water, in addition to drawing O2 out of the water via the use of their Gills. But I digress.

    This incident occurs where gaseous air is trapped within their gills or mouth mouth of an aquatic species, and forcefully exits via gaseous expansion. Thus fooling your average Joe into thinking that they are blowing bubbles.

    The Tunic somehow extracts dissolved Oxygen similar to the Gills of a Fish, returning Carbon and Nitrogen Oxides to the immediate environment. If Link were to be using his Lungs for such a feat, he would undergo Hypoxia upon immediate surface re-entry and die of cardiac arrest. Link is tough, but not above the basic respiratory principles of drowning or asphyxiating.

    Until you attain a greater grasp of biology, then such arguments would be futile on your part.

    7) Hercules, wow. Do you have another example out of the literal billions of Protagonists within literary history to disprove me?

    How about Hal 9000? It determined a full and comprehensive list of how to destroy its masters before it was even activated, Skynet knew how to kill humanity before it became totally sentient, Odysseus knew how to slay the Sirens long before even encountering them. Heck, even the Monolith knew what to do with Humanity several billions years before life could evolve on Earth. Just face it, you’re now arguing an invalid point of no substance out of some inane stubbornness.

    This ‘trait’ is not unique to Link, it is in fact such a common principle in literature for writing protagonists and antagonists that is literally makes Link just another brick in the wall of a vast library of known fiction.

  25. Tim January 4, 2009 at 1:58 pm -      #25

    I’ve been on holiday for few days and already this is pretty much out of my league! I didn’t know all about those extra things for Batman and Spiderman but although Marcus wouldnt last long I think Link would still win. Plus Spiderman wouldn’t be able to wear all those suits at once, nor would he be able to change as fast as Link. I don’t think gorons need oxygen to breath so even if the oxygen was sucked out Link could just change into his goron form to avoid that and any burning affects that come with it too(gorons are virtually immune to heat damage). Spiderman probably wouldnt have brought most of that stuff anyway.

  26. =[BF]=JimmieRox January 4, 2009 at 5:34 pm -      #26

    Right, firstly, happy new year everyone. Secondly, I love all these characters, except for Link, really not a fan! But I have to go with my time honored favourite and give Batman, and Spiderman, the win. Also, Link gets out his fierce deity mask and Spiderman swipes it and throws it in the river, end of Fierce Deity.

  27. =[BF]=JimmieRox January 4, 2009 at 6:28 pm -      #27

    ps I think Batman and Spiderman could probably beat Fenix with just the equipment and suits the have in their first appearances although the Batman in the Azrael suit would own majorly! Especially if it was Bruce Wayne because he was always better than Jean-Paul Valley. Also, Iron Spider, pure stompage!

  28. HeroofTime85 January 4, 2009 at 7:03 pm -      #28

    I never said he was the fastest. The honor does not go to Byakuya, it goes to Yoruichi. She basically taught him flash step techniques. She is also known as “goddess of flash”. I’ve already said that I wasn’t thinking about mass, therefore Hulk has to use more leg strength to go fast, there is no need to push this further. Kenpachi, being of squad 11, does not use flash step. Look it up for yourself if you do not believe me.

    I know and I admitted my mistakes, which you seem to be unable to do. I told that I most likely was wrong because of using that, and that he would most likely be better in the comics.

    This is first a Zelda universe thing. The Fierce Deity does not have to fit your description to be what he is. There is always an exception. Cyborgs, many things speak, make battle cries, grunt, do all this stuff while they don’t require oxygen. You push things farther than they have to go, I might add. You try to compare anything from another universe to the real world. The whole reason we play many of these games is to get away from the real world. It’s really sad that you’re going to these extents just to push something you’ve already won even farther. It’s also rather humorous.

    I’m thinking with an open mind, but just like these evolutionists, you think that everything must have a logical answer that makes sense to us. The masks turn Link into the actual beings that are within the masks. If it was an actual extention of Link’s anatomy, he would not be immune to poison like he is in his Deku scrub form. Link becomes these actual things.

    You are also showing what I mentioned earlier, by trying to find out how the Tunic and armor work to a logical sense to us. These questions truly have no answer. You just can’t seem to except something that you do not understand yourself.

    I was trying to use an example you gave me. I don’t know what all you know about, and you mentioned some of the things I know little about. I could use many examples from other things, but you might not know of them. Such as with square enix, I know many examples for their games, for instance how Sora defeated Larxene after being beat to a pulp in the mangas for KH: COM. Btw, I read mangas more than comic books, so relations to them might make comparisons easier for me. Eitherway, I’ve admitted that due to it coming to a Marcus vs Batman, Spiderman and Batman would win. What more are you wanting?

  29. L-W January 4, 2009 at 8:24 pm -      #29

    “Plus Spiderman wouldn’t be able to wear all those suits at once”

    Wrong. The symbiote takes the best of the original cloth suits and combines all their best properties to form a hybrid suit, which is then supported by the Extremis armor that acts as an exoskeleton to the whole ensemble. Given that the combatants have been given the time to prepare for combat, Spiderman should be able to attain all of his canonical suits in a similar manner as to how Link can a full arsenal from every game at one (Despite the fact that the items are never consistently depicted or kept from game to game).

    “don’t think gorons need oxygen to breath so even if the oxygen was sucked out Link could just change into his goron form”

    Wrong, again. Whenever you approach water as a Goron form you immediately drown, as the Gorons being an organism, still require some sort of gaseous molecule for aerobic respiration. Perhaps Gorons have a permeable skin designed to draw oxygen from the water, perhaps they can slow down their rate of aerobic respiration underwater, perhaps they can withstand Hypoxia since their “lungs” are hardened much like the rest of their external structure,

    Either way, the Goron need some sort of aerobic respiration.

    Also, this is what tends to happen to rock struck by a repulsor beam. Yep, Goron skin or no, he’s going down.

    I deem your post a Timfail: For excellence in the pursuit of ultimate fail.

  30. L-W January 4, 2009 at 10:18 pm -      #30

    For someone who omitted to be wrong, you sure hate to drop it, don’t you?

    1) A Cyborg by definition is a partially Organic machine with both natural and artificial augmentations, thus the term “Cyb-” (Cybernetic) “-Org” (Organism). Not really the best defense is it, considering it requires some air to augment its artificial strength.

    2) “The Fierce Deity does not have to fit your description to be what he is. There is always an exception.”

    I anticipated this response, which is why I bought up the example of the Mayans worshiping the Sun itself as a literal God. Which in a modern theological context makes them wrong.

    So unless you can redefine the parameters of the modern interpretation of the theological equivalent of what a God is, then you are wrong also.

    3) “You push things farther than they have to go, I might add. You try to compare anything from another universe to the real world. The whole reason we play many of these games is to get away from the real world. It’s really sad that you’re going to these extents just to push something you’ve already won even farther. It’s also rather humorous.”

    Simple minds, simple pleasures, right?

    The sign of an advanced debater is their ability to take the concept beyond its current precepts to disprove or validate a thesis; and ground it once again within the realms of the original debate. By taking it a step further I’m capable of conceiving new parameters that then enlighten the entire debate and fulfill the requirements of intellectual acknowledgment.

    If we stuck by your methods (“My Daddy is Bigger than yours” etc.) of using supposition, \ we would still be scrabbling around in the dirt, eating the left overs of other Predators; but by pushing your grounded concepts far enough, you begin harness tool making, mathematical reasoning and even flight (All the great stuff of Modern Humanity). If we don’t push then nothing is achieved. And if we don’t push a debate far enough then nothing is learned.

    The only problem is that you have yet to catch up. Don’t confuse having a Brain with having too much time.

    4) “The masks turn Link into the actual beings that are within the masks. If it was an actual extention of Link’s anatomy, he would not be immune to poison like he is in his Deku scrub form. Link becomes these actual things.”

    More baseless supposition. What if it increases his immunity to poison? What if his exceeded mass removes the potency of the poison (In much of the same manner as to many large Animals are immune to Snake Venom)? What if it is simply removes the allergens that cause negative reaction to certain toxins or poisons?

    You’re still not thinking logically enough.

    5) “You are also showing what I mentioned earlier, by trying to find out how the Tunic and armor work to a logical sense to us. These questions truly have no answer. You just can’t seem to except something that you do not understand yourself.”

    Actually that description suits yourself more.

    A logical person attempts to place a valid answer or reason to certain events (Which is why I adopted Atheism in the same sense), rather than simply saying “That’s how it works, but we’ll never know why or the mechanics”. Now in regular circumstances, Link drowns underwater because he is physiologically humanoid in stature. when he wears this Tunic it somehow magically attunes his body to operate underwater, I accept that the Tunic magically alters his body, but it must allow him to breathe in some manner.

    That’s an example of Occam’s Razor, the simplest and most logical solution is generally the right one.

    6) Then by mentioning narratives from other video games and anime, you’re inadvertently concluding my own point. Literature is full of examples of different archetypes, but the one trait you associated with Link happens to be the same one most commonly present in the protagonist archetype.

    7) “I’ve admitted that due to it coming to a Marcus vs Batman, Spiderman and Batman would win. What more are you wanting?”

    It’s not what I want, it’s what is right. Lest to say I didn’t argue in the favor of Star Wars because I wanted Star Wars to win, I knew it would win. I didn’t put forth evidence for the Space Marine because I wanted him to kill Master Chief, I knew the Marine would win anyway.

    The point in debates is to take this knowledge and foresight and use analytical evidence to make other people see the same thing. This is how events are studied and analyzed, known and understood, practiced for generations and become a truth.

    When the Large Hadron Collider was conceived, they didn’t think it would be cool to smash protons together “Really fast”, they did so because they knew there was a truth to be found in the experiment. Likewise, Edison did not invent the light bulb to prove people wrong and score points, he knew there was a truth in his invention and like all truth it needed to be known.

    The truth being that is got incredibly dark at night and made it bloody impossible to see.

    Even if we are discussing video games, I see no reason to lower myself to this standard you expect of me, which usually devolves to “My character is right and yours is wrong”. Otherwise, you should return the Cave and shriek at the sight of your own shadow, the rest of us will go about happily using the brain given to us through millions of years of evolution.

  31. Matapiojo January 4, 2009 at 11:55 pm -      #31

    “he masks turn Link into the actual beings that are within the masks. If it was an actual extention of Link’s anatomy, he would not be immune to poison like he is in his Deku scrub form. Link becomes these actual things.”

    Hey Hero, you have constantly made reference to this point in many other matches. I think you are incorrect. All I have been able to find is references that indicate Link taking on properties of the mask he wields at the time, NOT that he becomes the being within the mask.

    Please provide me with your reference that informs of Link actually becoming said beings from wearing a mask rather than adopting its attributes before making this argument once more.

  32. Tim January 5, 2009 at 4:39 am -      #32

    “I deem your post a Timfail: For excellence in the pursuit of ultimate fail” ha ha thats genius L-W. Hopefully it won’t become something i’m well known for lol!

  33. WTF OMG ITS A SPARTAN January 6, 2009 at 1:17 pm -      #33

    heres how it would go
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  34. L-W January 6, 2009 at 7:28 pm -      #34

    Is that how you see the world?

    Poor boy, you should really a Doctor because you could be suffering from a genuine learning disability, most likely dyslexia. If you don’t correct it now the repercussions in later life could be immense.

  35. WTF OMG ITS A SPARTAN!!! January 7, 2009 at 1:51 am -      #35

    you no i dont think i care wat you say because i know theirs a great chance that your a 40 nerd that lives in your dead mothers basement.

  36. L-W January 8, 2009 at 2:25 am -      #36

    I wish! Do you know how much you can get for life insurance in Israel? I would be bordering on millionaire caliber income and luxury.

    Heck, I’d just give up my independence just for the free food. Unlike you I have a brain, therefore sociological conditioning dictates that I must use this brain to contribute to the welfare of society and humanity in general by working; and paying my dues over the course of my natural working life. It sucks, but a wall is made of many individual bricks. Thus comes the burden of being an intelligent member of society.

    “you no i dont think i care wat you say”

    It’s gratifying to know that you have trouble acknowledging you own thoughts, something that even the most base of mentally competent individuals can internally express, which seems to be a strong indicator of a learning disability, or perhaps some sort of mental disability such as schizophrenia.

    Or you’re just an idiot.

    Personally I favour the latter option.

  37. Matapiojo January 8, 2009 at 8:17 am -      #37

    “Personally I favour the latter option.”

    The motion is passed.

  38. marche January 17, 2009 at 12:55 am -      #38

    meh,the post made me chuckle.

  39. The One Sin January 18, 2009 at 11:10 am -      #39

    WTF OMG ITS A SPARTAN!!!:”heres how it would go
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    I…..What are you trying to….What in god’s did you just try to do? At first I thought it was an attempt at using HTML code but you know I don’t know what to make of what I saw. May god have mercy on your soul because we sure don’t.

    L-w:”I wish! Do you know how much you can get for life insurance in Israel?”

    Israeli, huh? My deduction of your description of your trip to sydney led me to believe you were from england because yo made no mention of the middle east, but then again maybe you don’t live in israel. Thanks you guys for the uzi and kudos to your special forces.

  40. L-W January 18, 2009 at 10:24 pm -      #40

    Well my parents are originally from Israel, but we moved to London whilst I was five. We lived there for a sometime until I finished high school, so I underwent my first bout of tertiary education and then I backpacked my way to Australia soon after. I settled in Melbourne for a brief period and decided to make it a permanent venture, so I enrolled in the university of Melbourne to finish my education where I now frequently interlope between here, London (Family and business) and Israel where my Parents now live. With any luck I won’t be caught out and forced to serve my mandatory conscription into the IDF.

    And yes, we were happy to provide both the Uzi and Cell Phone (So you can shoot up some suckers whilst giving your Mum a call). But we apologize for Windows NT.

  41. admin January 18, 2009 at 10:40 pm -      #41

    @L-W “But we apologize for Windows NT.” – I think that’ the greatest statement ever made on this site.

  42. =[BF]=JimmieRox January 19, 2009 at 5:18 pm -      #42

    hehe, agreed Mr Admin

  43. The Chosen One February 1, 2009 at 12:42 am -      #43

    Spider Man is really good at losing fights but Batman can put up a fight. I dont know who links ally is but i think Link with a can win if the odds are even (2v2)

  44. =[BF]=JimmieRox February 1, 2009 at 7:14 am -      #44

    Oh dear, here we go again! Seriously, these Link fanboys are as bad as MC’s, just there’s less of them.

  45. Scenario February 6, 2009 at 10:03 pm -      #45

    The problem is that we’re not talking about any single Link. This is ultimate Link with all items from all games. Some of these items weren’t meant to be used together. For instance, A Link to the Past features the staff of byrna, an item that protects Link from all damage until his magic runs out or he turns it off. Then look at Majora’s Mask, where he has the chateau romoni, a potion that gives him infinite magic for 3 days, but no magical defense to use it with.

    Two different items used by two different Links, but ultimate Link has both, rendering him untouchable for 3 days while he can still attack. Since ultimate Link is just a fan theory and not canon, we should probably choose a specific Link in the future. That said, Phantom Hourglass Link can stop time and still attack. Enjoy.

  46. Cpt Olimar February 7, 2009 at 12:07 am -      #46

    haha really? You mean Link has a more rigged ability now than Fierce Deity? He can stop time AND use firece deity if we assume ultimate link. If stopping Time literally means… you can keep everybody frozen for a million years… then how could he ever lose? lol He could only not win.
    I havent played this zelda game… how long can/does the time stop last for?

  47. Scenario February 7, 2009 at 3:24 pm -      #47

    The time stop lasts about 10 seconds, but it requires his fairy companion to give him a “phantom sphere”. She typically gives him one whenever she feels like it (read: boss battles) and she has an infinite number.

    Also, should the player collect a certain number of gems he can augment his shield with magic, let his sword shoot energy beams, or set his sword on fire. He can switch between these abilities at will (on the pause screen).

  48. Jack Yoder April 15, 2009 at 8:10 pm -      #48

    i’d say this would have to go to spidey and batman but the only chance the other side has is that S and B arn’t used to killing which link and obviously marcus are.

  49. FierceDeity888 April 29, 2009 at 11:06 pm -      #49

    I have to go with Link and Marcus. Spidy may present a problem, but seeing as to how Batman and Spidey can’t possibly kill Link (without killing themselves), Team 1 would win.

  50. Captain Epic August 25, 2009 at 9:47 pm -      #50

    I am goingwith Link’s team after Link, Cloud vs. Dante and Kratos finding out his abilites! I think his team gets the easy win.

  51. AHEM September 2, 2009 at 10:56 pm -      #51

    Well, if Batman and Spider-man have all the techno-gear that was described by L-W, I’m leaning towards them for a fairly easy win.

    However, if they didn’t have that equipment, then Link would probably take care of this by himself. Link’s magic would definitely be enough to defeat both of them in that case, given his nigh-invulnerability, especially.

    It isn’t quite fare for Link, though. Marcus isn’t a very strong teammate, just a regular human with a gun. He’d need to have a much stronger helper, say, Ganondorf, to stand a chance against even one of the two Mans with their strength enhancements.

  52. DivineChaos88 September 5, 2009 at 1:52 pm -      #52

    Even with the gear, Spidy and Batman can’t kill Link, that is w/o killin themselves in the process. Either a stalemate or Team 1 wins.

  53. Asger September 16, 2009 at 2:34 pm -      #53

    Damn. L-W your posts are full of win. Thanks for giving my favourite comic character such a convincing arguement.

    Using all those suits Spidey would stomp here. Marcus is a non-factor quite frankly.

  54. AHEM December 11, 2009 at 2:40 pm -      #54

    “Using all those suits Spidey would stomp here. Marcus is a non-factor quite frankly.”

    Yeah, he’s a pretty useless teammate for Link. Ganondorf or maybe MC would have been a better video game representative to help Link out here. The best Fenix could hope for is a one-on-one with Batman, but given BM’s advantage of having prior knowledge and possibly the exosuit, his chances wouldn’t be particularly good there, either.

  55. Sparks December 12, 2009 at 9:02 am -      #55

    I haven’t read too deeply into Spiderman or played every single Zelda installment but if Spiderman does have access do all those suits he’s said to have, then naturally Link gets his pick of items as well. And if Link actually does have some way to freeze time like someone mentioned, then that settles it right there I’d say.

    As for Marcus, I think he’s getting a writeoff treatment a little prematurely. He is outclassed by some of the other contestants in this match absolutely, but on his own merit — he is a battlehardened veteran with unwavering resolve. I mean Marcus is star of the cog army, and deals with some beastly creatures, things of greater size and tenacity than say Bane or the Rhino, etc. Not to say Spiderman/Batman couldn’t deal with the Gears of War enemies. All I mean is I don’t think Marcus should be relegated to “just a guy with a gun” status, on his own right he is a certified badass.

    Also, what kind of weapons would Marcus be getting here, I mean mayhaps the lancer could be written off but a Boomshot, Longshot, Flamer, Hammer of Dawn even. (The fight takes place in Gotham city, the CoG could’ve floated a satelite into Earth’s proximity)

    This aside, if (keyword IF because I haven’t played all of Zelda games) Link can stop time, that’d be the clencher right there.

  56. Tim December 12, 2009 at 10:23 am -      #56

    Plus it’s not like Spiderman and Batman use all those suits and stuff as their standard equipment, and even if they had them they still have no way to counter a time stop from Link. Also Marcus seems to actually have meta-human level strength due to being able to stomp a Locust soldiers head into pieces in one go and being able to overpower Skorge in thier Chainsaw duels.

  57. Sparks December 12, 2009 at 10:28 am -      #57

    What is the exact Item or ability that allows link to stop time though? Just so I’m not reaching for something that isn’t there? And what game was it in, I don’t recall any time freezing things in Ocarine or Majora’s Mask, Windwaker had one scene in the temple though. And I didn’t finish Twilight Princess. So where does he acquire this item/ability?

  58. Scenario December 12, 2009 at 11:44 am -      #58

    “What is the exact Item or ability that allows link to stop time though? Just so I’m not reaching for something that isn’t there? And what game was it in, I don’t recall any time freezing things in Ocarine or Majora’s Mask, Windwaker had one scene in the temple though. And I didn’t finish Twilight Princess. So where does he acquire this item/ability?”

    It’s the Phantom Sword, which was crafted from three pure metals and the Sand of Hours. He gets it, of course, in Phantom Hourglass. By drawing a figure eight, he can stop time. But that’s not all Link can do. Assuming Ultimate Link, he’s invincible (Magic armor, Cane of Byrna, Nayru’s Love), intangible (Magic Cape), can split into four copies (Four Sword), has infinite magic (Chateau Romani), etc. He can reflect projectiles (Mirror Shield, Reflect spell), pull out massive area attacks (Bombos, Ether, Quake, Thunder), heal himself (Life spell), and shoot sword beams (Courage spirit, Fire spell, Sword Beam, Peril Beam).

  59. Sparks December 15, 2009 at 10:25 am -      #59

    Okay so on the grounds of Link stopping time and Marcus being fitted with a viable weapon (not just the lancer) I’ll throw out: Link and Marcus for FP award.

  60. arbiter_117 March 2, 2010 at 11:26 pm -      #60

    Hero of Time Link solos. This is actually pretty spite, as the short time of Nayru’s Love (no CR) is enough for him to easily take down bat and spider. Either that, or a barrage of arrows of fire, ice , or light, as well as Fierce Deity, Giant Mask, and Din’s Fire. One of the above (yes just ONE) would destroy batman and/or spiderman in a few seconds.

  61. Negative Zero August 22, 2010 at 8:28 pm -      #61

    I’ll give this match to team 1 depending on which Link it is and what weapons Marcus has.

  62. CIDE October 13, 2010 at 3:33 pm -      #62

    I’m going to assume all the posts made in this thread were long before any rules about standard equipment and current incarnation were in play. ’cause that’s just one hell of a mess of a thread that I’m looking at up there.

  63. will October 25, 2010 at 4:36 am -      #63

    I don’t get L-W….spidey doesn’t have any of those suits anymore. The symbiote isn’t his, and the iron spidey suit was destroyed…. Even if spidey got any of those suits, Link can become intangible while still being able to swing a Master Sword. It all seems like a moot point.

    It’s like shooting a nuke at deep space, punching air, or walking on water. It’s all a waste of time, and nothing Spidey or Bats can do will nullify a dude that’s intangible.

  64. CIDE October 25, 2010 at 11:07 am -      #64

    I don’t recall the iron spider being destroyed. When did that happen?

    As for Link:
    1: What game did he have intangibility?
    2: What was its limit?

  65. Lowk February 8, 2011 at 1:56 pm -      #65

    “1: What game did he have intangibility?
    2: What was its limit?”

    Not sure what game but its limit is how much Magic he has left.

    Anyway Marcus gets taken out quick leaving Link alone against a bullet dodger with strength enough to punch his head off and a Batman that has already researched him. And despite my dislike for batprep, with it I don’t see Link out gadgeting him. To make matters worse for him he is not composite. My vote goes to team-superH.

  66. Dr. Lowk McNinja January 16, 2012 at 11:02 pm -      #66

    I feel as though Marcus should’ve been someone else, like Solid Snake. Here he just seems outclassed.

  67. StealthRanger January 17, 2012 at 12:11 am -      #67

    Spiderman solos

    Marcus might as well not be here and Link is lacking in physical ability to stand up to Composite Spiderman

  68. DReager1 May 1, 2012 at 8:53 pm -      #68

    I’d say Link takes this match with his sword skills

  69. Richard Rider March 8, 2013 at 12:54 pm -      #69

    Spider-Man will kick Marcus Fenix’s unprotected head off and Batman precedes to run over Link with the Batmobile.

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