Last Swordfighter Standing Round 1

Leonidas vs Achilles vs Xena vs Conan vs Aragorn

Another battle royal but this time on a more even playing field.

All the combatants are skilled at using the blade, so who emerges with bragging rights from this fight?

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73 Comments on "Last Swordfighter Standing Round 1"

  1. Baron Somebody December 2, 2008 at 11:44 pm -      #1

    Well undoubtley Achilles and Leonidas would team up, so that would be a BIG problem…anyway I’d say Aaragorn goes first (from Achilles) then Xena gets her head smashed by Conan while Leonidas stabs him with a spear

  2. TL December 3, 2008 at 4:02 am -      #2

    So who wins when Achilles and Leonidas face off?

    I’ll place my bet on Leonidas if he finds out about Achilles’ heel.

    Otherwise, I think Achilles will win.

  3. Jwlynas December 3, 2008 at 4:21 am -      #3

    Are we presuming they are based on their movies, tv shows, books, legends, history or cartoons?

    Barring xena (Who i think only has the Tv show to back her up, so the abilties there are pretty easy to argue for) Every one of the others has had multiple incarnations with varying power… Movie conan would get beaten down in an instant, cartoon conan would probably quite well, Book conan would probably end up facing off against achilles.

    Likewise Leonidas, without his 299 other spartans…or 699 spartans + 13000 other random greeks depending on history over legend, varies in life, in book and in movie based so… Actually, even movie wise he’d be killed pretty swiftly.

    What say we people? which incarnations are being piutted agaisnt one another?

  4. Matapiojo December 3, 2008 at 8:09 am -      #4

    I am stunned that you forgot Marcus Aurelios, admin. You actually just had him in a fight against Leonidas….

    Great matchup anyways. The image’s configuration is interesting because that is exactly how I think it will play out.

    First, Xena gets ROFLSTOMPED by Conan for daring to show her face after the beating he gave her in their match, while getting crazy-stabbed by Achiles for helping Troy.

    Then we will see a double pairing; Shield/Spear vs Broadswords. The Greeks will rush at the “Dark Ages” men with precision and speed that the Swordmen will not be able to match. Their superior reach and protection having them pull the win from the Sword-Kings.

    Then comes the final match. Greek vs Greek. Both loose their speard and unsheath their swords. After a furious battle, I think Achiles will come out to be the supreme victor in this. After all, he is “invulnerable”.

    Win = Achiles.

  5. admin December 3, 2008 at 9:55 am -      #5

    @Matapiojo – “I am stunned that you forgot Marcus Aurelios, admin” – perhaps he’ll show up in round 2 ;-P

  6. =[BF]=JimmieRox December 3, 2008 at 6:17 pm -      #6

    Yeah, however you guys are all forgetting aragorn is not a normal human, he’s a Númenórean (he lived to be 210 which is more than three times the life span of a ordinary human living in middle earth and is supposed to be very tall) so he wins by default, but more to the point, he’s a much better fighter than all of the other competitors even though he’s a bit pathetic in the films! But just going by the films alone, look at how he devastates the Uruks and drives off the Nazgûl.

    To the spear and shield theory, Aragorn carries throwing knifes and a hunting bow as he is a Ranger and so is used to having to catch deer and other animals whilst in the wilderness. Also, Aragorn is the master of every form of weapon and he has mountains of experience as at the time of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy he is already 87 years old!!!

  7. =[BF]=JimmieRox December 3, 2008 at 6:26 pm -      #7

    Admin, you should look at Skilgannon the Damned for the next round and Duncan Idaho as well (obviously pre-Ghola Idaho or at least pre-Kwisatz Haderach Idaho)

  8. spoa December 4, 2008 at 12:48 am -      #8

    no said conan? conan would own everyone!!!! he has been trained as the altimate fighter berserker ever he has killed a GOD and he is all so smart i killed the mirror monster wizerd!!!!!
    conan all the way

  9. Jwlynas December 4, 2008 at 4:08 am -      #9

    Forget Skilgannon, Go for his son Decado!

    “There is no man alive who can defeat them!”
    “I am no mere man, I am Decado”
    Proceeds to beat the enemy without breaking a sweat
    :grin: :mrgreen: :twisted:

    And seeing as this is about weapon wielders rather than just swords men in general… Bring in Druss the Legend, The Deathwalker, The Captain of the Axe!

    Hell, most of David Gemmells creations would be suited here.

  10. El Zilcho December 4, 2008 at 4:23 am -      #10

    Aragon is the person most likely to come out on top at the end of this fight, due to his experience (87/8 years old during the War of the Ring), superior training (trained with Elves), inherently superior natural abilities (Númenórean) and a wide selection of weapons (Anduril, a large hunting knife, throwing knives and a short range bow).

    Yes, Skilgannon would be awesome. But if we want even more devastation we can always get Druss or Decado.

  11. TL December 4, 2008 at 4:48 am -      #11

    For the next round, add Artemis Entreri as well?

  12. Matapiojo December 4, 2008 at 11:53 am -      #12

    “For the next round, add Artemis Entreri as well?”

    Entreri would rape!

    We all want to see numerous swordfighters in this thing. Maybe we can do a tournament in here of the greatest of each genre (keeping futuristic characters out). I know some of the ones already here can be considered books characters, but lets keep em in Movies/TV for the sake of clarity.

    I think the list above should have also included Maximus / King Arthur / Beowulf / Dar, the Beastmaster

    Next round can be Books swordfighters.

    Richard Rahl / Rand Al’thor / Drizzt Do’urden / Artemis Entreri / Elric of Melniboné / Al’Lan Madragoran / King Jonas Albrecht (Werewolf: The Appocalypse)

    Then followed by Anime/Manga swordfighters

    Musashi Miyamoto / Guts / Ichigo Kurosaki / Kisame Hoshigaki / (need more here)

    And finally by Game swordfighters

    Dante / Ryu Hayabusa / Link / Nightmare / Cloud Strife / Ike (Fire Emblem) / Arthas Menethil (The Lich King)

    Then have the 4 winners match up for the final round and BankGambling Award Winner for Master-Swordsman

  13. admin December 4, 2008 at 12:06 pm -      #13

    @Matapiojo – I don’t like your idea….I LOVE it!

  14. Matapiojo December 4, 2008 at 12:36 pm -      #14


    Hehehehe, baddas!

  15. =[BF]=JimmieRox December 4, 2008 at 1:50 pm -      #15

    Aye, but I was stickin with the idea of heroic protagonists although I suppose the Ice Killer would be a awesome fight! Druss is cheating, he would just pull Snaga and all of the other fighters would be crushed!

  16. Rob (Expertimp) December 5, 2008 at 10:29 am -      #16

    Conan kicks all there a$$s.. he beats xena down and then uses her dead body has a human shield while he kicks everyone else’s a$$

  17. The One Sin December 5, 2008 at 6:12 pm -      #17

    Given that the universe could keep intact until the end, I would say achilles for the win. By the way the achilles heel is not just his weakness, we all have it they just named it after him for being the first recorded battle wound sustained to the back of the heel.

  18. TL December 6, 2008 at 12:44 am -      #18

    Hmm, you do realize that Musashi Miyamoto is actually a real historical swordsman?

    Anyway, for the Anime/Manga swordfighters, add some Rurouni Kenshin characters like Seijuro Hiko (one of the best sword fighting series I’ve ever seen) .

    For the game swordfighters, you can’t forget Sephiroth! Or Squall Leonhart from FFVIII. The only ones I know that are not already mentioned are from the FF series.

  19. johnny nightstick December 6, 2008 at 2:20 am -      #19

    providing they dont know about achilles “heel” then he wins easy

  20. =[BF]=JimmieRox December 8, 2008 at 11:40 am -      #20

    He’s not invunerable, it’s just that was where he got shot by an arrow, or hit by a spear depending on the version! But no, Achillies is fast, but he’s no match for Aragorn, i mean what was that stupid thing he did the first time you see him in the film? Oh yeah, jump through the air and stab someone through the shoulder into the heart! I mean give the man 10 out of 10 for style but there is no way he should have been able to do that! All the other dude had to do was twitch and Achillies misses then gets stabbed through the back of the neck! Also Aragorn has his battle armour so Achillies would fail miserably as would Leonidas as there swords are made only from bronze and would go blunt quicky and snap easily!

  21. pheobe December 26, 2008 at 8:29 pm -      #21

    well if xena seduced connan…then they would team up and…..offcurse they will kick ass….. any of the guyz would be easily seduced because of xena’s beauty and skills wich may be the best. so xena and any team mate would win

  22. elie December 26, 2008 at 8:38 pm -      #22

    guyz…. u are all talking….but i garantee u that not even 1 of you has watched a complete action episode of xena…..and all of u are underestimating her. Lucy Lawless has portrayed xena as one of the smartest people on earth, and that was proved through the plan she does before going into a battle, frm the way she observes everything,……… and dont u ever thik that xena is like any reguar men or women who hold a sword and go fighting on a show. she is so so so strong….. qualified to be the strongest…… so plzdont make fun of xena if u didnt watch the show….. and i am sure that xena and hercules would f#ck the hell out of all the fighters up there.

  23. toty December 28, 2008 at 5:47 pm -      #23

    i gotta agree… xena will seduce anyone and team up with him…she is so good at that. then they would kick some ass!! as on the individual level, xena is the best. man, if hercules teamed up with her, they would kick ass. even if callisto teamed up with her.

  24. Zach January 2, 2009 at 9:20 am -      #24

    Aragorn would win.

  25. WTF OMG ITS A SPARTAN! January 4, 2009 at 2:49 pm -      #25

    it would be a great fight and in the end after aragorn stabs leonidas through the heart leo would throgh a spear that would somehow shatter in midair and somehow have pieces of wood and metal go through everyone elses hearts and everyone would die so he took them with him :D

  26. =[BF]=JimmieRox January 4, 2009 at 4:16 pm -      #26

    Er, so Xena would win? How exactly do you think she will defeat Aragorn? Also, scince Leonidas is a Spartan and thus he lives only for the joy of battle so he cannot be seduced, Aragorn is in love with Arwen so he cannot be seduced either, Achillies wouldn’t even be tempted as he could have almost any woman in Greece and as for Conan, well he’d run Xena through as soon as look at her! Also, have you seen how many Uruks Aragorn takes out at Amon Hen?

  27. tyler January 23, 2009 at 10:34 pm -      #27

    no one added HE- MAN he would slaughter everyone. hands down

  28. Gobaa February 12, 2009 at 8:21 pm -      #28

    XENA WOULD WIN!. HOW? Well Easy, She always comes out on top. She have slayed, gods, pirates, tiants, gaints. U name it!! She Is the ultimate fighter. I mean Common, u cant deny it. What she´s slayed and been through has no other fighter been through. Aragon is almost as good as Xena, But Xena still has her little Charkam:) NO but seriously If you look at it from The shows point a view, then U see that Xena is the strongest. U cant say she isnt becuzz u hate her.

  29. =[BF]=JimmieRox February 14, 2009 at 12:18 pm -      #29

    I don’t hate Xena, my position regarding Xena is one of indifference. However, she just doesn’t have the necessary requirements to win this fight! She will die, they will all die and leave Aragorn as the victorious champion with barely a mark on him.

  30. Gobaa March 1, 2009 at 12:01 pm -      #30

    U think what you want… And I think what I want.) DeaL?

  31. =[BF]=JimmieRox March 4, 2009 at 7:48 pm -      #31

    No, that’s not the point of a debate!

  32. Vicious 117 March 9, 2009 at 8:46 pm -      #32

    ok heres the match.
    The Spartans team up (Leonidas and Achilles) form a mini Phalanx on one side of the battle field. Aragorn and Conan ready their swords and prepare to go on the offensive (because they have no shields, and they dont know the power of the Phalanx) as the spartans hold the Phalanx, and the “Dark Ages” men rush, Xena is in the middle only to be struck down by zeus because she doesn not stand a chance against the might, power, and pure awesomeness of the others.
    The Phalanx is broken because of lack of men and also because Conan is a BIG DUDE!!!!
    it breaks off….
    Leonidas destroys Conan by using his agility, shield for defense, and longer range (Spear) …. Think of his fight with the uber Immoral but a little more intense. out come is the same and conan is left with a spear through the heart.

    Meanwhile Achilles and Aragorn face off. Achilles never loses his cool and aragorn has trouble keeping up with achilles because……..i mean he is achilles.
    aragorn is stabbed in the neck in between the collar bone by achilles’ famous move as seen in the movie where he takes down the huge guy at the beginning.

    Now it comes down to Spartan vs Spartan. sword vs sword. Achilles stands ready with his cocky and arrogant gaze, while Leonidas gazes ferociously into achilles before screaming “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!!!”

    the battle is long and hard, and eventually both are badly wounded and bleeding. Both Near Death , and giving up hope, Leonidas finds out achilles’ secret weak point (dont ask how) and decides that if he could not have victory with his last strike he will accept a “Glorious” Death. Leonidas rushes in determined to attack achilles’ heel, but achilles using his wit, purposely leaves his heel open, and as leonidas goes for the heel, achilles ducks down and thrusts his sword foreward…..

    it ends as leonidas has Achilles’ sword through his chest… Achilles brutally beaten and bleeding so much that it would kill a mere mortal man, enjoys his victory over the most challenging opponent he will ever face….
    but this victory will be short lived because leonidas, knowing he would die , took the blow to the chest in order to slice Achilles’ tendon.
    Both Warriors die Glorified by Sparta as statues of both at put up and legends are told….

  33. elie March 11, 2009 at 12:27 pm -      #33

    as a matter of fact, xena could take connan as proven before. then she could kill everyone else easily except for aragorn who may take a couple of minutes more.

  34. Cpt Olimar March 11, 2009 at 2:06 pm -      #34

    Achilles can kill xena… as a true representative of what a DEMI-god is in the Greek Pantheon, Xena will be wishsing she could keep fighting the “nerfed” greek gods in her show. Its not an insult to her, but a true demonstration of Achilles fighting abilities.

  35. Jack Yoder April 15, 2009 at 6:19 am -      #35

    It would be Achielles hands down because none of the enemies would think to go for the ankle

  36. Megaraptor18 June 12, 2009 at 9:33 pm -      #36

    Conan cuts Aragorn’s head off Xena stabs Conan in the back. Achilles kills Xena then turns his attention to Leonidas and after the battle of the century Leonidas defeats Achilles and gathers all of the bodies together and places them in front of the bottomless pitt and scream THIS IS SPARTA!! and kick all of the bodies into the pitt.

  37. Pondering Fool July 4, 2009 at 6:07 pm -      #37

    Uhmmm does having a personal army of green glowing man under your oath/command count as an extansion of Aragorns weapons? Because if it does….bad day for everyone else….

    – pondering fool

  38. AHEM July 4, 2009 at 10:07 pm -      #38

    Aragorn wins. His weapons and armor are well beyond the technology of any of the others . . . best shot would be Achilles, and that’s assuming that Aragorn doesn’t find his weakness, which I wouldn’t put past him.

    Leonidas is out first. Magical sword of kings > steel > iron > bronze.

    What type of material do Xena and Conan use? Steel? Iron? Without high-grade magic weapons, they won’t last long against Aragorn, and I’m inclined to say that he would beat them even then.

  39. Megaraptor18 July 5, 2009 at 2:07 am -      #39

    @ Pondering Fool

    “Uhmmm does having a personal army of green glowing man under your oath/command count as an extansion of Aragorns weapons? Because if it does….bad day for everyone else….”

    I believe that this is single combat just him and four others so no army of green glowing men. Granted if he needed an army of green glowing men to defeat four other moral humans than he ain’t a true warrior and would be the first to fall to the blade.

    @ AHEM
    “Aragorn wins. His weapons and armor are well beyond the technology of any of the others . . .”

    In the movie Conan the Barbarian Conan tries to learn the answer to the Riddle of Steel

    Second paragraph in the link above

    “Doom explains to him, “Steel isn’t strong, boy. Flesh is stronger. Look around you.” Thulsa motions to some of the thousands of followers surrounding his mountain who worship him as the mouthpiece of God. He points up to the top of a cliff, “There, on the rocks, that beautiful girl.” He motions to the girl, “Come to me, my child.” The girl steps off the cliff and falls to her death. “That is strength, boy. That is power: the strength and power of flesh. What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Look at the strength of your body, the desire in your heart.”

    Sure Aragorn’s weapons and armor might be more advanced and will give him a slight edge. However I don’t believe he is as skilled as some may believe.

  40. Jwlynas July 5, 2009 at 5:37 am -      #40

    Well, lets be objective here.

    Its each man/woman standing alone.

    Most of the swordfighters we have are leaders of men as well as fighters of great renown. Three of them are superhuman though.

    Achilles, son of a Goddess, Aragorn, Numenorian king, and Xena, warrior princess.

    As skilled and mighty as they are, Leonidas and Conan are merely human. Its what makes their tales great, but against similarly written protagonists, we have to assume they are outclassed and therefore out of the running.

    Now we’re left with Three. Aragorn seems to be the next one out of the running here. His main skills lay in being a ranger, not a duelist.Always in the right place at the right time, knowing his enemies movements and generally fighting fodder over individuals skilled in combat (Unless someone can cite me a one-on-one duel he was in? The only one that comes to mind is Lurtz from the movies and lets be honest, Lurtz was nothing but a powerhouse, with little individual skill)

    Which leaves Achilles and Xena. For all that her show was cheaply written cheap thrills with feminist and lesbian (two different things) undertones, canonically she is impressive. Very strong, very fast, very skilled with her chosen weapon.

    Likewise Achilles was said to be hugely powerful for his size, and a master weapon-user.

    Much as it pains me to say it though, Xena is a superhuman demi-god with a hell of a lot of experience fighting her equals. And Achilles, at best, can be considered her equal, if not a vast inferior.

    This win, and the dignity of four great literary characters, goes to Xena.

    If we go by whose more awesome however, Achilles takes this hands down :p

  41. Pondering Fool July 6, 2009 at 10:15 pm -      #41

    Admin, which version are we using of Leonidas? The historical one, or the one from the Movie/comics? Thanks.

    – pondering fool

    Movie Leonidas – Admin

  42. TRICKSTER September 23, 2009 at 8:05 pm -      #42


  43. Tim September 27, 2009 at 12:26 pm -      #43

    Watch this:
    Only Achilles could match what Aragorn does here and this isn’t even his most impressive battle. I think that Aragorn would still win against Achilles though because as far as I can tell we are using film Achilles which means no invulnerability, and the type of metal Aragorn uses is superior to the kind that Achilles uses.

  44. Asger September 27, 2009 at 1:33 pm -      #44

    Everyone except Leonidas has beaten the shit outta’ Xena in seperate debates,so I’d say she goes down fairly quick. I lack knowledge of Leonidas as I haven’t seen 300,so I’d give the win to either Aragorn or Achilles.

    I’d like to see a Last Swordsman Standing between comic characters like Ronin vs Elektra vs Deathstroke vs Deadpool or something like that. Just a suggestion.

  45. Kenny C. September 27, 2009 at 3:00 pm -      #45

    Well… unless someone some how figures out to hit Achilles’ heel, the it’s pretty much gonna go to Achellies.

    Then again, one of those guys could get lucky, but very doubtful.

    P.S. – Xena would never, in a million fucking years, win this fight.

  46. Drayflare September 27, 2009 at 4:11 pm -      #46

    I saw This would be close, I’m still undecided. For round two…. Bring in Drizzt and Enteri.

  47. AHEM September 27, 2009 at 5:08 pm -      #47

    Xena winning? Ridiculous. She could beat Leonidas and maybe Conan, but Achilles and Aragorn would take her out with only a little difficulty. Once it’s down to those two, it could really go either way. Achilles will need to end the battle quickly, but as more time goes on, the greater Aragorn’s chance of finding his weakness and scoring an instant win.

  48. Dave September 28, 2009 at 11:44 am -      #48

    I completely agree with Kenny C’s P.S. word for word.

    I agree with AHEM’s statements. Maybe Xena could handle Leo (kills me to say that) and Conan but both Achilles and Aragorn would dominate her in every way imaginable.

    One of my only qualms with this battle is what each character is armed with…If we say their specialty weapon, then two of the characters (Leo n Achilles) will have shields…The others use two handed, long sword type weapons and therefore no shield. Now, I don’t know how familiar anyone is with ancient Greek military, but it included a fair bit of spear throwing, and they were bloody good at it too. Either Achilles or Leo would be able to take out Conan with a thrown spear…so he’s out of the equation. For fairness sake we’ll say Achilles throws his spear and kills conan and therefore switches to a broad sword n shield.This leaves ONE spear in the hands of Leonidas…which he is more than adept at using. Leo isn’t dumb…and will not waste his spear on someone with a shield, so achilles is safe for now. He will therefore throw it at aragorn OR Xena….whichever one he chooses has a high probability of dying because as I alluded to earlier, the greeks could throw spears very well, the spartans were among the finest greek warriors and furthermore, leonidas was the finest spartan warrior (at his time).

    Regardless of who Leonidas throws the spear at, the remaining one will kill him. Therefore it’s either XENA V ACHILLES with ACHILLES destroying her, or ARAGORN V ACHILLES. If this is the case, I think Achilles has this one in the bag unless Aragorn figures out his weakness, which is possible because Strider is a pretty smart guy. Even so, Achillies has a shield and superior agility whilst Aragorn has huge reach and a much better weapon. The shield may in fact be a nonfactor as Andúril is a dayam good sword and may in fact cut through it (it would only be bronze or iron with a a bit of leather).

    Im nominating Achilles to win this one, however Aragorn is in with a fairly good chance methinks.

  49. Jwlynas September 28, 2009 at 11:55 am -      #49

    Whya re people so against Xena winning exactly?

    Terrible acting, script writing and visual effects aside, the lore of the character is interesting enough.

  50. David October 2, 2009 at 4:26 pm -      #50

    Xena @ Hercules Would wipe the floor out of any sword fight heros Bitches .

  51. Asger October 2, 2009 at 4:44 pm -      #51

    You feel like backing that up Davie? Oh wait,how sill of me! I fogot you’re a complete fucking idiot.

    Also Hercules isn’t in this debate.

  52. TRICKSTER October 2, 2009 at 4:48 pm -      #52

    it doesn’t matter alone or with hercules xena will win

  53. Asger October 2, 2009 at 4:51 pm -      #53

    Again: Any evidence to back that up other then fanboyism?

  54. Pondering Fool October 2, 2009 at 4:55 pm -      #54

    Did anyone else read the guidelines at the top of the thread? Lets see class, who is in this fight:
    King Leonidas of the Movie 300 (Admin’s choice)
    Achilles (Don’t know if it is movie or mythological version)
    Xena (what else can I say…)
    Aragorn (I believe book version, though I could be mistaken)

    /David raises hand/
    “What now David?”
    David “Xena @ Hercules Would wipe the floor out of any sword fight heros Bitches .”

    “Uhmm David, do you have an unfortunate mental deficiency? Can you read? There is no Hercules in this duel. Please go get your eyes check before you come back to school David. Class dismissed”

    – the pondering fool

  55. David October 5, 2009 at 6:02 pm -      #55

    Asger you are a fucking dick watch a xena episode.

  56. David October 5, 2009 at 6:03 pm -      #56

    Pondering Fool you fucking slut.xena would win.

  57. Pondering Fool October 5, 2009 at 6:09 pm -      #57

    “Pondering Fool you fucking slut.xena would win.”

    First mate, please no need to go into a profane-filled insult. All I am saying, is that your comments about Hercules helping Xena, the warrior princess, are void in this match, seeing as Hercules is not in this match. So calm down David and have a good day.

    – the pondering fool

  58. Asger October 5, 2009 at 6:11 pm -      #58

    I watched the show when it was on,it was okay. I then promptly moved on to better shows. Ya wanna know a secret? People discredit Xena so much on this fight because of idiot fanboys like yourself.

  59. Asger October 5, 2009 at 6:12 pm -      #59

    *Site not fight. Damn typo.

  60. Cpt Olimar October 5, 2009 at 6:32 pm -      #60

    Achilles wins barring some sort of magic and even then…

    I don’t think anybody here has the skill or speed to match achilles moves.

  61. AHEM October 20, 2009 at 9:22 pm -      #61

    “I think the list above should have also included Maximus / King Arthur / Beowulf / Dar, the Beastmaster

    Next round can be Books swordfighters.

    Richard Rahl / Rand Al’thor / Drizzt Do’urden / Artemis Entreri / Elric of Melniboné / Al’Lan Madragoran / King Jonas Albrecht (Werewolf: The Appocalypse)

    Then followed by Anime/Manga swordfighters

    Musashi Miyamoto / Guts / Ichigo Kurosaki / Kisame Hoshigaki / (need more here)

    And finally by Game swordfighters

    Dante / Ryu Hayabusa / Link / Nightmare / Cloud Strife / Ike (Fire Emblem) / Arthas Menethil (The Lich King)

    Then have the 4 winners match up for the final round and BankGambling Award Winner for Master-Swordsman”

    I like this idea . . . a full-blown swordfighter tourneyment!

    I think maybe Rand should be left out, though, since it would be pretty unfair to put swordfighters against someone who has the One Power. Same goes for Arthas. The only way they could compete fairly is if their magical abilities were completely stunted, which kind of takes away the idea of using the character at all . . .

    Al’Lan Mandragoran would be an interesting contender, though.

  62. John Anen October 29, 2009 at 5:00 pm -      #62

    Xena is currently losing her fights with Conan, Aragorn, and Achilles. Doesn’t look good for her.

    Heheh, Xena dies!

  63. TJ November 7, 2009 at 2:33 am -      #63

    If it’s the literary version, it’s Achilles hands-down. Think this through. You’ve got two vast ARMIES. They’re stale-mated. Heroes on both sides. Achilles, PERSONALLY, is the difference-maker. He’s literally a one-man army. The way Homer describes Achilles’ attacks…what he emphasizes is just how completely helpless the others are. It really is like a lion attack. Hector is one of the ultimate tough guys, and Achilles makes Hector RUN AWAY IN TERROR. (Before he kills him.) The movie makes it look like the two have a duel. NO. Nobody can “duel” with Achilles.

    Now there’s one thing. Conan has a lot of Batman to him. He’s smarter than the others. If Conan has time to think it through, to set the fight-scene, I believe he will take out anybody.

  64. AHEM December 6, 2009 at 1:55 pm -      #64

    “Now there’s one thing. Conan has a lot of Batman to him. He’s smarter than the others. If Conan has time to think it through, to set the fight-scene, I believe he will take out anybody.”

    Well, like I said, Achilles is in one of the better positions to win this, though I still think Aragorn would be a match for him. The possibility of strategy is interesting, though these matches do assume minimal prep time, so that might not come into play.

    All in all, it doesn’t look good for Leonidas and Xena.

  65. The Genius July 31, 2010 at 11:43 pm -      #65

    Ok, the fight comes down to knowing which versions we are using. First off, people are seriously not understanding Conan here. He is a FANTASY character, his sword is enchanted JUST like Aragorns, it is Atlantean. Aragorn and Conan’s weapons EASILY shatter ANY of the other’s weapons or shield btw, just so you understand why the difference in material matter, everyone here is greatly skilled, so the difference in metal makes a huge different, especially when using enchanted weapons, which cannot break and CAN shatter other steel. Leonidas and Achilles unfortunately use bronze, so their weapons would be shattered very early into the fight.

    Are you using Movie Conan (probably the weakest version) or tv cartoon version or live action tv version (2nd weakest) or comic book Conan version or the literary Conan from the original books?(probably the strongest version if not the comic book version).

    Conan is a genius, he is both a master tactician in widespread battles and hunting and one-on-one duels. He is a barbarian by stature, extremely strong and brutal. However, he is always described as having cat-like reflexes and being inhumanly speedy or agile in the novels. If you combine this with his superior brute strength, he has the edge over everyone physically. Conan is trained to master ever form of hand-to-hand combat as well as every weapon, from broadswords to flails to axes to daggers to haxes (or fist weapons) to whips to maces to spears to crossbows to long bows to throwing knives to shuriken (ninja stars) to shortswords to claymores to one-handed swords to katanas to nodachis and many more. He has trained with Asian masters as well as European and viking. He is extremely resourceful and always adapts to each challenge with ease as well as sizing up his enemies. If you actually think he or Aragorn would charge right into the fight you’re sadly mistaken, both would play defensive and set the terrain to fit their need.

    Conan unfortunately for the others, has the advantage of being a master martial artist of many hand-to-hand styles, which means all he has to is use his superior strength with arm on the sword to push a block or w/e and has the strength to crush a man’s skull with the other hand. He has literally grabbed the face of an opponent and crushed his skull beneath his grasp before. Not to mention if he is within striking range he will often knife a hand into his enemies’ throats and deliver well-placed blows, because of his hand-to-hand skill, his physical strikes are deadly attacks as is his whole body. While the others are all greatly skilled with their particular weapons, Conan is a deadly weapon himself. Due to his brutal barbarian nature accompanying his skills, it would not be uncommon for him to literally jam a thumb into someone’s eye socket and rip the eyeball out, he has done that on a few occasions. Conan has killed before with just his teeth, and I don’t mean the stupid condor in the movie, I mean he killed an enemy by ripping open the corrosive arteries in the man’s throat with his teeth.

    Just think who is a more deadly enemy, one is just skilled with the sword, or one who kill easily with a single strike of his hand. Conan is also trained to turn anything into a deadly weapon, even a simple shoe string or a broomstick.

    His is a master hunter and tracker as well as a fighter. While Aragorn has these skills too, Aragorn does have as many dueling feats as Conan. Aragorn is no slouch, he has superior training by the elves and naturally superior attributes because he is Númenórean and has the most experience on ANY of the fighters, so he deserves more credit here.

    This fight easily comes down to Aragorn and Conan. Leonidas is out first, he is a great warrior and great leader, but he is lacking the wide array of skills. Aragorn and Conan have the most skills. Conan is number one considering he is trained in so many different styles from so many different cultures, he is all rolled into one warrior. Achilles is crazy skilled too, and a better duelist then Aragorn, Xena, and Leonidas. However Achilles and Leonidas have much worse metal going for them here. If Achilles had equal metal he would be able to take out Aragorn I believe in a one-on-one, but it would not be easy or fast and is still to call, because Aragorn has physically superior speed, agility, and senses, also he has a superior fighting style, but his one-on-one skills are not quite equal, so who knows, he might still win, its a toughy. However even if Achilles could eventually kill Aragorn, it would take awhile and with his FAR inferior sword, the blade would be nicked, dented, warped, cracked, and probably broken in short notice while Aragorn’s would remain unscathed, and when a battle among masters occurs, they take notice of the little things. Every dent, nick, and bend would impair the swords mobility and utility, thus making his strikes unintentionally slower and sloppier as the fight went, which would not be good because the more time Aragorn spends fighting him the more he understands his style and techniques, and is the sword begins to impair skills, then he will be cut down.

    Leonidas is not up to the same level as the others in any ways because all of the other fighters are fantasy characters with inhuman qualities, so the King will be down. If you think the spear and shield will work on a master like Conan, Aragorn, Xena, or Achilles your sadly mistake, this works on regular humans, but Conan would easily catch the spear on the shaft after avoiding a thrust and with his insane strength snap the spearhead off and make it into a side weapon for himself (remember his training, he can turn ANYTHING into a deadly weapon). So the king is out first for this reason and that he is a fighter that rushes in and decimates foes, so he won’t have any advantage against the others. Achilles does the same, putting him down a notch here. Conan and Aragorn are the only ones who would back off and set the stage to their likings. Xena is not a tracker like them, but she is not a fool either, she would play somewhat defensive and look for a way to best support her.

    Aragorn would start letting his arrows fly from afar, targetting the most direct targets up front, being Achilles and Leonidas sadly. Achilles would be able to avoid the shots and realise he needed to go after the ranger, I guess Leonidas would see this too, but he would use his shield for a bit longer against the arrows and let Achilles rush in for Aragorn. Xena however would see her chance and either throw her projectile to take out Achilles as he is charging or Leonidas as he is distracted. She definitely take note that Conan was hanging back somewhere and that Aragorn was biggest threat with his bow. Conan would also realise this, he would also see Xena as a threat because of her intelligence and her projectile. They would either aid in killing Aragorn to get him out of the way, or take advantage of the greeks open for slaughter or both.

    Xena would go for Aragorn is my bet and Conan would wait until she threw her weapon before leaping upon her. The battle wouldn’t so great, while Xena would have top play defense and use speed, she’d be more than stunned by he speed and skill and his magic sword combined with his strength could easily disarm her when she blocked and if not that it would send extreme ringing vibrations and numbness through her arms thus allowing him to disarm her or knock her weapon far enough to the side so he could end her with a well placed hand-strike, either crushing her windpipe completely or snapping her neck. Her weapon would come up short because as soon as Achilles and Leonidas were closing in, Aragorn would be on the move, firing as he ran. In the chaos of the chase, Leonidas would no doubt take advantage and spear Achilles from behind then draw his sword, considering all he has seen is Aragorn running and using archery, he would doubt his melee prowess. Achilles would not be killed by this, but he would arch backwards in pain and Aragorn would have his open shot. That is when Xena’s projectile comes in and snaps his bow.

    Grr I could on but I won’t. Thats just one possible scenario out of many. I believe though it will come down to Conan and Aragorn in the end. Xena will be middle. Leonidas and Achilles will be out first due to the nature of their styles and lack of equipment. In a battle of masters, the absolute smarest and most skilled will be in the end, pure brutality or “craziness” or bloodthirst will not grant victory, you need the whole package.

    Also this is NOT a one-on-one, it is a full out brawl, so no one is leading an army or has back up, they are simply fighting for their own lives in a sticky situation. Conan, Xena, and Aragorn have the most displays in this area, they have been in alot of situations and come out on top facing overwhelming odds. This means they have the experience in these situations. Xena and Conan actually have more than even Aragorn here. The greeks have none. They were both in pure war situations. It was never in an arena or what not with other genius masters. Conan has probably fought the most “masters” in his series. He has taken many different equally genius warriors in his trials as well as demons and beasts and sorcerors and undead and many other otherworldy foes.

    Whereas Achilles never fights anyone with equal or comparable skill. Leonidas is never this type of situation. Aragorn has taken on a few skilled enemies, but still anywhere close to him. Xenas has fought a few great enemies, but they always seem vastly stupid compared to her and the gods, demi-gods, and monsters of the mythology in her show were VASTLY weaker than they are in ACTUAL mythology, so you can’t really be as impressed by her accomplishments over these foes as it would be if they were even 1/10th the power of their actual mythology counter-parts. Conan has taken villains equally as smart who not only just attack him, but also ones who set up genius traps and such, the only problem is his adaptability to situations allows him to always overcome these.

    So again, Conan wins, Aragorn 2nd, Xena 3rd, Achilles 4th, Leonidas 5th. If you make all the weapons and equipment equal, then Achilles has a chance of coming in 2nd as does Xena, but Conan still holds the number 1 spot.

    Also I highly recommend you read the Conan novels, they are really cool, full of sorcery and battles and such. Pretty much you’ll see him just conquering incredible challenges each one, but he does in such a genius and epic way.

  66. renesaG August 5, 2010 at 3:20 am -      #66

    Leonidas just cause of 300

  67. starsteam August 5, 2010 at 3:24 am -      #67

    300 was inaccurate I hope you know renesa.

  68. renesaG August 5, 2010 at 4:25 am -      #68

    So what? It still owned. And yes I know it was inaccurate. I’m sure most Spartans were just fat guys.

  69. ://hack=infiniticomplex September 25, 2010 at 1:49 pm -      #69

    300 was inaccurate because it wasn’t just the three hundred Spartans against the Persian Army. There were other greeks there. Beyond that, we can accept the movie version of Leonidas. He would still not stand a chance. He is an above-average human. Probably 6-A or 6-B for those who pay any attention to the tier system. Conan is ranked at 6_C so 6-B is probably pushing it for Leonidas. If I had to guess (none of them are ranked) I’d probably put the other three in the 5th tier. That means that Conan and Leonidas are technically outranked. However, Conan Achilles and Aragorn have all already taken Xena in various debates, so my top three are Conan, Aragorn and Achilles.
    That being established, I don’t know where it would go from there. Achilles and Aragorn are above human limitations, the former being nearly invulnerable and the latter being, uh, not human, exactly. Numenorian king, extended life span, 80 some years of experience and all. Conan and Aragorn both have enchanted weapons, whereas Achilles would probably destroy his bronze weapons somewhere in the fight. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe a strike to his heel actually completely cripples Achilles. So, can Achilles use his nigh-indestuctable body to beat Aragorn and Conan before one or the other finds his weakspot? I, for one, doubt it. Idk enough about Conan to decide who would win between him and Aragorn, but thats my top two.

  70. Commander Cross October 24, 2010 at 2:42 am -      #70

    For the next round, can we see Hercules against the likes of King Arthur, Siegfried(the guy who killed the dragon, Fafnir, and bathed in his blood!), Balmung of the Azure Sky, and Maximus of Gladiator?

    Also, why not just go ahead to pit Percy Jackson against Sir Galahad of the Round Table, Kite of the .hack series, Galen Marek(from the Force Unleashed!) and Beowulf?

    Wouldn’t either be an epic fight?

    P.S: You may or may not have heard it before, but if you buy certain interpretations to the ancestral lines for Lord Arthur’s family, he and some of the Round Table’s members were descended from Aeneas of Troy, whom ironically enough, Achilles nearly killed him in a battle in the Trojan War.

  71. CIDE December 25, 2010 at 2:39 am -      #71

    Uh….Jwa actually said it the best. 3 out of 5 are superhuman. The problem is 2 of the 3 have virtually no usable feats to prove super human levels of power save for Achilles’ durability.

    Provable physical feats Xena stands higher than the other 4. Arrow timer capable of ripping steel chains in half and throw a grown man 20 feet with minimal effort.

  72. Rookie September 19, 2014 at 5:48 am -      #72

    I think that Conan will win.

  73. Ellie Williams September 19, 2014 at 5:55 am -      #73

    Conan the Barbarian should be able to win. Either that, or Aragorn.

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