Challenge for you!

Challenge for you!

Suggested by MechaFanz

You are now ruler of the City from Blame!. Everything inside the City follows your command. Not only that, but you can choose what kind of ruler you want to be (you can’t change your nature in the middle of challenge).

Available physiologies to choose from:

Try not to make your avatar above planet level in power, to make challenge more fair. Although if you want to have fun, feel free to overpower yourself, you can always try again.

You can steal technology from universes in order to built weapons, but only if you think that either City or you can discover how these technologies work. Also not a single technology carry over in the next round. You start only with City in each round.

Now for challenge. You must try and conquer these universes or races (you do not need to defeat\kill any omnipotent\immortals beings to win, you must just take over most of the known universe. No universe is united against you at first):

Mass Effect.

Halo (current).

Babylon 5.



Mobile Suit Gundam SEED from Gundam.


Star Trek.

Star Wars (EU allowed, New Republic era).

Holy Shounen Trinity.

Supreme Commander.

Warhammer 40K (Current).

Halo (during Forerunners era, you replace the Flood).

Warhammer 40K (during Great Crusade, Imperial Fists already trying to invade the City).

Planetary Annihilation.

Kree and Skrulls (and they united against you) from Marvel.

Space Monsters from Gunbuster.

Total Annihilation.

Warhammer 40K (During War in Heaven).

Dragon Ball Super.

How far can you go?

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8 Comments on "Challenge for you!"

  1. LadyRamkin October 26, 2015 at 4:58 am -      #1

    Whats a “Blame!”?

  2. Rookie October 26, 2015 at 5:13 am -      #2


    “Whats a “Blame!”?”

    Dark sci-fy manga. It’s about how mankind managed to create City (self growing “Dyson sphere” of giant size, which bigger than Solar System by now and have more surface area than all planets in galaxy. It had to use gravity generators in order to just not collapse into supermassive black hole. City even mined alternative dimensions for resources) and then creators of the City dissapear and now defence system of City is out of control and entire place in anarchy. Main hero (he sometimes walkes for years without facing another human) tries to find person with special genes that allows for control of the City.
    This thread gives a good idea about City abilities:
    There was a time when entire block of gravity generatos was destroyed in City. City defence mechanism just rewinded time back and restored generators.
    There is also room of the size of Jupiter in City. Creators used to built defence fleets inside that room. Now it’s fully empty. Like literally empty space.

    As for match Space monsters should be able to stop City IMO, there is a monster that made fully from black hole or something.

  3. oakranger October 26, 2015 at 12:33 pm -      #3

    I’m just going to settle for Dragon physiology

    Don’t think I’ll even survive the first wave since I know nothing about either sides but I could look into it.

  4. Friendlysociopath October 26, 2015 at 2:21 pm -      #4

    How far can you go?

    Funnily enough- I’ve already done most of this for my Ultimate Crossover.
    Star Wars
    the HST
    Dragonball Super
    DC + Marvel
    and even the Whoverse were taken down.

  5. OriginalA October 26, 2015 at 3:09 pm -      #5

    I’m pretty sure that the most powerful thing I can do as an individual given the possible power sets is utilize the fact that I now control The City. That in itself largely makes the physiologies unimportant.

    I’m also relatively certain the The City itself just casually steam rolls everything up to Total Annihilation without even noticing them. Not sure how things go from there actually, but I wouldn’t say that there is a sure bet for TA or 40K. DBS is only remarkable because some wank can lead to Goku being a universal level threat. If not for that it would be considerably less impressive. And the only reason why I think TA has a chance is become complete galactic implosion is possible for then in just a couple of hours. That should be able to destroy the City all at once (baring any reality reset button, which the City does have in some capacity but I’m unsure if it can deploy that level of hax across the entire City after the City has been crushed and I’m unsure how metaphysical the City is in the first place).

    So I’ll take AI physiology in order go make my material body useless (old age is my biggest enemy here), then I’ll sit in a corner of the universe while just having The City slowly consume the universe a planet at a time. By the time The City is noticed by the locals I should probably already have expanded well beyond their capacity to hand The City.

  6. Blaze October 28, 2015 at 6:55 pm -      #6

    Which era stargate we are speaking of?If the Lanteans/Ori/Replicators/Wraiths are fullly powered this is an instawin for stargate.(i do not knwo anything about Blame! but these empires/races are hell tough,especially replicators,even if blame! had superiaor technology,replicators would learn all that shit)
    Dragon ball super?Really,motherloving Super saiyan thunder ultimate god hulkbuster 2.5 lighting super über godness form guys flying around and you wanna defeat them?Gl hf.
    W40K:Not much tech,but they are many and have big guns’n ships.
    Star Wars:Moderate numbers,moderate tech,might have chance.
    Starcraft:So yeah we know that ships from starcraft are crap(no offense blizz),but there are zergs who are badass,they have chance.
    Edit:Ok now I read your comment Rookie they are baddas and everything know replicators,even the asgards couldn’t stop them but they had hell of a tech(Casually collapsing a star into a black hole etc.)And does the city have shields?Because if not The Asgard or the Ta’uri could have fun with nukes,or teleporting wraiths and jaffas inside,(Stargate could unite againts a greater foe,as they did againts the Asurans),so basicly I am a fanboy,but without any fanboysnessines Stargate would win.
    Halo during forerunner era would have chance,their tech could do it,and if everthing else falls they kill them with the halos.And begin again,again.
    So if you question me:I would be an Ethereal Angel, and would take everything expect Stargate or W40K(There are a few a do not know,at the time so please if there are other strong guys let me know),Stargate got a counter for everything I got,Angelic things=Anal surprise from the ori
    Demonic=The same.
    Techy thing?=Replicators,Asurans
    Organic thing with superpowers?=You m8 ot nuked,or eaten by wraiths,or teleported into a blackhole by asgards…I would be unable to conquer/destroy them,they are way too OP,replicators would eat the ship before you notice it.Take control of the systems and people.And then everything has fallon the replicators got a huge ass ship,so they can eat the other universes too…
    W40K:They are fucking many,and destroying the empire would be heressy…
    Star Wars:Huga ass ships,huge ass armies,force using beings who would feel that i come.
    DBS:Goku would fly straight into the ships fusion cores(?) and destroy the with an aimed kamehame…But if not they are fucked by the archengel of the god emperor of humanity:)
    Sorry for the long comment,i think you all got mindfuck by reading it bye:)

  7. Rookie October 29, 2015 at 7:17 am -      #7


    “Because if not The Asgard or the Ta’uri could have fun with nukes”

    Durability aside, you do understand how big City is and why this idea will not work?

    “And does the city have shields?”

    It doesn’t need it.

    Megastructure (the material from which majority of the City made off and you see how close the ceiling are) wasn’t even scratched by this. There was no damage.

    “Take control of the systems ”
    Good luck with that, City defence system perfectly capable to kill hackers.

    Blame! respect thread:

  8. Blaze October 29, 2015 at 5:14 pm -      #8


    “Megastructure (the material from which majority of the City made off and you see how close the ceiling are) wasn’t even scratched by this. There was no damage.”

    So this means strong material for the replicators?

    “Good luck with that, City defence system perfectly capable to kill hackers.”

    Yeah it would be a major setback,but even my brillliant angelic mind couldn’t stop them,slowly but eventually they would learn everything about the city,and then eat it.And with their previus knowledge they would very badass ass-holes.

    if everything falls the ori would use their ascended powers to kill me (#crying in the corner).

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