What if you were asked to equip a modern army?

What if you were asked to equip a modern army

Suggested by itcheyness

What if you were asked to equip a modern army?

Say that you were given control of a countries military to choose how you would equip it.

What would you want your military’s mission (Exclusively national defense, regime change in unfriendly countries, conquest of territory) to be?

What sort of tanks (M1’s, leopard 2’s T-90’s etc.) would you choose to complete this mission?



Naval ships?


What weapons would you equip your infantry with?

How does your military compare with what other Facts have chosen?

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34 Comments on "What if you were asked to equip a modern army?"

  1. Nsl98 March 24, 2015 at 7:05 am -      #1

    Conquest of Territory.
    And I’d nuke a lot.

  2. Darth Expert March 24, 2015 at 8:14 am -      #2

    Killer Wolves:
    Territory of conquest the entire middle east
    a lot of T90s and Ak47’s.

  3. Darth Expert March 24, 2015 at 8:22 am -      #3

    MI-21s, Migs, Basically russian pro equipment. Also they’ll be enhanced with force powers lightning mainly.

  4. batman3.14 March 24, 2015 at 8:37 am -      #4

    m1 abrams tanks

    boeing star wars shields: www.cnet.com/news/boeing-patents-star-wars-style-force-fields/

    Lockheed martin laser:www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/lockheed-martins-newest-laser-weapon-can-destroy-a-trucks-engine-from-a-mile-away/

    Navy laser: www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/dec/10/us-navy-test-laser-weapon-persian-gulf

    I would be pretty aggressive in the start to particular countries, but then make allies to enemies of those countries. Once they see this, we would team up and destroy everyone else and create one empire hopefully with the seat in my country. I would then create a civil war before they can assassinate me,with me victorious in the end (hopefully).

  5. Sauroposeidon March 24, 2015 at 8:57 am -      #5

    Nukes. Just nukes and defenses against them. Everyone expects constraint. If we glassed people we didn’t like right off the bat as soon as they annoyed us, people wouldn’t do stupid shit. ISIS? Glass the area. Russian invasion? Glass Ukraine. Another shitty PM in the UK? Sink the whole island under our rain of fire. =D

  6. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 9:13 am -      #6

    Napalm, napalm everywhere, tanks supported by infantry, and looking into creating ACUs for Supreme Commander

  7. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 9:23 am -      #7

    Sorry I forgot ABMs

  8. Friendlysociopath March 24, 2015 at 9:27 am -      #8

    I’d be very similar to Sweden, strong military backed by a “Don’t mess with us and we won’t mess with you” attitude. However, mess with my people and all bets are off and it’s overkill time.

  9. Sauroposeidon March 24, 2015 at 9:29 am -      #9


    Strong Military.


  10. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 9:33 am -      #10

    Sociopath, you do know Sweden got invaded during WW1 and WW 2 right. Maybe you are thinking of Switzerland?

  11. Darth Expert March 24, 2015 at 9:35 am -      #11

    That works well for sweden. They haven’t in a war since the 1700’s

  12. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 9:41 am -      #12

    WW 2 was in the 1940s

  13. Friendlysociopath March 24, 2015 at 9:46 am -      #13

    Sociopath, you do know Sweden got invaded during WW1 and WW 2 right. Maybe you are thinking of Switzerland?

    Curse you autocorrect, I have such a good track record with you and then you pull a stunt like this. Yes, I meant Switzerland. That’s a mortal blow to my pride, I might never recover from this.

    That said, Helicopters all the way. And so help me- I will have my own Project Babylon.

  14. Kitten Lord March 24, 2015 at 10:03 am -      #14

    This thread is going to be a cherry picking one for sure, I mean apart from greed and lulz who would want less than best? :D, should have put limits on it like within a budget or something, still…….here ill be greedy!


    Global unification under one banner, the world only has so many resources so why share? One day, maybe thousands of years from now, or maybe only hundreds of years/few generations were going to be running low on important resources, my nation would take the lot.


    Challenger 2, best tank in the world. An L55 gun for smashing stuff, the next generation of the best tested western armour in the world? yes please, hydrogas for smooth movement over terrain? I dont want my men getting ill in a torsion bar bucket and the challenger 2 is one of the only tanks to never have lost one of its number to hostile fire. In fact, bar the accident with the HESH no chally has gone down.

    HOWEVER, I would if possible replace the gun with a 125mm L55, or a 140mm smoothbore, something like a bigger version of what the Leopard 2 uses, would be nice. Also, maybe the Lecercs Autoloader, I worry that such machinery could go wrong and if it does your stuck with a gunless tank potentially on a battlefield but men can only do so much and as the years pass I can see, assuming tanks in general are not phased out completely auto-loaders can become faster and more efficient than people.


    May as well just choose the warrior as it was designed to move alongside the Chally, and a bunch of Stormers if their considered IFV’s.


    not a fan of helicopters, but I would equip my force with just enough to get by when their needed. A handfull of UK Apache gunships, maybe a few naval helicopters for dropping torpedoes and mines like the new lynx or merlin, cant recall its name right now.

    Naval ships

    This is the most important one, obviously I would have a submarine based nuclear deterrent which I would make clear of my intent to use with letters of last resort (the submariners can launch the missles without requiring anything from me if my nation is nuked) and I would have maximum numbers of payloads, treaties would be ignored.

    I would have very few surface combatants, enough Type 45 destroyers with maximum cell load and harpoons for scaring airforces but most of my force would be Astute class submarines and lots of them. The money I would save by not plowing it into those relics of warfare, the carrier would be spent on land atack missles (nuclear tipped potentially) and spearfish torpedoes for a huge fleet of nuclear submarines. Add railguns to the Type 45’s instead of their regular gun as the technology comes available.

    Also some other things some people may forget, ill need tankers, repair ships and vessels carrying extra ammo for my ships, Logistics is the key, and just as important, amphibious land attack ships, the large ones that can carry dozens of tanks, I would get enough of those to carry my entire land force, maybe a dozen or so.


    Eurofighters, obviously. “nothing comes close” is their slogan and their right. Its a constantly developing machine that when equiped with Captor-E radar, MBDA meteor missles and ASRAAMs can rock and roll any airforce. My conquests would be one city/nation at a time with the air units moving up and spreading out to the airfields each time.

    I would have a combination of drones, such as Taranis. Plus watchkeeper for surveillance. Of course, planes need maintanance too so we need transports, like those huge american ones. C-17 globalmasters and tankers such as the Pegasus.

    What weapons would you equip your infantry with?

    Same loadout as the UK, MBT law/NLAW, L85A2’s, LMG’s, L115A3 snipers. The bulk of my military pressure will come from the naval and airforce side of things but you need soldiers to take over the bases and you need special forces such as the SAS for hard surgical strikes.

    How does your military compare with what other Facts have chosen?

    It would likely roll over any regular modern force, but anyone who chooses super tech which was not banned in the thread thus far (please do that! lol) would roll me.

  15. OriginalA March 24, 2015 at 10:05 am -      #15

    All infantry units would be equiped with Chozo Battle Armor. They would be supported with Summoner Omnimechs, Bolo tanks, Armored Command Units for ground assets. In the air they would have Pelican drop ships and the helicopters from Pacific Rim for logistical drops. Close range air support would be provided by B-Wings and air superiority would be delegated to a single Nike-Class Battlecruiser in geosynchronous orbit above my country.

    Because we have the technology to build these things….

    Don’t take this away from me!

    More seriously, I’d just have Rods from God.

  16. itcheyness March 24, 2015 at 10:05 am -      #16

    Let’s take nukes out of the equation, those would remove the fun in the upcoming warfare…

  17. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 10:07 am -      #17

    ACU solos


    – realistically I don’t do logistics. I do do “Stratagy”

  18. Sauroposeidon March 24, 2015 at 10:23 am -      #18

    Nukes are the most fun part of warfare. Why would you remove them? There’s not even a point to anything else. We’re all just holding back IRL because of the stigma associated with the weapons. We’re worried about feels and not results.

    And.. if I have to pick a vehicle. Orion-Class Space Battleships. The kind that propel themselves by shooting nukes at themselves. The kind that could glass the whole planet over. The USA is the only country on the planet to have devised such vessels and probably the only one with the resources right now to field and use a fleet of them. They remove everything off the field of battle. I’d just go with a fleet of those.

    Oh wait.. those mount hundreds of multi-megaton nukes as well. Shit. Sorry everyone. I win.

  19. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 10:37 am -      #19

    Sociopath don’t worry we all hate autocorrect with a passion, and Switzerland has never been invaded yes, but that is mostly because of their terrain, because one platoon if equipped properly could back an entire army in just one of the many ravines caused by the mountains. So other than that for Switzerland defense, all you need is AA and some helicopters, and jet fighters.

  20. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 10:38 am -      #20

    ACU still solos actually.

  21. OriginalA March 24, 2015 at 10:41 am -      #21

    ACU isn’t modern tech.

  22. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 10:44 am -      #22

    Very true, I’m messing with you all, anyway well napalm fries everything except air and those space nukey thing.

  23. itcheyness March 24, 2015 at 10:45 am -      #23

    Nukes are boring as hell! They’re a one major use and the war is over weapon…

    I like tanks and IFVs advancing on enemy positions supported by attack helicopters and artillery and airstrikes. I like one sided advances upon an unprepared and under-equipped enemy. I like two equal opponents duking it out with only superior strategy and tactics deciding who ends up ruling the day. I like frantic last stands in the shattered remnants of a major city. I like whirling aerial duels that push both man and machine to the absolute limit. I like ships engaging each other at sea amongst crashing waves. I like submarines stalking each other through ocean depths as black as the night.

    You don’t get any of that with nukes, all you get is radiation and hellfire across a very short amount of time.

  24. Kitten Lord March 24, 2015 at 11:08 am -      #24

    This, remove nukes because their either included as a standard without saying, because no modern nation nin their right mind would not have nukes and because their MAD.

  25. Sauroposeidon March 24, 2015 at 11:20 am -      #25

    Nukes aren’t as useful in space. It’s not my fault you don’t have a space navy. Mine uses naval cannons and plasma howitzers. The nukes are more for ground control. “Oh what’s that you have a launch facility to send space ships after my space ship? Nuke your whole country =D.”

  26. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 12:02 pm -      #26

    If you want ground battles go supreme commander, also napalm kills everything, I just can’t use it in space lol.

  27. Limbo Lowk March 24, 2015 at 3:09 pm -      #27

    Satellites get lasers. Helicopters, laser. Marines, lasers. Navy seals, lasers. That guys relaying info from some bunker miles from actual combat, muthafuckin lasers son! Actually scratch that DEWs of all kinds and even non weaponized ones like the tiny useless laser pointers. I want firefights people can rave to.
    My mission, to conquer the world and create a single planetary defense force because reasons.

  28. Epicazeroth March 24, 2015 at 3:58 pm -      #28

    OK, first of all: How does everyone know so much about weapons? It seems unlikely that this many people on this site would.
    @Sauro: We don’t nuke people because it makes the place you nuked uninhabitable. And once you make it clear that you’re willing to use WMD’s on that scale, people don’t worry about retaliating in kind.

    Also, your strategy appears to be “Sauronesque world domination”. What is it you’re accomplishing by nuking everyone?
    Does this have to realistic? Or are we assuming unlimited resources and unlimited time with no fear of discovery? And that’s not even taking into account public and political support…

  29. erickyboo March 24, 2015 at 4:21 pm -      #29



    How about combat units and Ybian ships?

    But more realistically, I’d probably want to have an army that can stay in areas for a prolonged area of time to be able to provide support and security to the local populations. Also training for other armies. I guess weapons that minimize casualties would be good. Minimize destruction and casualties. Also i’d probably want vehicles that operate in things other than gas…

  30. Ordo11 March 24, 2015 at 4:24 pm -      #30

    Me I’d say corrosive chemical weapons, sealed tanks with anti chem warfare armor, and I’d only use chemical weapons that disperse after 4 days so I could proceed to take that land and use it., also I would invest in napalm.

  31. Parry Boy March 28, 2015 at 8:01 pm -      #31

    How about just giving mini atomic bombs to every soldier and all their weapons just contain explosive, sticky and homing plasma bombs

  32. LadyRamkin March 28, 2015 at 8:09 pm -      #32

    I would set up a giant projector on a satellite and then it would project an image of the prophet Muhammad with a speech bubble saying “we drew this” on to a target country. Then I would just let things sort themselves out. Cuts a ton of money out of military spending that I would put into better public services, emergency, transport ect.

  33. Neon Lord March 28, 2015 at 8:17 pm -      #33

    Spec Ops. Spec Ops everywhere…

    And Kinetic Bombardment systems that are accurate enough to snipe tanks from orbit.

  34. WykedEvil April 27, 2015 at 10:18 am -      #34

    Ahh… military combat… Something I enjoy.

    I’m a strong believer in military conquest. Why let the world rot when I can put it under one flag? Except Germany and the US. they can stay free.

    Ohh, tanks are a fun question. M1A1 Abrams, obviously for the firepower, but Leopard 2’s in terms of speed and armoring. (Being a huge German fan, I’m partial to blitzkrieging.) Maybe a Challanger for effect in there, eh?
    OH! And I want a Tiger II, just so I can drive it down the streets… Not in combat… Just for me.

    Striker, BTR, all fun and dandy. maybe an EFV from the good ‘ol Marine corps (naval landings are very important).

    As stated, I believe heavily in fast paced fighting style, I’d have to say a AH10 Viper or an Apache Longbow… If you’re going to go, go OP.
    Hell, what could a few Blackhawks and AZ Littlebirds hurt, right? Maybe a Chinook for heavy lifting.

    Naval Ships:
    God, I love ships. I’m not a huge fan of the Navy, but offshore support is hugely important. Aircraft carriers would be a must, I’d have to go an American style Nuclear AC carrier…
    Missile destroyers and nuclear submarines (Seawolf Class), and some stealth destroyers.
    You know what? Screw it. Give me a MF’n Bismarck. There. I’m happy.

    Now this is where my list comes somewhat diverse.
    First and foremost, A10 Warthog… The single most effective plan in the US arsenal in terms of combat mission success rates, fuel and damage/kills to round ratio… Not to mention the fact that the A10 Warthog comes with a GUA 8 avenger 30mm antitank Gatling gun, with the single most iconic sound in the US arsenal. Possibly the most effective CAS single seat plane in the world.
    AC130 Spectre/Spooky: “Gunship on station” has to be the final and most intimidating words you can hear in a battlefield. The armament of the Spectre is almost unrivaled in fixed wing aircraft. Able to use pinpoint accuracy to take out ground targets in the midst of friendly units, she’s a beauty. (Not to mention, it can stay on station for hours on end, thanks to a huge fuel reserve and massive ammo stock.)
    F35 Lockheed: Air Superiority is a must. Having all that wonderful CAS won’t do much good if a MIG comes along and snipes them out of the air. the F35 comes with a custom round, the APEX round; high explosive, fragmentational, armor piercing, incendiary round. This thing shreds. Not to mention the F35’s VTOL ability, always a boon.
    Troops need to move. An army of MV-22 Osprey’s do just that. VTOL, heavy duty, and able to take a rocket to an engine and keep on kick’n. ‘Merica.
    UAV’s are a pivotal point in any modern military. I’ll take a few Reapers, some predators, maybe a few light, soldier launch-able SUAV’s for battlefield support.

    This is the part I love most.
    M16A4: The US Marine corps swears to stick with this rifle, both because it’s effective and it’s near indestructibility. I have to say I agree.
    M4A1: US weaponry is a common theme with me, eh? The M4A1 is a wonderful example of why. Compact, shortened barrel allows for quick turns and is wonderful for an urban environment, very important for those Blitzkrieg city takeovers. Not prone to jam, these make wonderful frontline firearms.
    M60E4: Can’t beat all american 12.7mm goodness… That and it’s distinct “glug, glug, glug, glug” trademark noise. 100-200 rounds per belt, AP rounds… Hmmmm, so pretty.
    Barret M107: Armor? Cute. 12.7mm AP rounds will help you take care of that pesky IFV problem. 5-10 rounds a clip, semiauto, accurate to 2 miles? Bye.
    NTW 40: For those things that just DON’T want to die. 20mm of HE/AP can help you fix that problem.
    TAR-21: I’m not only an American gun junky! I’m in love with bullpups, and this Israeli design gets me excited.
    DSR.50: Now you’re thinking “Why do you want a bolt action 50cal when you’ve got a Barret? 2 reasons; The Cheytech intervention is overdone, and the increased range and accuracy over the barret in terms of size-to-firepower ratio is important.
    McMillan Tac-50: Because I can’t go big or go home on everything. The McMillan is a wonderful assassination tool due to size and a built in suppressor.
    Colt M1911: This one is obvious.
    FN-P90: When you need to breach and clear a room, and mow down everything (civilian or naw) in there, this compact and powerful diplomatic tool and send out 50 rapid-response diplomats in a matter of seconds.
    G36-C: The unholy hybrid of an SMG and AR, this comes in handy for medium to close-range engagements.
    MK14 EBR: Got an infantry problem? We can fix that. Line em up, and put 20 of em down, then reload.
    The Howitzer: Yes, I’m aware this isn’t a firearm, but it also doesn’t fit under tank, but I think the “weapons” categories work well.
    Able to put three rounds down range, and by using a method of depression, can allow them all to hit the target at the same time? Give me a hundred.
    Chemical Warfare: This is broad, but I’m sure you can put your mind to it and figure out what I mean *Coughs,* mustard gas.
    Orbital Bombardment:
    Ground war is my staple, but there are just times you need to reach out and touch someone…
    Why not with a 100 ton tungston rod going Mach 10? The THOR and I would get along pretty well. Not to mention I’d just load up the satellite with hundreds of WMD’s for those counties that will not stop fighting. That and of course some anti-balistic lasers to stop those pesky 1st world countries from shooting it down. “Here… Hold this.”

    I’m not going to pretend that my selection is a master race…
    Not even close.
    I value Urban combat (as seen by my choice of tanks) as well as straight up forests of ‘Nam type junk. I’m pretty sure I’d get chewed up in the deserts (well, the abrams might be fine, but the Striker and Leopard might have a tough time.)
    Well… When I rule my own country (Hopefully a Germanic one) we will see how it all stacks up, yes?

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