King of the Hill: Starships

King of the Hill- Starships

Suggested by Murder

Two teams will be attacked by 5 waves. The enemy waves must defeat the defending team by destroying the defending team or capturing the defending team’s base. Each wave will come 24 hours apart, allowing for the teams to do what repairs they can and prepare themselves. The location will be Earth 8800 BC, separate universes. Ammo supplies will be available between waves, but no outside help or influence.

The winning team is the one that survives the most waves or the one that could survive the most intact if both could survive.

Team 1

Battlestar Galactica (Modern, Battlestar Gallactica), Imperial StarDestroyer (Star Wars), UNSC Infinity (Halo), Battlecruiser (Starcraft), 100x Starfury (Babylon 5).

Base: Deep Space 9 (Star Trek, Domminion war upgrade version, 5k photons with resupply, 4 runabouts).

Team 2

Cylon Basestar (Modern, Battlestar Gallactica), Goa’uld Ha’tak (Stargate), Amarr Empire Aeon-Class Supercarrier (EVE), Minotaur (Lunar Class Cruiser, Warhammer 40k), 100x. VF-1 Valkyrie (Robotech).

Base: Alteran Atlantis-Class ship (Stargate, 1 ZPM, full drone load but no resupply, 4 puddles).

First Wave: 2x CSO-Class Supercarrrier (Halo) Second Wave: 10x Borg Cubes (Star Trek) Third Wave: 10x Reaper Sovereigns (Mass Effect) Fourth Wave: 10x Wraith Hive.

Ships (Stargate) Fifth Wave: Deathstar (Star Wars) Victory!

As a bonus match, these two teams will battle each other in the prime of their conditions.

Who will win?

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20 Comments on "King of the Hill: Starships"

  1. Neon Lord September 13, 2015 at 12:30 am -      #1

    Next time, put all the team members and waves on separate lines. The current formatting is really hard to read first time round.

  2. the_man_with The_Answers September 13, 2015 at 2:14 am -      #2

    Lol at 2nd wave being 10 borg cubes and the 3rd wave being 10 Reapers. Something seems off there.

  3. Darth Bombad September 13, 2015 at 2:53 am -      #3

    Pretty sure team 1 lasts longer. To maybe round 4 or 5.

  4. pimpmage September 13, 2015 at 3:26 am -      #4

    Team two has a 40k capital ship…

  5. ZomBraum September 13, 2015 at 4:32 am -      #5

    I don’t think anyone can beat the Hive Ships even though last I recalled they’re the weakest caps in Stargate. BUT if Team 1 can, I think a Viper from Galactica could successfully run the Death Star’s trench and put it down where no other fighters can(And obviously the big ships themselves would get pulverized). Assuming they get Starbuck. That said, keeping Galactica alive that long would be a feat in itself.

  6. Dmtl September 13, 2015 at 5:31 am -      #6

    @pimpmage meh it’s just a cruiser.
    I don’t think anything is going to take out those Borg cubes. Everything else seems beatable.

  7. LethalGecko September 13, 2015 at 6:20 am -      #7

    2 super carriers? O_o you’re joking right? I think both teams lose to wave 1, as far as I’m concerned only the warhammer ship has enough firepower to bring down such colossal ships. The Infinity can’t use its ramming tactic against a ship that big so it ends up being a gun platform, sure its guns are good but it won’t be enough. I’m not sure about some of the other ships though.
    If they can survive an energy projector (1 of 14 present) and avoid getting one shot then they may have a chance. (They one shot ships 1.2km long with their shields up for a minimum feat).


    Both teams are going to have to use some serious tactical brilliance because I see no way that they’re simply shooting those supercarriers down, there’s a reason why the UNSC doesn’t face them head on, just one is equal to an entire fleet of Pillar of Autumn class ships.


    I’m not too sure about the other waves though. The best tactic is to get HAVOK nukes from the Infinity and load them on their fighters to infiltrate the ships because gunning them down will be mostly ineffective.


    How effective is the star destroyer in this? Because I remember the super class going down to a crashing fighter.

  8. BC September 13, 2015 at 6:41 am -      #8

    ” I don’t think anything is going to take out those Borg cubes. Everything else seems beatable. ”

    I agree, the cubes would most likely take them out even without the supercarriers softening them up first. One after the other pretty much guarantees it.

    The second part is not so simple to predict.

    The Galactica and the Basestar are trivial and they would probably balance each other out so they can be subtracted out of the mix. They would probably have had a better showing if they were the original ones instead of the “space above and beyond” retread ones but they would still probably balance each other out.
    A remastered clip showing what the old series would have looked like with modern SFX is here:

    The ISD and the Ha’tak might not be too bad of a matchup though I could be wrong about that.

    The two bases would probably not be able to contribute unless one force goes to the others territory and deliberately closes with the other’s base. DS9 is functional enough though it would be hampered by sublight photon torpedoes unless there are some warp field generators I do not know about to give the warp sustainers in the torpedoes something to work with. Atlantis is crippled with only one ZPM, IIRC it can barely generate a full shield much less do that along with firing weapons and moving. It needs two to be able to do much more than play turtle.

    The Valkyries would take out the Starfuries eventually unless they ran out of ammo first.

    The Halo ship and the Eve ship might be somewhat even, though the confidence factor in that is low since I am barely familiar with them.

    That would leave the Warhammer ship and the Starcraft one, and while I am familiar with the games on the ground I do not know enough about the particular ships in space combat to even hazard a guess on this one.

    All in all I think team two might have a slight advantage in the second part of this debate, but probably not by that much. It would have to boil down to strategy and tactics used; just doing it by power balance does not look to be very illuminating with the information at hand.

  9. Dmtl September 13, 2015 at 7:55 am -      #9

    Eh tbh I think team 1 is quite weak. Nothing really stands out there…the ISD would be pretty much useless unless used as a fighter platform.
    Basically the ISD and the Eve supercarrier would perform the same task in essense.
    Team 2 base is stronger than the team 1 counterpart and the warhammer 40k CRUISER class ship basically has more firepower than any of the other ships on the teams.
    either way I see neither team getting past wave 2

  10. Sauroposeidon September 13, 2015 at 8:14 am -      #10

    Valkyries rape. I don’t think Team 2’s ships will even get to see any of the enemy ships, because their fighters will do the work for them.

  11. Murder September 13, 2015 at 9:04 am -      #11

    The Starfury should be able to handle its own against the Valkyries. The Vals have a top speed of mach 3.1, which will limit them to a supporting role. The Starfury is extremly agile, able to pull a 180 in a second, and maybe the fastest fighter here. I threw in these extra fighters as a tactical piece for you guys to use, not as the Queen of battle. If the Vals are OP then I’ll consider replacing them with another.

  12. Sauroposeidon September 13, 2015 at 9:11 am -      #12

    The valks are more agile and have reaction weaponry.

  13. Murder September 13, 2015 at 9:16 am -      #13

    So you move for a vote of noconfidence in the Valkyries? I’ll hear motions for a suitable replacement. I’ll also reduce the Borg Cubes to 4.

    Anymore motions for balance?

  14. lethal_gecko September 13, 2015 at 9:25 am -      #14

    Yes, change the first round to being feasible.
    The Infinity looks like the strongest ship on team 1 and even that can’t take on one super carrier yet alone two. How about 5 assault carriers instead? The supers can carry hundreds of thousands of troops and vehicles along with frigates and corvettes. The sheer mass of the super carriers make it almost impossible for team 1, team 2 might if they get the shields down and have the 40k ship use an exterminatus. Otherwise as I said, only infiltrating with HAVOK nukes is going to be feasible.

  15. Murder September 13, 2015 at 9:50 am -      #15

    Hmm, I figured the Supercarriers would make for an easy target for Atlatis drones, the Minotaur’s nova cannons and team 1 has Infinity’s big gun as well as the long range of DS9 rapid fire photon launchers. I assumed the SC was more of a supporting ship that would put covenant fighters against the rest of the fleets fighters as the two teams ships chopped away at the carrkers. Perhaps I underestimated the supercarrier so how about:
    1 supercarrier, 4 borg Cubes, and only 25 Valkyries?

  16. Shadow-Knight September 13, 2015 at 10:18 am -      #16

    ” How effective is the star destroyer in this? Because I remember the super class going down to a crashing fighter.”
    I call pis on this. It was the stupidest part of the movie, there was a throw away line of the Ssd’s commander telling his men to pot more power to the forward shields…..then deus-ex kamakazi A-wing plowed through the command bridge. It shouldn’t have happened but pis allowed it.
    That being said, I would ask that the ISD be changed to the super variant due to it bringing more fighters and guns to team one

  17. lethal_gecko September 13, 2015 at 10:27 am -      #17

    I can’t say for the cube or the Valkyries but the super carriers just have so much mass behind them and are 28km long each, they have the population of a small city. They’re a match for entire battle groups of UNSC ships so I can’t see how a couple of rag-tags can handle one yet alone two.


    While it’s true that they’re more of support ships and assault carriers are used as the Covenant flag ships, super carriers are the most powerful non-Forerunner ship in the entire Halo universe, although they are slow in real space.



    A super star destroyer is a bit too powerful for this fight, that’s super carrier mass range then.

  18. Murder September 13, 2015 at 11:01 am -      #18

    When designing this match I threw in the BSG and CBS to counter the SC fighter/bombers since these two ships seem to only be good at taking damage and killing small craft. But, since they have no real use outside of AA what if they rammed the SC? A 2KM ship moving at .2c should cripple most of the SC allowing for photon, nova cannon, yammato blast, ancient drones and the other big guns to pass the first wave, yes?

  19. lethal_gecko September 13, 2015 at 11:26 am -      #19

    A 2km ship ramming a 28km ship will get splattered on its windshield. Then you’ve lost a team mate for the other waves. It would be like a car trying to ram a tank that’s many times bigger than the tank should normally be.
    The SCs have 7 energy projectors each which are anti capital ship weapons designed to melt the surface of planets.

    The SC can split their 3 main sections to minimize crippling damage. If one is badly damaged it can be jettisoned and/or act alone. So of you ram the first section and somehow do enough damage, then it will just break that section off and continue the fight.

  20. Murder September 13, 2015 at 11:53 am -      #20

    I think it would be more like a massive mass accelerator against the supercarrier, hundreds of thousands of tons moving at a fraction of lightspeed, its going to hit a target as big as the SC, and it’s going to obliterate a good chunk if that SC.

    But, if not convinced, We’ll go with your recommendation of 5 assault carriers.

    Which brings us to this new lineup:

    Wave1: 5 Covenant assault carriers
    Wave 2: 4 Borg Cubes
    Wave 3: 10 Reapers
    Wave 4: 2 Wraith Hive ships
    Wave 5: Deathstar.

    Changes to teams:
    -25 Valkyries

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