Warhammer team Vs Marvel Team

Warhammer team Vs Marvel Team

Suggested by Rookie

From Warhammer we have Omega Bio-Titan, first time here (the one who stalemated C’tan shard, Blood Angels chapter and Necrons army for a long time all by himself), Shard of Nyadra’zatha the Burning One, first time here (he was ordered to destroy team Marvel) and Horus (after he got his recent upgrade on planet Molech). They will go up against Apocalypse (comics version), Thor (Avengers movie version) and Ultimate Green Goblin (comics version) from Marvel.

Who will win?

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5 Comments on "Warhammer team Vs Marvel Team"

  1. Darth Bombad July 1, 2015 at 12:09 am -      #1


    What an odd menagerie for Marvel. 😐

  2. Nsl98 July 1, 2015 at 12:45 am -      #2

    MCU Thor destroying the buildings around him and tanking(?) the city busting bomb:

  3. CH1C4N0444 is allergic to bullets July 1, 2015 at 2:10 am -      #3

    MCU Thor destroys a major portion of the landscape.

    Shakes the surrounding area.


    At about 1:50 in that video MJOLNIR goes flying out of the atmosphere very quickly.

    Looks like MJOLNIR creates a sonic boom there.


    Roughly at 2:00 he starts fighting the Destroyer.
    Destroys the Rainbow Bridge

    Lightning is strong enough to force back the Leviathons.

  4. Rookie July 1, 2015 at 3:02 am -      #4

    Feats for Team one:

    Nyadra’zatha burnes everything from moon-sized object:

    “The huge solar reflector was clogged with layers of alien spores, and cradled in a network of Imperial machinery that was sparking and dying without power to sustain it. The Burning One reached out searing fingers, each one filled with the heat of a star, and poured itself into the Magnovitrium. As the C’tan’s essence filled the ancient device it burned away both Tyranid and human adornments. Spore clusters popped and turned to boiling mist, while complex man-made gantry networks buckled and tumbled away into the void. Within seconds the solar mirror was as the Necrons had created it, a thing of simple and terrible power.”

    Used gravity manipulation to correct orbit of moon sized object:

    “Without control of the Magnovitrium the Overlord’s plan was for nought, and the temporary victories against the Hive Mind would soon be reversed. Worse, with the Magnovitrium’s power supply failing, it could only be so long before the star mirror fell out of the sky altogether.

    The Burning One had corrected the Magnovitrium’s decaying orbit”

    For Bio-Titan:
    “It was then that the bio-titan made its presence known. As Anrakyr’s legions marched into the ruins of the manufactorums, the gigantic beast tore apart the vanguard of the Blood Angels assault. Waves of red armoured warriors were pouring into the ruins around the lake, while others rode upon wings of fire to strike at the bio-titan. Anrakyr ordered his Monoliths to turn their guns upon the Hierophant, but all of the crackling particle whips flashed off its heavy carapace”

    Nyadra’zatha uses reality warping in combat:

    “Those Blood Angels closest to the digestion lake thought Dante must have ordered an orbital strike when they saw the fire descending from the sky. As it neared, though, it was not a missile they beheld, but the shape of a flame-wreathed god. Nyadra’zatha, the Burning One, fell from the sky like a meteor. When the C’tan Shard struck the ruins it sent a plume of molten rock hundreds of yards into the air, and a wave of fire rolled out through the ruins incinerating everything in its path. Hundreds of weapon-beasts were blasted into ashen shadows in that single instant.

    The bio-titan turned its beady eyes upon the newcomer and launched a withering salvo of bio-shells. The C’tan barely seemed to react as the ordnance burst and burned upon its coruscating halo of fire.

    Flesh and fire rampaged across the ruins, the staggering strength of the bio-titan pitted against the reality-bending will of the C’tan.”

    Bio-titan was able to adapt to everything C’tan, Blood Angels and Necrons throws at him and took no damage. Only after C’tan uses all his powers at once:

    “Then, with a final mournful hiss the Hierophant pitched forward into the rubble. As it tried to rise, the C’tan thrust a burning hand into its cracked and dripping carapace. Steam began to pour from the creature’s wounds as the star god released the heat of a twenty suns and cooked bio-titan from within”

  5. Rookie July 1, 2015 at 3:13 am -      #5

    Speed and reaction feat for primarchs:

    “In that first moment, in that first eye blink, time hung in the air, as weightless as a bar of sunlight. Guilliman’s transhuman physiology accelerated from nothing to hyperfast response.
    Practical. Read. Move. React. Read everything. No other thoughts. Practical.
    He read the storm of bolter-rounds spitting from gun barrels. He read the white-hot muzzle flashes almost frozen mid-belch by the suspension of time as his heightened reactions propelled him to a new state of response. He read the mass-reactive shells in the air, travelling, burning towards him–
    Guilliman was already moving, already turning. His right hand was grabbing the edge of a heavy sunderwood chart table, and pulling, overturning it.
    He hit the carpet, rolling, his tumble distorted by the glancing impact.
    A weapon discharge alarm started screaming. Why so late? The shooting had begun hours before, days before… No, time was just trickling like syrup
    Guilliman rolled onto his back, put his weight on his shoulders, met the falling throne with bent legs and kicked out.
    The throne left the ground, its direction of movement violently reversed. The flying mass of it felled three of the traitors in its path.
    I’ll die on my feet if I have to die. Even the odds.
    Time was still as slow as glue. He could see individual bolt-rounds in mid-air, leaving comet trails of fire behind them. He sprang into the face of the nearest killer. He seized the man’s right wrist with his left hand and yanked his aim aside, so that the boltgun barked uselessly at the ceiling. Plaster dust showered like spilled sugar. Guilliman kept his grip tight, twisting the Space Marine around in front of him, turning him into a shield to meet the bolter-rounds crawling through the air towards him. Three rounds hit the man in the lower back, rupturing his plating and blowing out his spine. Guilliman felt the impacts transmitted through the body in his grasp, saw the spinning shards of ceramite armour-plating, fragments of blood and flesh, splashing droplets of blood. He reached down with his oh-so-unarmoured right hand and grabbed the handle of the man’s sheathed gladius.
    Ornaments, trophies and documents scattered off the desk in all directions. Guilliman managed to roll his body against the edge of the desk so that the next round struck its surface rather than him. The polished stone fractured and crazed like glass. Roaring, Guilliman pushed away from the desk, side-stepped another hurtling round, and swung the power sword at the shooter. He felt the collision impact shiver along the blade.
    More bolt-rounds came his way in answer, flaring out of the fyceline smoke that clogged the air. Guilliman threw himself flat. Bolts kissed the ruined desk and struck the high windows behind him, creating cobweb patterns of cracks in the strengthened glass.
    The Invictus guard counted eighty-five spent bolter-rounds or impact holes in that chamber.
    -The Unremembered Empire”

    Speed of bolter rounds:

    ““The legionary does not move. His finger tenses upon the trigger of his bolt pistol. A single twitch and the firing pin will strike the primer. The charge will ram the warhead down the pistol barrel and out into the still air between the muzzle and my skull. An instant later its secondary charge will fire. By the time it hits my skull it will be travelling at over a thousand metres per second. An instant after it has punched into my brain, it will detonate, scattering blood, bone and shrapnel into the air.””

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