Primarchs Vs Pokemon

Primarchs vs Pokemon

Suggested by Sauroposeidon

The 18 known Primarchs (Warhammer 40K) either in their current state or at their height if they are currently dead or disabled, face off against 18 pokemon. If there are not enough feats for some current Primarchs, revert them back to a period where they have enough to be debated.

Deoxys, Tyranitar, Regigigas, Mewtwo, Rhyperior, Yveltal, Steelix, Volcanion, Kyogre, Wobuffet, Dusclops, Zapdos, Magmortar, Regice, Gyarados, Lugia, Darkrai, & Rayquaza.

The 18 pokemon each are paired up with a Primarch and scattered across modern day Earth to random locations in order to duel. Winners are sent to another battle, allowing them provide support for their allies, until this boils down to a 9 vs 9 match.

Pokemon which can mega-evolve may be allowed to do such.

Opponents which are KO’d or killed are considered to have lost. Each battle zone is a 200x200km area. Ring outs from the battle areas count as a loss.

Who is likely to survive? Who is likely to be defeated? Which side ultimately wins?

Who will win?

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115 Comments on "Primarchs Vs Pokemon"

  1. Mea quidem sententia September 12, 2015 at 11:42 pm -      #101

    “Dead” is not synonymous with intangible. Can you prove they’re intangible? And if they become tangible when interacting with others, then there shouldn’t be any problem here.

  2. Dmtl September 14, 2015 at 8:51 am -      #102

    Sorry had to pipe in @pimpmage
    “Ferrus, Vulkan, Dorn, Roboute, Perturabo, Mortarion, Jaghatai, Angron. The alpha legion twins are supposidly smaller and weaker than an actual primarch, and they are pretty featless to boot.”

    Ferrus had arms of the necron crap (forget the name of the stuff) and was a master weaponsmith?

    Vulkan master weaponsmith and unkillable.

    Dorn boring as fuck I guess tactician, fortress builder.

    Roboute master tactician, weapon master

    Perturabo siegemaster, master builder,master tactician

    Mortarion attrition fighter, supersticious

    The Great Khan master tactician, focus on speed

    Angron….angry as f***, could withstand the force of a Titan Warhound stepping on him (caught the foot of the Titan and held it above him and Lorgar), rips Dreadnauts to shreds, unkillable.
    Don’t know if it was said but Russ is basically an anti-psyker or cannot be affected by them.

  3. Sauroposeidon September 14, 2015 at 9:42 am -      #103


    At the moment we’re discussinf Russ vs Dusclops.

    For the purpose of this battle we’re discussing, we’ve made a few typing equivalents.

    Psyker = Psychic-Type.

    Chaos = Dark-Type

    I’m not sure if we’re going to treat Ghost-type attacks as being the equivalent of Psyker stuff. Although we probably will.

    We’ve come to the conclusion that Russ will be immune to Dusclops’ hypnotism. However, we can not seem to figure out if he can even hit Dusclops at all.

    We’ve figured his ranged scream will be with out effect on Dusclops, and that strikes with his sword would be considered Normal-type or Fighting-type, both of which Ghost-types are immune to.

    If he engages in melee, there is a chance the Dusclops will eat him in to its eternal, spirit draining black hole void.

    So right now it’s leaning somewhat in the Dusclops’ favor. But only because we can’t tell if Russ can even hurt it.

    Since Pimp wants to move on to one of the other match ups, well, let’s discuss Ferrus vs Steelix.

    Steelix is an enormous steel-type serpent pokemon which can Mega Evolve to enhance its physical defenses even further. It has lived for over a century enduring the depths of the Earth, which records going as far as 6/10ths of a mile under ground. In this environment it must experience extreme pressures, which have hardened its defenses.

    With a defense rating of over 200, Mega Steelix is virtually untouchable by even mountain busting pokemon like Tyranitar and Volcanion. Having converted the metals it has eaten in to armor and enhancing them, it is rated as having a hardness even greater than that of diamonds.

    It is immune to poisons, toxins, ect, as well as electric attacks.

    it is vulnerable to fighting, ground, water, and fire attacks. Although its exceptional defense makes cracking it with physical attacks, even ones it is weak to, phenomenally difficult. It is most vulnerable to “Special Attacks” which are, essentially, energy attacks like lasers, energy blasts, plasma, lightning, ect according to pokemon. Its Special Defense is good, but not good enough to protect it against attacks which it is weak to reliably.

    It is resistant to Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy attacks.

    Ghost, Grass, Dark, and Ice do standard damage, suffering no damage penalties or bonuses.

    Its primary methods of attack involve inciting Earthquakes, burrowing beneath the enemy with their Dig attack and ambushing them from below, slamming the target with their Iron Tail, and causing Sand Storms to blind and buffet their opponent. Although they have a substantial list of available moves to them as well.

    What does Ferrus bring to the table that will allow him to defeat Steelix?

  4. Nobunaga Jin September 14, 2015 at 3:37 pm -      #104

    As I’ve said before (either on this debate, or some other fight involving the warhammer 40k universe), I don’t really know much about characters from WH40K. Although waiting for Pimpmage to post text from the books seems like the best way to get info on Ferrus, we could also discuss the little bits and pieces we know about him in the meantime.

    Does anyone know about his equipment?

  5. Ciridae Hunter September 15, 2015 at 6:00 am -      #105

    I looked over the posting of the Magnus/Russ duel and I don’t think that a Psycher can be classified as pure Psychic; Magnus’ death stare is Chaos (Dark), he summons lightning and uses lightning fists (Thunder), he uses cold fire (wtf just assuming Fire but it could be a hybrid of Fire/Ice or Ice/Dark), he is known to possess other Psychers even before he went insane (Psychic), his Force Weapon (the staff) draws on the Warp Energy for power (technically Dark since the Warp is the realm of the Chaos Gods), he summons black ash rain (perhaps Water), their fight caused earthquakes (Ground) and powerful winds to form (Flying).

    My point is that it is really difficult to quantify Psychers as singular types when things like that directly contradict it being purely a one-type scenario.

    Read up on the 40k rpg abilities (since Pokémon get all of their canon) and teleportation is done by creating Warp gates (essentially void space of pure energy) and some Psychers can transport beings into the Warp to be consumed by it as well as banish daemons from the Warp, so wouldn’t it be possible for some of these matches (especially the Steelix one) to be resolved with teleportation or banishment?

  6. Sauroposeidon September 15, 2015 at 10:30 am -      #106

    You realize Dusclops is a Ghost Type that knows Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Focus Punch, right? That’s Electric, Ice, Fire, and Fighting moves all used by a pure Ghost-type pokemon.

    I wasn’t making the claim that psykers themselves are psychic-types. I was making the claim that psyker attacks are psychic. Perhaps my wording was too broad. Obviously a psyker can use their powers to make use of elements.

    If I were trying to force some kind of pokemon rule set on them, it’d not make sense for my having said Chaos = Dark. Because Primarchs are not specifically weak to Chaos demons and such, while Psychic-Types are weak to Dark-Types. In this case, it’d be more like if a Psyker tried to mind-melt say.. Yveltal, it wouldn’t work. If they through a psionic blast at them or something like that, it wouldn’t work. But this doesn’t mean that Oblivion Wing would automatically butt rape the psyker just because it’s dark type. The pokemon are only affected by their own rules, not the primarchs.

    Although, your argument for why they shouldn’t be considered psychic-types, even if they had been determined to be such, would have failed.

    “some Psychers can transport beings into the Warp to be consumed by it as well as banish daemons from the Warp, so wouldn’t it be possible for some of these matches (especially the Steelix one) ”

    Why is Steelix more vulnerable to this than any other pokemon? Do they have resistances to being teleported that I don’t know about? Is Ferrus known for doing this? It sounds like you’re taking something somebody else had the option of doing in a game and are assuming that this is how Ferrus would fight.

  7. Nobunaga Jin September 15, 2015 at 11:54 am -      #107

    @Ciridae Hunter
    I have to agree with Sauroposeidon. Steelix’ opponent, Ferrus Manus, has already been shown in several battles, which show his abilities. I don’t remember any mention of Ferrus having the RPG abilities, and besides, I think that would only work with the characters used in the games.

  8. Ciridae Hunter September 15, 2015 at 1:07 pm -      #108

    @Nobunaga Jin

    My bad, then. Don’t remember the full RPG character roster, so I can’t definitively say that he does have those abilities, but if they can have the Pokédex entries despite never having a showing of actually working then it’s only fair for the Psychers to have the same courtesy.


    I didn’t mean that Steelix is especially vulnerable, I meant that it would be easier to teleport it away rather than waste time and energy trying to fight it.

    In terms of being pure Psychic, any Psycher brought back from the dead or being controlled by the Chaos Gods would be considered part of the Chaos as well, so for the few possessing those abilities (especially Horus) it would make more sense for them to be considered two types rather than one.

  9. pimpmage September 15, 2015 at 1:27 pm -      #109

    Ferrus is mostly featless. Though he did beat the ever living shit out of a necron dragon constuct as a BABY. And drowned it in lava with his own hands. The necron metal melted and attached to his hands, so now he has ‘iron hands’.

    He is known to smith all sorts of miraculous equipment all by hand. He hammers metals into a hardness that can widstand fights between clashing primarchs. His only fights in the books that I recall, were both between ferrus and fulgrim. The first, fulgrim knocks him out. The second, ferrus gets his head sliced off by fulgrim. He dies. Not too much known about his fighting strength, other than he has standard primarch strength and speed.

  10. Sauroposeidon September 15, 2015 at 1:39 pm -      #110

    Well let’s take a look at what we know about the necron dragons then. So we can get an idea of their metal’s capabilities.

  11. pimpmage September 15, 2015 at 1:47 pm -      #111

    I know of no necron units that are supposed to look like dragons. Except this one KINDA looks like one. Its the only necron unit I see that has a creature like vibe to it. Might not necessarily be an exact dragon, because different planets have different cultural believe of what a dragon is/does/looks like I guess.

    In the book, it was described as a coiling serpent like creature, and called it a dragon.

  12. Sauroposeidon September 15, 2015 at 2:05 pm -      #112

    Well, the Necrons definitely like their alien-esque centipedal designs.

    I could see those perhaps fitting in with what he fought. How durable are these things? I know Necrons tend to rely on a regen tank instead of a durability tank.. are their bigger things different?

  13. pimpmage September 15, 2015 at 2:15 pm -      #113

    I don’t know that much about necrons, I’m sorry to say. Other than their armor can wistand lasguns well enough. And lasguns have been shown to explosively sever ork arms. The same arms that are probably thicker than our waists.

  14. Sauroposeidon September 15, 2015 at 2:49 pm -      #114

    I thought Orks no-sell lasguns?

  15. pimpmage September 15, 2015 at 3:52 pm -      #115

    “Savage maws loomed in his vision, impossible to miss. He slammed his blade into an eye, dodged a crude weapon, stuck his gun into the belly of another greenskin, pulled the trigger, watched its innards empty out, glimmering in the red laser fire and splattering onto the Ork behind. Krassus ducked the swipe of a blade, saw a gun being raised, brought up his own weapon – and as the muzzle flared, the Ork’s arm was severed, sending the bucking gun clattering into its own kind, slugs shattering xenos brains.” – Militarum Tempestus.

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