Master Chief Vs Honor Harrington

Master Chief Vs Honor Harrington

Suggested by Ordo11

Master Chief (Halo) will go up against Honor Harrington.

Honor is in her Manticoran uniform with the stuff to stop Nimitz’s claws, Nimitz is not here. She has her robot arm, and her pulser along with her .45.

Master chief has an assault rifle and a shotgun. Along with 2-3 frag grenades.

Who will win?

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22 Comments on "Master Chief Vs Honor Harrington"

  1. Ninja Lowk August 9, 2015 at 12:07 am -      #1

    So how fast is Honor and does she have any protection against Chief’s l33t 360 noscope aimbot skills?

  2. the_man_with The_Answers August 9, 2015 at 12:23 am -      #2

    Lack of helmets is kinda a problem against opponents with fast reactions and incredible aim

  3. Ordo11 August 9, 2015 at 12:29 am -      #3

    She is a master of the martial arts, coup de vitese. Her uniform is able to stand up to light caliber pulser rounds, 2,000 mps bullets, she has the ability to feel people’s emotions, and was raised on a high gravity world, which her genetic line was designed for. She should be able to “aim dodge” with her probably knowing when he will fire, she did it in her sword duel, and here is her Nimitz claw defense thing.

    The shout died in a staccato chatter as the Reverend Julius Hanks, First Elder of the Church of Humanity Unchained, flung himself between her and her assassin. Bullets ripped through a frail old body in a spray of blood, and Honor cried out—in horrified grief and useless denial as much as pain—as those same bullets smashed into her chest. She went down, fighting for the breath the impact had hammered out of her, but she wore her formal gown and vest, not her uniform, and it was the vest Andrew LaFollet liked so much—the one designed with Nimitz’s claws in mind. The one that could stop even light pulser fire. It wouldn’t normally have stopped the machine-pistol’s heavy slugs, not from this close, but their passage through Reverend Hanks’ body had slowed them, absorbed just enough kinetic energy to keep them from penetrating.

    Flag in exile, chapter 27.

    Also her robot arm has a small pulsar in her finger.

    “Yeah, and her father’s a seriously paranoid individual, Tester bless him!” Mattingly said. “Although,” they watched with half their attention as the Steadholder flexed her left hand and the truncated index finger locked into a rigidly extended position, “that particular hideout weapon of hers is something of a case in point for what I was saying earlier. She didn’t even tell me or the Colonel about it until after we were sent to Marsh.”

    “I know.” Hawke chuckled. “I was there when we all found out, remember?”

    On the other side of the armorplast, the Steadholder pointed her finger down-range, and a hyper-velocity pulser dart shrieked dead center through the ten-ring of a combat target. She hadn’t even raised her hand, and as they watched, she actually turned her head away, not even looking at the targets as they popped out of their holographic concealment . . . and the pulser darts continue to rip their chests apart.

    “How does she do that?” Hawke demanded. “Look at that! She’s got her eyes closed!”

    “Yes, she does,” Mattingly agreed with a smile. “The Colonel finally broke down and asked her. It’s fairly simple, really. There’s a concealed camera in the cuticle of the finger, and when she activates the pulser, the camera feed links directly to her artificial eye. It projects a window with a crosshair, and since the camera is exactly aligned with the bore of the pulser, the dart will automatically hit anything she sees in the window.” He shook his head, still smiling. “She’s always been a really good ‘point-and-shoot’ shooter, but it got even worse when her father had her arm designed.”

    At all costs, chapter 13

    “Well, then,” she said, “let’s look at what happened. The operation should have succeeded—would have succeeded, according to the reports I have had time to look over—if not for the fact that Harrington had a pulser, of all things, actually built into her artificial hand.”

    She shrugged.

    “None of the intelligence available to us suggested any such possibility, so it was impossible to factor it into our plans. Apparently, our vehicle succeeded in taking out her bodyguard, exactly as we’d planned, and under circumstances which should have left him armed when she wasn’t. And then, unfortunately, she shot him . . . with her finger.”

    At all costs, chapter 40.

  4. OriginalA August 9, 2015 at 12:49 am -      #4

    Oh… This is an interesting match up!

    On the one hand, Honor is a dead shot and has superior stopping power on a per shot basis with her Pulsar finger.

    On the other hand, Master Chief has friggen Power Armor, grenades, and supressive fire.

    … As much as I like Honor, I’m thinking Master Chief is going to take this. The .45 isn’t too much of a threat to him, and I don’t think her pulsar is made for rapid fire.

    I think Master Chief’s shields should be able to no-sell the .45 and at least mitigate the Pulsar Darts enough to prevent serious injury while going between cover. Meanwhile he’s got an Assault Rifle to keep her pinned down, Grenades to flush her out, and a Shotgun should close range occure. Despite her being above average in hand to hand… Master Chief is a half-ton of walking armor and he also is a master of hand to hand.

    Honor’s best bet would be using her empathy to hopefully sneak around Master Chief, but I don’t thing it worked quite like that, nor with enough range to make it relevant. And Master Chief has a motion sensor.

    I think Honor is lacking the overall firepower needed to overcome Master Chief’s armor. And the Chief’s multitude of weapons gives him greater tactical options.

    Glad to see Honor on the site though.

  5. Sokogeki August 9, 2015 at 12:54 am -      #5

    What OriginalA said.

    I am placing a tentative best on the Master Chief, at least until more Honor feats come in. John-117 is just too much of a beast for anyone who isn’t a superhuman take down.

  6. Friendlysociopath August 9, 2015 at 12:58 am -      #6

    with her probably knowing when he will fire

    (Looks at suit of armor that covers every inch of MC’s body.)
    (Looks at helmet you absolutely cannot see through)
    How? The only way you’d have a harder time predicting when he could fire would be if you couldn’t see him at all.

    Standard reminder that MC can actually bullet-time fairly early on in his history.

  7. Ordo11 August 9, 2015 at 1:08 am -      #7

    If you want we can put her in her skinsuit.
    Also perspective on that 2,000 mps

    Any semi-automatic pistol was a technological antique, but this one was more so than most. In point of fact, its design was over two thousand T-years old, for it was an exact replica of what had once been known as a “Model 1911A1″ firing a “.45 ACP” cartridge. It was quite a handful, with an unloaded weight of just under 1.3 kilograms in Grayson’s 1.17 standard gravities, and the recoil was formidable. Its antiquity didn’t make it any less noisy, either, and despite their ear protectors, more than one of the armsmen on the neighboring firing lanes winced as the 11.43-millimeter slug rumbled down range at a mere 275 MPS. That was a paltry velocity, even beside the auto-loaders to which the Grayson tech base had been limited before the Yeltsin System joined the Alliance, much less the 2,000-plus MPS at which a modern pulser punched out its darts, but the massive fifteen-gram bullet still reached the end of its twenty-five-meter journey with formidable kinetic energy. The jacketed slug exploded through the equally anachronistic paper target’s “X” ring in a shower of small, white fragments, then vanished in a fiery flash as it plowed into the focused grav wall “backstop” and vaporized.

    Honor among enemies chapter 3.

    Sort of aim dodging, in her sword fight.
    She never knew, then or later, what William Fitzclarence’s “crease” was. She simply knew she’d recognized it. That something deep inside her saw the moment he committed himself, the instant his arms tightened to bring his blade slashing down.

    The instant in which he was entirely focused on the attack, and not on defense.

    Her body responded to that recognition with the trained reaction speed of someone born and bred at the bottom of a gravity well fifteen percent more powerful than her opponent’s. Her blade flashed up in a blinding, backhand arc, and the Sword of State’s razor-sharp spine opened Burdette’s torso from right hip to left shoulder. Clothing and flesh parted like cobwebs, and she heard the start of his explosive cry as shock and pain froze his blade. But he never completed that scream, for even as it rose in his throat and he began to fold forward over his opened belly, her wrists turned easily, and she slashed back to her left in a flashing continuation of her original movement, backed by all the whip-crack power of her body, and William Fitzclarence’s head leapt from his shoulders in a geyser of blood.

    Flag in exile, chapter 29.

  8. Friendlysociopath August 9, 2015 at 1:22 am -      #8

    So they’re using MPS- that’s meters per second is it not? This universe doesn’t have some new measurement I don’t know about?

    Because some bullets go far faster than 275 meters per second; hell, muskets outdo that.
    Modern rifles are well over 1,000 mps.

    Sort of aim dodging, in her sword fight.

    She read his body, she noticed he was tightening his arms to get ready for an attack and she attacked before he could and while he wasn’t able to defend himself.
    Good feat for reflexes.

  9. Ordo11 August 9, 2015 at 1:32 am -      #9

    Hey, that is an actual gun heck it gives the model, and this is supposed to be the same meters as we use, every other quote acts like meters we use so we disregard it, but we take this into regard with the 300 mps bullshit for another weapon, but hell we’ll put her in a skinsuit, welp chief is now fucked.

    Skinsuit has a helmet btw, and can take light pulsar fire, do we want to up chief’s armament?

  10. the_man_with The_Answers August 9, 2015 at 1:33 am -      #10

    I repeat:
    Person with no head protection vs someone who deftly delivers rapidly paced headshots like Santa delivers Christmas presents.

  11. OriginalA August 9, 2015 at 1:36 am -      #11

    Yes, that is meters per second. And 275 mps is just about right for an M1911 (quick google search says it should be 251, but hey, make, model, year, and bullet, right)

    Also… a quick wiki search reminds me that I was underselling that pulsar. 3mm darts at 2000mps is apparently enough to rip people’s arms apart with a shot to the hand. So that will probably drop Chief’s shields fast, and his armor doesn’t stand for very long after those fail.

    If Honor gets a few solid shots on him, in rapid succession, she might very well kill him

    I am not certain of John’s victory now

    Now I wanna reread the Honorverse books.

  12. Ciridae Hunter August 9, 2015 at 1:40 am -      #12

    Chief with a shotgun is more than enough-there won’t be a head to shoot after the first trigger pull (shotgun was oddly OP compared to most weapons)

  13. Friendlysociopath August 9, 2015 at 1:46 am -      #13

    And 275 mps is just about right for an M1911

    True, I was just pointing out that 2,000 mps looks good against 275 mps when 275 mps is not extremely high by our standards. 2,000 is still quite high but I wanted to be clear that 275 isn’t the “normal” speed of our bullets.
    Which is a moot point now that I think about it- don’t Halo weapons have their own speeds that don’t conform to ours?

    we take this into regard with the 300 mps bullshit

    Because most of the time people write meters per second as, “mps” or “m/s”. I have never in my life seen it as MPS.

    3mm darts at 2000mps is apparently enough to rip people’s arms apart with a shot to the hand.

    Explosive tips, so not really force of the bullet vs bullet just exploding.

    Man, this looks like a fun match and I’m not going to be at my computer tomorrow. Damn.

  14. OriginalA August 9, 2015 at 1:56 am -      #14

    Halo’s bullshit weapons stats were because of poor meters per second velocities and stupidly low effective ranges.

    The whining comes in because we have weapons TODAY that are flat out better than some of the weapons the UNSC uses. And the Brute Spiker shoots what might as well be nerf darts at people instead of nails of death; again because of bullshit speed/mass stats.

    I don’t remember Pulsar darts being explosive tipped. … and that would, again, change my outlook on this match.

    That said though, it is worth keeping in mind that Honor is not a commando. She’s a naval tactician. She’s out of her element here in a gun fight. Certainly not incapable, but she isn’t as well trained for this as the Chief is. I think that should be kept in mind. And should probably look into the scenes where Honor actually gets into ground fights. I know there aren’t that many, and IIRC, it’s mostly her running away while her marine detachment and/or her bodyguards do the actual fighting.

  15. Ciridae Hunter August 9, 2015 at 2:06 am -      #15

    What kind of battlefield is this? If we had an outlook of where it’s happening, then it might help with the outcome

  16. the_man_with The_Answers August 9, 2015 at 2:09 am -      #16

    “Halo’s bullshit weapons stats were because of poor meters per second velocities”

    I don’t find Halo weapons to have “poor velocities.” Maybe not your archetypical 500 years in the future standard, but the 905m/s on the assault rifle isn’t to be scoffed at. The APFSDS on the sniper rifle is likely in the 1.5km/s+ range. They have handheld railgun technology as well as various particle beams.

    “stupidly low effective ranges.”

    Effective range =/= max range. A 300 meter effective range defined against targets wearing armor is actually really really good. I mean, the US primarily uses the 5.56 caliber, which has a significant ballistic performance drop at 300 meters and beyond. Not that your typical soldier is effectively engaging enemies out at 300 meters anyways.

    “The whining comes in because we have weapons TODAY that are flat out better than some of the weapons the UNSC uses. And the Brute Spiker shoots what might as well be nerf darts at people instead of nails of death; again because of bullshit speed/mass stats.”

    Stats that are clearly at odds by what they actually do visually. Namely pin people to walls. Something tells me Nerf darts don’t do that.

    Also, a reminder: Headshots. Delivered on at range of your choosing along a 7.62x51mm ballistic trajectory.

  17. Ciridae Hunter August 9, 2015 at 2:20 am -      #17

    Has Honor been in many matches here; I ask because she would make a great teammate in team stealth matches with that arm of hers and her CQC talent being what it is.

  18. Ordo11 August 9, 2015 at 2:26 am -      #18

    “It left a lot to be desired from an artistic viewpoint, a corner of her brain thought, but the imagery was remarkably clear for something as crude as video tape. It was the dinner party, and she saw herself leaning towards the Protector and listening attentively to him just as Nimitz erupted from his stool and attacked the first assassin.
    She stared at the screen, appalled by the carnage, as her own image lunged up from its chair and killed the second assassin. Captain Fox went down, and she watched herself take out his killer, then whirl towards the others charging towards her. The thrown platter dropped their leader, and then people fell in all directions as gunfire ripped back and forth across the room.
    She felt a stab of terror there’d been no time to feel then as she watched men crumple and die and wondered how she and Nimitz could possibly have been missed in that crossfire, and then she saw her own desperate charge as the last of the Protector’s guards died.
    The tape went to slow motion after that, but it still didn’t last long. Indeed, it had seemed much longer at the time. Bodies seemed to fly away from her, she saw flashes of a raging Nimitz taking others down, and that same corner of her mind wondered how her academy instructors would have rated her form.
    It seemed impossible she’d survived, and as she watched Nimitz claw down a man who would have shot her in the back she knew she wouldn’t have without her diminutive ally. She reache out to him still staring at the screen, and he purred reassuringly as he pressed his head against her palm.
    Dead and crippled assassins littered the floor around her as the Security response team broke through at last, and she felt her entire body tense as the man who’d shot her did it all over again. Her image went down on the screen, and sweat beaded her forehead as the disrupter swung towards her once more, and then he was down and dead and the screen went blank.
    Mayhew’s face reappeared, and he smiled soberly at her.
    “That’s what all of Grayson’s been seeing for the last several hours, Captain Harrington—a tape of you saving the lives of my family,” he said softly, and the living side of her face flamed.
    “Sir, I—” she began hesitantly, but his raised hand silenced her.
    “Don’t say it, Captain. I won’t embarrass you by saying it again, but I don’t have to, either. That tape should rather conclusively discredit any claim that you were behind the assassination attempt, I think. And after seeing it, no one on this planet—including Admiral Garret—will ever dare to question your fitness as an officer again, now will they?”

    Excerpt From: Weber, David. “The Honor of the Queen, Second Edition.” Baen Books, 2013-02-01T20:47:56+00:00. iBooks.
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    Check out this book on the iBooks Store:

    “Castellaño opened his hand. The handkerchief leapt into the air, frisking in the playful breeze, and Denver Summervale’s brain glowed with merciless fire as his hand came up. The pistol was an extension of his nerves, rising into the classic duelist’s stance with the oiled speed of long practice while his eyes remained fixed on Harrington. His target was graven in his mind, waiting only to merge with his weapon’s rising sights, when white flame blossomed from her hand and a spike of Hell slammed into his belly.
    He grunted in disbelief, eyes bulging in shock, and the fire flashed again. A second sledgehammer slammed him, centimeters above the agony of the first shot, and astonishment flickered through him. She hadn’t raised her hand. She hadn’t even raised her hand! She was firing from the hip, and—
    A third shot cracked out, and another huge smear of crimson blotted his black tunic. His pistol hand was weighted with iron, and he looked down stupidly at the blood pulsing from his chest.
    This couldn’t happen. It was impossible for him to—
    A fourth shot roared, punching into him less than a centimeter from the third, and he screamed as much in fury as in agony. No! The bitch couldn’t kill him! Not before he got even one shot into her!
    He looked back up, staring at her, wavering on his feet, and his gun was back at his side. He didn’t remember lowering it, and now hers was up in full extension. He stared at her, seeing the wisps of smoke blowing from her muzzle in the breeze, and bared his teeth in hatred. Blood bubbled in his nostrils, his knees began to buckle, but somehow he stayed on his feet and slowly, grimly, fought to bring his gun hand up.
    Honor Harrington watched him over the sights of her pistol. She saw the hate on his face, the terrible realization of what had happened, the venomous determination as his pistol wavered up centimeter by agonized centimeter. It was coming up, rising toward firing position while he snarled at her, and there was no emotion at all in her brown eyes as her fifth bullet smashed squarely through the bridge of his nose.”

    Excerpt From: Weber, David. “Field of Dishonor.” Baen Books, 1999-10-01T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    Check out this book on the iBooks Store:

  19. Ordo11 August 9, 2015 at 2:38 am -      #19

    GOwing to bed.

  20. OriginalA August 9, 2015 at 2:39 am -      #20

    Their SMG is total shit. Brute Spiker works on the power of author’s fiat rather than empirical data. UNSC Sniper rifle… is actually pretty rad. The Battle Rifle is either kinda meh or decent depending on the type (the prototype version is statistically superior by a large margin unless they have reconciled their lore) And their shotguns suck balls.

    Not going to argue about headshots. I’m only saying that I grossly forgot how devistating the Pulsar was, and I think Honor actually has a chance rather than John being a walking death tank.

    I still think he’s going to win, but he’s going to have to earn it rather than just go through the motions.

  21. the_man_with The_Answers August 9, 2015 at 3:47 am -      #21

    “Their SMG is total shit.”

    With an effective range of 50 meters against armored aliens, I’d wager it has quite a bit of punch. It may not be the most high velocity weapon out there, but considering there is a ~1.4kg gap between the loaded and unloaded weight, each round is going to mass at something like 20 grams after you account for the magazine. Which at 427m/s is a fair 1.8kJ, carrying the punch over three times that of the modern day P90. For an SMG, it fires a pretty heavy round. It’s velocity stacks up nearly identical to slightly greater than your typical MP5, but with twice the magazine capacity and 3 or so times the punch per round. All while remaining around the same weight, or even a little lighter than the MP5. So all in all, not exactly your “500 years in the future super gun,” but any military R&D company would LOVE to get their hands on one today.

    “The Battle Rifle is either kinda meh or decent depending on the type (the prototype version is statistically superior by a large margin unless they have reconciled their lore)”

    Likely due to a change in standard target definition. At the time of the 900 meter lethality statement in Contact Harvest, UNSC enemies were little or even completely unarmored rebels. Later media depicting the same exact caliber from a gun of near identical build labels the effective range as shorter due to the fact that 100% of encountered UNSC enemies are armored aliens.

    “And their shotguns suck balls”

    Considering you can actually kill significantly armored enemies with them, apparently effectively out past 50 meters, along with the development of magnetorheological recoil dampening systems technology. Which I assume other Halo guns have as well, considering how much of a beast it would be to try and fire the M7 SMG, or MA-series assault rifle effectively on full-auto as typically depicted. With the expanded focus on “smart-scope” in Halo 5capabilities, the shotgun also apparently has a “smart choke” that can decrease pellet spread on the fly. So again, modern arms developers would love to get their claws on this.

  22. Ordo11 August 9, 2015 at 8:59 am -      #22

    Will someone please read pot 9 please I gave her a helmet.

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