Al’Lan Mandragoran Vs Deathstroke

Al'Lan Mandragoran vs Deathstroke

Suggested by Seth Plamondon

al’Lan Mandragoran (Wheel of Time) will go up against Deathstroke (DC Comics).

The battle takes place in Far Madding.

Deathstroke is in his current New 52 incarnation, but is armed only with his swords, no guns and no armor. Instead, both are equipped with Warder’s cloaks.

Lan has his Power-wrought Blade.

Who will win?

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74 Comments on "Al’Lan Mandragoran Vs Deathstroke"

  1. Limbo Lowk June 7, 2015 at 12:31 am -      #1

    Almost just in time for Slade to get a weapon forged by the same guy that made Wonderwoman sword that could split atoms.

  2. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 7:28 am -      #2

    um. Does deathstroke ever do anything comicbookish like casually bust a mountain with his sword? Or is he like way above peak human in any way?

  3. Rookie June 7, 2015 at 7:35 am -      #3

    @Klondike Bar

    “um. Does deathstroke ever do anything comicbookish like casually bust a mountain with his sword?”

    He shot a molecule with his laser from the other side of the street.
    And shot a guy while they both were at the different sides of the Earth.
    And beat Flash (several times in fact) in pre-new 52 along with green lantern member and several other heroes.
    He is pretty much as strong as authors wants him to be, despite the fact that he should be only slightly superhuman (stronger and faster than Bane, but that’s about it).

  4. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 7:41 am -      #4

    So Deathstroke in the new 52 is just slightly superhuman? Maybe Lan has a chance then. I have not yet finished WoT so has he done any crazy feats past book 10?

  5. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 7:55 am -      #5

    I have to go be back after 12

  6. Limbo Lowk June 7, 2015 at 11:36 am -      #6

    L”Or is he like way above peak human in any way?”

    He is currently enhanced human levels of strength as of new 52. Slicing people in half casually. Lifting up chunks of floor and using it like a bat. Around cap merica levels.

  7. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 12:14 pm -      #7

    Well. Unless he is not skilled with the sword Deathstroke will probably win. Curses. Maybe Aelfin can give you better showings of Lan.

  8. Rookie June 7, 2015 at 12:44 pm -      #8

    Deathstroke should probably wins.
    After all:

  9. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 12:50 pm -      #9

    What does that even prove?

    Just cuz Slade thinks he’s even with the JL, it does not make it so.

    That is literally PIS.


    This is the one fight he (Deathstroke) doesn’t know if he can win.

  10. Rookie June 7, 2015 at 1:30 pm -      #10


    “Just cuz Slade thinks he’s even with the JL, it does not make it so”

    He beat them all. So it was valid.


    He was not among those heroes.

  11. Limbo Lowk June 7, 2015 at 2:26 pm -      #11

    “He beat them all. So it was valid.”

    THAT Deathstroke was also beat recently by the Atom in convergence.

  12. Aelfinn June 7, 2015 at 4:41 pm -      #12
    Alright, Klondike Bar, I’m going to probably spoil a lot in this match.
    Anyway, Lan is practically superhuman, that’s just how good he is with a sword. 20 years before the main events of the series, he kills 6 assassins who had him surrounded and eventually kills someone “better” than him even though Lan had a disabled arm, and he’s only gotten better. He casually defeats supernaturally strong and supernaturally fast creatures called Myrddraal, and he even more-casually defeats Trollocs, who are 10-feet tall giant monsters. One scratch from the Myrddraal swords will kill, and Lan hasn’t been scratched by one yet.

    He’s also got something called a Warder Bond, which gives him unreal endurance and the ability to keep fighting with injuries that would kill a lesser man.

    He has some nigh-impossible feats like “slice two mid-air grasshoppers in half while they’re behind him”, but his best feats come from his fight with Demandred, one of the Forsaken and a high-level magic user. Demandred had casually defeated Gawyn. Gawyn was a blademaster in his own right, and in this fight he wore three bloodknife rings. EACH bloodknife ring makes the user supernaturally fast and strong, and Gawyn was literally described as a blur on the battlefield. Demandred put him down like he was nothing, even without magic. When Lan went up against him, he had a medallion that canceled out direct magic, so Demandred sword-fought him while throwing objects at him from behind using said magic. Lan got so good that he casually dodged all of it based on nothing but where Demandred flicked his eyes, and he killed Demandred.

  13. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 4:49 pm -      #13

    Aelfinn- Holy Shitballs. I knew Lan was one of my favorites for a reason. Oh yea I have my three questions.

    What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
    Did the Aelfinn start a search engine in a different age?
    Are the Ealfinn kind of like the Black sheep of the family or those jerky people you know who have a similar last name?

  14. Karen Starr June 7, 2015 at 4:50 pm -      #14

    That fight with the JLA was laden with insane levels of PIS

  15. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 4:57 pm -      #15

    Deathstroke nearly beating the Justice League was pre-52. His current incarnation is relatively new, and I haven’t read Issue #6, so I can’t pull feats there. Unfortunately I don’t have any scans or specific sources, because I don’t have my comics or books with me.

    Feats for Deathstroke:

    – Kills 300 ninjas singlehandedly. (Albeit with guns and prepped defenses likr mines, etc. He doesn’t have these in this fight, so I’m not sure how it holds up in this situation.)

    – Holds his ground with Bronze Tiger

    – Stands toe to toe with Batman.

    Feats for Lan (SPOILERS)

    – Blademaster

    – Entered the Blight and survived.

    – Casually slays Myrdraal.

    – Killed Demandred, one of the Forsaken in the Last Battle

    – Eats Trollocs for breakfast

    – Despite wielding a sword, still commands the respect of the Aiel, who loath anyone who is willing to even touch a sword.

    – Survives losing his bond with Moiraine

    – Puts up with Nynaeve.

  16. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 5:00 pm -      #16

    That last one is truly amazing.

  17. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 5:05 pm -      #17

    I thought it was worth mentioning. He also ends up marrying her and bonding her. This guy has Power-wrought testicles of Cuendillar.

  18. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 5:09 pm -      #18

    Wow. Did not see that one coming. But does that give him an edge over that deathstroke?

  19. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 5:11 pm -      #19

    Not really. But it sure boosts his mental pain endurance.

  20. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 5:22 pm -      #20

    I forgot, Deathstroke’s fight against the 300 ninjas was also just after he has woken up from some sort of mystical revival ritual, just having restored his youth and his eye, making him really unbalanced. Just like the fight with Batman. He wasn’t at his peak for either fight, yet he still either won or held his ground.


    I forgot about the 3 blood rings. And is the 1v6 assassin fight from A New Spring? I haven’t read that yet. Is it worth?

  21. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 5:48 pm -      #21

    He beat them all. So it was valid.

    So, are these valid?

    I feel like PIS has been explained multiple times to you….

  22. Jake_Uzumaki June 7, 2015 at 6:13 pm -      #22

    While I agree with you completely on this, I do feel the need to point out that that is Ultimate Cap vs Ultimate Hulk, and while Ultimate Hulk is considerably weaker than 616 (if still stronger than Cap once sufficiently angry) Ult Cap is considerably stronger than 616 Cap (and Deathstroke). Still PIS involved but not as much as the time 616 Cap beat 616 Hulk unconscious (with help from Spider-Man admittedly) and at least Hulk came back immediately

    Just thought that needed to be pointed, outside of that I agree Deathstroke vs JL is utter BS and about as useful as the scan of Batman somehow winding Wonder Woman with a kick to the gut which should have shattered every bone from his foot to his hip.

  23. Karen Starr June 7, 2015 at 6:19 pm -      #23

    ^ this a million times. It’s stuff like that, which makes me hate Deathstroke so much.


    Is that a Miller Batman in that one link because it sounds like Miller Batman

  24. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 6:20 pm -      #24

    Either way it’s still the wrong Deathstroke…

  25. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 6:39 pm -      #25

    Yeah, Ultimate Hulk is sooooooo much weaker than 616, Deadpool laughs. And as you said, still PIS, since any incarnation of Hulk should be too much for Cap.

    And as Trial pointed out, that’s Pre-52 DS that “beat” the JL, who isn’t even being used here.

  26. Jake_Uzumaki June 7, 2015 at 6:56 pm -      #26

    It is. But it’s one of those things that should still get torn down when brought up lack of relevance or not.

  27. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 7:03 pm -      #27

    True that, my friend. True that.

    Anyway, initially going with Lan on this. I’ve come to expect good things from WoT. Plus Lan is a boss.

  28. Limbo Lowk June 7, 2015 at 8:03 pm -      #28

    So some random feats of Slade:
    Slices a moving fly with a paper clip

    Rips the door of an airplane while it is in flight
    Reasons for why that is impressive

    Slices through people cleanly

    UNTIL THE NINJA ATTACKED and more slicing people in half

    There is also one of his slicing someone’s head in half through a helmet and slicing through armor.
    “which makes me hate Deathstroke so much.”

    Blame the writer.
    Also don’t look up the covers of Deathstroke 2015 #8 and #9. Or do, It’s pretty funny. I look forward to seeing if they can not bullshit their way through that like the previous incarnation’s JL thing.

  29. Limbo Lowk June 7, 2015 at 8:15 pm -      #29

    In case anyone wants to know what happened to old deathstroke
    The atom shrunk his hands as payback for nearly killing him. So he won’t be PISoloing anymore JL members; happy?

  30. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 9:01 pm -      #30

    Lan actualy seems to be in this fight. Man WoT is the most overpowered series ever if they can beat comic book characters. Lan you magnificent bastard.

  31. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 9:02 pm -      #31

    If you think Lan is OP…

  32. Aelfinn June 7, 2015 at 9:12 pm -      #32

    Lol I actually really like Nynaeve. The third time through the series I really see her motivations.
    “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
    Did the Aelfinn start a search engine in a different age?
    Are the Ealfinn kind of like the Black sheep of the family or those jerky people you know who have a similar last name?”

    1) I’d get stabbed with an iron dagger and dance in fire for a Klondike Bar
    2) We may have started search engines, or we may have heard of search engines and tried to copy them, or people may have heard of us and invented search engines to copy us, eh?
    3)The Eelfinn are the more of the redneck side of the family.
    “And is the 1v6 assassin fight from A New Spring? I haven’t read that yet. Is it worth?”

    Yes and yes.
    Props to Galorian for these quotes. I could grab them directly, but that’d be rough.
    “A more than warm breeze stirred, ruffling the dead leaves that
    carpeted the ground, and with shocking suddenness, Lan was moving,
    shifting from stance to stance, blade a whirling blur in his hands. Faster
    and faster, till he seemed to sprint from one to the next, yet all as
    precise as the movements of a clock. She waited for him to stop, or at
    least slow, but he did not. Faster. Areina’s mouth slowly dropped open,
    eyes going wide with awe, and for that matter, so did Nicola’s. They
    leaned forward, children watching candy set to dry on the kitchen table.
    Even the other Warders really divided their attention between their Aes
    Sedai and him now, but in contrast to the two women, they watched a
    lion that might charge any moment.”

    -A Crown of Swords
    A minute or two of conversation between other people later-
    “Lan still had not slowed. Two grasshoppers whirred up from the leaves behind him, and he spun, sword flicking them out of the air without a pause.”
    -A Crown of Swords

    That’s him not only detecting the two grasshoppers with his back turned, but taking them both out in one swing.
    “”Six men were striding across the otherwise empty yard. Six ordinary men with swords at their belts, like any men on any street in the city. Yet Lan knew before their hands moved, before their eyes focused on him and their steps quickened. He had faced too many men who wanted to kill him not to know. And at his side stood Bukama, bound by oaths that would not let him raise a hand even had he been wearing his blade. If they both tried to get back inside the stable, the men would be on them before they could haul the doors shut. Time slowed, flowed like cool honey. “Inside and bar the doors!” Lan snapped as his hand went to his hilt. “Obey me, armsman!” Never in his life had he given Bukama a command in that fashion, and the man hesitated a heartbeat, then bowed formally. “My life is yours, Dai Shan,” he said in a thick voice. “I obey.” As Lan moved forward to meet his attackers, he heard the bar drop inside with a muffled thud. Relief was distant. He floated in ko’di, one with the sword that came smoothly out of its scabbard. One with the men rushing at him, boots thudding on the hard-packed ground as they bared steel.
    A lean heron of a fellow darted ahead of the others, and Lan danced the forms. Time like cool honey. The greylark sang, and the lean man shrieked as Cutting the Clouds removed his right hand at the wrist, and Lan flowed to one side so the rest could not all come at him together, flowed from form to form. Soft Rain at Sunset laid open a fat man’s face, took his left eye, and a ginger-haired young splinter drew a gash across Lan’s ribs with Black Pebbles on Snow. Only in stories did one man face six without injury. The Rose Unfolds sliced down a bald man’s left arm, and ginger-hair nicked the corner of Lan’s eye. Only in stories did one man face six and survive. He had known that from the start. Duty was a mountain, death a feather, and his duty was to Bukama, who had carried an infant on his back. For this moment he lived, though, so he fought, kicking ginger-hair in the head, dancing his way towards death, danced and took wounds, bled and danced the razor’s edge of life. Time like cool honey, flowing from form to form, and there could only be one ending. Thought was distant. Death was a feather. Dandelion in the Wind slashed open the now one-eyed fat man’s throat – he had barely paused when his face was ruined – a fork-bearded fellow with shoulders like a blacksmith gasped in surprise as Kissing the Adder put Lan’s steel through his heart. And suddenly Lan realized that he alone stood, with six men sprawled across the width of the stableyard. The ginger-haired youth thrashed his heels on the ground one last time, and then only Lan of the seven still breathed. He shook blood from his blade, bent to wipe the last drops off on the blacksmith’s too-fine coat, sheathed his sword as formally as if he were in the training yard under Bukama’s eye. Abruptly people flooded out of the inn, cooks and stablemen, maids and patrons shouting to know what all the noise was about, staring at the dead men in astonishment. Ryne was the very first, sword already in hand, his face blank as he came to stand by Lan. “Six,” he muttered, studying the bodies. “You really do have the Dark One’s own flaming luck.””

    -New Spring

  33. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 9:12 pm -      #33

    Lan is not the most op by A long shot. I was just saying if This sort of not quite main character can beat a comic book character. Well what if there was a wheel of Time comic.

    Yea the Aelfin answered. I did follow the agreement and had no Iron or music.

  34. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 9:14 pm -      #34

    Lan’s grasshopper feat, courtesy of Galorian. These are his:
    Lan still had not slowed. Two grasshoppers whirred up from the leaves behind him, and he spun, sword flicking them out of the air without a pause.
    -A Crown of Swords

    Speed/stealth feat:
    Then the darkness invading the light became Lan, cloak swirling
    through shades of gray and black as he moved. The axe in Byar’s hands
    lashed out like lightning . . . and Lan seemed to lean casually aside,
    letting the blade pass so close he must have felt the wind of it.
    eyes widened as the force of his blow carried him off balance, as the
    Warder struck with hands and feet in rapid succession, so quick that
    Perrin was not sure what he had just seen. What he was sure of was Byar
    collapsing like a puppet. Before the falling Whitecloak had finished
    settling to the ground, the Warder was on his knees extinguishing the

    -Eye of the World

    People can’t follow when he fights:
    Master Lan was a whirlwind with that sword of his. His sword? The man himself is a weapon, and in ten places at once, or so it seemed. Burn me, but I still wouldn’t believe it if I couldn’t step outside and see . . .
    -Eye of the World

    Lan was fully clothed—Perrin would have bet the Warder had not slept—and he flung himself among the Trollocs as if his wool were armor. He seemed to dance from one to another, man and sword flowing like water or wind, and where the Warder danced, Trollocs screamed and died.
    -Dragon Reborn

    Edit: Aelfinn….what the crap. You just like, came out of nowhere…
    *mutters about thunder stealing and ninjas*

  35. Aelfinn June 7, 2015 at 9:20 pm -      #35

    “Well what if there was a wheel of Time comic.”
    “Edit: Aelfinn….what the crap. You just like, came out of nowhere…”

    Jain Farstrider said the same thing.

  36. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 9:28 pm -      #36


    I like Nynaeve too, I liked her even the first time I read the series. But everyone in the books have a hard time dealing with her.

    Damn, I shouldn’t have suggested this battle. Now I really want to reread the whole series right now, even though exam season is upon me and I have no time. It’s just write so damn beautifully!

    Don’t forget all the training in Tar Valon, where he fights Gawyn and 3 other Warders in training at once, Gawyn also being one of the finest swordsmen in the series.

  37. Aelfinn June 7, 2015 at 9:49 pm -      #37

    “I like Nynaeve too, I liked her even the first time I read the series. But everyone in the books have a hard time dealing with her.”

    Lol it’s only when I realized that she was so angry because she’s been patronized ever since she became the Wisdom did I like her character. She genuinely wants to help people, and I think the scene where she explains to Rand how much Tam loves him is one of the best scenes in the series.
    “Don’t forget all the training in Tar Valon, where he fights Gawyn and 3 other Warders in training at once, Gawyn also being one of the finest swordsmen in the series.”

    Do you remember what book that’s from?
    If one were to look at comments #4305 and #4308

  38. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 10:03 pm -      #38

    Jain Farstrider said the same thing.

    At least I got ninja’d clean.

    And your calcs in those comments give impressive combat feats/speed to Lan, seeing as he stomps Myrdraal.

  39. Jake_Uzumaki June 7, 2015 at 10:07 pm -      #39

    “Also don’t look up the covers of Deathstroke 2015 #8 and #9. Or do, It’s pretty funny. I look forward to seeing if they can not bullshit their way through that like the previous incarnation’s JL thing.”

    Don’t have to do much bullshitting with Clark Cage….I mean Luke Kent…..I mean Superman for Hire right now. Still quite a bit but not near as much as Superman before he got slapped down to high end Street level.

  40. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 10:11 pm -      #40

    “Do you remember what book that’s from?”

    Yeah, I read the books 3 years ago and I don’t have them on me right now. Although I know it was after Gawyn stopped hating Aes Sedai and decided to become a Warder. I think that was later in the series, at least past book 4/5.

    I love how Nynaeve is so small yet so insanely stubborn and makes people like Rand, Perrin and Lan fear her wrath.

  41. Aelfinn June 7, 2015 at 10:14 pm -      #41

    “At least I got ninja’d clean.”

    haha that was really funny

  42. Klondike Bar June 7, 2015 at 10:24 pm -      #42

    Wow. Maybe there are some decent comics. As long as the WoT ones are not grossly inconsitent with the sorce material.

  43. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 10:43 pm -      #43

    By the way, who decides who the victor is?

  44. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 10:54 pm -      #44

    haha that was really funny

    Thx, I do try. :p

    By the way, who decides who the victor is?

    Vote, which takes place after extensive debating. Friendly advice, don’t do it too early. Learned that the hard way 😃

    Wow. Maybe there are some decent comics.

    Spider-Man. Except for that One More Day crap.

    Don’t have to do much bullshitting with Clark Cage….I mean Luke Kent…..I mean Superman for Hire right now

    lol. How the mightiest has fallen…

  45. Friendlysociopath June 7, 2015 at 10:57 pm -      #45

    By the way, who decides who the victor is?

    As a group we tend to decide based on feats and arguments and so on.
    Every now and then one person will vehemently disagree and forever not concede but that’s relatively rare.

    Friendly advice, don’t do it too early.

  46. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 11:09 pm -      #46

    Nobody says it like the Fonz…

    relatively rare

    Wanna know what else is rare? FP Awards. An epic match needs to happen, then get debated a lot, and then the first FP Award in two years will be given.

  47. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 11:23 pm -      #47

    Okay, thanks guys.

    Does anyone have any comparable feats for Deathstroke? Because it seems to be a bit of a stomp after those calculations. I know he took on 300 armed ninjas and a room full of metahuman mercs in hand to hand combat, but I’m not sure how he can fight a dude who easily slaughters dudes who can thrust a blade through someone’s thorax in 0.09 seconds.

  48. Jake_Uzumaki June 7, 2015 at 11:23 pm -      #48

    We do after a long arduous debate, if a consensus is made by the debaters involved that covers enough bases an award can possibly be awarded, though its usually longer matches that get awards, in post size rather than length of debate at least.

  49. Friendlysociopath June 7, 2015 at 11:31 pm -      #49

    and then the first FP Award in two years will be given.

    Somebody hasn’t checked the Hall of Fame lately 😀

  50. Jake_Uzumaki June 7, 2015 at 11:32 pm -      #50

    nevermind, so USA finally got it over the UK? Awesome.

  51. Nsl98 June 7, 2015 at 11:43 pm -      #51

    Well, it seems I was mistaken. Sorry ’bout that.

    And the fact the U.S won makes it all the more sweeter. Go ‘Murica!🇺🇸

  52. TrialofFire June 7, 2015 at 11:49 pm -      #52

    If only Canada were in there. We’d hug you all to death!

  53. Limbo Lowk June 8, 2015 at 2:56 am -      #53

    Slade crosses a few meters, blitz some guys who had there guns already trained on him; before they can fire or stop him from getting the guy they are protecting.

    Cuts through guys with full body armor
    “Go ‘Murica!🇺🇸”

    How did you, I don’t understand; where does the flag come from? Reveal to me your secrets!

  54. Nsl98 June 8, 2015 at 5:59 am -      #54

    How did you, I don’t understand; where does the flag come from? Reveal to me your secrets!

    The power of the Emojis, my friend.


  55. Galorian June 8, 2015 at 6:29 am -      #55

    “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”

    “Props to Galorian for these quotes. I could grab them directly, but that’d be rough.”
    “Lan’s grasshopper feat, courtesy of Galorian. These are his:”
    Nice to see people still remember me around here. ^_^
    As a reward, here’s a few more quotes for you guys-
    Gawyn’s prowess, pre Warder bonding:
    “Sleete attacked, sword lancing forward in a straight thrust delivered for maximum speed. The Viper Flicks Its Tongue, a bold strike, made more effective because Sleete fought in tandem with the narrow, short man rounding toward Gawyn’s left. Marlesh was the only other Warder in Dorian—and his arrival had been far less dramatic than Sleete’s. Marlesh had been with the original group of eleven Aes Sedai who had escaped Dumai’s Wells, and he had stayed with them the entire time. His own Aes Sedai, a pretty young Domani Green named Vasha, watched idly from the side of the barn.
    Gawyn countered The Viper Flicks Its Tongue with Cat Dances on the Wall, knocking aside the strike and going for the legs in one sweep. It wasn’t intended to hit, however; it was a defensive move, meant to enable him to keep an eye on both opponents.
    Marlesh tried Leopard’s Caress, but Gawyn moved into Folding the Air, carefully knocking aside the blow and waiting for another from Sleete, who was the more dangerous of the two. Sleete repositioned, taking smooth steps, his blade to the side as he set his back to the massive piles of hay at the rear of the stuffy barn.
    Gawyn moved into Cat on Hot Sand as Marlesh tried Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose. Hummingbird wasn’t the right form to use in such an attack; it was rarely useful against someone on the defensive, but Marlesh was obviously tired of being parried. He was getting eager. Gawyn could use that. And would.
    Sleete was advancing again. Gawyn brought his sword back in to guard as the Warders approached in tandem. Gawyn immediately moved into Apple Blossoms in the Wind. His blade flashed three times, pushing a wide-eyed Marlesh back. Marlesh cursed, throwing himself forward, but Gawyn brought his sword up from the previous form and moved flu-idly into Shake Dew from the Branch. He stepped forward into a series of six sharp blows, three at each opponent, knocking Marlesh back and to the ground—the man had stepped back into the fight too quickly—and forcing Sleete’s blade aside twice, then ending with his blade against the man’s neck.
    The two Warders looked at Gawyn, shocked. They had borne similar expressions the last time Gawyn had defeated them, and the time before that. Sleete carried a heron-mark blade and was near-legendary in the White Tower for his prowess. He was said to have bested even Lan Man-dragoran twice out of seven bouts, back when Mandragoran had been known to spar with other Warders. Marlesh wasn’t as renowned as his companion, but he was still a fully capable and trained Warder, no easy foe.
    But Gawyn had won. Again. Things seemed so simple when he was sparring. The world contracted down—compressed like berries squeezed for their juice—into something smaller and easier to see from up close. All Gawyn had ever wanted was to protect Elayne. He wanted to defend Andor. Maybe learn to be a little more like Galad.”

    -The Gathering Storm
    Sounds like Lan wasn’t taking his sparring with other Warders very seriously back in the day… 😛
    Blood Knives:
    “Bloodknives, the most elite members of the Fist of Heaven, itself an exclusive group. Yulan and Galgan were dedicated to this action! One never committed Bloodknives unless one was very serious, for they did not return from their missions. Their duty was to stay behind after the Fists withdrew and cause damage—as much damage as possible—to the enemy. If they could place some of them in Tar Valon, with orders to kill as many marath-damane as possible. . . .”
    -The Gathering Storm
    “Fortuona moved to the next soldier in the line of five. The woman’s black hair was braided. Fortuona kissed her on the forehead, saying the same ritual words. These five were Bloodknives. The pure black stone ring each one wore was a specialized ter’angreal that would grant them strength and speed, and would shroud them in darkness, allowing them to blend into shadows.
    The incredible abilities came at a cost, however, for the rings leeched life from their hosts, killing them in a matter of days. Removing the ring would slow that process slightly, but once activated—done by touching a drop of one’s own blood to the stone ring while wearing it—the process was irreversible.
    These five would not return. They would stay behind, whatever the results of the raid, to kill as many marath’damane as they could. It was a terrible waste—those damane should be leashed—but better to kill them than leave them in the hands of the Dragon Reborn.”

    -The Gathering Storm
    “”No, wait,” Gawyn said, holding up a hand. “You recognize this blade?”
    Marille looked to Dimana, as if requesting permission to answer. The Kinswoman nodded sufferingly.
    “It is a Bloodknife, my Lord,” Marille said. “You did not win it in battle, because men do not defeat Bloodknives. They are unstoppable. They only fall when their own blood turns against them.”
    Gawyn frowned. What nonsense was this? “So this is a Seanchan weapon?”
    “Yes, my Lord,” Marille said. “Carried by the Bloodknives.”
    “I thought you said this was a Bloodknife.”
    “It is, but that is also who carries them. Shrouded in the night, sent by the Empress’s will—may she live forever—to strike down her foes and die in her name and glory.” Marille lowered her eyes farther. “Marille speaks too much. She is sorry.””

    -Towers of Midnight
    “”Have you ever seen one of these before?” Gawyn asked casually, taking out the Bloodknife.
    Kaisea gasped. “Where did you find that? Who gave it to you?” She cringed almost immediately, as if realizing that she’d stepped out of her assumed role.
    “An assassin tried to kill me with it,” Gawyn said. “We fought, and he got away.”
    “That is impossible, great Lord,” the Seanchan woman said, her voice more controlled.
    “Why do you say that?”
    “Because if you had fought one of the Bloodknives, great Lord, you would be dead. They are the most expert killers in all of the Empire. They fight the most ruthlessly, because they are already dead.”
    “Suicide troops.” Gawyn nodded. “Do you have any information about them?”
    Kaisea’s face grew conflicted.
    “If I see you leashed?” Gawyn asked. “Will you answer me then?”
    “My Lord!” Dimana said. “The Queen would never allow it!”
    “I’ll ask her,” Gawyn said. “I can’t promise that you’ll be leashed, Kai-sea but I can promise I’ll intercede with the Queen for you.”
    “You are powerful and strong, great Lord,” Kaisea said. “And wise indeed. If you will do this thing, Kaisea will answer you.”
    Dimana glared at Gawyn.
    “Speak,” Gawyn said to the sul’dam.
    “Bloodknives do not live long,” Kaisea said. “Once they are given a duty, they do not rest from it. They are granted abilities from the Empress, may she live forever, ter’angreal rings that make them into great warriors.”
    “Those blur their forms,” Gawyn said. “When they are near shadow.”
    “Yes,” Kaisea said, sounding surprised that he knew this. “They cannot be defeated. But eventually, their own blood will kill them.”
    “Their own blood?”
    “They are poisoned by their service. Once they are given a charge, they often will not last more than a few weeks. At most, they survive a month.”
    Gawyn held up the knife, disturbed. “So we only need to wait them out.”
    Kaisea laughed. “That will not happen. Before they die, they will see their duty fulfilled.”
    “This one is killing people slowly,” Gawyn said. “One every few days. A handful so far.”
    “Tests,” Kaisea said. “Prodding for weaknesses and strengths, learning where they can strike without being seen. If only a few are dead, then you have not yet seen the full power of the Bloodknife. They do not leave a ‘handful’ of dead, but dozens.”
    “Unless I stop him,” Gawyn said. “What are his weaknesses?”
    Kaisea laughed again. “Weaknesses? Great Lord, did I not say that they are the finest warriors in Seanchan, enhanced and aided by the Empress’s favor, may she live forever?”
    Fine. What about the ter’angreal, then? It helps the assassin when he is in shadow? How can I stop it from working? Perhaps light a large number of torches?”
    “You cannot have light without shadow, great Lord, the woman said. “Create more light, and you will create more shadows.”
    “There has to be a way.”
    “Kaisea is certain that if there is one, great Lord, you will find it.” The woman’s response had a smug rone to it. “If Kaisea may suggest, great Lord? Count yourself fortunate to have survived fighting a Bloodknife. You must not have been his or her true target. It would be prudent to hide yourself until a month has passed. Allow the Empress—may she live forever—to accomplish her will, and bless the omens that you were given warning enough to escape and live.””

    -Towers of Midnight
    Gawyn vs Blood Knives:
    “Gawyn whipped his sword around and blocked the strike coming at his back. Not one, but two blurs of darkness leaped from the shadows. He spared a glance for Egwene; there was no blood, but he couldn’t tell if she was breathing or not. Had his entrance interrupted the assassins in time?
    There was no time to check. He fell into Apple Blossoms in the Wind and began to shout. His men stepped up to the doorway, then froze there, stunned.
    “Get more help!” Gawyn said. “Go!”
    Dark-skinned Mazone turned to obey while Celark, looking determined, leaped into the fight.
    The Bloodknives shifted and undulated. Gawyn managed to slip into Cat on Hot Sand to test them, but each strike hit only air. His eyes were already hurting from trying to follow the figures.
    Celark attacked from behind, but was as ineffective as Gawyn. Gawyn gritted his teeth, fighting with his back against the bed. He had to keep them away from Egwene, long enough for help to come. If he could—
    Both figures twisted suddenly, striking in tandem at Celark. The man barely had time to curse before a sword took him in the neck, and bright blood spurted out. Gawyn yelled again, falling into Lizard in the Thornbush, striking at the backs of the assassins.
    Again, his attacks missed. It seemed he was off by only a few hairs. Celark stumbled to the floor with a gurgle, his blood reflecting lanternlight, and Gawyn couldn’t step forward to defend him. Not without exposing Egwene.
    One of the assassins turned back to Gawyn while the other beheaded Celark, with a slash that—despite the shadows—looked a lot like The River Undercuts the Bank, Gawyn stepped back, trying to keep his eyes off the fallen man. Defend. He only had to defend until help came! He edged to the side.
    The Seanchan were wary; they knew he’d fought one of them off before.
    But they had such a strong advantage. Gawyn wasn’t certain he could stand against two of them.
    Yes you will, he told himself sternly. If you fall, Egivene dies.
    Was that a flicker of movement from the other room? Could help have come? Gawyn felt a surge of hope, and edged to the side. From there, he could see Mazone’s body on rhe floor, bleeding.
    A third shadowed figure glided into the room and shut the door behind locking it. That was why the other two had been hesitating. They’d wanted to wait until their ally arrived.
    The three of them attacked together.
    Gawyn fought for his life against three living shadows of darkness and steel. They pressed him to the utmost of his ability, leaving him bloodied half a dozen times over on arms and legs. He used The Cyclone Rages, and it defended his vitals. Barely.
    Drops of his blood stained the gauze draping Egwene’s bed. If his opponents had already killed Egwene, then they made a good show of continuing to threaten her.
    He was growing weak and tired. His boots left bloody prints when he stepped. He couldn’t feel the pain. His parries were becoming sluggish. They’d have him in another moment or two.
    No help came, although his voice was hoarse from yelling. Fool! he thought. You need to spend more time thinking and less time running straight into danger! He should have alerted the entire Tower.
    The only reason he was alive was because the three were being careful wearing him down. Once he fell, that sul’dam had indicated they would go on a rampage through the White Tower. It would take the Aes Sedai completely by surprise. This night could be a disaster greater than the original Seanchan strike had been.
    The three moved forward.
    No! Gawyn thought as one of them tried The River Undercuts the Bank. He leaped forward, dodging between two blades, swinging his weapon. Amazingly, he actually struck, and a voice cried out in the room. Blood sprayed across the ground, one shadowy form falling.
    The two others muttered curses, and all pretense of wearing him down vanished. They struck at him, weapons flashing amid dark mist. Exhausted, Gawyn took another hit on the shoulder, blood trickling down his arm beneath his coat.
    Shadows. How could a man be expected to fight against shadows? It was impossible!
    Where there is light, there must be shadow . . .
    A last, desperate thought occurred to him. With a cry, he leaped to the side and yanked a pillow from Egwene’s bed. Blades cut the air around him as he spun and slammed the pillow on the lantern, smothering it.
    Plunging the room into darkness. No light. No shadows.
    The darkness evened out everything, and in the night, you couldn’t see color. He couldn’t see the blood on his arms, couldn’t see the black shadows of his enemies or the whiteness of Egwene’s bed. But he could hear the men move.
    He raised his blade for a desperate strike, using Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose, predicting where the Bloodknives would move. He was no longer distracted by their misted figures, and his strike hit true, sinking into flesh.
    He twisted, yanking his blade free. The room fell silent save for the fall of the man he’d hit. Gawyn held his breath, heartbeat thumping in his ears. Where was the last assassin?
    No light came in from the room next door; Celark had fallen beside the doorway, blocking the light underneath.
    Gawyn was feeling shaky now. He’d lost too much blood. If he had something to throw to create a distraction . . . but no. Moving would rustle clothing, would give him away.
    So, gritting his teeth, he tapped his foot and raised his blade to protect his neck, praying to the Light that the attack came low.
    It did, cutting deeply into his side. He took it with a grunt, but immediately lashed out with all he had. His sword hissed, and with a brief tug it sliced true. A thump followed; a decapitated head bouncing off the wall, followed by the noise of a corpse hitting the ground.
    Gawyn slumped against the bed, blood gushing from his side. He was blacking out, although it was hard to tell in the unlit room.
    He reached for where he remembered Egwene’s hand being, but was too weak to find it.
    He hit the floor a moment later. His last thought was that he still didn’t know whether or not she was dead.”

    -Towers of Midnight
    Gawyn wearing 3 Bloodknife rings vs Demandred:
    “This will have to be quick, Gawyn thought. And Light, I’d better not give him a chance to channel.
    The Sharan archers stood at the ready, but only two of them turned as Gawyn slipped between them. Gawyn pulled his knife from his belt sheath. He’d have to drag Demandred off his horse, then go for the face with his knife. It felt like a coward’s attack, but it was the best way.
    Trip him, and Gawyn could—
    Demandred spun, suddenly, and looked toward Gawyn. A second later, the man thrust his hand forward, and a beam of white-hot fire—thin as a twig—shot for Gawyn.
    It missed, striking just beside Gawyn as he leaped away. Cracks opened all across the ground nearby. Deep, black cracks, that seemed to open into eternity itself.
    Gawyn leaped forward, cutting at Demandred’s saddle. So fast. These rings let him react while Demandred was still staring in confusion.
    The saddle came off and Gawyn rammed his knife into the horse’s side. The beast screamed and reared, throwing Demandred backward, saddle and all.
    Gawyn leaped, bloodied knife out, as the horse bolted and the Sharan archers cried out. He loomed over Demandred, knife raised in two hands.
    The Forsaken’s body suddenly jolted, and the man was pushed to the side. Air blew about the blackened ground, raising flakes of ash, as weaves of air caught Demandred and spun him about, depositing him on his feet with a clink, sword unsheathed. The Forsaken crouched, and released another weave—Gawyn felt air spinning next to him, as if threads of it had tried to grab him. He was too quick, and Demandred obviously had trouble hitting him because of the rings.
    Gawyn backed away and switched his knife to his off hand, unsheathing his sword in his right.
    “So,” Demandred said, “an assassin. And Lews Therin always spoke of the ‘honor’ of facing a man face-to-face.”
    “I wasn’t sent by the Dragon Reborn.”
    “With Night’s Shade surrounding you, a weave that none from this Age remember? Do you know that what Lews Therin has done to you will leak your life away? You are dead, little man.”
    “Then you can join me in the grave,” Gawyn said.
    Demandred stood up, taking his sword in two hands in an unfamiliar battle stance. He seemed able to track Gawyn somewhat despite the rings, but his responses were a hair slower than they should have been.
    Apple Blossoms in the Wind, with three quick strikes, forced Demandred back. Several Sharans came forward with swords, but Demandred raised a gauntleted hand to warn them off. He did not smile at Gawyn— this man did not seem as if he ever smiled—but he performed something that was similar to Lightning of Three Prongs.
    Gawyn replied with The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain.
    Demandred was good. With the edge granted by the rings, Gawyn narrowly escaped Demandred’s riposte. The two danced through a small circle of open ground guarded by the watching Sharans. Distant booms threw iron spheres at the hillside, making the ground shake. There were only a few dragons still firing, but they seemed to be concentrating on this position.
    Gawyn grunted, throwing himself into Storm Shakes the Branch, trying to push inside Demandred’s guard. He would need to be close and ram his sword into the armpit or between the seams of the coin armor.
    Demandred responded with skill and finesse. Gawyn was soon sweating beneath his mail. He felt faster than he’d ever been, his reactions like the darting movements of a hummingbird. Yet, try as he did, he could not land a hit.
    “Who are you, little man?” Demandred growled, walking back with sword raised at his side. “You fight well.”
    “Gawyn Trakand.”
    “The little queens brother,” Demandred said. “You realize who I am.”
    “A murderer.”
    “And has your Dragon not murdered?” Demandred said. “Has your sister never killed to keep, dare I say seize, her throne?”
    “That’s different.”
    “So everyone always says.” Demandred stepped forward. His sword forms were smooth, his back always straight but relaxed, and he used the broad, sweeping movements of a dancer. He had absolute mastery of his sword; Gawyn had not heard that Demandred was known for his swordsmanship, but this man was as good as any man Gawyn had ever faced. Better, truly.
    Gawyn performed Cat Dances on the Wall, a beautiful, sweeping sword form that matched Demandred’s. Then he ducked in with The Serpent’s Tongue Dances, hoping his previous form would have lulled Demandred into letting a thrust slip past.
    Something crashed into Gawyn, throwing him to the ground. He rolled, coming up in a crouch. His breathing grew labored. He did not feel pain because of the rings, but he had probably broken a rib.
    A rock, Gawyn thought. He channeled and brought a rock in to hit me. He had trouble hitting Gawyn with weaves, because of the shadows, but something large could be tossed at the shadows and still hit him.
    “You cheat,” Gawyn said with a sneer.
    “Cheat?” Demandred asked. “Are there rules, little swordsman? As I recall, you tried to stab me in the back while hiding in a shroud of darkness.”
    Gawyn breathed in and out, holding his side. A dragon’s iron sphere thumped into the ground just a short distance away, then exploded. The blast ripped apart some Sharans, their bodies shielding Gawyn and Demandred from the brunt of the blast. The soil rained down, like a spray of surf on the deck of a ship. At least one of the dragons was still working.
    “You name me a murderer,” Demandred said, “and I am. I am also your savior, whether you wish it or not.”
    “You’re mad.”
    “Hardly,” Demandred walked around him, cutting the air with a few sweeps of his sword. “That man you follow, Lews Therin Telamon, he is mad. He thinks he can defeat the Great Lord. He cannot. That is simple fact.”
    “You’d have us join the Shadow instead?”
    “Yes.” Demandred’s eyes were cold. “If I kill Lews Therin, in victory I will be given the right to remake the world as I wish. The Great Lord cares nothing for rule. The only way to protect this world is to destroy it, and then shelter its people. Is that not what your Dragon claims he can do?”
    “Why do you keep calling him my Dragon?” Gawyn said, then spat blood to the side. The rings… they urged him forward. His limbs pulsed with strength, energy. Fight! Kill!
    “You follow him,” Demandred said.
    “I do not!”
    “Lies,” Demandred said. “Or perhaps you are simply fooled. I know that Lews Therin leads this army. At first I was uncertain, but no longer. That weave about you is proof enough, but I have a greater one. No mortal general has such skill as this day has shown; I face a true master on the battlefield. Perhaps Lews Therin wears the Mask of Mirrors, or perhaps he leads by sending messages to this Cauthon through the One Power. It does not matter, I see the truth. I dice with Lews Therin this day.
    “I was always the better general. I will prove it here. I would have you tell that to Lews Therin, but you will not live long enough, little swordsman. Prepare yourself.”
    Demandred raised his sword.
    Gawyn stood, dropping his knife, taking his sword in two hands. Demandred stalked toward him, using forms that were different from those Gawyn knew. They were still familiar enough for him to counter, but despite his greater speed, time and time again Demandred caught his sword and deflected it harmlessly to the side.
    The man did not strike. He barely moved, feet set wide apart, sword in two hands, battering aside each and every attack Gawyn hurled at him. The Dove Takes Flight, The Falling Leaf, Leopard’s Caress. Gawyn gritted his teeth, growling through them. The rings should have been enough. Why weren’t the rings enough?
    Gawyn stepped back, then ducked backward as another stone came hurtling toward him. It missed him by inches. Thank the Light for these rings, he thought.
    “You fight with skill,” Demandred said, “for one of this Age. But you still wield your sword, little man.”
    “What else would I do?”
    “Become the sword yourself,” Demandred said, as if baffled that Gawyn did not understand.
    Gawyn growled and came in again, battering at Demandred. Gawyn was still faster. Demandred didn’t attack; he was on the defensive, then, although he didn’t retreat. He just stood there, turning aside each blow.
    Demandred closed his eyes. Gawyn smiled, then thrust in Black Lance’s Last Strike.
    Demandred’s sword became a blur.
    Something struck Gawyn. He gasped, pulling to a stop.
    He wobbled and fell to his knees, looking down at a hole in his gut. Demandred had thrust straight through the mail, then pulled his sword free in a single fluid motion.
    Why can’t… why can’t I feel anything?
    “If you do survive this and see Lews Therin,”
    Demandred said, “tell him I am very much looking forward to a match between the two of us, sword against sword. I have improved since we last met.”
    Demandred whipped his sword around, catching the back of the blade in the crook between his thumb and forefinger. He pulled the sword across, stripping the blood from the steel and splattering it to the ground.
    He slid the weapon into his sheath. He shook his head, then released a ball of fire toward a still-firing dragon.
    It fell silent. Demandred strode away along the edge of the steep slope facing the river, his Sharan guard forming around him. Gawyn collapsed to the ground, stunned, spurting his life onto the burned grass. He tried to hold in the blood through trembling fingers.”

    -A Memory of Light
    Lan vs Demandred:
    “Lan cantered his steed along the eastern slope of the Heights, alone now, past the soldiers, past the Shadowspawn. He was one with the breeze that streamed through his hair, one with the sinewy animal beneath him that carried him forward, one with the target that was his destination, his fate.
    Demandred stood at the sound of the hoofbeats, his Sharan companions rising in front of him.
    With a roar, Lan heeled Mandarb into the Sharans that blocked his path. The stallion leaped, front legs driving the guards before him into the ground. Mandarb wheeled around, his haunches knocking down more Sharans, his forelegs coming down on yet others.
    Lan threw himself from the saddle—Mandarb had no protection against channeling, and so to fight from horseback would be to invite Demandred to kill his mount —and hit the ground at a run, sword out.
    “Another one?” Demandred roared. “Lews Therin, you are beginning to—”
    He cut off as Lan reached him and flung himself into Thistledown Floats on the Whirlwind, a tempestuous, offensive sword form. Demandred whipped his sword up, catching the blow on his weapon and skidding backward a step at the force of it. They exchanged three blows, quick as cracks of lightning, Lan still in motion until the last blow caught Demandred on the cheek. Lan felt a slight tug, and a blood sprayed into the air.
    Demandred felt at the wound in his cheek, and his eyes opened wider. “Who are you!” Demandred asked.
    “I am the man who will kill you.”
    Lan held nothing back.
    He did not fight as he had trained Rand to fight. No careful testing, no judging the terrain, no careful evaluation. Demandred could channel, and despite the medallion, Lan couldn’t give his enemy time to think, time to weave and hurl rocks at him or open the ground beneath him.
    Lan burrowed deeply into the void, allowing instincts to guide him. He went beyond lack of emotions, burning away everything. He did not need to judge the terrain, for he felt the land as if it were part of him. He did not need to test Demandred’s strength. One of the Forsaken, with many decades of experience, would be the most skilled swordsman Lan had ever faced.
    Lan was vaguely aware of the Sharans spreading out to make a broad circle around the two combatants as they fought. Apparently Demandred was confident enough of his skills that he did not allow interference from others.
    Lan spun into a sequence of attacks. Water Flows Downhill became Whirlwind on the Mountain which became Hawk Dives into the Brush. His forms were like streams blending into a larger and larger river.
    Demandred fought as well as Lan had feared. Though the man’s forms were slightly different from those Lan knew, the years had not changed the nature of a swordfight.
    “You are… good…” Demandred said with a grunt, falling back before Wind and Rain, a line of blood dripping from his chin. Lan’s sword flashed in the air, reflecting the red light of a bonfire nearby.
    Demandred came back with Striking the Spark, which Lan anticipated, countering. He took a scratch along the side, but ignored it. The exchange set Lan back a step, and gave Demandred the chance to pick up a rock with the One Power and hurl it at Lan.
    Deep within the void, Lan felt the stone coming. It was an understanding of the fight—one that ran deeply into him, to the very core of his soul. The way Demandred stepped, the direction his eyes flickered, told Lan exactly what was coming.
    As he flowed into his next sword form, Lan brought his weapon up across his chest and stepped backward. A stone the size of a man’s head passed directly in front of him. Lan flowed forward, arm moving into his next form as another stone flew under his arm, tugging wind with it. Lan raised his sword and flowed around the path of a third stone, which missed him by a thumb’s width, rippling his
    Demandred blocked Lan’s attack, but he breathed hoarsely. “Who are you?” Demandred whispered again. “No one of this Age has such skill. Asmodean? No, no. He couldn’t have fought me like this. Lews Therin? It is you behind that face, isn’t it?”
    “I am just a man,” Lan whispered. “That is all I have ever been.”
    Demandred growled, then launched an attack. Lan responded with Stones Falling Down the Mountain, but Demandred’s fury forced him back a few steps.
    Despite Lan’s initial offensive, Demandred was the better swordsman. Lan knew this by the same sense that told him when to strike, when to parry, when to step and when to withdraw. Perhaps if they had come to the fight evenly, it would be different. They had not. Lan had been fighting for an entire day, and though he’d been Healed from his worst wounds, the smaller ones still ached. Beyond that, a Healing in and of itself was draining.
    Demandred was still fresh. The Forsaken stopped talking and engrossed himself in the duel. He also stopped using the One Power, focused only on his swordplay. He did not grin as he took the advantage. He did not seem like a man who grinned very often.
    Lan slipped away from Demandred, but the Forsaken pressed forward with Boar Rushes Down the Mountain, again pushing Lan back to the perimeter of the circle, battering at his defenses, cutting him on the arm, then the shoulder, then finally the thigh.
    I’ve only time for one last lesson…
    “I have you,” Demandred finally growled, breathing heavily. “Whoever you are, I have you. You cannot win.”
    “You didn’t listen to me,” Lan whispered.
    One last lesson. The hardest…
    Demandred struck, and Lan saw his opening. Lan lunged forward, placing Demandred’s sword point against his own side and ramming himself forward onto it.
    “I did not come here to win,” Lan whispered, smiling. “I came here to kill you. Death is lighter than a feather.”
    Demandred’s eyes opened wide, and he tried to pull back. Too late. Lan’s sword took him straight through the throat.
    The world grew dark as Lan slipped backward off the sword. He felt Nynaeve’s fear and pain as he did, and he sent his love to her.”

    -A Memory of Light
    That man is made of awesome. ^_^

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    Galorian responded to my post. Wut!?!

    FYI one of the reasons I am on BankGambling today was my search for Protoss shield strength. And yours was the best calc I found. Really cool to see you.

  57. TrialofFire June 8, 2015 at 10:03 am -      #57

    That last fight was one of the most awesome things I have ever read. I don’t remember it being that amazing.

  58. Galorian June 8, 2015 at 11:28 am -      #58

    “Galorian responded to my post. Wut!?!

    FYI one of the reasons I am on BankGambling today was my search for Protoss shield strength. And yours was the best calc I found. Really cool to see you.”

    Happy to help. :-)
    Good thing I put it up then. 😛

  59. TrialofFire June 8, 2015 at 1:15 pm -      #59

    Feat for Deathstroke:
    Deathstrokes holds his own with Batman, despite his mask obscuring the vision of his newly regained eye and being in a body he wasn’t used to.

  60. Aelfinn June 8, 2015 at 6:14 pm -      #60

    Hey, it’s good to see you around again, Galorian. And yeah, I stole your quotes because they were the first ones on the site I could find lol.

  61. Galorian June 8, 2015 at 8:08 pm -      #61

    I still poke my head in once in a while. 😛
    Good to see you too Aelfinn.
    Feel free to use my quotes, that’s what I put them up for. ^_^

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    So overall, Deathstroke has done some pretty impressive stuff, but he has mostly had the help of guns and other miscellaneous gadgets, while Lan has done mind blowing stuff armed only with a sword. I think Lan wins this.

  63. Limbo Lowk June 9, 2015 at 6:27 pm -      #63

    “So overall, Deathstroke has done some pretty impressive stuff, but he has mostly had the help of guns”

    When up against larger numbers who also have guns. He can block and dodge a bullet or two but he isn’t wonder woman. He needs a range option to help counter large numbers with guns.
    Besides using a gun doesn’t really diminish the sword fighting, he often does both at the same time. You know how hard it is to aim a gun while your in the middle of sword fighting?
    Beat superhuman alien warrior

    Then superhuman alien warrior superhero

    Decaptiates two guys before he touch the ground
    Not really impressive but meh
    Some other stuff that’ take longer to look up(or already have) in melee.
    -He blitzed through a group of armed mean protecting a target before they could fire with just his blade.
    -He fought back a train of ninja with without having his own weapon.
    -Has taken on several superhuman, one of which was had been hit so hard the he was sent flying a mile. That guy was afraid of deathstroke.

  64. Limbo Lowk June 9, 2015 at 6:43 pm -      #64

    Slade bltizes with just blades

  65. Limbo Lowk June 9, 2015 at 6:57 pm -      #65

    Dodges and catches the unseen, holds his own again armed assassins barehanded

    Intercepts another superhuman threat coming from behind

  66. Limbo Lowk June 9, 2015 at 7:18 pm -      #66

    Sorry about the m-m-m-multi posts. I’m not sure if BankGambling still has the moderation limit on links.
    Disarms and kill some other assassins
    Kicks drops him then he lets him stab him, uses the ploy of turning his men against him then bounce back up
    Shows some agility by leaping through the thrown bodies right into stabbing him

    They end up outside fighting on the side of the building and Slade makes use of the environment to get over the guys advantage in speed and strength.

  67. Aelfinn June 10, 2015 at 12:29 am -      #67

    After looking through all those links…well, I can tell you something, this fight would be pretty fuckin hype. I’m not even sure who would win.

  68. Limbo Lowk June 10, 2015 at 4:56 am -      #68

    Here’s the side of the building fight. Shows some agility and good use of of his environment to his advantage

  69. Limbo Lowk June 10, 2015 at 5:05 am -      #69

    Uses the cyborg to cushion his fall
    Slade even when stabbed uses his strength, pain tolerance, and healing factor to get the upper hand.

  70. TrialofFire June 10, 2015 at 10:41 am -      #70

    Damn. That’s badass, what arc is that from? I know the bar fight is from the Legacy arc, but is the second one Lobo Hunt? Or something else?

  71. Aelfinn June 12, 2015 at 8:27 pm -      #71

    I forgot about the one scene where Lan croses a room and blocks a dagger pretty damn quickly.
    Context: Mat is sick with the evil created by a dagger, and Moiraine is trying to help him.

    “Slowly she put one hand on him, lightly, on a knee drawn up to his chest. A convulsion shook him at her touch, a shudder of revulsion spasming throughout his entire body, and abruptly he pulled one hand out, slashing at her face with the ruby-hilted dagger.
    One minute Lan was in the doorway, the next he was at the bedside, as if he had not bothered with the intervening space. His hand caught Mat’s wrist, stopping the slash as if it had struck stone. Still Mat held himself in that tight ball. Only the hand with the dagger tried to move, straining against the Warder’s implacable grip. Mat’s eyes never left Moiraine, and they burned with hate.

    Tendons stood out on the back of his hand from the effort of holding Mat’s wrist…”

    Eye of the World, pg. 631

  72. Aelfinn June 12, 2015 at 11:01 pm -      #72

    So it turns out that baseball bat swings last 0.34 seconds (with most of that being the start-up). Now, Mat clearly didn’t have the same stance, but he certainly was swinging as hard as he could.

    Now, if Lan is crossing, say, 5 meters of space in 0.34 seconds, that would put his average speed at 32.8 mph, or faster than Usain Bolt’s top speed of 28 mph.

    Assuming he reached his peak speed in the middle of the distance, at 2.5 meters in 0.17 seconds, we can see his acceleration is 173 m/s^2

    This means his top speed is 29.4 m/s or 65.8 miles per hour.

  73. TrialofFire June 13, 2015 at 6:50 pm -      #73

    Damn. I seriously had no idea Lan was this fast or strong.

  74. PrimusxPilus June 18, 2015 at 1:53 pm -      #74

    Well Lan straight up is the best blademaster in the series per WoG, and that is saying something lol. Give him the Gaidin bond and the ko’di? Psh. Ko’di is straight up proto Jedi precognition. As was mentioned, he FEELS everything around him. It’s the ultimate situational awareness, able to detect rocks being picked up behind him by a magic he cannot sense and dodging perfectly without faltering in his combat stances.

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