Siege of Byss

Siege of Byss

Suggested by Rookie

Because Tzeentch was bored a new threat now coming to the throne world of Palpatine and the location of his towering Imperial Citadel. The Kraken’s Legacy alliance of Dark Eldars and Eldars joined forces with their tyranids enemies on Valedor and later they joined forces with Necron’s World Engine in order to capture planet Byss. In 20 days they must have control over entire planet and also capture Imperial Citadel ( mostly intact). They start at the edge of the system. World Engine’s guns are not allowed to fire on the planet, but World Engine’s interceptors (and other air units) and land troops are allowed to join land siege. Eldars, Dark Eldars and Tyranids are allowed to use webway to teleport their troops on the planet, although Necrons troops can’t use this way.

Emperor Palpatine prepared for siege as well. Both World Devastators,  Death Squadron, Entire Byss defence fleet, Eye of Palpatine, Lusankya, Eclipse II and Eclipse I of Eclipse-class dreadnoughts, Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer, Mandalore the Ultimate with entire land army of Mandalore planet arived to help as well. Darth Malgus, Darth Sion and Darth Caedus also arrived to help Palpatine. Darth Vader, Count Dooku, general Grievous and Darth Maul also showed up to help. Byss also got a brand new army of 10 000 Phase I dark troopers, 5 000 of Phase II dark troopers and 800 of Phase III dark troopers. Palpatine can also summon land armies from Kuat and Coruscant (during Galactic Empire prime). All of Palpatine’s Inquisitorius arrived on Byss. And lastly they got battle group of Yun-Yuuzhan (under the direct command of Warmaster Tsavong Lah) as a gift from Vong‘s military forces. Although not all went good, galaxy gun was somehow destroyed just prior to the siege and now can’t be used.

Should Empire have any control of at least 1 city or Imperial Citadel at the end of  the 20 days siege they will win.

Will Warhammer 40 000 alliance win? Or will Star Wars alliance win?


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19 Comments on "Siege of Byss"

  1. Rookie June 4, 2015 at 12:03 am -      #1

    Some info about Eldars and tyranids on W40K side. They had three avatars of Khaine with them, six phoenix lords as their main heavy hitters heroes. As well as three neo hive tyrants (new breed of hive tyrants) and one badass swarmlord. And of course 30 Eldars Titans and several Bio Titans.
    Actual feats and some numbers (from Valedor ):

    “Four hundred million paces astern of the Flame of Asuryan, the majority of Yriel’s fleet engaged the tyranids in space as Yriel and five squadrons of escorts drove planetwards like a spear, forcing their way through a cordon of Kraken ships. The shelled monstrosities were fast for void ships, acting as a screen for those larger hive vessels descending to feast upon Dûriel. Yriel’s task force rushed past them, leaving the creatures lumbering in their wake. High-velocity boarding worms shot across space. Most missed, the eyes of the hive fleet baffled by the holo-field-shattered silhouettes of the ships, but in such great volume the torpedoes came that some hit home. A couple of vessels lagged behind as they were penetrated and warrior beasts disgorged into their interiors. Screams and the sounds of fighting echoed through the communications webs, those conveyed psychically distorted by the hive mind’s crushing might.

    The input from one hundred and ninety-seven ships would have been overwhelming for most commanders …

    Ahead was the vast fleet of Starving Dragon, that which the Imperium named Leviathan. It was a name well chosen. Starving Dragon attacked like Far Ranging Hunger, spreading itself as tendrils across a broad range of space. But the hive mind had learned, and the fleets of Starving Dragon, though divided, were far bigger than those of Far Ranging Hunger. There were so many voidspawn vessels in the Dûriel fleet they blotted out the stars, a long, snaking line of them a billion paces across stretching far back into space.

    The sky was clotted with eldar grav- and aircraft. Starving Dragon had begun the battle with a terrifying aerial force; but that had been dealt with, mainly thanks to the large number of sky-runners the Dark Kin had brought with them, and now speeding jetbikes of both kindreds strafed the seemingly endless ground horde. Hemlock fighters arriving with Vaul’s Caress cut swathes through the masses, and the pulse of missile detonations launched by Crimson Hunters knocked hundreds of aliens flat. Ariadien zoomed in on different parts of the conflict; to the west, cult wyches of Commorragh leapt over giant creatures sporting huge symbiotic cannons, other wyches fought daring battles of speed with snake-like creatures that erupted from the ground. At the foot of the mountain the Great Troupe of Harlequins battled a horde of six-armed, bulbous-headed horrors that were possessed of reflexes almost to match their own. Almost. The motley-clad warriors were even more graceful in battle than they were in war.

    t of the mountain. His Titan brought up a close-in image, partly obscured by a shoulder of rock. A thick formation of Starving Dragon was forcing its way upwards. A guard of heavily armoured creatures was at its front, many dozen of the large warrior beasts behind them. A number of the larger snake-creatures followed and, at the centre, three of the great generals of the Dragon, hive lords, whose minds focused the diffuse attention of the hive mind to needled immediacy. Shining Spears and the Reavers of the Dark Kin darted around them, shooting many down, but they came in such multitude, and with such ferocity at arms, that the eldar’s valour made small mark upon the horde.

    The hive lords of Starving Dragon and their horde continued their inexorable ascent of the mountain, defying all the attempts of the Guardian host to stop them. Bundles of monofilament wire landed in their path, pulse blasts hammered down on them, distortion cannons ripped open the walls of reality itself and spilled them into the warp, but on the aliens came.

    Stalking from a side valley to the east came a bio-titan, the largest of the voidspawn’s weapon-kinds. The Harlequins and wyches there had become bottled up by the swarm, leaving the way to the mountain clear. There were precious few defenders on the lower cliffs, the majority having been drawn off to stymie the attack of the hive tyrants to the south-west.

    ‘Enemy titan!’ said Ariadien.

    The Sound of Sunlight spun on its heel gracefully, pulsars volleying shots at the monster. The titan was a hunchbacked horror supported on four long insectile legs, the forelimbs gene-tweaked to carry two enormous cannon symbiotes.

    ‘They are seeking to exploit our weakened left flank,’ said Hethaeliar. ‘Titans of Iyanden, move to engage.’

    A disturbance. Flashing light came from behind the tyranids. A glimpse of blue, a tall helm. Aliens fell dead, and then, suddenly, there were none. The voidspawn had been annihilated. Eldar warriors took their place.

    The wraithguard parted. Asurmen himself stepped into the cavern, surrounded by his fabled Crystal Sons. The eldar spread out, the wraithguard following his lead with no aid from the spiritseers. The living and the dead formed lines, and opened fire.

    ‘And there,’ said Taec. ‘And there.’

    He pointed to other tunnels. From one, a dead serpentine creature fell. A tall warrior in black armour decorated by bones stepped onto its lip, levelled the scythed cannon in his hands at the milling creatures below and began to methodically cut them down. From another tunnel Jain Zar leapt, flipping through the air to land between a pair of hive tyrants. Baharroth soared into the air. Fuegan strode forwards from a dark tunnel, fusion lance blazing.

    ‘The Phoenix Lords… Five of them…’ said Herinim with awe in his voice.

    ‘Six, I believe,’ said Taec.”

    About Necrons side. Their land troops are pretty well known (World Engine is a moving tombword, so it have all types of Necrons units, deathmarks included), so here’s about World Engine itself. From World Engine :

    “The silvered arc of the planet breached the edge of the viewscreen. From the void some worlds looked unholy and terrible, some mottled with disease, others blistered with volcanoes or cracked apart by the anger of their core. This world was shrouded with clouds eternally churning in an electrical storm, criss-crossed with lightning. Every visual probe had been obscured by an information haze, as if the planet knew it was being watched and clouded every eye that looked at it.

    But it was not a planet – at least not a sterile and dead world such as ninety per cent of the planets in the galaxy. Somewhere beneath that mantle of cloud was a weapon that could knock a starship, even an Imperial battleship like the Perilous, out of the sky like an arrow through a bird. Sometimes it took the form of the silver lance that had speared the Perilous. Sometimes it had summoned, through some teleporter technology or warp magic, masses of rock within the target, tearing apart the Lycomadean and the Viridian Sun. Smaller ships it had crushed as if by a giant invisible fist, hull plates buckling as plasma vented in ribbons of fire.

    Twelve times the Imperial fleet had engaged the World Engine. Eleven times it had been thrown back in disarray, leaving a trail of shattered spacecraft, and the World Engine had not taken a scratch.

    The hologram projected between Amhrad and Venetius was of the Varv system. It had eleven planets, with the seventh from the sun being the sparsely settled world of Safehold over which the fleet was formed. The outermost world was a ball of frozen ammonia that had never known life, but until recently the next two had held chemical mines and pioneer settlements. The World Engine had obliterated the life on those worlds without pausing in its path through the system, puncturing fortified towns with blasts of las or creating masses of rock, like planetary tumours, to rip chemical refineries apart from the inside.

    ‘I sent three squads of Terminator-armoured brothers by teleport onto the World Engine. Its shields sent them back twisted and dead.’

    Almost its entire fighter fleet had been destroyed by early attempts to bombard the equatorial weapons port from which the World Engine’s ship-killer had fired. Since then the fleet had kept a wide formation in a crescent around what they presumed to be the World Engine’s stern, out of the weapon’s scope, but as had been illustrated with the death of the Perilous there was nowhere any ship could truly be safe.

    The Tempestus adopted a high polar attitude to the World Engine, on the opposite side from the projected location of its primary weapon. The fleet’s few remaining fighter squadrons accompanied the battle-barge to the edge of the World Engine’s gravity well, then peeled off into a wide picket as sensor blips flickered across their tac-readouts. Hundreds of fragments of information billowed from the World Engine’s equator like a swarm of insects from a hive.

    In the earliest engagements with the World Engine, this scene had been repeated many times. Approaching ships were accosted by flights of fighter craft launched from somewhere beneath the sensor-proof shielding of the World Engine, and terrible tolls had been reaped among the crews of the Varv Deliverance Fleet. But while the fleet could rarely replace lost fighters and crews, the World Engine’s swarms seemed to vanish beneath its shielding and emerge with their numbers replenished. The battles had been abandoned as pointless, and it was only now that the Imperial fighter crews flew in anger again.”

    Necrons space fighters are not incompetent:

    “The viewscreen showed the images from the sensors on the prow of the Tempestus as the shoal of enemy fighters split into three squadrons and spiralled towards the ship, livid green blasts of energy already streaking across the void.

    The deck shuddered as the fighters peeled off and hurtled down the flanks of the Tempestus. Las-fire hammered against the hull plating. The image shuddered and broke apart into static as the prow sensors were shattered by the fire rattling against the ship’s nose. Damage warnings were already blaring somewhere in the ship nearby.

    ‘Tactical helm!’ demanded Sheherz. ‘Where are the enemy?’

    ‘Astern,’ replied the crewman at the tactical helm. He had been scorched by the short-lived fire but remained at his post. ‘They’re staying in our wake.’

    Then the enemy knew what it was doing. The wake of the ship, directly behind the engine, made for hazardous flying but hampered the laser turrets’ targeting. ‘They’re going to hit us again,’ said Sheherz. ‘They’ll come in before our damage control teams get into position.’

    Already almost a quarter of the Imperial fighters were gone. A face-to-face engagement could only ever result in the destruction of the fighter force, but it was necessary.”

  2. Aelfinn June 4, 2015 at 12:05 am -      #2

  3. Friendlysociopath June 4, 2015 at 12:51 am -      #3

    Thought Star Wars ships didn’t stand a chance against 40K ships?

  4. Neon Lord June 4, 2015 at 12:52 am -      #4

    The C’tan Shard in the World Engine should solo…

  5. pimpmage June 4, 2015 at 1:01 am -      #5

    I dunno where to even start with this match… And if the world engine has a ctan shard, that should most definitely be remove from play.

  6. Rookie June 4, 2015 at 2:04 am -      #6

    @Neon Lord

    “The C’tan Shard in the World Engine should solo…”


    “And if the world engine has a ctan shard, that should most definitely be remove from play.”

    C’tan shard was a prisoner inside of World Engine, he did not served necrons. The moment he was free he destroyed Necrons, World Engine and saved last spacemarines and retrieved Gene-seed of dead space marines and return it to Astral Knights. He is not on Warhammer side, so if SW side managed to free him things will turn bad for necrons.

  7. pimpmage June 4, 2015 at 2:38 am -      #7

    So he might as well be out of play then. I thought he would be helping necrons because it is on the same team as them as per site rules. Though that sounds petty cool of the ctan to do that. Though completely out of character. Though that would be a pretty cool twist, giving the emperor the knowledge of the shard and it’s possible liberation.

  8. Neon Lord June 4, 2015 at 2:54 am -      #8

    “Though completely out of character”

    No it’s not, its completely in character. The C’tan hate the Necron’s like no other for imprisoning them.

  9. Rookie June 4, 2015 at 3:13 am -      #9


    “Though completely out of character.”

    Tau recently team up with nids against orks.
    Outsider (C’tan) wants to compress entire universe into his Dyson Sphere and starve GEOM and Chaos Gods to death. He also plans to later recreate the universe later, but only without gods and starts age of mortals. And he have genetic material of each race, he plans to recreate them too.
    Eldars team up with Dark Eldars to create god of Death.
    End of times is upon W40K.
    Too bad that Chaos will win.

  10. pimpmage June 4, 2015 at 4:34 am -      #10

    “He also plans to later recreate the universe later, but only without gods and starts age of mortals. And he have genetic material of each race, he plans to recreate them too.”

    That doesnt seem too bad. If anything, I’d root for the C’tan too then. But the imperium first and foremost.

  11. Neon Lord June 4, 2015 at 5:07 am -      #11

    “Tau recently team up with nids against orks.”

    When the hell was this?

  12. Kara Zor-El June 4, 2015 at 7:29 am -      #12

    Didn’t we just do this? It feels like we just did this.

  13. Sauroposeidon June 4, 2015 at 7:30 am -      #13

    Not to whine but, didn’t we JUST have a match just like this recently? And three DBZ matches in pretty quick succession as well. You guys need to mix it up a little bit. It’s real easy to burn out on stuff.

  14. Rookie June 4, 2015 at 8:04 am -      #14

    @Neon Lord

    “When the hell was this?”

    In one of the short stories about Tau, which was written with Swarmlord as main character. Swarmlord realized that main Hive Fleet will never reach the galaxy prior to End of Times events and what nids need allies if they want to overcome and stop Chaos from taking over the universe. He managed to form an alliance with Tau and as a sign of good will send nids ships to protect Tau from orks. The curious thing is not what he plan to backstab them after End of Times, but what he speak with Ethereal Caste using pheromones.
    So I guess that at the end of times Nids will fight together with tau, humans with Eldars and Dark Eldars, C’tans on their own, Chaos, orks and necrons on their own too. And in the end Chaos will somehow win.


    “That doesnt seem too bad.”

    He plans to resurrect nids, necrons, orks and eldars too. This can’t end up good.

    Who do you think will win here?

  15. Ordo11 June 4, 2015 at 8:09 am -      #15

    Yeah we did just have a match like this, but I might have just made Star Wars weapons at least gigatons over in the lexel kotov explorator fleet vs coruscant debate, I don’t entirely know, since I seem to have proven that blasters and turbolasers work on the molecular level.

  16. Sauroposeidon June 4, 2015 at 8:33 am -      #16

    “Yeah we did just have a match like this, but I might have just made Star Wars weapons at least gigatons over in the lexel kotov explorator fleet vs coruscant debate, I don’t entirely know, since I seem to have proven that blasters and turbolasers work on the molecular level.”

    Between the digimon MMO I’m playing and the thread jumping in a huge number of posts I had to stop following it. It seems like this one will be competing with the still active match.

  17. Ordo11 June 4, 2015 at 10:48 am -      #17

    Not really this is a stomp for Star Wars simply because the world devastator’s have invincible shields. So they can’t really stop them from knowing everything to death.

    Also storm troopers might actually kill alto of the eldar.
    They do crazy shit like have five take on an entire pirate base, they had heavy weapons, and since this is byss, they should have the giant tank droids with superlasers. Yeah byss has some pretty has bullshit on it.

  18. Rookie June 4, 2015 at 10:51 am -      #18


    “Not really this is a stomp for Star Wars simply because the world devastator’s have invincible shields. So they can’t really stop them from knowing everything to death.

    Also storm troopers might actually kill alto of the eldar.
    They do crazy shit like have five take on an entire pirate base, they had heavy weapons, and since this is byss, they should have the giant tank droids with superlasers. Yeah byss has some pretty has bullshit on it.”

    Good to know, I was worried that this may be a stomp in W40K favor.

  19. Ordo11 June 4, 2015 at 11:37 am -      #19

    At first I though it would to, then I remembered invincible shields and world devastators being able to produce tie droids from the enemy ships hull.

    Yep this is a stomp. Kotov’ could get more interesting though.

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