Metal Sonic Vs Harry Dresden

Metal Sonic Vs Harry Dresden

Suggested by Sauroposeidon

Metal Sonic will go up against Harry Dresden (Dresden Files).

A BankGambling favorite is ambushed by the blue blur’s robotic doppelganger!

Fighting in the city streets of London, will the city survive this duel? Will Harry vanquish yet another foe? Or will Metal Sonic break one of BankGambling’s favored sons against his iron fist?

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115 Comments on "Metal Sonic Vs Harry Dresden"

  1. Jake_Uzumaki October 8, 2015 at 1:02 pm -      #101

    They were alive because they weren’t as close to him when he lost concentration for that brief instant, if the ward had fallen completely then they would have died as they did when he did just that in the later quote. That one broke due to some of his power leaking out through his warding.

    not in this fight but it was from the heat of the fire not it striking something.

  2. Jake_Uzumaki October 8, 2015 at 1:08 pm -      #102

    here we go
    ” I clenched my teeth as the power rose in me. The hairs on my arms stood up straight, and there was a
    kind of buzzing pressure against the insides of my eardrums. My muscles were tensing, almost to the
    point of convulsing in a full-body charley horse. Stars swam in my vision as I raised the blasting rod.
    “Harry!” Elaine gasped. “Don’t be a fool! You’ll kill us all!”
    I heard her, but I was too far gone into the spell to respond. It had to work. I mean, it had worked once
    before. In theory, it should work again if I could just get it to be a little bit bigger.
    I lifted my face and the blasting rod to the sky, opened my throat, and in a stentorian bellow shouted,
    Fire exploded from the tip of the blasting rod, a column of white-hot flame as thick as my hips. It
    surged up into the smoke, burning it away as it went, rising into a fiery fountain a good twenty stories
    high.All magic obeys certain principles, and many of them apply across the whole spectrum of reality,
    scientific, arcane, or otherwise. As far as casting spells is concerned, the most important is the principle of
    conservation of energy. Energy cannot simply be created. If one wants a twenty-story column of fire hot
    enough to vaporize ten-gauge steel, the energy of all that fire has to come from somewhere. Most of my
    spells use my own personal energy, what is most simply described as sheer force of will. Energy for such
    things can also come from other sources outside of the wizard’s personal power.
    This spell, for example, had been drawn from the heat energy absorbed by the waters of Lake
    The fire roared up with a thunderous detonation of suddenly expanding air, and the shock wave from
    it startled everyone into dead silence. The lake let out a sudden, directionless, crackling snarl. In the
    space of a heartbeat the water between where I stood and the next dock froze over, a sudden sheet of
    hard, white ice. ”

  3. Jake_Uzumaki October 8, 2015 at 1:18 pm -      #103

    Acetylene Torch fireball grenade thing used on the Nagoloshi/Skinwalker in Turn Coat, a creature roughly the size of a silverback gorilla in the form it was at the moment of the blast.

    ” In some distant corner of my mind, where my common sense apparently had some kind of
    vacation home, my brain noted with dismay that I had broken into a sprint of my own. I don’t
    remember making the decision, but I was charging out to meet the skinwalker, screaming out a
    challenge in reply. I ran, embracing a rage that was very nearly madness, filling the fire in my
    hand with more and more power that surged higher every time one of my feet hit the ground,
    until it was blazing as bright as an acetylene torch.
    The naagloshi leapt at me, horrible eyes burning and visible from within the veil, its clawed
    arms reaching out.
    I dropped into a baseball player’s slide on my right hip, and brought my shield up at an angle
    oblique to the skinwalker’s motion. The creature hit the shield like a load of bricks and bounced
    up to continue in the same direction it had been leaping. The instant the naagloshii had
    rebounded, I dropped the shield, screaming, “Andi!” and hurled a miniature sun up at the
    skinwalker’s belly.
    Fire erupted in an explosion that lifted the skinwalker another dozen feet into the air, tumbling
    it tail over teakettle—an expression that makes no goddamned sense whatsoever yet seemed
    oddly appropriate to the moment. My nose filled with the hideous scent of burning hair and
    scorched meat, and the naagloshii howled in savage ecstasy or agony as it came tumbling down,
    bounced hard a couple of times, and then rolled to its feet. “

  4. Mea quidem sententia October 8, 2015 at 1:25 pm -      #104

    A jet of fire? Well, thunder is caused by the rapid expansion of air from heat. You’re probably looking at 20,000 K based on the information of the heat generated from lightning. But that’s only if this heat is causing a rapid expansion in the air.

    @Ninja Lowk
    I’m not sure how much energy would be required to produce a crater. Concrete is a composite material, so some things in the concrete may burn sooner than others. Wikipedia had something with regard to fire and concrete. Fortunately, the person who posted this still has the information.

    “Due to its low thermal conductivity, a layer of concrete is frequently used for fireproofing of steel structures. However, concrete itself may be damaged by fire.

    “Up to about 300°C, the concrete undergoes normal thermal expansion. Above that temperature, shrinkage occurs due to water loss; however, the aggregate continues expanding, which causes internal stresses. Up to about 500°C, the major structural changes are carbonation and coarsening of pores. At 573°C, quartz undergoes rapid expansion due to Phase transition, and at 900°C calcite starts shrinking due to decomposition. At 450 – 550°C the cement hydrate decomposes, yielding calcium oxide. Calcium carbonate decomposes at about 600°C. Rehydration of the calcium oxide on cooling of the structure causes expansion, which can cause damage to material which withstood fire without falling apart. Concrete in buildings that experienced a fire and were left standing for several years shows extensive degree of carbonation.

    “Concrete exposed to up to 100°C is normally considered as healthy. The parts of a concrete structure that is exposed to temperatures above approximately 300°C (dependent of water/cement ratio) will most likely get a pink color. Over approximately 600°C the concrete will turn light grey, and over approximately 1000°C it turns yellow-brown. [14] One rule of thumb is to consider all pink colored concrete as damaged, and to be removed.

    “Fire will expose the concrete to gasses and liquids that can be harmful to the concrete, among other salts and acids that occur when fire-gasses get in contact with water.”

    So I’m thinking somewhere up to 1,000°C. Maybe a little more.

  5. Jake_Uzumaki October 8, 2015 at 1:49 pm -      #105

    posted the quote in 102.

  6. Belisaurius October 8, 2015 at 2:04 pm -      #106


    The most complicated part of Metal Sonic is his brain. In all likelihood, that’s what’s going to be effected first.

  7. shadowrider98 October 8, 2015 at 3:37 pm -      #107


    it has been proven(read the past arguemnts) that the targets and effects of the anti tech magic is all random so no it’ll not be effected first,who knows what’ll be effected first.

  8. Ninja Lowk October 8, 2015 at 9:49 pm -      #108

    “it has been proven(read the past arguemnts) that the targets and effects of the anti tech magic is all random so no it’ll not be effected first”

    Only the the passive anti-tech field was proven. The active spell that utilizes it however has always shut-down/broken/T.K.O what ever it has it to the point that the entire machine is inoperational. .
    “no it’ll not be effected first”

    Found this
    “I think I mentioned before how technology doesn’t get along with wizards. Put any kind of intricate machine in a wizard’s presence, and suddenly everything that might go wrong with the machine does go wrong. And that’s when we’re not even trying to make it happen. Electronics generally get hit the hardest, like poor Butters’s computers, but that particular law of magical forces is good across the spectrum.”
    -Cold Days

    Magic and technology don’t get along so well, and the more complex electronic device tended to fall apart most quickly.
    -Small favor

    So regarding the passive random version, the electronics like computers or engines or the most complex parts of him are what’s going to be what getting the worst of it first.

  9. shadowrider98 October 9, 2015 at 10:33 am -      #109

    @Ninja Lowk

    when he stated that I think he means stationary objects since so far all the objects that were destroyed when he was on the scene were stationary objects(cameras,guns and so on)plus they all blew up in different ways and even one camera got lit on fire and they were all not moving.can the magic even destroy/shut down moving machines,especially when they are moving at super sonic speeds? plus distance also varies,since in this match the OP didn’t state how far they were going to start from each other so it’s likely that metal will already be moving at super sonic speeds and would have already revved up his engine so it would only take seconds for him to reach super sonic speeds again when he bumps into harry.I also think that metal could take the damage that is being done to his brain as he had already taken a huge hit like that before at 49:50 ) you can clearly see that he has the back of his head blown off and at 48:31 you can see the heavy damage that metal has endured and yet he is still fully functional,he even got his whole bottom half blown to bits and he stayed fully functional and is still capable of going at super sonic speeds and if none of that works he could just set himself to instantly self destruct and take harry with him.

  10. Ninja Lowk October 9, 2015 at 12:24 pm -      #110

    The qoute came regarding shutting down a jet ski in movement . He isn’t on fire, moving fast would put the anti tech out.

    Distance wise. Up close and he’s dealing with the passive version. from Afar there’s the active definite version.
    “I also think that metal could take the damage that is being done to his brain”

    Except it isn’t like a hit or partially destroying parts of him. The effects result is the thing affected being rendered inoperable.
    “to instantly self destruct and take harry with him.”

    Which would count as a victory for Dresden.

  11. Belisaurius October 9, 2015 at 1:18 pm -      #111


    Except that in the movie all the damage is coming from external sources and have to deal with MS’s armor. Harry’s techbane armor doesn’t deal damage so much as cause the rules of physics to fuxuate slightly. It could knock out sections of Metal sonic’s brain or it could mess with his perceptions, altering is sense of timing or distance. It could lock his gyros so it’s impossible to stand much less run. It could delete the parts of his mind that tell him how his legs work or remove the parts governing how fast his turbines are going so they overload and destroy themselves.

  12. Ninja Lowk October 9, 2015 at 1:24 pm -      #112

    Considering the trend,
    shutdown/inoperable seems like the likely outcome. That stuff might happen before it Disabled tends to be the endgame.

  13. oakranger October 9, 2015 at 1:51 pm -      #113

    don’t try anything about a reboot up as a counter against anything. You need something left to start a reboot.

  14. Ninja Lowk October 9, 2015 at 2:12 pm -      #114

    “before it Disabled tends to be the endgame.”
    before it’s disabled but that tends to be the overall endgame.

  15. shadowrider98 October 9, 2015 at 4:57 pm -      #115

    @Ninja Lowk
    “Which would count as a victory for Dresden”

    not really since he’ll be taken out too and it would count as metal killing his opponent before his opponent was able to kill him.

    “Except that in the movie all the damage is coming from external sources and have to deal with MS’s armor.”

    that still doesn’t change the fact that many parts of his brain received a huge amount of damaged that either rendered them unusable or destroyed, he got pounded down several times and nearly every single part of his body was unusable yet he was still fully functional and was still willing to fight until the end when he finally decided that there was nothing he could do to win.

    “It could knock out sections of Metal sonic’s brain or it could mess with his perceptions, altering is sense of timing or distance. It could lock his gyros so it’s impossible to stand much less run. It could delete the parts of his mind that tell him how his legs work or remove the parts governing how fast his turbines are going so they overload and destroy themselves.”

    and yet all we’ve seen him do is destroy things with his magic and not delete anything from any machine.Metal also doesn’t use his legs much nor his arms and mostly just rams into things with his whole body and he doesn’t need to know how fast he’s going since the point of all that speed is to kill his enemy plus he has survived mechanical overload in the same movie I posted at 46:55 and he was nearly destroyed at that point,yet he came back a few seconds later still willing to fight and kill his enemy without giving any shits about how his body/mechanics where holding up.

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