Mifune Vs Archer

Mifune Vs Archer

Suggested by Delta Knight

Mifune (Soul Eater) will go up against Archer (Fate / Stay Night). The battle takes place in a ruined factory roughly 100 feet away from each other. Basically it will be one hell of a sword fight.

Who will win?

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12 Comments on "Mifune Vs Archer"

  1. Monochrome July 26, 2015 at 12:05 am -      #1

    Hot damn did I predict something? Because I hoped for a match I can get into and I have received. Clearly supernatural powers are at work in my favor ^^

    Also First!

    I’ll start hunting down for Archer Feats.

  2. Friendlysociopath July 26, 2015 at 12:06 am -      #2

    (composes himself)
    I’ll just leave this here for now

  3. Ninja Lowk July 26, 2015 at 12:19 am -      #3

    Theres gonna be swords errywhere

  4. Jake_Uzumaki July 26, 2015 at 12:26 am -      #4

    This…this should be a good fight, I know a bit about both characters so definitely going to keep an eye here.

  5. Monochrome July 26, 2015 at 12:37 am -      #5

    Sorry for double posting but here’s some feats.
    May not be relevant but he can shoot from four kilometers away i.imgur.com/1CK3GDm.png

    Trades multiple blows with Lancer in an instant
    i.imgur.com/l9Su8Nf.png i.imgur.com/C0UzaB6.png

    Blocks FTE Attacks (Will go hunting for proof of FTE in abit for now posting feats) i.imgur.com/U9z5X7q.png i.imgur.com/ObuEB6K.png i.imgur.com/Q1eCpXE.png

    Lancer thrusting so far even after images are blurred and Archer dodges them all i.imgur.com/hGhLUSn.png

    Not sure much use but here’s one of the potential weapons Archer can trace Hrunting i.imgur.com/O5mcFsI.png i.imgur.com/teRntej.png

    Kanshou and Bakuya his main go to weapons i.imgur.com/HiMPqnR.png i.imgur.com/E7dOQ8i.png

    Has a shield that can block Gae Bolg (“Spear that strikes a fatal blow that always pierces the opponent’s heart and ruins their body from within with its thousand iron thorns. It literally freezes the mana in the air, and it can easily be perceived as a sure-kill technique by all those around simply from being charged with magical energy. Once Gáe Bolg’s name has been called, the cursed spear reverses the nature of causality, the meaning of “cause and effect” in the order of things, to make it so the cause of the “lance being thrust” comes from the effect of the “opponent’s heart being pierced” by it. It determines the opponent’s fate simply through its use, an always fatal move that pierces the heart with one thrust.”) In short he literally says the name, the enemies heart gets stabbed THEN he thrusts the Damn spear the only counter to this weapon is a High Luck stat and a Luck Roll. (Luck in Nasuverse is more described as defying fate so the more fate defying you are the higher the luck stat you have)

    Here’s the shield Rho Aius
    i.imgur.com/a9ly5bv.png i.imgur.com/L6UotWV.png i.imgur.com/b5Xewsy.png i.imgur.com/AklfsFq.png

    Here’s Archer most Famous/Infamous ability Unlimited Blade Works (Passive) i.imgur.com/UQAoOrN.png
    Than there’s the activated Reality Marble of Unlimited Blade Works
    i.imgur.com/aw7XMc5.png i.imgur.com/Q8cIys4.png i.imgur.com/wjMHl2V.png i.imgur.com/ex98B9I.png i.imgur.com/Gw1VeWx.png i.imgur.com/jWBdkrz.png i.imgur.com/el2ALkC.png i.imgur.com/vgNaRC4.png i.imgur.com/Ibq7Ns3.png i.imgur.com/pZFEkMm.png i.imgur.com/bk6NcNy.png

    …….I do apologize but I’d like to get as much info dumped into one post as much as possible.

  6. Friendlysociopath July 26, 2015 at 9:17 am -      #6

    Pretty sure since it’s in the Swordfight section, they’re supposed to be limited to swords and their abilities related to them.
    That’d still be the shield and the reality marble.

    That said, the shield only blocked the thrown Bolg- a weaker variant of the real thing.

  7. Nsl98 July 26, 2015 at 11:14 am -      #7

    Is FPTopia messing up for anyone else right now?

    It’s not loading on any of my devices.

  8. Riverlia July 27, 2015 at 4:33 am -      #8

    *Pretty sure since it’s in the Swordfight section, they’re supposed to be limited to swords and their abilities related to them.*
    Archer special sniping is a sword-related ability though. His arrows are swords.

    He also can launch dozens of swords at his opponent on the flight, and much more in UBW, giving him range and multi-directional attacks. Not counting special abilities of those swords.

    Also, not primary canon, but this is the most correct animated depiction of UBW up to date:

    *That said, the shield only blocked the thrown Bolg- a weaker variant of the real thing.*
    If we are talking about power, the thrown Bolg is the stronger variant and the *real* ability of Gae Bolg. It is less haxx, but definitely not weaker.

    Apparently the causality warping is actually something that came from Lancer’s own haxx (which is retro-added to Gae Bolg prototype since Gate of Babylon is not the actual treasury, which should be emptied by now, but conceptual bullshit given to Gil thank to his legend)

  9. Belisaurius July 27, 2015 at 1:38 pm -      #9

    The one thing that Mifune has over archer is that he’s arguably a better swordsman.However, he’s not that much better than Archer and in everything else Archer has the advantage.

    Ranged combat? Mifune can throw a number of swords at once while Archer can generate a hailstorm of exploding swords.

    Strength? Mifune has no great feats of strength while Archer can reinforce his muscles to hit hard enough that steel swords shatter under the impact.

    Speed? Well, no great feats on either side but Archer kept up with a legendary spearman with swords alone. In terms of martial arts this is obscenely difficult.

    Toughness? This youtu.be/6K5Glinty0Q
    Does not kill archer.It’s a head and shoulders over both manga and anime Mifune.

  10. Riverlia July 28, 2015 at 12:11 pm -      #10

    Being a better swordsman than Archer is not going to be of much help when we consider his entire style focus on letting him fight people better than him at CQC while he setup finishing moves to make up for the difference.

    Shirou using his style and setting up incomplete Triple Crane Wing was able to take Saber Alter off guard, even with her precog.
    This is likely the same reason he could survive long enough against Berserker to get off 7 finishing moves.

  11. FlameStrike July 30, 2015 at 6:06 am -      #11

    This match is really cool thematically, but Mifune’s stats just aren’t up to par.

    If Archer isn’t restricted to melee combat, he could just retreat a few kilometers then snipe Mifune with Calabolg or Hrunting. Both arrows travel at hyper sonic speeds. I think it was around match 13 or something and create gigantic explosions. To top it off Hrunting continues to home onto the enemy until it hits. I recall it almost broke through the 5 layers of Shirou’s Rho Aius, and each layer has the defensive power of a fortress.

    Then there’s physical ability. Archer’s strength is D rank, which means about 20 times stronger than a peak normal human. His speed is fast enough to doge thrusts from Lancer, who is at least super sonic.

    There’s also sword skill. Mifune might technically be a better Swordsman, but Archer’s whole swordsman style revolves around overturning the odds and fighting stronger opponents. He kept up with Fake Assassin who is arguably the best swordsman in Fate/stay night.

    Also I don’t think Mifune has any way to counter Archer just raining steel death on him from within Unlimited Blade Works.

  12. UnjustVendetta August 1, 2015 at 2:21 am -      #12

    Thank you for reminding me how much I fucking love Mifune. Would love to see the guy get some more matches. Preferably not against someone with quite as much hax as Archer. Because Archer is just too hax for him to be able to deal with.

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