Space Pirate Ryoko Vs Nappa

Space Pirate Ryoko Vs Nappa

Suggested by Commander Cross

Space Pirate Ryoko, first time here from Tenchi Muyo  goes up against Nappa who is also appears today for the first time from DBZ.

The likes of Saiyan General Nappa of the Saiyan Army(Dragon Ball Z) and The Planet Trade Corporation, will be her opponent, assigned to either bring back Ryoko alive or take her Gems and Ship to bring back if she’s dead and destroyed.

Most Equal Versions and Incarnations possible intended, Showings from Supplementary materials allowed, and if need be, Nappa’s Great Ape form from the video games will be allowed.

Ryoko with all 3 Gems warrants a Power-Boosted Nappa from DragonBall Xenoverse(or whatever would be the most Equal Incarnation Possible for Nappa against Ryoko with that many Gems.) in play.

If Ryoko Summons Demonic Forces(Earth-based or Outer Space varieties.) Nappa can use Saibamen.

It shouldn’t be said that unless Nappa’s got an equal response for a Goddess Ryoko that Goddess Ryoko isn’t in play here.

Locations in play: a Fully Evacuated Amestris(Full Metal Alchemist), Space Station Libra(Mobile Suit Gundam Wing/New Mobile Report Gundam Wing), The Collector Base(Mass Effect 2), The Ringworlds of Halo(The Halo Universe), the various Dimensions of the Daedric Princes as the Daedric Princes watch the fight for their amusement(The Elder Scrolls), an Evacuated-out World of Final Fantasy 7, and some famous locations in Dragon Ball Z, plus Mustafar(the Star Wars Trilogies) as another location for show.

All of which will be switched out in a 15-30 minute range unless some of those locations get destroyed during the fighting, which will have the locations less randomized.

Fighters debuting here: Ryoko of Tenchi Muyo and Nappa of Dragon Ball Z, Image for Ryoko done by Lord-Phillock of Deviantart.

Who gets to walk out of those locations Alive and as ‘relatively’ intact as possible?

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23 Comments on "Space Pirate Ryoko Vs Nappa"

  1. Rookie March 28, 2015 at 1:06 am -      #1

    Feats for the Ryoko?

  2. Friendlysociopath March 28, 2015 at 1:31 am -      #2

    …Alright, Cross, please simplify your description for us.

    That said, pretty sure Ryoko stomps.

    Some abilities Ryoko has access to:
    Ryoko does not need to breathe, and can survive unaided in the vacuum of space and underwater.
    Ryoko can fire energy blasts from her hands as well as form simple energy swords
    Fly (although a specific ‘speed’ escapes me, although flying in space probably makes her towards the ‘fast’ end of the spectrum)
    She can also summon spirits
    Duplicate herself
    Shape matter on the molecular level (allowing her to easily fix technology like Mihoshi’s watch),
    Telekinesis that can be focused into powerful bursts
    The ability to regenerate lost limbs (regrowing a severed hand within several seconds)

  3. Commander Cross March 28, 2015 at 2:28 am -      #3

    @FriendlySociopath at #02
    Okay I’ll dumb it down for you:

    Most Equal Incarnations Possible, Nappa’s assigned to either take Ryoko alive or Kill her and bring back Ryoko’s Gems and ship one way or another if Ryoko doesn’t accept.

    Following that bit so far?

    Also when I noted most equal incarnations, Stuff from Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is allowed as well if need be.

    I’m pretty sure Nappa gets a Power Boost in Xenoverse somewhere the last I checked.

    @Rookie at #01

    My good sir, I thought you never asked!
    (3:57-6:00) of the following vid pretty much has some of what Ryoko’s capable of being shown, definitely far from all of it but this is one of the opening Acts so to speak. 😀

    I know I’ll keep the showings ready when asked, and if Kuja wants in then the more, the merrier.

    Only a matter of time before a lot more people show up, wonder how long that’ll take.

    When will more people start arriving for a fight like this?
    What more Aces and Tricks up the Sleeves do both sides have to offer, the longer the fighting takes?
    Find out Next Time on BankGambling Z!!!

  4. Numinous One March 28, 2015 at 5:26 am -      #4

    I’m almost inclined to side with Ryoko purely because she’s from Tenchi Muyo even if I don’t know her character too well.

    But I suppose I should ask for durability feats, a simple finger gesture from Nappa obliterates cities, speculation aside, him putting forth actual effort implies a higher yield.

    What can Ryoko tank and what’s her reactions and movement speed like?

    EDIT: Oh.
    Matter manipulation.
    Does that apply to people? Nothing better than reducing your target to mush I suppose.
    Couldn’t watch that video, internet being weird.

  5. Karen Starr March 28, 2015 at 5:32 am -      #5

    She can also phase through solid objects

  6. Kara Zor-El March 28, 2015 at 6:41 am -      #6

    You finally got Ryoko a match, Cross. Well done. Pretty sure Ryoko can take him.

    On a side note, TFS Nappa is awesome xD

  7. Rookie March 28, 2015 at 6:53 am -      #7

    @Kara Zor-El

    “On a side note, TFS Nappa is awesome xD”


  8. Rookie March 28, 2015 at 2:53 pm -      #8

    After reading a little… I think that Ryoko wins here, simply better abilities.

  9. Commander Cross March 28, 2015 at 3:07 pm -      #9

    So at (8:00) of the vid Rookie showed, Nappa can bust Cities and Fleets, eh?

    Well Ryoko has far more tricks and Aces up her sleeves, For NAPPA!!!

    (14:00) Sometime after (Original!-)Tenchi Masaki went to pull out what amounts to The Master Sword on Mega-Crack with an IV of Red Bull, (14:40) is when she finally arrives, and (15:00) onward is when things get CRAZY if those Energy Balls surrounding Tenchi say anything.
    (15:46) Has Ryoko crafting an Energy Sword and starting to wreck Havoc on the School’s Roof, escalating to the rest of the School.
    (16:20) Keep in mind (Original!-) Tenchi was nowhere near as powerful as he would be later on in the early stages of the Main Story-lines, but at (16:40) Ryoko can pretty much throw her Energy Weapons to blow stuff up as well.
    (17: 08) Yes Ryoko can also Teleport, (18:23) is where Ryoko can move through walls and grounds, and (19:50) onward shows even when she just woke up and was either holding back or flexing her Cosmic Muscles, it would take a lot more than just some Gas Explosions to kill her.
    (22:50) took the above-noted Master Sword-on-Mega-Crack just to fight Ryoko at the time, and yes at (24: 30) Ryoko can regenerate Limbs FASTER than Piccolo could.

    Keep in mind this is Ryoko when she was just waking up, she’s got grander showings than just this, you know.

  10. TheSorrow March 29, 2015 at 7:44 am -      #10

    Sorry to be that guy (not really), but are there any impressive feats made by Ryoko? So far the most powerful attacks I’ve seen from her was just enough to level the roof of High School building. So I’d advise someone to pull out the big guns if they want to make this interesting. Just Saiyan.

  11. PrimusxPilus March 30, 2015 at 11:59 am -      #11

    Lol Sorrow.
    What you did there. I see it.

  12. TheSorrow March 31, 2015 at 12:45 am -      #12

    At last, someone appreciates my reference. Still, I am waiting for someone to give me a good feat from Ryoko.

  13. Commander Cross March 31, 2015 at 4:06 pm -      #13

    As noted before, there’s far more on Ryoko’s disposal than first glances suggest, the vid that was just linked is pretty much ‘part of the opening act’ if you will.

    In Episode 03 of the OVA series(where the Original Timeline is rooted from), Ryoko (re-)Summoned the Famous Space Cabbit Ryo-ohki at (2:55) from the earlier Wreckage as an Egg, later on at (6: 30) the Egg hatched. ^_^

    In (22:30-22:41), Ryoko when she had ALL 3 of her Actual Gems had to duke it out with a Boss who was equal to if not above Samurai Jack in terms of Blade-mastery, Reactions and Reflexes to say the least, Yosho of Jurai rings any bells anyone?
    Yosho didn’t exactly have a Cakewalk session against one of Ryoko’s second-strongest incarnations at the time, not even to Extract all 3 of her Gems, each of which Augment her Physical and Supernatural Powers by 20% as well as allowing her to Summon and Control Demonic Forces, not noted in Episode 03 yet.(Whether she could only summon Earth-based Demons or varieties from Outer Space are included, I no longer recall.)
    Did I forget to mention that Ryoko was STABBED IN THE THROAT as well for good measure?

    At (13: 40) of Episode 04, Ryoko shows she can Summon Demons, but anything beyond Moderate Demons requires Ryoko having Two out of the 3 Original Gems to fully control to prevent Major Demons being summoned from contemplating disloyalty so to speak(14: 30).
    It should be noted that Ryoko in this fight will have at minimum 2 of the 3 Gems on her, all 3 Gems if necessary.

    At (8:03-9:00) especially at (8:40) of the following video below, Ryoko shows she’s capable of what amounts to Light-speed Teleportation, getting right out of (Original!-) Kagato’s ship, The Souja and into Outer Space, able to breathe in Outer Space just fine.

    (1:00) of the next vid will have Ryoko taking out copies of the 3 Gems and applying them to herself, not as powerful as the Original 3 Gems but they’d generally get the task of getting her powers to work fine done.

    (2:30) shows Ryoko being very good at disposing of Huge Numbers of Enemies at a Straight Line, and (3:50) Shows Ryoko blasting the walls within The Souja itself, (5:57) showed Ryoko having a lucky shot done at (Original!-)Kagato by virtue of the shots not being either Deflected or Telekinetic-ally shot away elsewhere, and (6:00) shows Ryoko stabbing (Original!-) Kagato at the throat.

    (2:47) shows Ryoko not only being very good at using Energy-Created Weapons to begin with, but she can also throw them and have them pierce the Enemy with it rather than just blasting them to bits, detonating the tossed weapons is also a viable option.
    (4:20) of the same vid has Ryoko dodging a blast from Kagato, (4:40) shows every effort is being taken by Ryoko to Kill Kagato and Keep Princess Ayeka safe at the same time.
    (5:00) also shows Ryoko noting that Kagato’s going to Jeopardize Ayeka especially, and if Ayeka weren’t in the way, Ryoko would have gone after Kagato without fear for Ayeka’s life in the middle of a Life-or-death matter like this.
    (5:20) if I recall right shows Ryoko able to slice through Large Pillars, the Pillars being shown inside of The Souja may indeed be as tall as Skyscrapers unless I mis-read part of that scene, (5:40) is where things get more interesting with Ryoko’s efforts still, and (5:55) shows Ryoko infusing with the Pillar and shows more on Ryoko Manipulating Matter, the only reason why Ryoko didn’t end Kagato that moment was because again Ayeka was in the way at (6:30) really.

    So basically speaking, if one of the Boss-Type Reapers is at the Collector Base. then aside from the two not currently fighting at the Collector Base, what’s stopping Ryoko from contemplating on taking Possession of The Reaper that’s at the end of the Base and using it against Nappa, especially IF Nappa goes the Great Ape Route?

    Or Possess Space Station Libra itself if need be?

    The Possibilities are endless the longer the fighting goes, if Ryoko goes to Summon Demons then does Nappa have enough Saibamen in store should it also boil down to Army-on-Army smackdowns?

    None of us are even ‘close’ to bringing up those possibilities, since that’s far from all Ryoko has to offer for a fight like this.

    I wonder if Nappa has more to Offer either in ‘Normal’ Dragon Ball Z timelines or in DragonBall Xenoverse actually, my gut says he does but how much of it will keep up with what’s noted so far is what we’re here to find out. 😎

    Do The Impossible, See The Invisible, ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!!!

  14. LadyRamkin March 31, 2015 at 5:34 pm -      #14

    Literally the only thing i know about Nappa is that he is hilarious and i will quote everything he says. And i have never heard of Ryoko. at all.

  15. TheSorrow March 31, 2015 at 8:23 pm -      #15

    Just skimming through the feats you gave (not going to bother trying decipher your comments) nothing you gave is even close to the level of destruction Nappa has shown.

  16. Friendlysociopath March 31, 2015 at 8:35 pm -      #16

    (not going to bother trying decipher your comments)

    You at least checked the timestamps for videos didn’t you?

  17. TheSorrow March 31, 2015 at 9:13 pm -      #17

    No, I just assumed he was wrong on all accounts… How long do you think I’ve been doing this for?

  18. Riverlia April 2, 2015 at 7:34 am -      #18

    Most of the power level of Tenchi Muyo is informed, rather than shown, because they are always joking around, or performing in handicap situation.
    So a short run down of her various levels in performance:
    -The Ryoko who did not level anything more than a high school roof top: was playing around, at zero gem and only woke up from being sealed for thousands of year.
    – 1 gems Ryoko: Would be the Ryoko that fought Kagato, which still is not a good representation of her power, consider in-story dialogue direct stated that she could have easily won, but using that much power will endanger the people she was trying to save.
    Even with the lack of destructive power feats, I think this version is a good match to Nappa, since she can turn intangible or teleport to avoid attack and use matter manipulation to hurt him from the inside if she get in range.
    -OVA 3 Ryoko (who has 2-3 gems, if I remember it right) is fast enough to aim and shoot her beam at Z, who is FTL, even if Z no-sell her attack with LHW.
    She also shook a planet-size ship by playfully punched it. This version can easily blitz and kill normal Nappa, to say the least. I’m not sure about Xenoverse Nappa.
    – Goddess Ryoko, which the OP said should be out of the game, is Ryoko theoretical end potential, possessing power equal to goddess Tsunami-ship form. Official art depicted her with 19-21 Koh-oh-yoku (Light Hawk Wings). For a sense of scale: Zinv, a mech powered by a fraction of Tsunami-ship (displayed 2 LHW) rewrote two realities into one and rewrote its own self-destruction, even though it was turned off at that time. So she’s frigging OP despite having no official performance at all.
    Another thing to consider is that Ryoko is created as a pair with Ryo-ohki and thus can summon it at will. Unfortunately, aside from hurting Z (which is OP consider 3 Wings Tenchi could do jack to him) it has no other visual feat as far as I remember.
    A weaker member of the specie was stated to have energy equivalent to a small universe. This is support by said member merging with a mech of the same class as Zinv, boosting the mech’s power level from generating 2 LHWs to 6. Each wing requiring double the energy of the previous wing. For one wing, that’s an energy level of 1. For three wings, that’s an energy level of 1 + 2 + 4 = 7. At 6 wing, that’s 21 times higher than the output of a mech that can reality warp 2 realities.
    On a side note, the dude who was running from her zero gem form, at the end of OVA 3, almost destroyed the Tenchi Muyo multiverse just by awakening his power. Yeah, it’s that kind of franchise.

  19. Riverlia April 2, 2015 at 12:23 pm -      #19

    So, let supplies something to prove what I said. Aside from things like the novel and some material, which I honestly has no idea where to find an online version of. Or some dialogue from GXP, because… ughh, it’s in the middle of the series, unlike the mech scene, which was far easier to locate.
    First, Z

    From 2:41 to 2:46, Tenchi go from Earth orbit (near the moon) to Saturn when dodging Z’s attack
    3:03 Z gave chase, 3:27 Z arrived (though there’s the scene of Ryo-ohki taking off intersecting this)
    This establish Z as FTL. If we go by in-video time frame, 166.8c
    Ryo-Ohki, Ryoko:

    2:50 Ryo-ohki opened fire
    2:54-2:57, Z blocked with his LHW and got a light scratch.
    Keep in mind that Juraian ship incapable of forming LHW (due to lack of energy output, they can link 3 ships or so to form one) can casually destroy a planet, according to dialogue from Tenchi Muyo GXP.
    Actually, this is not only a power feat, but also a haxx feat. LHW officially work by multiplying attacking force or matter it come into contact with by zero. Ryo-ohki cannon was capable of ignoring this haxx because it was amplifying Ryoko’s power. As the daughter of the eldest Choushin (Choushin’s aura was the source of all know LHW except Tenchi’s), she got a pass from this restriction.
    3:22 to 3:43
    Ryoko open fired on Z herself and actually tagged him.
    Too bad her output is nowhere near when it’s amplified by Ryo-Ohki
    The mech that merged to realities

    Zinv, a mech created from a gen 0 Royal Tree, capable of generating 2 LHW.
    Can create artificial black hole.
    17:55, it was turned off and set to self-destruct.
    21:33, the side character commented on the two realities being merged.
    Back to 18:49 – 19:00 two counter part of the same person, who should not be able to exist in the same reality, exist at the same time.
    More clarification and said mech revive itself from self-destruction.

    A recap of the changes, right at the beginning
    2:10 – 2:23 Zinv appear in the new world, fully functional.
    Mean while, the brother of said mech (create from an identical power source) merge with a weaker member of Ryo-Ohki specie

    14:33 a weaker and younger member of Ryo-ohki specie merged with normal Cabbit (they were failed replication and has no real power, so at best they were helping with channeling power)
    15:38 to 15:49 the mech goes from 2 wings to 6 wings.
    17:20-17:53 No sell a fleet attack without even using the LHW. The space pirate actually know the attack failed because there’s still a visible planet. That is to say, the fleet attack was supposed to blow away the planet.
    Because there is nothing more overkill than using something with 21 times the power output of a reality warper to kill a fleet. But whatever.

  20. TheSorrow April 2, 2015 at 11:36 pm -      #20

    The first two scenes you gave were removed by Funanimation.

  21. Riverlia April 3, 2015 at 1:48 am -      #21

    Weird, I’m still seeing them
    Probably because I’m from Asia instead of America?
    Can anyone find a version that’s available over there
    It’s the final episode of Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki OVA 3

  22. Commander Cross April 3, 2015 at 3:02 am -      #22

    @Riverlia at #21

    I will go seek out the Version of of either Z/Zetto or Final Confrontations because I’m pretty sure you meant for one of the two episodes in particular, and whichever one it is, I will find it and see if I can’t bring the link here for everyone to go watch.

    That is a Challenge I intend to take.

  23. Riverlia April 3, 2015 at 4:36 am -      #23

    I think it’s Zetto
    The episode that begin with Tenchi confronting Z and quickly get his wings neutralized.
    A bit of background on Goddess Ryoko, btw:

    The multiverse of Tenchi Muyo main canon (which includes Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki, Tenchi MuyoGXP, Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure and Isekai Seikishi Monogatari) are all created by three goddesses called Choushin. Narration said that they are Omnipotent and Omniscience (though by vs debate standard, they are not).
    Because they are omniscience, they know there is a being above even them, but don’t know exactly who that being is (so much for omnipotent/science). To find this being, they decided to do ‘cosmic experience!’. From nothing, the Choushins created multiple layers of dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D, etc etc). Each layer contain a multiverse.
    For this experience, each Choushin chose a different way. The two eldest Choushin voluntarily sealed away most of their power to incarnate themselves into the 3D dimension, while the youngest continue to reside over everything and try to create anomalies.

    Yeah, this is the part where you ask wtf this has to do with Goddess Ryoko.
    Well, Ryoko was one of the experiment of Washuu, the eldest Choushin, who wiped her own memories and posed as a genius scientist. She then engineer Ryoko from her own gene and condense the power of her 3D incarnation into 3 gems, which serve as Ryoko’s power source.
    This make Ryoko the biological daughter of Washuu, and should have power equal to that of a Sealed Choushin.
    Nah, unfortunately, Ryoko as of the series canon is still considered an immature/brat of… whatever specie she belonged too, and thus is nowhere near the potential she was supposed to possess.
    Goddess Ryoko is this theoretically end point, where a fully matured Ryoko, amplified by Ryo-Ohki, can channel her power fully.
    Though there no info about this what-if form aside from “same level as Tsunami ship” (the middle Choushin’s sealed form), official illustration shown this version has 19-21 Wings. It was stated that 10 Wings from one being is the limit of a 3D universe, and the 11th will tear the universe asunder.

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