The Race vs Martians

TR vs M

Suggested by Asger

In this match we have The Race (Worldwar), who are making their first appearance on BankGambling, vs Martians (War of the Worlds)

Scenario: Fleetlord Atvar and his entire force arrive in space above Tosev 3 (Earth) in the year 1946, and much to their surprise they find it abandoned- as if all human life as spontaneously vanished. The reptiles begin setting up bases, but after an entire month spent on constructing and searching for humans in the cities they find nothing. At this point, the previously lifeless Tosev 4 (Mars) flares up with activity as the Martians begin shelling the planet, launching their tripods en masse to the planets surface.

The Race are seeking to colonise earth, thus they are going to be very hesitant on using their nuclear stockpile. Conversely the Martians are seeking to drive the invaders off the planet they seek to conquer.

Scenario 2: Same as above, though in this event the Martians are aware of their weakness to Earth bacteria and have taken precautions against it in advance.

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7 Comments on "The Race vs Martians"

  1. Shgon Dunstan January 20, 2015 at 7:58 am -      #1

    First: The Race are supposed to look kind of like bipedal chameleons, not iguanas… Not the OP’s fault, but still. -_-

    Second: Which versions of the Martians?

    Every thread I’ve ever seen on the matter, says that the Martians from the book would have a hard enough time Vs humans of the time the book was set, much less a force that can take on those of WW2.

  2. Sauroposeidon January 20, 2015 at 11:04 am -      #2

    Generally speaking, the Martian Fighting Machines are their equivalent of infantry. Considering it took an Ironclad to challenge them, or surprise artillery barrages to even hit one, they’re likely too much for The Race.

    They have stronger weapons, and are fond of gas attacks, with bombers specifically designed to gas miles of land. Various versions of the Martians imply that most if not all of their fliers have heat rays. Goliath suggests that they have an actual ship design which is to scale with their tripods as ours are to us, and it is obscenely well armed.

    On top of this, they have brain-machine-interface technology, and heat beams. Which means their technology is currently “near future”:to us.

    Various versions suggest they have shielding technology, which can take 1950’s era nuclear weapons. This is anywhere from double digit kilotons to low double digit megatons.

    This is currently beyond anything we can remotely achieve.

    All versions have Space Guns, which is not beyond our technology if they discarding pusher plates and a directed nuclear blast or a series of them through out the barrel to propel the canister. We had “drop a nuke on yourself to propel yourself” tech back in the 60’s or 70’s. Although they took impact after re-entry rather well with no signs of actually slowing down after entering atmosphere, if I recall. THAT is beyond our technology.

    They don’t use radios, or other forms of wireless or wired communication, at least in battle. They are capable of simply calling out to each other across vast distances. Although audible to the human ear, their “Ulla” probably carries some kind of infrasound message, considering the much further distances it can reach, and the fact that what we can hear them say doesn’t ever actually change. Suggesting the part containing information is too low for human ears to hear.

    I would say the Martians have a distinct technological advantage.. but they fight like it’s WW1. There are no rules. You destroy everything. You gas everything. You send your soldiers in waves, instead of tactical group movement, until they meet something they can’t fight. Then you bunker down and try again.

    This method of combat is wasteful, but total in its nature. WW2 was an extremely civilized war in comparison to WW1, and The Race’s use of WW2 style technology and I presume tactics (I’m not really familiar with them except for what little I’ve read here) may be their downfall.

  3. Shgon Dunstan January 20, 2015 at 1:03 pm -      #3

    The Race is mostly modern plus a little in tech level… Which is to say that the book Martians haven’t a chance in hell against them. -_-

    …it’s kind of the whole reason they just keep getting powered up with near every incarnation.

    IIRC, the issue with them Vs even the time the books were placed in, was that some kind of new cannon had come out between their publishing and the, IIRC, year or two later they were set in, that would of basically let the humans pound the tripods from over the horizon, and thus out of the line of sight of their heat rays.


  4. Friendlysociopath January 20, 2015 at 1:10 pm -      #4

    Exactly what is the ‘precaution’ the martians took? Considering this is entirely untrod ground the information is kind of important.

  5. Sauroposeidon January 20, 2015 at 3:10 pm -      #5

    They shelled anywhere they thought there might be artillery with gas canisters.
    More than likely, they’d use their flying machines to take care of artillery once they finished building their air force. A direct hit from artillery to the command area of the fighting machine would kill the crewman.

  6. itcheyness January 20, 2015 at 9:01 pm -      #6

    Poison gas swings it in favor of the martians, The Race had never encountered it before until their invasion of Britain in the books and were very unprepared for it.

  7. Jonathan March 16, 2015 at 12:35 am -      #7

    Which version of the martians are we using?

    If its the original novel, they probably lose as even pre-WWI artillery could bring them down if it hit, which should mean WWII era tanks and artillery would be more than a match for them in terms of power and accuracy.
    However, if its the ’50s movie Martians then they should win as they have shields that could tank nuclear blasts with no ill effects.
    If its from the movie with Tom Cruise, they probably still win as, even though their shields weren’t shown to be nuke proof, they were shown to be capable of tanking firepower from modern tanks and attack helicopters, which would be far more than the WWIIish race could dish out.

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