Telekinesis and Metal Vs Lightning and Fire

Telekinesis and Metal Vs Lightning and Fire

Suggested by Super Combine

Telekinesis & Metal  vs Lightning & Fire

Team Telekinesis & Metal – comprised of Darth Vader (Star Wars), Hiroto Sakurai (Gantz, first time here), Gajeel Redfox, first time here, (Fairy Tail), and Tian Wu (Feng Shen Ji) will go up against Team Lightning & Fire comprised of Volt, first time here, (Warframe), Eldrad Ulthran (Warhammer 40k), Ace, first time here, (One Piece), and Alibaba (Magi, first time here).

All fighters are restricted from using any other types of magic that don’t use the specific elements in the title. E.g. no mindrape.

Composite Darth Vader (he can use all his feats from both EU and new comics version)

Who will win?

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12 Comments on "Telekinesis and Metal Vs Lightning and Fire"

  1. Amm0vamp1r3 June 6, 2015 at 12:04 am -      #1

    I’ll go with the team that has Tian Wu

  2. pimpmage June 6, 2015 at 12:21 am -      #2

    First impression… maybe you shouldn’t have chosen the likes of Ace and Ulthran up against the likes of vader.

  3. Nsl98 June 6, 2015 at 12:22 am -      #3

    Darth Vader vs an AT-AT:

    Can’t find the scan, but he tanks a point blank AT-AT blast and comes out with just a broken helmet and a torn cape.

    More Vader stuffs:

    “The mysterious Force would let Vader block a fired blaster with his lightsaber or his hands, and he could kill with a gesture, could freee your lungs or stop your heart, jus like that. It was a lesson many had learned the hard way.” – Shadow of the Empire.

    Five meters away, Vader stopped short. “Mine?”. “You convinced him that with you by his side, he could get away with just about anything.” Again, Vader’s exhalation approximated a laugh. “It’s thinking like that that blinded the Jedi to their fate.” He raised his sword. “Now it’s time for you to join them.
    Vader closed the distance between them in a heartbeat, slashing left and right with potent vertical strokes, narrowly missing Shryne time and again, but destroying everything touched by the blade.

    Also, a fight involving the elements…..and not a single Avatar character?

  4. Friendlysociopath June 6, 2015 at 1:58 am -      #4

    Hmm, so Ace when using his power will literally become Fire- punching and slashing him will do about as much damage as if you punched fire; might be a bit of an issue for the enemy team if he abuses that.
    The best feat to my knowledge is him shooting through several ships with one shot using this technique.

  5. Jake_Uzumaki June 6, 2015 at 3:39 am -      #5

    here it is. He also casually tk neck snaps someone

  6. Jake_Uzumaki June 6, 2015 at 3:49 am -      #6

    And granted its not as uber as his armor durability but cutting down that AT-AT by taking out its foot later

    while still on the planet chokes an orbiting Star Destroyer captain without line of sight

    Deflecting fire from a Freighter (also shows the freighter vaporizing a Royal Guard except for his helmet)
    ” The freighters opened fire, writing thick lines of plasma onto the air. The shots churned the ground, destroyed trees, heated the air of the clearing; one slammed into the chest of a Royal Guard and vaporized all of him save for his helmet.

    Lost in the Force, Vader anticipated the shots that would have hit him, saw the appropriate angles of impact and deflection, and used the rapid spinning of his lightsaber to turn first one, then a second, and then a third shot not into the tree line but back at the ships, the heat and energy of the blaster shots driving him backward, warming the hilt of his weapon, a heat he could feel even through his glove. ”
    — Lords Of The Sith
    Vader and Palpatine demonstrate their power to the surviving Royal guards by each ripping one of the Freighters out of the sky.

    ” Vader, too, lifted a hand and reached out with the Force toward the other ship.

    Vader enmeshed himself in the Force, in his seething, ever-present wrath, and used it to take hold of the freighter and drive the entire ship toward the ground. He grunted with the effort, his respirator increasing his rate of breathing to account for the exertion.

    The ship, its damaged engines unable to compensate enough against the downward push of Vader’s power, went nose-down and streaked into the ground. Vader imagined the screams of the pilots as they watched the forest race toward them. The ship disappeared behind the tree line and exploded into a fireball that reached above the forest’s canopy and caused the ground to vibrate. A cloud of black smoke rose into the darkening sky. A second boom sounded behind him, his Master having driven the second ship into the ground the same way. The forest went silent for a moment in the wake of the explosions, with only Vader’s breathing to disrupt the quiet, before the howls and chirps and squeals of Ryloth’s fauna returned. Vader, his Master, and the two Royal Guards stood untouched amid the smoking craters of blasterfire that pockmarked the terrain. The Royal Guards gazed at Vader, at his Master, and Vader imagined the looks of wonder they must have under their helmets. They knew the Emperor had power, though Vader doubted they’d ever seen it so nakedly displayed. ”
    — Lords Of The Sith

  7. Jake_Uzumaki June 6, 2015 at 3:56 am -      #7

    Crushing a Twi’leks heart

    ” He began to pace again. “It has come to my attention that a certain being present has failed to grasp that his recent actions reflect a flagrant disrespect for the Emperor. His brazen behavior suggests that he actually takes some pride in his actions. But his duplicity has not gone unnoticed. We are pleased to be able to make an example of him, so that the rest of you might profit at his expense.”

    Vader came to an abrupt stop, scanning his audience and certainly sending shivers of fear through everyone—Toydarian, Dug, and Devaronian alike. As his raised right hand curled slowly into a fist, many of them began nervously tugging at the collars of their tunics and cloaks. But it was the Twi’lek prefect, standing not a meter from the Dark Lord, who unexpectedly gasped and brought his hands to his chest as if he had just taken a spear to the heart. Phoca Soot’s lekku shot straight out from the sides of his head as if he were being electrocuted, and he collapsed to his knees in obvious agony, his breath caught in his throat and blood vessels in his head-tails beginning to rupture. His eyes glazed over and his red skin began to pale; then his arms flew back from his chest as if in an act of desperate supplication, and he tipped backward, the left side of his head slamming hard against the blood-slicked floor. ”
    — Tarkin

    Force Blasting Lylek’s (man sized or bigger insectoid monsters with natural blaster deflecting body armor that’s tougher than in universe body armors. the things are tough enough that the Twi’lek people feel the need to fortify cities against them) into chunks

    ” Vader extended a gloved hand and loosed a blast of power that blew apart two of the lyleks rushing toward him, showering those behind with gore and chunks of carapace. ”
    — Lords Of The Sith

    less focused wider area force wave

    Larger less focused Force wave
    ” He fell deeply into the Force and loosed a wave of power from his outstretched hand that filled the circumference of the tunnel. The blast slammed into the charging horde, cracking exoskeletons, shattering stalagmites, and driving a score or more of the lyleks in the lead backward in a shower of broken bodies and broken stone. They squealed and chittered and flailed, and the lyleks following after scrambled over the fallen and wounded, their eyes fixed on Vader. ”
    — Lords Of The Sith

  8. Jake_Uzumaki June 6, 2015 at 4:08 am -      #8

    Vader and the Emperor vs The Queen Lylek(big enough to bite a man in half) and her nest. Important stuff is in Bold

    “” Vader and the Emperor stood in the shadow of the queen’s towering form. Her respiration was audible in the sudden lull, loud and wet. Each of her six legs was a meter and a half in circumference, and the spikes they ended in looked like sword blades. Her squirming tentacles (four instead of two) were ten meters long, as thick as a man’s waist, and ended in glistening points of chitin that leaked some kind of ichor, or perhaps poison. Her mouth could easily bite a person in half.

    She advanced slowly, tentacles squirming, the ends of her legs striking the ground with a clipped, staccato rhythm. She lowered her head and hissed as she came on. Her mandibles worked the empty air.

    Vader’s Master wore the same knowing half smile he seemed always to wear. “Shall we begin, Lord Vader?”

    Vader answered only with the sound of his breathing.

    The queen exploded into motion and so, too, did Vader and the Emperor. A tentacle lashed at Vader and he leapt over it, sidestepping a second tentacle, and chopped down with his blade. He missed as the queen snapped the tentacle back, his blade putting a charred furrow in the stone of the floor. He leapt high over her, flipping at the apex of his trajectory, and as he descended he took his blade in a two-handed grip and pointed it downward to impale her.

    She lurched sidewise and lashed out with a tentacle, which struck him squarely and knocked him to the floor. She turned as though to advance on him, but his Master sprang before her, jumping, twirling, and ducking under the rapid swings of her tentacles and the spikes of her legs. His lightsaber slashed rapidly at every opening, striking the tentacles but scarring them only, not severing them.

    The queen lunged toward his Master and he flipped backward, landing a few paces away. Vader jumped to his feet, spinning out of the way of her attempt to stab him with the chitinous spike at the end of one of her tentacles. He found himself face-to-face with five lyleks, all of them hissing, tentacles squirming. He stabbed one through the head, backflipped high over another, hit the ground, and severed its rear legs.

    To his right his Master gestured and, with the Force, lifted two of the lyleks from the floor. Vader and his Master exchanged no words, but each knew precisely what the other intended. With a casual throwing motion, the Emperor flung the two lyleks in Vader’s direction, their legs and tentacles squirming, bellies exposed. Slashing and turning a rapid spin, Vader bisected both of them; the four gory pieces that remained fell to the floor in a heap.

    From above, blaster shots slammed into the lylek that remained before him, with several shots bouncing off its carapace before one finally caught it in the head and put it down. Vader glanced up to see Deez kneeling in the tunnel’s mouth, blaster rifle lowered, firing down into the melee.

    Vader reflexively slashed with his lightsaber as another lylek scrabbled toward him. The blade took off the legs and left the creature squealing and spasming. He saw his Master dodging the rapid, repeated strikes of the queen’s tentacles. The Emperor twisted and spun and leapt, slashing with his lightsaber where he could, and where the blade bit into the thick tentacles it opened black gashes that leaked a thick ichor. The pain seemed only to make her angrier.

    Vader leapt high and landed at his Master’s side. The queen roared and loosed a flurry of strikes. Working in tandem, they parried her blows, counterstruck, opened dozens of holes in her tentacles, their blades spinning blurs before them. Her very bulk slowly pushed them backward, and from time to time they had to turn their attention to a lylek that rushed them or tried to jump them from the side. Moving almost as one, the two Sith Lords turned and spun around an unspoken central point, parrying, slashing, killing. Frustrated, the queen rushed toward them with surprising speed. Her huge body slammed into them both, knocking them backward. Quick as a lightning strike, she struck with snapping mandibles.

    The Emperor fell flat to the floor to avoid the bite and she slammed her legs down at him like so many pikes, each blow chipping the stone of the floor. He rolled and spun underneath the mountain of her body while Vader slashed at her tentacles, the ichor from her many wounds spraying in all directions. She was trying simply to smash his Master with her mass, but Vader perceived her intent, raised a hand, and held her up, straining, grunting for the fraction of a moment that it took for his Master to roll out from under her. And then they were at her again, their blades humming and cutting. She hissed, wounded tentacles flailing, legs stomping, and bounded backward in a crouch.

    Emperor! Deez shouted from above, and fired at the queen as rapidly as he could pull the trigger.

    The shots bounced off her carapace and ricocheted wildly around the chamber. Vader used his lightsaber to deflect one into the face of the lylek nearest him, killing it. Beside him, his Master split the head of a lylek that lunged at him. Vader decided to finish matters.

    “Master”, he said, and nothing more.

    “Go”, the Emperor said.

    Vader sprinted forward and leapt high. The moment he reached the apex of his jump, his Master seized him with the Force and flung him the rest of the way so that he landed atop the queen’s back.

    Immediately she bucked, tentacles flailing, and he drove his lightsaber down into her back. To his surprise, the blade only bit partially and then slipped to the side. She screamed and hissed with agony. He grasped it two-handed again, preparing another blow, but she reared up hard, bucking, and flung him to the floor. He landed near his Master, who grabbed him by the arm and heaved him to his feet with uncanny strength.

    She whirled around at them and whipped her tentacles at Vader and his Master, following with a lunge forward and a vicious bite at Vader. They sidestepped her attacks, once more falling into their usual rhythm, and crosscut at her head with their lightsabers. Both blades struck home. The Emperor tore a long gash in the armored exoskeleton of her head, and Vader destroyed one eye. She shrieked and reared backward, eye socket leaking gore, tentacles whipping wildly. Deez continued to pour down fire at her, but the shots appeared to do her little or no harm. Still, the distress of their queen drove the remaining lyleks into a frenzy, and they charged from all sides.

    Vader bounded backward, leapt high up on the wall, and hung with one hand from a narrow ledge, his boots planted on the stone. He’d assumed his Master would do the same, but he hadn’t. Instead, his Master stood in the center of a crowd of the creatures, spinning, whirling, slashing, killing. Deez diverted his fire from the wounded queen to the lyleks attacking the Emperor, but the frenetic motion of the combat prevented him from aiming accurately, and his shots bounced off their carapaces in all directions.

    The queen recovered enough to survey the scene and her eye fell on Vader, perched as he was on the wall, seemingly vulnerable, and she lurched toward him, shrieking. She pushed through the lyleks around her, her tentacles squirming wildly, grasping for him. Her remaining eye fixed on him and her mouth opened wide in a prolonged hiss.

    Below, an explosion of Force lightning shredded a handful of lyleks and left his Master standing in the center of a circle of charred, dead creatures. He made eye contact with Vader, nodding, and Vader knew to hold his position as the queen closed.

    His Master raised both hands and sent a storm of Force lightning into the queen, enmeshing her in sizzling blue lines. She screamed and spasmed in agony, her mandibles parting wide to reveal the rows of her teeth as the lightning tore at her carapace and the organs underneath, burning her inside and out.

    Vader acted quickly. Drawing on the Force, he leapt off the wall straight at her head. Despite her pain, she managed to snatch him out of midair with a tentacle, seizing him around the waist and squeezing. His armor creaked under the strain and he shouted with pain but, as ever, let the pain draw him deeper into the Force.

    She lifted him high and jerked him toward her slashed face, the ruin of her eye, her mouth opened wide to hiss, exactly as he’d anticipated.

    Finish her! his Master shouted.

    He threw his lightsaber at her open mouth, guiding it with the Force, causing it to spin as rapidly as a rotor as it flew into her gullet. She gagged, recoiled, one good eye wide with pain and confusion, as Vader maintained his mental hold on his spinning blade, cutting her apart from the inside out. Desperately, instinctively, she drove the spiked, poisoned tip of another tentacle at his chest.

    Enmeshed in the Force, he caught the spike in his gauntleted fist and stopped it before it reached his armor. He grunted with pain, with exertion, the thick, muscular appendage of the giant creature straining against his Force-fueled strength. He was the stronger, and stared into her face as his lightsaber tore through her innards and his Master’s lightning charred her flesh.

    Lords of the Sith

  9. Rookie June 6, 2015 at 4:09 am -      #9


    Eldrad vs Abaddon:

  10. Jake_Uzumaki June 6, 2015 at 4:18 am -      #10

    actually that was all I had at that moment lol. Just wanted to get the big stuff from Disney canon out of the way and had to dig up the interesting stuff.

    edit: actually I did forget some new stuff.
    blocking multiple lethal blaster shots from a cyborg sith knock offs drones connected to her brain

  11. Galorian June 6, 2015 at 4:30 am -      #11

    Don’t know Tian or Hiroto, but Vader and Gajeel have no means with which to harm Ace.
    Ace on the other hand is a walking, bullet timing WMD possessing super strength on par with pre-timeskip Luffy.
    Gajeel might survive for a bit against Ace if he uses his steel body mode, but even that won’t keep him standing against Ace’s power very long.
    Vader gets insta-fried the moment Ace throws a punch his way. Vader’s telekinesis on the other hand will be all but useless against Ace’s diffuse form while lightsabers and force lightning would outright be worse than useless as trying to use them against a Logia user like Ace would leave Vader wide open.
    So… Do Tian or Hiroto have anything that could harm Ace or does Ace automatically solo this match?

  12. Jake_Uzumaki June 6, 2015 at 4:44 am -      #12

    “Vader’s telekinesis on the other hand will be all but useless against Ace’s diffuse form

    nope, Vader’s TK works on fire.

    “Vader and Gajeel have no means with which to harm Ace.”

    Haki is a spiritual will power ability dormant in all creatures in the One Piece universe that few awaken. Those few can use it to enhance their own physical abilities and powers, gain precognitive abilities in fights, and can exude an aura of intimidation.

    Now lets look at what the Force grants Vader.
    Precognitive abilities in combat? Check
    Can enhance physical abilities? Check
    Can exude an aura of intimidation? Check
    And wouldn’t you know it both are possessed by all living things, and both are only awakened by a comparatively small number of the population.
    I’d say Elemental Compatability means Fire Fist Ace is going to be hurting.

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