Villains Vs Villains and Hero

Villains Vs Villains and Hero

Suggested by Rookie

Mard Geer, first time here (Fairy Tail), Madara (Sage mode, Naruto) and Sephiroth (fused with Jenova, full power with black materia Final Fantasy) will go up against Eidolon, first time here (Worm), Exdeath and Golbez (void allowed, as well as summons, Neo Exdeath not allowed, Final Fantasy).

Battlefield: Magnasanti city from SimCity 3000.

Which team will win?

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6 Comments on "Villains Vs Villains and Hero"

  1. LadyRamkin March 28, 2015 at 8:20 am -      #1

    So Sephiroth has the black materia so he can summon meteors, and Madara can just flat summon meteors…. Okay…

  2. Numinous One March 28, 2015 at 8:24 am -      #2

    By sage mode Madara do you mean six paths?
    Cause I’m pretty sure Kishi said he was equal to Toneri.
    Sephy is Sephy, been on here long enough for everyone to know him. In depth.
    Mard is one of the few FT characters with legit hypersonic feat if I remember right, something to do with Celestial Spirit King, and was lolnoping everyone till Gray changed type and became super effective.

    But, unless I’m remembering the wrong FF villain, probably am, isn’t Exdeath universal? Golbez is meh compared to the three opponents, and I know nothing about Worm except Rookie makes quite a few matches about them on SB.

  3. Rookie March 28, 2015 at 8:27 am -      #3

    @Numinous One

    ” isn’t Exdeath universal?”

    No, Neo Exdeath is the universal one, Exdeath is around planetary or far below level.

    “By sage mode Madara do you mean six paths?”

    Yes. With both eyes too.

  4. Numinous One March 28, 2015 at 8:28 am -      #4

    If Exdeath is only planetary, it soloes, both teams.
    What are its feats before becoming Neo?

  5. Rookie March 28, 2015 at 8:52 am -      #5

    @Numinous One

    “What are its feats before becoming Neo?”

    Without Void:

    With Void spell (from 9:07)

  6. Rookie March 28, 2015 at 12:49 pm -      #6

    Some info and feats for Eidolon:

    Eidolon is the most powerful parahuman among hero and villains in Worm. He can use almost every single ability (except for Path to Victory), but he can only use three different powers at once. After he was able to return back to his prime in battle against Scion he was able to use seven powers at once, as well as switching powers fast enough to keep up against Scion in battle.

    Before Eidolon was restored to his prime:

    Some of his abilities:


    ““We can’t afford to say it’s not,” Legend said. “You have precogs among your staff and customers?”

    “Some,” The Doctor answered. “I can ask them about this end of the world scenario.”

    Legend nodded. “Good. Eidolon, you want to try your hand at it?”

    “If my power lets me. It only gives me what it thinks I need, not what I want.””

    Time-slow bubble:

    “Eidolon was making his move before Alexandria was even free. He cast out a bubble that swelled as it moved through the air. By the time it reached Echidna, it was twice as big around as she was, enough to reach from one sidewalk to the other. The colors around her became muted, and her movements slowed to a tenth of the speed.

    It was a time-distortion effect. ”

    Was able to shield India from continent busting attack:

    ““I tell you because you are ruthless, Weaver. Do not stop me,” he said. “I die, focus waver, time bomb explode. Aimless, no direction.”

    “Indiscriminate,” I supplied a better word.

    “Indiscriminate,” Phir Sē echoed me. “India gone. You die, even down here.”
    How were we supposed to keep Behemoth sufficiently still and distracted, controlling a detonation that had the potential to level a continent?
    Eidolon caught Rachel with one arm, and extended the other towards Behemoth.

    “Now,” my bugs told Phir Sē, as the field surrounded the Endbringer, a forcefield, extending into the Earth, surrounding Behemoth on all sides, a cylinder.

    Phir Sē’s portal opened beneath Behemoth’s feet, aimed upward, and a plume of light speared into the sky, consuming Behemoth, covering him.

    Eidolon’s power held. ”

    Crossed half of the planet in few minutes:

    “Silent, we watched as the heroes engaged. Eidolon and Legend joined the Japanese heroes in fighting the unnamed Endbringer, keeping a safe distance.
    No. There was something more to Khonsu.

    The monitors showed him in a different city. A caption on the bottom of the screen showed the words ‘Cape Verde’.

    He’d teleported halfway around the planet.
    The heroes were engaging, now. Legend and Eidolon had caught up. Khonsu had situated himself near some kind of military installation, and they’d wasted no time in readying for a fight. ”

    Was able to catch the continent-busting blast and used energy manipulation to shoot it at the enemy and aslo created shields to protect others:

    “It was impossible to say exactly how he did it, but Eidolon managed to catch the light before it could turn the battlefield into a smoking ruin. It condensed into a ball, swinging around past Eidolon as if he were a planet and it was in orbit, and then flew into Khonsu and Alexandria with a slingshot turn.

    It wasn’t a long, steady stream like the one in New Delhi had been. It was a white bullet sliding out in a heartbeat, cutting past Khonsu, Alexandria and a good mile of landscape, before driving into the ocean at the horizon’s edge. Steam billowed out explosively.

    Eidolon crossed the battlefield in a flash, weaving to the left of one of the two remaining columns of altered time, the right of the next, and erected a wall to keep the steam from frying the flesh from our bones.

    It couldn’t have been precognition that let him move that fast. Enhanced reflexes? Something else entirely?

    And he’d been saying his power had been getting weaker.”


    “A fire started on the body of the ship as Eidolon tore into the Simurgh with a reality warping power of some kind, complete with lightning, fire, distorted light, and ice. The Simurgh cast the craft aside in the following instant, letting it flip, burn and tumble before hitting the water and virtually disintegrating.”

    In battle against Scion Eidolon was the only one who could damage him. Scion punched entite UK to the bottom of the ocean, destroyed alternative Earth and was hit by G-cannon (M-cannon was stated to be capable to shoot moon from orbit, G-cannon is the upgrade version of M-cannon).
    Matter manipulation:

    “Carbon unfolded from a single point. Eidolon chose Scion’s right ear canal as the center point.

    The carbon expanded as a sphere, and there was a glimmer of Scion’s reaction as the orb expanded until it was a hundred feet across. A distortion, golden flesh stretching.

    A repetition of the last attack. A charge, another laser prepped.

    He moved to create the same sphere of carbon. A crevice was best. Scion’s mouth was closed, but his nose-

    Eidolon didn’t choreograph his attack, didn’t move his hand, didn’t act, but he placed the next sphere of carbon in Scion’s left nostril.

    Scion shifted direction at the last second.”

    Reactive teleportation:

    “The light penetrated the bubble, and Eidolon was gone, a quarter-mile away.

    Reactive teleporting. He felt the bubble form around him.”

    After Eidolon was able to return back to his prime he was able to force Scion to run and followed him across every dimension. He now could use seven powers at once. Also mater erasion attack:

    “Destroying matter. No defense to penetrate, nothing to attack or avoid. Merely a vast area cut away.

    Scion moved, but the affected area was as broad as a tennis court. The golden man lost a hand.

    Thunder crashed as air rushed in to fill a space where even the oxygen molecules had been cut away.

    Something to keep him still.

    Another power was needed.

    The power was a familiar one. One he’d used to curtail Leviathan’s movements in the Kyushu fight. He reached into another Earth and pulled the cliff faces into this world.

    Scion blasted the cliff faces, but his golden light only affected the cliff on this earth. The moment he stopped, more emerged.

    He stopped to strike again, this time obliterating the cliff faces on this Earth and the one in the other reality.

    Eidolon struck out with the erasure power while Scion was still.

    Thunder clapped.

    Scion was gone.

    No. Not gone. He had slipped into another Earth, avoiding the affected area as easily as someone might avoid a thrown stone by stepping to the right.
    He used the new power to shove himself and Glaistig Uaine into the next reality. He fixed his eyes on Scion, then lashed out, shoving part of the golden man into one reality. Scion reeled, then retaliated.

    Glaistig Uaine created an obstruction, the tornado-mass of swirling blades and iron that emerged fast enough to absorb the beam’s impact.

    Eidolon slashed with another reality push, and Scion disappeared.

    He was catching up. Scion continued to run.

    A world without air. He held his breath.

    A world of magma and smoke.
    More and more remote Earths, less habitable, less familiar. Earth Bet was a long, long way behind them.”

    And lastly he can use distortion in space to deflect attacks:

    “A glimpse here, of Scion with his back turned. A glimpse of Scion, hand raised to attack.

    Eidolon counterattacked with a distortion in space”

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