Elder Scrolls Vs Shin Megami Tensei

Elder Scrolls Vs Shin Megami Tensei

Suggested by Malenfant

Elder Scrolls will go up against Shin Megami Tensei (first time here)

Battle to utter annihilation, composite for both sides. Shin Megami Tensei is forbidden to use anything above Kagutsuchi.

Who wins?

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14 Comments on "Elder Scrolls Vs Shin Megami Tensei"

  1. Rookie March 31, 2015 at 2:32 am -      #1

    So Metatron, Azatoth, Shiva, Vishnu, YHVH, Mem Aleph, Lucifer, Satan, Demifiend, protags of every SMT game who killed at least Metatron, Seraph and Beelzebub are not allowed, right?

  2. Friendlysociopath March 31, 2015 at 9:33 am -      #2

    Well… this promises to be a cluster of epic reality-warping proportions.

  3. Commander Cross March 31, 2015 at 10:55 am -      #3

    @Rookie and FriendlySociopath at #01 #02

    If Both Halves of Helel/Heilel the Devil(Lucifer for Chaos and Satan for Law respectively) are allowed in play, guess what that means?

    It means we’re all gonna die horribly unless we can evacuate in time.

    On the bright side from the Mainline SMT games alone, the Mainline SMT Champions like the first SMT Protagonist and the 1st Heroine, Aleph, Beth and Hiroko from SMT 2, the Demi-Fiend from Nocturne, the Soldier fellow from Strange Journey and Flynn from SMT 4 will be very big threats to any Champion of The Elder Scrolls we can name.

    The Final Bosses in the Mainline SMT Games, plus the ones from Devil Survivor 1 + 2 and the Persona-verse are gonna be PAINS to deal with all over Side A’s very limbs to say the least.

    Side A better have their Dragonborns and Dragon Shouts ready, they will die horrifically if they make any mistakes at all.

  4. Rookie March 31, 2015 at 10:55 am -      #4


    “Well… this promises to be a cluster of epic reality-warping proportions.”

    Why do you think so? SMT was declawed to a max. ES might win with ease.

  5. Rookie March 31, 2015 at 11:13 am -      #5

    @Commander Cross

    “If Both Halves of Helel/Heilel the Devil(Lucifer for Chaos and Satan for Law respectively) are allowed in play, guess what that means?”

    Demifiend will rule another realm. I mean he already beat YHVH and Lucifer at the same time and have Dante as servant…

  6. trexalfa March 31, 2015 at 11:52 am -      #6

    I was going to ask who the fuck allowed this, when I see SMT massively nerfed.

    Ok, it’s basically et’Ada vs Kagutsuchi (the billions of them), Nyarlathotep, all these fellas.

    If it’s current TES, with only the Daedric Princes fighting they will lose (a two digits number of universe creators vs billions of universe busters).

    If the Aedra and the Earthbones are restored, and the Magna Ge enter, this becomes likely a stalemate.

    If CHIM users are allowed, or the Numidium with its feats from C0DA, TES wins.

    Against full power MegaTen, TES loses in a horrid stomp.

  7. Nsl98 March 31, 2015 at 2:22 pm -      #7

    …….Featuring Dante, from the Devil May Cry Series.
    Seriously guys, Dante solos.
    On topic:
    Seeing as SMT got nerfed, I’ll side with ES.

  8. Rookie April 1, 2015 at 2:57 am -      #8

    So TES winning this one, right?

  9. Riverlia April 2, 2015 at 6:27 am -      #9

    What level is Kagutsuchi considered in BankGambling again? In the game, there’re two ways it can be interpreted: Only the Earth will be changed (since the even only invert Earth to remake it) or the entire universe will changed.
    If it’s the latter interpretation, I’m still siding with SMT, if it’s the former, then at least there’s something to discuss about.
    Also, it was said that there’s a lot of equivalents for Kagutsuchi, since there’s a lot of worlds going through the same event.
    Creating one planet is big deal for TES cosmic beings (and there is only one AFAIK, the stars in TES were holes left behind when the cosmic beings punched through the mortal plane, not the same as real life stars).

  10. Commander Cross May 4, 2015 at 12:13 pm -      #10

    Every day IS The Apocalypse with Mainline SMT, debatable regarding Devil Survivor 1 + 2 and definitely not-so-much with Persona, but a Fully United SMT would require a lot of Big Guns to deal with if they don’t wanna get Overkill’d something fierce.

    Wonder if Aleph is allowed and at ‘proper’ fighting conditions, my gut says Flynn will definitely be there as well.

    What of the Protagonists from Persona 1-4 for that matter?

  11. pimpmage May 4, 2015 at 12:52 pm -      #11

    Man, I got so tired of elder scrolls universe debates a while back. I’m still glad Negative Zero is gone.

  12. Commander Cross May 4, 2015 at 2:47 pm -      #12

    @Pimpmage at #11

    You mean the Non-Troll that got banned anyway due to a lot of bad stuff going on.
    Or in Modern english, ‘He got banned for your sins!’

    Banning him is a mistake, was a mistake and will always be a mistake, the sooner you realize this, the sooner everyone can go home and be happy.

    Jesus Christ has every right to scold me for not saying the above, Freedom of Speech demands that I say the above and beyond, Christ died for our sins, Officer NZ is no different.

    Oh look, what a funny coincidence I just stumbled on, ‘Jesus Christ, NOT the Wimp Liberals would have you believe!’

    “Let any man who does not have a sword sell his cloak and buy one” sounds exactly like something Jesus Christ would have said, and interesting enough, Aleph is actually influenced by Christ for a reason!

    Officer NZ when judging BankGambling in SMT-related terms is closer to The Chaos Hero Archetype and the closest we got to a generally agreeable counterpart is Walter, but the Mainline SMT games didn’t have ‘Good and Evil’ as primary moral standpoints so much as they focus more on ‘Law and Chaos’ in all honesty.
    Devil Survivor factors in both ‘Good and Evil’ and ‘Law and Chaos’ in terms of Morality, and Persona dwells mainly in ‘Good and Evil’ the last time I checked.

    I’d name who’d qualify for ‘The Law Hero’ Archetype right now, but I’ll not do that until later.

    If anyone’s banning must be celebrated, celebrate, celebrate the FisherKing’s or DRAGON’s banning instead, it’s not the ‘nicest’ thing to do but hey, according to one of the posts at this link the word ‘Nice’ didn’t exist as we’d know it in the Middle Ages either.

    The Lord ‘Junior'(Christ) requests me to say this and more, and it’s only by honest respect for others that I am going to say this and beyond.

    Also something to do with this current matter at hand albeit I’m not sure how ‘direct’ it’ll be, Is this symbolic list as well.

    Meantime-wise what symbolism does The Elder Scrolls have to offer compared to the Armories’ worth SMT’s gonna bring?

    Because I’m quite sure that Sheogorath shouldn’t be on his own in this, Powerful as he may be.

    Also if we wanna talk fighting, How does Alduin stack up to that Dragon that was from SMT 2 in terms of Potential or Power for that matter?

    I’m quite sure that Persona 3 offers the Primordials Nyx and Erebus to the fray as well.

    Where is Malenfant when you need him?


    Where are you?
    This is your fight, you didn’t clear up whether or not Aleph is gonna join in on the mayhem or not.

    Your help is needed right now, not gonna lie.

    Also are beings like Mem Aleph or other Final Bosses from Strange Journey allowed on board as well?

  13. Malenfant May 4, 2015 at 4:03 pm -      #13

    Aleph is most certainly not allowed. Nor is Mem Aleph. With Persona protagonists (and villains), however, I see no problem.

  14. Commander Cross May 4, 2015 at 4:27 pm -      #14

    @Malenfant at #13

    Just in case, are there vids and Art showing Aleph with a Godly form of his own worth noting that we can look at for future references?

    I take it that the Demi-Fiend doesn’t have TDE in play for a fight like this, but couldn’t the Major Players of Chaos work to make more Demi-Fiends if they still recall the exact means?

    An Army of Dragonborns vs an Army of Demi-Fiends is Absurd enough to work, which must make it Awesome!

    Also what about the folks from Devil Survivor?

    I’m quite sure a lot of the Bels can wreck havoc on a LOT of un-suspecting TES forces if Side A don’t pay attention.

    If I ever go find playthrough vids of Devil Survivor 1 + 2 it’d be even crazier to sort out what incarnations are particularly allowed, but either way Devil Survivor has a lot of guns to bring to the table.

    If we add folks from Digital Devil Saga to the mix, it’s possible they can put a lot of bullets on Side A’s kneecaps before too long if left unchecked.

    So that said, can you get back to us on that Dragon that was used as one of the bases of Chaos during SMT 2?

    Also may I take it that the Final Bosses of SMT IV aren’t allowed to directly intervene either?

    I’m pretty sure the SMT 1 Protagonist plus the First Heroine in the Main games also fought their fair share of horrific stuff before, so in theory they can deal with the Daedric Champions just fine with their Monsters, Immortals and Battle Tactics.

    I’m also quite sure that SMT has a lot of Strategists and Tacticians, plus STEVEN is a Mastermind of sorts who can visit Time and Space however he likes.

    The Elder Scrolls better be packing Scarab Guns if they don’t get a Dragonborn Army with them.

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