Legend of Zelda Vs Dark Souls Vs Shadow of the Colossus

Legend of Zelda Vs Dark Souls Vs Shadow of the Colossus

Suggested by Aelfinn

Legend of Zelda vs Dark Souls vs Shadow of the Colossus


Every boss from the Legend of Zelda series, Dark Souls series, and Shadow of the Colossus face off against each other.  The only ones not included are those in unreachable locales inherent to the boss, such as Morpheel, the Four Kings, and Hydrus.  Ganondorf and Demise are also barred.

Who will win?

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19 Comments on "Legend of Zelda Vs Dark Souls Vs Shadow of the Colossus"

  1. Friendlysociopath June 5, 2015 at 12:37 am -      #1

    Well- the Shadow of Colossus bosses are ungodly slow and have no real magic; so I don’t think they’re going to be taking this one.

  2. pimpmage June 5, 2015 at 12:48 am -      #2

    In total, there would be a small flock of 7 belfry gargoyals from both ds games. Those guys could definately overwhelm many different opponents. Their ability to fly only gives them further advantage.

    The rat swarm… well… there are a lot of them. Going off of game mechanics, there would be infinite of them. They would blot out the sun.

    The only others that are worth mentioning are the dragons. First and foremost would be the ancient dragon.

    Other more minor firebreathing dragons like Sinh, Kalameet, and Hellkite drake.

    There would also be a small flock of maybe ~8 Moonlight butterflies that fly around and sling powerful magic at you.

    And if demon souls is able to join in this match, throw in the dragon god.

  3. Ciridae Hunter June 5, 2015 at 12:59 am -      #3

    Should we also ban the use of the full Triforce? As I recall, Ganondorf isn’t the only one who possessed it (or am I being stupid-please clarify) and the power to make any wish would be insta-kill.

    Gorons could be used to kill Hellkite and Kalameet (Zelda or Link could use the Light Arrows to bring them down to the ground and the Gorons could take it from there), Vaati could be useful against the Four Kings, but I’m not sure how useful.

    The Collosi are horribly outmatched, but their corpses would make good battlefields, so there’s that.

    The Mirror Shield could help against anything using magic.

    I think the Zelda-verse could take this just with their vast diversity of enemies, ranging from spirit ninja, redead that paralyze with a scream, phantoms, etc. but would mainly face problems when dealing with the Giants of Dark Souls

  4. Commander Cross June 5, 2015 at 1:24 am -      #4

    @Ciradae Hunter at #3

    That one from Lorule’s a Last Resort, and we don’t wanna wind up in Quick-Draw-ville all over again, believe me.

    So Ganondorf and his ‘dad’/creator are barred for understandable reasons, so do we get a Link Army, 3 Links each based on one of the 1 Great LoZ Timelines Per Link, and/or Total Composite Link in play?
    Also do we factor in Hyrule Warriors in play for a fight like this?
    In a Naval Engagement, the timeline that starts with WW/PH Link’s time has The King of Red Lions, that Ship can Warp Reality by dealing with the Weather and for a fight like this, it may also have the Swift Sails on it.

    Does the other two sides have any Naval Forces to speak of?

    Wonder if there’s any bosses with locations anyone else can reach, that anyone recalls in LoZ.
    Could be mighty useful if anyone recalls.

    If The Legend of Zelda forces get the Zora Race and their relatives that’s a HUGE Navy going on.


    *Checks by match descriptions*

    OH!!! O__O;

    It’s Group Combat meant to focus mainly on the Bosses themselves.
    Man I’m horrible at recalling stuff going on sometimes.

    Does either two sides offer what amounts to ‘Mini-Bosses/Sub-Bosses’ of their own for show?
    Zant and Ghirahim might be there, we all know they’re Reality-Warpers.

  5. Friendlysociopath June 5, 2015 at 1:38 am -      #5

    Should we also ban the use of the full Triforce?

    Do any of the bosses that are not Ganon have it? This looks like a battle between the various bosses of the different series; although I’m reasonably sure the Colossi are boned; they’re just really slow to the point of dodging being more of an expectation than a hope.

  6. Ciridae Hunter June 5, 2015 at 1:38 am -      #6

    Whoops-didn’t read the part about being mainly about bosses. My bad.

    Majora’s Mask is also an issue here; it alone has the power to destroy the world-and I don’t think Dark Souls has Giants big enough to stop the moon.

    Goth can just ran through most of the bosses from Dark Souls; aside from Ornstein and Gwyndolin I don’t suspect any fast evading (if any at all) could be expected since becoming undead somehow trumps survival instinct if you’re bigger than a Hollow (at least a Hollow blocks on occasion)

  7. Ciridae Hunter June 5, 2015 at 1:53 am -      #7

    The Ceaseless Discharge (*pffft*) and basically any other fire-element boss (quite a few of them) are useless against bosses like Volvagia who have complete immunity against fire.

    For the purpose of bosses that can only be defeated with Light Arrows, I believe that Divine Magic-particularly Gwyn’s lightning and any affiliated Miracles-should be used as a substitute.

    Despite their size, the Hydras would be relatively useless against the big, armored bosses (like Queen Gohma and the like) since water –
    The Looking-Glass Knight is the best chance against Ghirarim, Dark/Shadow Link and Zant since the doppelgängers (ironically good, if you think about it) would provide ample distraction for a devastating attack from the knight; on that note, bosses like Phantom Ganon (who isn’t Ganondorf-merely a demon-phantom) and the Spirit Drums would easily dispose of the knight (especially the drums since there is technically no physical form to replicate)

    King Dodongo is relatively slow, but can only be destroyed from the inside, so how are we to remedy this..?

  8. Secrecy27 June 5, 2015 at 7:01 am -      #8

    @Ciridae Hunter
    Do you mind posting any proff on your claims?

    Volvagia being immune to fire? Sure, but she is also very small and thin, and Ceaseless Discharge would easily break her in half if he got his hands on her.

    King Dodongo is relatively slow, but can only be destroyed from the inside, so how are we to remedy this..?

    Easy, by calling that a no-limit fallacy. His highest showing is tanking Link’s bombs, which break stones. Many bosses in Dark Souls are capable of more than that.
    It’s good to be back on BankGambling.

  9. Alpha or Omega June 5, 2015 at 10:19 am -      #9

    Ghirahim’s feats
    Capable of destroying large rocks/rubble blocking the way.
    Aside from his chest, he’s durable enough to take no damage against the fully powered Master Sword.
    Which is not only a sword designed to hurt and kill evil like him, it breaks large long swords as shown around 5:35.
    He also created a tornado that is able to reach above the clouds, but the time it took him to do it is unknown.

  10. Ciridae Hunter June 5, 2015 at 11:04 am -      #10

    “Do you mind posting any proof on your claims?”

    First off, the mirror shield is designed to absorb and redirect magic (as shown in the Twinrova boss fight)

    Second, we can’t really say that any damage done by the Ceaseless Discharge relies on strength since there is never really any proof shown in the game that shows its strength in a good light; if the Chosen undead gets hit by its most powerful meter attack, then they only fly back about a few meters (and that is in the lightest armor)-the smallest Capra Demon is capable of the same force, so a Capra Demon-by your standard-could crush Volvagia.

    The Hydras use water blasts and the head charge thing in the game, but we don’t really get any good showings from that, either; a simple metal shield is enough to deflect or block literally all of its attacks, so enemies like Queen Gohma won’t be affected.

    King Dodongo is my bad-I will admit I was being tired (stupid) at the time, and I thank you for pointing that out to me.

    Do I really need to post every single feat from Majora’s Mask? I am certain you can look on this site in previous matches to find fifty copy/pastes of its feats (plus I can safely assume a majority have played or at least Hearn about Majora’s Mask)

    The thing about the Looking-Glass Knight is that he uses a magic mirror to make a doppelgänger out of a person’s reflection; beings that can turn invisible or create intangible clones or double-images make the mirror useless.

    On that note, can the mirror make copies of enemies larger than the mirror?

    Also, sorry about the long post; any future posts I will make an attempt at spreading it out a little more.

  11. pimpmage June 5, 2015 at 11:12 am -      #11

    “First off, the mirror shield is designed to absorb and redirect magic (as shown in the Twinrova boss fight)”

    No, that shield reflects heat, cold, and light. Not magic. The shield is shown to overheat when collecting heat.

  12. Ciridae Hunter June 5, 2015 at 11:20 am -      #12

    Unfortunately, Demon Souls has to be left out since the OP specifically said “Dark Souls” and not “Souls” series; by specifying which one, it leaves the other out.

    Demon Souls bosses were more challenging (or at least the final bosses were…looking at you, Gwyn!)

  13. Ciridae Hunter June 5, 2015 at 11:23 am -      #13

    Right, right-thank you Pimpmage; forgot that it could over absorb

  14. Alpha or Omega June 5, 2015 at 12:00 pm -      #14

    Is capable of making shockwaves, changing the area into Twilight which turns people into harmless souls unless you have a piece of the Triforce, uses minor telekinesis, and uses shadow crystal to keep Link as a Wolf until he gets the Master Sword
    Zant is able to shoot magic, teleport, change the environment, change size, make barriers, and…spin a lot.

  15. Batz June 5, 2015 at 3:30 pm -      #15

    Question- are we counting Hyrule Warriors, because that adds a few more Boss Monsters and buffs Ghirahim and Zant. If we are, do Cia, Volga, and Wizzro count as bosses?

    I also presume that Ganon and The Imprisoned are barred since Ganondorf and Demise are as well.

    Are we counting Mini-Bosses?

    List of Bosses.
    List of Mini-Bosses.

  16. Mea quidem sententia June 5, 2015 at 3:53 pm -      #16

    @Secrecy27 Post #8
    I’ve calculated the bombs from The Wind Waker to produce 162.51 kilograms of TNT. I’m not sure what it’d be in Ocarina of Time, but I suppose we could use this for now.

  17. Ciridae Hunter June 5, 2015 at 10:05 pm -      #17

    We should count mini-bosses from LoZ as well as DLC and optional bosses from Dark Souls; a lot of the more difficult or maneuverable bosses in Dark Souls come from optional and DLC’s (technically speaking, Knight Artorias is a mini-boss leading to Manus and your main objective-freeing Dusk)

  18. Abominatus674 June 6, 2015 at 3:34 am -      #18

    With even a modicum of planning and in the absence of PIS, Seath the Scaleless (Dark Souls) is essentially invulnerable/immortal (not sure which), although this depends on a large crystal which can be destroyed by mundane means.

  19. Ciridae Hunter June 6, 2015 at 3:36 am -      #19

    The irony of Seath is that I never destroyed the crystal in any playthrough; he destroyed it with his first AoE crystal attack.

    Any attack is enough to shatter the crystal, but it’s attuned to Seath (somehow…the game never really explains that) and has considerable range to allow for his team to hide it away.

    I guess going batshit insane takes survival instinct away, or maybe it’s a side effect of the crystal’s power..?

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