Dark Horn Vs AT-AT Vs Imperial Knight

Dark Horn Vs AT-AT Vs Imperial Knight

Suggested by Sauroposeidon

A three way walker battle!

Fighting in, oh, let’s say Afghanistan, we have an Imperial Knight Warden (Warhammer 4oK), an utterly enormous AT-AT (Star Wars), and a fully loaded Dark Horn zoid.

Only one mech gets to live.

Special rules:

  1. The Knight may customize its load out with available imperial knight weapons and gear that comes with the kit and as detailed in its rules.
  2. The AT-AT may carry storm troopers armed with various anti-armor weaponry, or even equipment if available that would permit them to try to board the enemy walkers.
  3. The Dark Horn may use any customization kit that Tomy has released for zoids which could conceivably be used on a zoid of its size.
  4. Each mech’s crew gets to read one (relatively poorly written) “wiki page” on the others’ vehicles as a briefing, but nothing on their faction, tactics, ect.

Who will win?

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6 Comments on "Dark Horn Vs AT-AT Vs Imperial Knight"

  1. Shadow-Knight August 30, 2015 at 12:25 am -      #1

    Well, I can’t speak for the other Mechs but I can point out a couple weak points on the AT-AT that can be exploited. The most obvious is its leg joints, tangle them up and the walker is going down. A second weak spot is the walker’s “neck”. It is relatively unarmored to allow it to move….that makes it a perverbial Achilles Heel

  2. Rookie August 30, 2015 at 3:36 am -      #2

    Feats for Dark Horn?

  3. pimpmage August 30, 2015 at 3:55 am -      #3

    “The Knight may customize its load out with available imperial knight weapons and gear that comes with the kit and as detailed in its rules.”

    Any gear? What about this?

    Quake Cannon – A Quake Cannon is a massive artillery piece capable of shattering the armour of Titans or demolishing entire buildings. Quake Cannons are most usually placed on the arm hardpoints of Warlord-class Titans or on the carapace hardpoints of Imperator-class Titans. This is also a weapon employed by Knight Crusaders and Castellans. The Quake Cannon’s great weight and these Knights’ heavier armour prevents them from achieving the speeds necessary to make use of the Shock Lance.

    Also, apparently there is a bit of extreme fluff about the quake cannon’s ammo. I’m not sure I believe it, because it sounds a bit rediculous. But wiki states the following,

    It is the ammunition of the Quake Cannon — the ghoulish Quake Shell — that marks out the weapon as unique. Each shell contains fragments of a planet that has undergone the ultimate Imperial sanction of Exterminatus. Whenever planets are to be destroyed, Tech-priests and Magos Geologis from the Adeptus Mechanicus are dispatched to the sector to capture and store the shattered planet’s death-throes as quickly as possible — a dangerous task in and of itself. From orbit, as their voidships are buffeted by the destruction, these ghoulish blast-waves are captured by immense, arcane wave-recorders. Later they are replicated back on Forge Worlds, where this energy is reborn in the form of Quake Shells. It is not uncommon for such shells to be named after the planets from which their potency has been captured. Quake Shells sometimes scream as they rocket through the air, and many suggest that this noise is in fact the combined death wails of a lost planet’s population. The Tech-priests have not quashed these macabre rumours.

    When one of these shells strikes its target, it does so with enormous, heart-stopping power, transferring the echoes of a planet-shattering blast into a localised area. When the smoke clears, if a smouldering hole has not appeared in the fortress walls, then the shell will have caused instant fissures; fault-lines will begin to appear across the perimeter of the citadel, meaning the next blow will be the one to enable the Imperial forces to breach its defences.

    That stuff is attributed to this:
    Warhammer 40,000 Munitorum – Quake Cannon (Digital Edition) pp. 84-89
    Warhammer 40,000 Munitorum Volume One, “Quake Cannon” (Digital Edition), pp. 110-113, 116-118

    But I don’t own that book, so I can’t check.

  4. lethal_gecko August 30, 2015 at 4:09 am -      #4

    I don’t know about the first one, but the Imperial Knight will need a thermal cannon to bring down the AT-AT, it could then have another main gun or a reaper chainsword but tbh another gun would be best in this situation.


    The AT-AT has the maneuverability and height/mass advantage due to it being designed for desert terrain (Hoth is considered a desert just like the poles are).
    The knight’s shielding will be effective due to the AT-AT having it’s guns only facing forward so I believe the knight wins out of the two, now if it was an AT-TE then it would be different as it has guns in every direction which can negate the ion shield of the knight and will be harder to hit due to being smaller.

    However, the AT-AT may be tall enough (20 meters to the knights 9 meters) to shoot the top of the knight from the front where it’s ion shield will not cover since they would put it up in front (as that would make sense in the situation of someone shooting you from the front).


    Something tells me that the AT-AT also has the range advantage of its weapons plus the troops it has can flank the knight with anti armor weapons. If the knight gets close then it’s over, the AT-AT will get carved to bits, however the AT-AT is more than capable of blasting it to pieces before it reaches it but also vice versa if the knight has a thermal cannon.


    What’s the sand like in Afghanistan? The knight might get bogged down while the AT-AT will be cruising along without trouble.

  5. Darth Bombad August 30, 2015 at 6:20 am -      #5

    O.k. two questions, first EU or no EU? second how fast are the other mechs?.
    Because the AT-AT can do 60 km/h, of course that’s max speed on ideal terrain.

  6. Sauroposeidon August 30, 2015 at 7:54 am -      #6

    Dark Horns are improved Red Horns. In the official battle story, this is due to an enhanced power source. No reason is given in the anime. Their most notable advancement over the previous model zoid is their hybrid vulcan. That giant rotary gun on its back, which their power source lets them use.

    They are 20 meters long, and 13 meters tall. So they’re quite a big smaller than the AT-AT. They weigh in at 115 tons and can run at 130kph, although in the anime they are rarely depicted as running. They tend to use saturation fire with their hybrid vulcan in order to just out gun anything they run in to.

    They have an extensive sensors sweet. The horns normally on a styracosaur’s frill are some kind of sensor rods which work in “all weather” as a 3D radar system.

    Dark Horn’s biggest weakness is its short legs. While powerful, giving the animal impressive forward speed, it is reportedly awful at cornering, in Zoids Zero Episode 3 it expressly is equipped with special thrusters to let it turn better. Repeated stress on the legs however caused its legs to break. They weren’t designed to handle internal stress in that fashion.

    The Dark Horn is likely the fastest mech here, but probably the least maneuverable, although it can perform impressive jumps with those stubby legs, easily clearly other zoids its own size.

    The Hybrid Vulcan is generally depicted as shredding anything it hits, but like any rotary gun, it’s highly inaccurate.

    Despite its close range fire power and competent speeds, it is not able to keep up with newer zoids. Usually out maneuvered, its horn is a useful weapon but in the face of something like a Blade Liger it can’t keep up to make use of its horn very effectively, and it is out gunned by newer generation zoids such as the DiBison.

    I’d estimate it as a very dangerous, but clearly aging machine of war by zoids standards. When first deployed it was given to aces. Centuries later, it’s a mook mech given to all but the lowest of ranked pilots.

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