What if… the Slaughterhouse Nine came to Gotham City to recuit?

What... if the Slaughterhouse Nine came to Gotham City to recuit

Suggested by Namer

What if… the Slaughterhouse Nine (Worm) came to Gotham City (DC) to recruit?

Who would try target?

Would anyone manage to stop them?

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18 Comments on "What if… the Slaughterhouse Nine came to Gotham City to recuit?"

  1. Rookie May 5, 2015 at 12:02 am -      #1

    I hope that this is Slaughterhouse 9 as it first show up in books and not original Slaughterhouse 9 or Slaughterhouse 9000, because then Gotham in some big troubles.

    Anyway here is some info. Slaughterhouse 9 is band of maniacs who shows up in the city after city suffer some major disaster. They always make 8 (or less, if they have less members) murders upon entering city, each in the different style. After that Shatterbird sings her song (I’l explain this later) and then trials begins. Each member choses one person and whoever survives a test becomes a member of the group.

    Members of the group:
    Jack Slash. Leader of the group and both strongest and weakest member of the group. His main power is the ability to extend the cuts of any weapons he uses, so he can cut you from across the room, he normally uses a knife. But it is also weakest ability in the group. For example he can cut in two all people in the open place, but should someone hide behind the wall he can’t reach you. So I assume that Batman armor for example should block this. He is also capable fighter.

    Bonesaw- Her power is an inate understanding of biology that allows her to do all kinds of bullshit, such as conduct plastic surgery on dozens of people in a short timeframe to give them the faces of the human members of the 9, enhance said human members of the nine and most scarily: create supernatural plagues and diseases, such as the red mist thing that made everyone who inhaled it unable to tell who was friend and who was foe. She’s shown to be unconcerned with injuries like dismemberment and losing an eye since she can just make new ones.
    Here is some endurance feat:
    “Reacting more on instinct than wit, Aisha pulled the knife out and then slashed it horizontally across Bonesaw’s throat.

    She’d expected a spray of blood or gurgling. Neither happened. Bonesaw screamed again.

    So she pulled the knife free and stabbed Bonesaw in one eye. The blade scraped against the bone of Bonesaw’s eye socket.

    Flame erupted and pieces of glass came to life around Aisha. She backed away quickly as a wall of flame rolled over Jonathan on the table and divided her from Bonesaw. There was a rumble and the sound of falling furniture as Crawler stood.

    “Ow, ow, ow, ow!” Bonesaw shrieked. “It hurts!”

    Why isn’t she dead?

    Aisha yanked the knife out and then gripped her taser.

    “Is it Jack?” Burnscar asked, looking around, then turning to the window, “What the hell?”

    “It’s not Jack,” Bonesaw said. She snapped her fingers, and the mechanical spider leaped on top of her, beginning to suture the wounds in her neck. “I gave Jack the same safeguards I gave us, he would have succeeded if he tried it.”
    ““I’m okay,” Bonesaw piped up. She held one hand to her eye socket, which had trails of smoke rising from it. “You don’t need to worry. I can put my throat back together easy, after I get my kit out to check the sheaths for my vitals to make sure there’s no abrasions, and I’ve got spare eyes. I could go with green eyes. Or one green and one blue, or if I alter them, I could have-“

    “Quiet,” Shatterbird cut in. “It’s less about you being hurt and more about the fact that someone had the audacity to attack us here. Burnscar, put out those fires. We don’t want attention.””

    The nasty thing is? She have deadman switches in her body. Unless you can kill her in the sealed lab, upon her death she release a viruses which can kill entire world. And it is hard enough to kill her. She was once cut in two and still was alive and later fix herself. She also works fast. Scary fast.

    Siberian – The Siberian is actually a projection of Manton, though even the nine never managed to figure out that Manton was actually the controller for years. The Siberian is super humanly fast, strong and durable and seems to be able to screw around with how the physical laws of the universe like gravity affect her. She is a wound in space in shape of a woman and thus can destroy everything she touches. She is also near indestructive. Should you send her into alternative dimension Manton will just stop summon and resummon her within seconds. And the scary part is? Manton doesn’t look like a criminal. He can sit and read newspaper in bus, while Siberian runs around and kills peoples. And he doesn’t need to concentrate either. He was once drive a car, while Siberian was busy killing people. Siberian another nasty ability is that she can grand her durability to anything she touches, except for Manton. Manton knows about it and usually sits in the car if he in danger. Siberian makes car indestructible and nobody can get to Manton.

    Crawler- Doomsday like creatures. Not as strong as doomsday or as durable as doomsday, but have similar abilities. Anything that hurts him he’ll regenerate from and come back better, he’ll even adapt to more exotic things and steal them for himself if at all possible, for example when Armsmaster was cutting him apart on the nano level using the nanothorn cloud, Crawler regenerated back and grew his own. At some point in the past he must have looked human, however at the moment he’s a giant beast with multiple legs, tough skin, hundreds of eyes (each of his eyes are as tough as his skin), etc. You can describe it as accelerated evolution if you want. Like Siberian the only way to really deal with him is to throw exotic things at him, like transmutation, timestopping him or throwng him into another dimension. He was killed when he was transmutated into glass.

    Mannequin – A tinker like Bonesaw, however his specialty is something along the lines of contained habitat systems, before he went insane he was planning to build shit on Mars for instance. He is not very dangerous, likes stealth approach. His vital organs have been removed from his actual body and placed in different containment systems, this gives him his trademark mannequin appearance, the surface of each container is incredibly strong and he doesn’t fall into the trap of actually keeping his brain in the head shaped container of his heart in the chest shaped one. All his pieces are connected through super magnets or something and each have blades that can spring out at high speeds and force.

    Shatterbird – Famous member of the nine, her power is the manipulation of any kind of silicon, her AoE is pretty big normally, she has micro over glass and stuff within a couple of blocks or something. Her most dangerous aspect though is that she sings when she enters a city, this causes a city wide resonance with all the glass for miles around that makes it explode violently. Anyone with glasses is dead, most electronic equipment is probably screwed, etc. She wears armour made of glass, but it’s supercompressed or something and it allows her to fly, she can control individual shards millimeters big, so she can scour your lungs clean easily.

    Cherish – Huge range of emotional sensing, you cannot hide from her within a city wide range, however her most important power is that she can control people into suicidal depression in instants within her control ranger, which although much smaller than her sensing range, is still fairly big, easily city blocks or more. You might think that strong will is enough to resist her, however her power actually works by manipulating chemicals in the brain, so all effects are actually physical.

    Burnscar – Not much to say here, she gets much less screentime than the other members of the nine, however she’s not to be underestimated. She’s a vastly strong pyrokinetic, enough to start infernos covering multiple blocks with a secondary power that makes her immune to fire and allows her to teleport from one flame to another. Her power also messes with her mind in someway, before she got broken out she was in a mental institution.

    And here is a little about Slaughterhouse 9 in action:

    “He stopped. There was a thump as the microphone hit the surface near Skidmark’s feet and then a violent but all too brief noise as it struck one of the propellers at the side of the aircraft and was promptly annihilated.

    Skidmark’s hands went to his stomach, where blood and organs were spilling out. He turned to run, but more slices appeared in his arm, his buttock, his back and the back of his neck. No longer in sight of the majority of the crowd, he continued to try to crawl away, only for his reaching fingers to be separated from his hand, flying away from him in a spray of crimson.

    The aircraft lurched and began to turn, but this maneuver ended up spelling out Skidmark’s doom. The surface beneath him was already slick with blood, and with only one hand’s worth of fingers to grip with, he slid. He used his power to change the surface and force himself upward, but it was too little, too late.

    He dropped into the blades of the spinning propeller and was puréed in a heartbeat.

    Standing on a rooftop across from the aircraft, Jack flicked his wrist and snapped the blade of his straight-razor back into the handle.”
    “Crawler, the most monstrous member of the group, loomed over the rest. His chest was ten feet deep from front to back, his head the size of a small car. He combined the most effective features of a bear and a panther. Sinuous, flexible, bristling with quiet menace, but also brawny with muscle. He had armor plates covering him, with scales where armor wouldn’t allow him optimum flexibility, and spines and coarse hair where the scales wouldn’t do. Head to toe, he had the coloring of an oil slick, black by default, but scintillating with rainbow hues in just the right light. A hundred black orbs studded the length of his body, set into the plates of armor. Caustic venom virtually poured from a mouth that bristled with mismatched fangs, spattering precipitously close to Cherish and eating at the concrete rooftop. Perhaps most unnerving of all were his six legs, each forking at the knee or elbow joint, with one larger limb ending in scimitar-like claws and a smaller set of limbs for each; tentacles for the rear four legs and a long fingered human’s hands for the forelimbs.”
    “Crawler was the first one off of the roof, throwing himself into the night air to land in the dead center of the crowd. The others followed quickly after, Shatterbird and Burnscar launching themselves to the far corners of the massed crowd, conjuring up storms of glass shards and flame to block their victim’s retreat. Bonesaw’s creations poured over the edges of the rooftop to herd the remainder of the crowd and keep them contained to one area.”
    “Siberian reached up and set Bonesaw down, and then was gone, one footstep carrying her into the midst of the crowd. She didn’t care if she hit anyone. Anyone unfortunate enough to be in her way was pulverized, their limbs broken, chests shattered and necks snapped by the impact. Even those in the general area were caught by the flying bodies and hurt just as grievously.

    Bonesaw laughed, and it was a sound without reservations, not shaped by social constraint or culture or self-censorship. It was the laugh of a child, free and without a care. One of her mechanical spiders leaped onto her back, and wound several of its limbs around her chest. Two limbs extended to connect to her wrists, so the mechanical arms mirrored the dimensions and length of her own. The ends fanned out into an array of scalpels, needles, saws, and other instruments so one tool sat between each of her splayed fingers. The smallest gestures of her hands forced instantaneous rearrangements of the tools, so another was ready for her to grasp and use. Two more spiders lunged forward and pulled one of Siberian’s screaming wounded away from the rest of the crowd, dragging it inch by inch toward the advancing Bonesaw.”
    “Obediently, Cherish raised herself up. She lifted her head just in time to see a blur of white and black against the night sky, followed by a large explosion from the side of Squealer’s flying aircraft. It tilted and bounced against the side of a nearby building, scraps of metal shearing off to land in the midst of the crowd. A series of small detonations that ripped forth from the interior of the aircraft cast just enough light for Jack and Cherish to see Siberian striding across the deck, one of the Merchants in her grip. In a heartbeat, she’d torn the woman’s limbs from their sockets and buried her teeth in the woman’s neck.

    Bereft of a pilot and working internal mechanisms, the aircraft crashed heavily in the midst of the crowd. The Merchants who had gathered in the street for Skidmark’s festival of poison scattered, abandoning their fallen friends, trying to find an escape route or hiding place. The screams of panic were twice the volume of any cheering they’d done earlier.
    Siberian hopped up to the highest point of the wrecked aircraft, the twisted remains of a propeller that should not have borne her weight. Her hair blew in the hot air that rose from the heap of burning metal. She glanced around to see where she might do the most damage, spat out a gobbet of meat and then leaped off to one side, out of sight. The propeller didn’t even move.”
    “Crawler threw himself into the point where the crowd was thickest. Bodies flew as he moved on his two rearmost legs and swept the other four claws and two tentacles through the ranks of the Merchants. When everyone within his broad reach was dead or suffocating from the paralytic venom, he turned toward the wrecked aircraft and began advancing with a more measured pace. Each of the hundred eyes along the length of his body blinked to clear away the blood and dust that had spattered him in his all-too-brief spree.

    Jack watched as someone drew a gun and pointed it at Crawler, then reconsidered. He turned it toward Bonesaw, and found himself face to face with Hack Job. He was cut down a moment later. Hack Job exploded in a puff of white dust, already having left to dispatch more gunmen that might harm Jack or his maker.”
    “Bonesaw turned away from her patient. She spoke to the man, pushing him away. She might have said something like ‘run’.

    The man stumbled five or six steps before his body began to swell. His right arm bloated up to three or four times the usual size, turning crimson, before it exploded violently, sending shards of bone and a spray of blood into the people nearest him. He screamed, only for his cries to grow shorter and more frantic, as the rest of him reached that critical mass. In another ten seconds, the remainder of his body detonated.

    Bonesaw was already skipping over to the rest of their group, grinning wide, “Mannequin! Aww! Did the villain break you? Poor baby. Like a little girl with a ken doll.”

    A blade sprung from Mannequin’s remaining hand. Bonesaw tittered.

    Behind the child tinker, those in the crowd who had been struck by the blood and flying bone of her first victim were starting to scream as their bodies swelled as well.

    Jack frowned. “Bonesaw. You know my rule about epidemics. You have to play fair with the rest of the group.”

    “No epidemic! I promise!” She said, drawing a little ‘x’ over her heart, “Four or five cycles. No more. Each transition is going to have only about half the catalyst of the last, and eventually they’ll be able to fight it off.”

    Shatterbird landed in their midst. Behind her, a swell of orange light from Burnscar’s flames coincided with a peak in the crowd’s screams. Mush’s titanic form of sand and debris had ignited, and he flailed madly. Shatterbird ignored the chaos that her teammate was causing, studied Mannequin and then spoke in a voice that was dripping with judgement, “Mannequin failed.””
    “Crawler was one of the two group members who had yet to rejoin the group. He was engaged with a young man with a glow that suffused his hair and emanated from his eyes and mouth. White flashes appeared with little accuracy and devastating effect, carving spherical chunks out of the brute. This only encouraged the monster, and Crawler eagerly paced closer, his wounds closing together with a startling rapidity. So few things could hurt Crawler these days that Jack rarely got to see the regeneration in full effect. Crawler’s healing powers appeared to play out in fast-forward when compared to even the regenerators who could heal wounds in seconds. Hundreds of pounds of flesh were replaced in one or two heartbeats.

    One eruption of light hit Crawler in the dead center of his chest. It made him pause, no doubt removing one of his hearts and some of his spinal cord. The boy with the glowing hair pushed his power into overdrive, calling forth a series of flashes that exploded in close succession. One caught Crawler in the face, revealing only a cross-section of his head, complete with a bisected brain, a skull six inches thick and the interior of Crawler’s mouth. Crawler collapsed.

    Siberian watched as the boy ran, then turned as if she intended to give chase.

    “No,” Jack instructed. “Let him go. We need to leave some alive.”

    He had other motivations, but he would remain quiet on that particular subject.

    Crawler’s brain grew back to its full beach-ball size in one or two seconds, followed closely after by the healing of the skull, the reappearance of his facial muscles, then his skin, hair, spines, scale and armor plating, roughly in that order. He shook his head like a dog with water in its ears and looked around, searching for his quarry.

    “After, Crawler!” Jack shouted, “You can fight him another time! Group meeting!””

    Dunno who will they target.

  2. Limbo Lowk May 5, 2015 at 2:41 am -      #2

    A few of them actually do sound like batman villains.

    Well if they are looking Batman they’ll be disappointed.
    What they will find is this badass normal(Don’t look if you don’t want spoilers on new batman) They aren’t really hiding it though so whatever.
    Substituting in this Wanye Tech crafted exoskeleton

    Then you’ve got Batwoman and her sister’s crew of supernatural misfits: Etrigan, Ragman, and Clayface.

    The other batfam outside of robins: Batwing, Batgirl, Bluebird, and Spoiler.

    Next you got the supernatural division of the GCPD run by Jim Corrigan.

    The rest of the Batfam could probably be called back but Nightwing, Robin, Red hood, and Red Robin are all off doing their own thing with their own people and batman inc got shutdown.

  3. Limbo Lowk May 5, 2015 at 3:19 am -      #3

    So on Gotham’s dark larger side.

    You’ve got your standard thugs.(Joe Chill, etc named goons with funny names).
    Above them you got the specialized criminals.(Firefly, Mr. Freeze, Deadshot, scarecrow, Nobody)
    Next is the Leaders/masterminds who hold control over the city. like
    (Penguin, Joker, Hush, Riddler, mad Hatter, and the Owls, wrath)
    Bordering on their level is the superhuman and supernatural(Croc, Clayface, Bane, Solomon Grundy, Poison Ivy)

    Among the villiany to nme a few traits is
    -Mind control(both chemically and technologically) -Immortality
    -Superhuman stats
    -The ability to manipulate an entire city through wit
    -Controlling large quantities of nature.
    -Science from the ability to freeze an entire district, to creating an army of nearly immortal enhanced zombie assassins.
    -Sound manipulation
    -Radioactive manipulation
    To make matters worse there are at least three organization within Gotham with their hands in everything.
    Underground is an entire other civilization run by people who should be locked up in Gotham.
    Plus apparently the city is a hot bed for bad paranormal activity from ghost, to vampires, to gates of hell, to Eldritch horrors being summoned.
    Gotham itself was founded on some bad shit and the spirits of those harmed came back and nearly got the Spectre to wipe out the city.

    Gotham is pretty shit, no wonder other respectable heroes don’t wanna touch it… Well that and Batman’s a control freak.

  4. Friendlysociopath May 5, 2015 at 7:18 am -      #4

    So tldr- Gotham is a Hellmouth?

  5. Rookie May 5, 2015 at 8:55 am -      #5

    @Limbo Lowk

    Can current Batman family stop Slaughterhouse 9 on their own?

  6. Rookie May 5, 2015 at 9:04 am -      #6


    “So tldr- Gotham is a Hellmouth?”

    I remember an issue when goverment discover that gotham was built on ancient graveyard, which was before robbed by a graverobbers. So they moved entire city. Funny thing the new place where they put the city also turned to be ancient graveyard. Dunno if this canon, but Gotham is cursed.

  7. Friendlysociopath May 5, 2015 at 12:12 pm -      #7

    Can current Batman family stop Slaughterhouse 9 on their own?

    Is ‘Batman family’ Batman + allies?
    I think they’d be hard pressed but… maybe? Most of them don’t seem too superhuman; it depends on whether Batman can learn about their power before they’re used on him.

  8. Rookie May 5, 2015 at 1:37 pm -      #8


    “Most of them don’t seem too superhuman”

    Most of them (except for Cherish, she is the newest member) are above peak human. Jack was able to beat Golem (his ability is that he can manipulate whatever material he touches, for example he could make golems when he touched earth) who was using Defiant’s power armor and that armor could also predict enemy movements. Jack also have special ability to guess enemy special powers (won’t help him against normal humans, but he knows a lot about mutants and parahumans the moment he see one).

    Crawler… well it is a pain in the ass to kill him.

    Siberian… How will Bat family even find Manton? He is just ordinary looking man and even Slaughterhouse 9 did not know that Siberian was Manton for a long time.

    Bonesaw… how will Bat family counter her epidemics or deadman switch if they managed to kill her? She is made herself immune to drugs, so that’s more to problems.

    And lastly Shatterbird. If she managed to sing, thousands upon thousands will die in Gotham. Someone watched TV? Dead. Used glasses? Dead. Was in the car? Dead.
    Gotham is the city with tons of glass.

    Also all members (except for Cherish) have “back-up brains” inside their heads, to stop any attempt to mind control them.

    If Bat family calls Etrigan (does he still have a pact with Bat family?) or even JL, then yeah, they shoud stomp, but otherwise what will they do?

  9. Friendlysociopath May 5, 2015 at 1:52 pm -      #9

    Most of them (except for Cherish, she is the newest member) are above peak human.

    As are a *giant* chunk of what Batman deals with for most of his career.

    Jack- you said he couldn’t even cut through walls, Batman’s armor should be fine.
    Crawler- uncertain
    Manton- Batman is THE detective of the comic world, I’m sure a fan of him could give you some better reasoning for this but he’s just damn good at finding out things he shouldn’t know.
    Bonesaw- uncertain
    Shatterbird- oh sure, thousands will die; but not Batman. Better yet, her power is extremely evident in what it does so a counter could be devised somewhat easily.

    but otherwise what will they do?

    Well, if I were writing this I’d have Batman go up against a few of them in a skirmish- lose horribly, then eat some damn humble pie and call the JL for help.

  10. Namer May 5, 2015 at 1:55 pm -      #10

    Yeah, its Nine as they first came to BB. I intended for Bonesaw to have the three creations she had at that time (Pagoda, Hack Job and the Mouse Protector Hybrid).
    Members of the Bat Family might be able to capture and restrain Bonesaw, but the Nine guard her pretty well, and the Siberian is kinda protective of her.
    Also, does Batman have any silicon-chip containing gadgets or silicon and glass in his suit? If he does, Shatterbird’s scream will damage or even destroy it immediately.

  11. Ragnorke May 5, 2015 at 2:01 pm -      #11

    Totally off topic,

    A friend and i have been working on some art work for a cliche self-aware short graphic novel series.
    Very old school generic action themed… So think He-Man, but more ridiculous feats.

    We need a name for the protagonist, which will also double as the Title.
    So something that fits well in a “X meets Godzilla!” or “X discovers the ivory castle!” title format.
    The cheesier the better!


  12. Rookie May 5, 2015 at 2:26 pm -      #12


    “So something that fits well in a “X meets Godzilla!” or “X discovers the ivory castle!” title format.”

    Drakos against Cthulhu in gardens of eternal pleasure. How will this end?

  13. Nsl98 May 5, 2015 at 2:28 pm -      #13


    Botar vs Superman: Second Battle of the Century! (You’re awesome if you get the reference)

    Botar discovers: The Fountain of Youth!

    Etc, etc

  14. Limbo Lowk May 5, 2015 at 3:10 pm -      #14

    Batman isn’t going to be able to help.
    If anything needs figuring out Batgirl is pretty smart. They also have a supernatural consultant in the form of the Spectre’s current host.
    How does Manton control Siberian, telepathy, magic, some kind of frequency?
    “Dunno if this canon, but Gotham is cursed.”

    I don’t know if the graveyard part was retcon but part of the current history involves it being on land stolen from the natives that the founders murdered. So I guess not even a reboot can fix Gotham being cursed.
    “Also, does Batman have any silicon-chip containing gadgets or silicon and glass in his suit?”

    Actually, I not sure about that. I don’t think he has any glass anywhere. Might have a chip in his belt somewhere.

  15. Limbo Lowk May 5, 2015 at 3:13 pm -      #15

    Magnum Slate
    Jack Explosion
    Gravel Rockwell
    Cole Train… wait no thats already taken.

  16. Rookie May 5, 2015 at 3:14 pm -      #16

    @Limbo Lowk

    “How does Manton control Siberian, telepathy, magic, some kind of frequency?”

    Unknown. But AI was not able to figure out the truth behind Siberian, so I doubt that frequency have place here.

  17. Envoy May 5, 2015 at 6:24 pm -      #17

    Garlack the Annihilator/Champion of the Rift/Hero of the Dunes/Eater of Garlic VS The Putrid Penduloomians.
    No, I did not just give the names of my Xenoverse OC as the hero. Shut up.

  18. Limbo Lowk May 5, 2015 at 8:06 pm -      #18


    Well that does sound like something Toriyama would name someone.

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