Primarchs Vs Pokemon

Primarchs vs Pokemon

Suggested by Sauroposeidon

The 18 known Primarchs (Warhammer 40K) either in their current state or at their height if they are currently dead or disabled, face off against 18 pokemon. If there are not enough feats for some current Primarchs, revert them back to a period where they have enough to be debated.

Deoxys, Tyranitar, Regigigas, Mewtwo, Rhyperior, Yveltal, Steelix, Volcanion, Kyogre, Wobuffet, Dusclops, Zapdos, Magmortar, Regice, Gyarados, Lugia, Darkrai, & Rayquaza.

The 18 pokemon each are paired up with a Primarch and scattered across modern day Earth to random locations in order to duel. Winners are sent to another battle, allowing them provide support for their allies, until this boils down to a 9 vs 9 match.

Pokemon which can mega-evolve may be allowed to do such.

Opponents which are KO’d or killed are considered to have lost. Each battle zone is a 200x200km area. Ring outs from the battle areas count as a loss.

Who is likely to survive? Who is likely to be defeated? Which side ultimately wins?

Who will win?

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15 Comments on "Primarchs Vs Pokemon"

  1. Mr. Popo September 11, 2015 at 12:05 am -      #1


  2. Neon Lord September 11, 2015 at 12:05 am -      #2

    At least Diglet isn’t here.

  3. Monochrome September 11, 2015 at 12:31 am -      #3

    Not sure how to feel if this match is troll match or serious. (Though knowing Sauroposeidon most likely serious) *Sigh* Well if it’s anything Regigias pulled the continents with Ropes(In his pokedex entry, and if we take Entries as Canon than GG Primarchs you tried).Than there’s this….This calculation on how much strength the King of Golems has. tl;dr Strength of Regigigas (Low End): 103.72 petatons
    Strength of Regigigas (High End): 370.44 petatons

  4. pimpmage September 11, 2015 at 1:39 am -      #4

    Honestly, I know alot of pokemon have ridiculous pokedex entries.

    But even if we take all of them at face value, most wouldn’t even get close to how fast their reaction/move speeds are. Magnus could probably mind rape/warp bfr a bunch of them.

  5. Rookie September 11, 2015 at 1:54 am -      #5

    Dunno if this is canon:

  6. shurikan September 11, 2015 at 6:13 am -      #6

    Prinarchs win

  7. Sauroposeidon September 11, 2015 at 9:56 am -      #7

    “Not sure how to feel if this match is troll match or serious. ”

    It came up as a lulzy conversation in a voice chat I was having. We thought it was hilarious so I suggested it.

    There are some ridiculous pokemon which aren’t even legendaries. Steelix digs like half a mile under the earth, for instance. It has an obscene defense stat because of the pressures it has to survive down there.

    Volcanion is a mountain buster.

    Regigigas can pull continents.. although we don’t know how fast.

    Tyranitar is a mountain buster.

    Rhyperior survives mountain busting level events just fine.

    Mewtwo is supposedly a life wiper.

    I tried not to include any of the obscenely OP pokemon like Dialga, Celebi, Jirachi, ect. So it’s both a lulzy match and kind of a serious one.

    Many of the ones I listed were not particularly fast because there are very few pokemon with cited impressive speed feats. I think the best is Garchomp which is quoted at being super sonic. I considered adding it, but then it was suggested to me to include Wobuffet. Which was too funny to pass up on so he replaced Garchomp.

    I once made the claim that Deoxys could baby shake a primarch, so I included it too.

    All of the Dark-Type pokemon no-sell psyker powers, for the record. They are 100% immune to psychic abilities. Their moves also are canon as being stronger against psychics as well. Good luck beating Yveltal.

    Oh and for the record, there does seem to be some consistency in pokemon stats to feats.

    At around 90-100 you’re around as strong as the average Kaiju.

    At around 130 you’re a mountain buster.

    At around 160 you’re strong enough to life wipe.

    Regigigas has 160 attack. Mewtwo has like 164 special attack if I recall.

    It’s kind of odd how you can scale these things based on their stats. I never expected them to have that much forethought put in to their stats. I expected the meta mechanics to not be connected to the lore.

  8. Sauroposeidon September 11, 2015 at 10:14 am -      #8

    They calc Ampharos at around 35kt. With a Special Attack of 115 this fits in nicely as being a mid point between being able to casually smack around buildings to being a city buster.

    With a Special Attack of 109, Charizard is able to put out low level kiloton attacks. Keeping in theme with this.

    With attack of 160, Rampardos is cited as being able to shatter even “the most durable things.” Suggesting that they haven’t actually found anything that its head butt won’t break. There is, canon-wise, no known thing that it can’t head butt its way through.. except for another Rampardos’ skull when they’re dueling.

    Gyarados, which we know to be a casual city buster, is rated at 125

    It seems like there is a curve in the scale of destructive power a Pokemon has. With lower numbers rising up, the increase in power is slower, but the higher up you go, even slight increases raise the power of the pokemon dramatically.

    And again, it seems pokemon which have feats listed for them line up with their stats. We could probably scale pokemon, very roughly, off of their stats at this point.

  9. pimpmage September 11, 2015 at 10:45 am -      #9

    I do not agree with feats being comparable to stats. At all. Any level 100 Pokémon will have attack stats in the 150-160s. I had a snorelax with like 460 hp. Does that mean planet level durability? Capable of widstanding multiple life wiping attacks? Of course not.

  10. Sauroposeidon September 11, 2015 at 11:03 am -      #10

    I’m talking about their base stat total. Obviously pokemon fluctuate quite a bit. Just as much as people do. From the frail and the tiny to guys who pull trucks with their teeth. We see it int he animes as well. The impressive feats listed in their pokedex entries are likely from very powerful individuals. I would not argue that this is something ALL pokemon of that species can do.

    Obviously, your freshly evolved Tyranitar probably is no match for the one that’s been ruling that mountain range over there for the past 50 years.

    Then there are EV’s to take in to account.

    Then there are IV’s to take in to account.

    But when we want to gauge the potential of a pokemon species, it is looking like we can use their stats to scale a very rough estimate of what they have the potential to do.

    We are seeing patterns in their stats and their lore that match up across various pokemon.

    I also have no way to gauge HP and what it translates to.

    Attack and Special attack right now are the only things which I think we can scale.

    Defense and Special Defense we could with some research maybe.

    Speed less so.

    HP probably the least. If I had to guess, I’d say HP is partially related to the mass of a pokemon. But that’s just a guess.

  11. pimpmage September 11, 2015 at 11:14 am -      #11

    Most Pokémon gain 1-2 in their off stats, and 3-4 in their main stats per level. Hp is no different. Snorelax’s main stat is hp, and gains 5 hp every level. So level 100 can almost be 500 hp. Means widstanding 2-3 life wiping attacks. If you think stats are At all comparable to feats, you have to take it all or nothing. You can’t pick and choose what is quantifiable when using stats as a source.

  12. Sauroposeidon September 11, 2015 at 11:25 am -      #12

    I don’t think every attack at 160 base attack is life wiping.

    This is based roughly off the fact that MewTwo was going to do this. But he didn’t have the power to do it immediately.

    In the same sense that Charizard is calc’d at being able to destroy cities, but it can’t pop them. He just can bring them down if he’s a very powerful Charizard. It would take him quite some time.

    In this fashion, it would have taken Mewtwo quite some time to life wipe the planet.

    Compared to Regigigas who is said to pull the continents, with similar attack to Mewtwo’s Special Attack, but we don’t know how long it would have taken.

    Rampardos has the same attack, but he doesn’t make cities vanish because he smacks his head in to the ground.. but he does break literally anything he wants to with his head butt.

    You’re reading the feats wrong, Pimp.

    I also do not know exactly what the dealt damage equals. Just what the base stat represents as far as potential.

    It would take more research.

    And considering that Charizard melts glaciers, and Snorlax can tank that shit all day. I’d estimate from scaling that if you threw a lower end nuke at it, it’d probably survive. Burned and pissed, but it’d still be alive and combat ready.

    But its physical defense is moderate. If you threw a truck at it, it’d probably cause around as much pain as that nuke did despite the difference in energy involved.

    We ARE talking about animals where some of their baby forms have ridiculous feats. Tiny, adorable little Arons flip dump trucks or something like that for funsies.

    So, fuck, maybe a level 100 Snorlax COULD survive a life wiping event or two. Mewtwo was only, what? Level 70? 75? Something like that. Level 100 pokemon steam roll Level 70 pokemon, after all.

    But, right now, again, I’m only arguing for the ability to estimate potential based on the base stats. Not on what the actual individual stat for an individual pokemon represents.

  13. Jake_Uzumaki September 11, 2015 at 12:19 pm -      #13

    Just saying Rayquaza in Alpha Sapphire Omega Ruby busts an asteroid its like….I think level 70 some odd when you get it. Its been a while and mines leveled up since then.

  14. pimpmage September 11, 2015 at 12:37 pm -      #14

    “either in their current state or at their height if they are currently dead or disabled”

    Fuck your super specific wording, that’s no fun at all. You ruin all my fun.

  15. Sauroposeidon September 11, 2015 at 12:45 pm -      #15

    “Fuck your super specific wording, that’s no fun at all. You ruin all my fun.”

    Were you going to crack a joke about almost all of them being dead or disabled?

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