What if… Omnissiah was replaced by the Ultimate Intelligence?

What if Omnissiah was replaced by the Ultimate Intelligence

Suggested by Rookie

It was a usual day on Mars. Suddenly, for the first time in many ages, machine god speak to Adeptus Mechanicus. This creature called itself Ultimate Intelligance (first time here, Hyperion) and convinced all loyal Adeptus Mechanicus that it is the true Omnissiah. Once UI learned about situation in Warhammer 40K, it stated that it intends to bring entire galaxy under the rule of humans. At the same time, TechnoCore appeared along with their pocket dimension. Soon after Shrike arrived. Now with all his old and new allies at his side UI is ready to make his move.

Current Warhammer 40K.

What will now change in Warhammer verse?


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14 Comments on "What if… Omnissiah was replaced by the Ultimate Intelligence?"

  1. Commander Cross April 10, 2015 at 12:32 am -      #1

    Well a lot can happen if The Ultimate Intelligence winds up replacing anything.

    Not sure how it affects relations with The Eldar and the Tau, but A LOT of Chaos and The Tyranids can wind up getting FUBAR’d if they don’t wise up.

    Da Ork Boyz remain as Tough as ever.

  2. pimpmage April 10, 2015 at 2:13 am -      #2

    I have no clue what the “Ultimate Intelligence”
    is, but it has got some pretty big shoes to fill. Tech would cease to function all across the imperium if the omnissiah(void dragon) stopped making tech work.

  3. Neon Lord April 10, 2015 at 3:20 am -      #3

    “Suddenly, for the first time in many ages, machine god speak to Adeptus Mechanicus.”

    Half the Admech declare the machine speaking is heresy, and civil war erupts on Mars and across the galaxy as the Inquisition, Admech, Collegia Titanica and Knight Houses take sides.

    In the grimdark of the future, there is only war after all.

  4. Rookie April 10, 2015 at 3:22 am -      #4

    Some info about UI:

    “[Our God machine

    stretched/stretches/includes within its heart

    a million light-years

    and a hundred billion billion circuits

    of thought and action

    The Ultimates tend it

    like saffron-robed priests

    doing eternal zazen

    in front of the rusting hulk

    of a 1938 Packard



    [it works

    We created the Ultimate Intelligence

    Not now


    ten thousand years from now

    but sometime in a future

    so distant

    that yellow suns are red

    and bloated with age

    swallowing their children


    Time is no barrier to the Ultimate Intelligence


    the UI

    steps through time

    or shouts through time

    as easily as Ummon moves through what you call

    the megasphere

    or you

    walk the mallways of the Hive

    you called home

    on Lusus

    Imagine our surprise then/

    our chagrin/

    the Ultimates’ embarrassment

    when the first message our UI sent us

    across space/

    across time/

    across the barriers of Creator and Created

    was this simple phrase

    “Our UI spans galaxies

    uses quasars for energy sources

    the way you might

    have a light snack

    Our UI sees everything that is

    and was

    and will be

    and tells us selected bits”
    “[Naturally our UI

    attacked yours

    There is a war up there

    where time creaks

    which spans galaxies

    and eons

    back and forward

    to the Big Bang

    and the Final implosion

    Your guy was losing”

  5. trexalfa April 10, 2015 at 5:34 pm -      #5

    The Machine Ultimate Intelligence is considerably more powerful than everything within Warhammer 40k outside of the Chaos Gods. It’s a true godlike being who can do as it pleases to the 40k universe.

    The TechnoCore don’t matter all that much when the Machine UI has the Shrike at its side and can throw it at all the enemies. The Shrike is literally fast enough to kill off the whole galaxy before anyone has time to blink once.

  6. FlameStrike April 10, 2015 at 8:17 pm -      #6

    X.x the Shrike are THAT “fast”? I read Hyperion and I know there are some crazy forces at work, but that sounds really weird. What stopped the Shrike from winning in Hyperion? Was it the “Human God” or something? My memory is not that great since it’s been awhile.

  7. Rookie April 11, 2015 at 1:17 am -      #7


    ” What stopped the Shrike from winning in Hyperion? Was it the “Human God” or something? My memory is not that great since it’s been awhile.”

    Shrike isn’t after any victory for himself. The whole point is that Shrike must ensure that humanity will win, so Human God could appear again. Originally it was machines who won and both humans and machines lived together in peace under UI rule (untill Human God and UI declared war on each other). But humans stopped evolving, because UI and TechnoCore were always giving them everything. And this is why HumanGod was not strong enough. Unlike UI who is always at his prime, HumanGod needs faith.
    So once HumanGod run UI send Shrike to help humans. But should Shrike just kill all TechnoCore that won’t change much, he needed to awaken human spirits and later humans must destroy machines. Shrike is actually very smart, literally everything went according to his plans. He is one villain who never lost. He ensure that humans will get that paranoid and “freedom-above-all” ruler in Hyperion, who will cause billions of death, just to liberate humanity from TechnoCore (the funny thing that like 99% of the people did not even wanted to be liberated) and that TechnoCore too will act against humans (fear of Hyperion planet). All of this was needed so Aenea could be born. And she did her role perfectly in Endymion. Humanity won once again.
    You see UI doesn’t care if someone rewrite the past so he could never be born. He already exist. This is why UI using such complicated plans to force Human God to came back.

  8. Rookie April 11, 2015 at 4:06 am -      #8


    “X.x the Shrike are THAT “fast”?”

    Shrike moved his hand and attacked in less than zeptosecond, that’s about quadrillions of times faster than light. To give you idea how fast is it. Flash from DC is able to perceive things that last less than attosecond i.imgur.com/KRzlo1j.jpg .And this is attosecond compared to zeptosecond en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_%28time%29#Seconds .
    And at the end of the fight he moved so fast that his opponent, who could track his movements before that, could not see him at all.
    Shrike also have casual time-travel and other time-hax.
    Also he have freecasting. He teleports himself inside of someone.
    He can also summon temporal clones from all time-periods. Second ago, nanosecond ago doesn’t matter. And all these new Shrike’s have the same abilities as original, so they in turn also summon temporal clones if needed.
    Should his main body destroyed, Shrike just regenerate from any temporal clone.
    He also have quantum cutting, which ignores durability and soul manipulation.

  9. FlameStrike April 11, 2015 at 11:06 am -      #9

    Whelp it looks like the Shrike and UI have free reign to do whatever they want in the 40k verse. Anyone have any idea what they’d do then?

  10. MrRyder April 11, 2015 at 2:45 pm -      #10

    Well the OP said that the UI intends to fulfill Mankind’s goal of becoming the dominant force in the galaxy.

    From what I’ve read from these comments, I’m guessing the UI and Shrike snap their fingers to kill off all the opposing alien races in the galaxy, and then cause the Eye of Terror to shut in on itself?

  11. pimpmage April 11, 2015 at 3:02 pm -      #11

    Can shrike deal with the chaos gods? What’s stopping them from corrupting such a powerful being?

  12. Rookie April 11, 2015 at 3:47 pm -      #12


    “Can shrike deal with the chaos gods? What’s stopping them from corrupting such a powerful being?”

    In present time Shrike can only kill all CG followers, not CG themself. CG pretty much abstracts, they do not have actual body or form, so Shrike can’t give them Merlin sickness and age them back to the nonexistence. Alternatively he can go back in time and for example kill entire eldar race and thus prevent Slaanesh from being born.
    Shrike is more or less abstract himself, since he is made from 100% love. He also seems to have perfect precog (you need this for your plans if you can’t speak), since literally everything goes according to his plans.
    From the end of the second book:

    “Rachel told her brief and tantalizing story of being chosen to be raised in a future where the final war raged between the Core-spawned UI and the human god. It was, she said, a future of terrifying and wonderful mysteries, where humankind had spread across this galaxy and had begun to travel elsewhere.

    “Other galaxies?” asked Theo Lane.

    “Other universes,” smiled Rachel.

    “Colonel Kassad knew you as Moneta,” said Martin Silenus.

    “Will know me as Moneta,”

    So Shrike kinda won even in the second book already, since HumanGod came back.
    As for corruption… Dunno, CG never corrupted something like that (Shrike also toys with people souls and have countless souls suffer in pain in his Tree of Pain, something like his pocket reality) and besides Shrike was described as the avatar of UI, UI should be able to dispose of him and make another Shrike with ease in case of need IMO.

  13. Rookie April 11, 2015 at 4:03 pm -      #13

    Shrike vs Kassad. who was using End of Times suit:

    “The Shrike sank. Its arms splayed at the sand and rock, trying to find purchase. Sparks flew. It shifted, time running backward like a reversed holie, but Kassad shifted with it, realizing that Moneta was helping him, her suit slaved to his but guiding him through time, and then he was spraying the creature again with concentrated heat greater than the surface of a sun, melting sand beneath it, and watching the rocks around it burst into flame.

    Sinking in this cauldron of flame and molten rock, the Shrike threw back its head, opened its wide crevasse of a mouth, and bellowed.

    Kassad almost stopped firing in his shock at hearing noise from the thing. The Shrike’s scream resounded like a dragon’s roar mixed with the blast of a fusion rocket. The screech set Kassad’s teeth on edge, vibrated from the cliff walls, and tumbled suspended dust to the ground. Kassad switched to high-velocity solid shot and fired ten thousand microfléchettes at the creature’s face.
    The Shrike shifted, years by the giddy feel of the transition in Kassad’s bones and brain, and they were no longer in the valley but aboard a windwagon rumbling across the Sea of Grass.
    Through his skinsuit filters, Kassad saw the blue-and-violet energy field of an erg binder in the space, pulsing and growing, then retracting from the time-violence of the Shrike’s organic anti-entropic fields.
    The Shrike slashed and cut through Kassad’s skinsuit to find flesh and muscle. Blood spattered the walls. Kassad forced the muzzle of his rifle into the creature’s mouth and fired. A cloud of two thousand high-velocity fléchettes snapped the Shrike’s head back as if on a spring and slammed the thing’s body into a far wall. But even as it fell away, leg spikes caught Kassad in the thigh and sent a rising spiral of blood splashing the windows and walls of the windwagon’s cabin.

    The Shrike shifted.

    Teeth clenched, feeling the skinsuit automatically compress and suture the wounds, Kassad glanced at Moneta, nodded once, and followed the thing through time and space.”

  14. PrimusxPilus April 14, 2015 at 3:02 pm -      #14

    I think WH is boned

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