Darth Krayt Vs Darth Caedus Vs Darth Revan

Darth Krayt Vs Darth Caedus Vs Darth Revan

Suggested by itcheyness

For this Sith (Star Wars) smackdown, we have three facing off against each other in Darth Krayt against Darth Caedus against Darth Revan.

They face each other in the same rounded cemetery from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Who wins?

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24 Comments on "Darth Krayt Vs Darth Caedus Vs Darth Revan"

  1. Neon Lord December 26, 2014 at 7:38 am -      #1

    Revan had the kill-a-world-with-a-whisper feat didn’t he? Although the details of that were never clear.

  2. pimpmage December 26, 2014 at 8:47 am -      #2

    That wasn’t revan, you are thinking of the antagonist from kotor 2. The guy with the red and white skull-like mask.

  3. Rookie December 26, 2014 at 8:49 am -      #3

    @Neon Lord

    “Revan had the kill-a-world-with-a-whisper feat didn’t he?”

    I think it was Nihilus.

    Skip to abilities:
    Caedus (the most boring and whining emo evil lord ever by the way): starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Caedus
    Krayt (he could feel and speak every sith lord in the galaxy): starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Krayt
    Revan (you all know him, but still): starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Revan

  4. Rookie December 26, 2014 at 8:55 am -      #4

    Luke vs Darth Caedus (from the “Star Wars : Legacy of the Force : Inferno”):

    “Luke didn’t give Jacen a chance to surrender. He just sprang.
    Ben’s jaw dropped, and Jacen started to spin, snatching his lightsaber from his belt and igniting it in the same motion, bringing the emerald blade around high to protect his heart and head.
    But Luke was attacking low, striking for the kidney to disable in the most painful way possible. Jacen’s eyes widened. He flipped his lightsaber down in the same moment Luke’s met flesh.
    The tip sank a few centimeters, drawing a pained hiss as it touched a kidney, then Jacen’s blade made contact and knocked it aside. Even that small wound would have left most humans paralyzed with agony. But Jacen thrived on pain, fed on it to make himself stronger and faster. He simply completed his pivot and landed a rib-crunching roundhouse.
    Luke stumbled back, his chest filled with fire. Jacen had caught him on the barely healed scar from his first fight with Lumiya, and now his breath was coming in short painful gasps.
    Good, Luke thought. This was supposed to hurt.
    Jacen followed the kick with a high slash. Luke blocked and spun inside, landing an elbow smash to the temple that dropped Jacen to his knees. He brought his own knee up under Jacen’s chin, hearing teeth crack-and relishing it. He parried a weak slash at his thighs, then drew his blade up diagonally where his nephew’s chest should have been.
    Except Jacen was sliding backward, one hand extended behind him, using the Force to pull himself toward a tendril-draped rack in the far corner of the torture chamber. Luke leapt after him, bringing his*lightsaber around in a low, clearing sweep.
    Jacen stopped pulling and started to swing his free hand around. Luke was ready, had been expecting this since the fight started. Still flying through the air, he raised his own hand, palm outward, and pushed the Force out throug h his arm to form a protective shield.
    The lightning never came. Instead, Luke was blindsided by something heavy and spiky, and his body exploded into pain as he slammed into a durasteel wall. He found himself pinned in place, trapped by a bed of thorns Jacen had hurled across the cabin. He felt the hot sting of the thorns pumping their venom into him. His hearing faded and his head began to spin, and he saw Jacen, one hand still raised to keep Luke pinned, sneering and taking his time rising.
    Bad mistake.
    Luke raised his lightsaber, slashing through the thorn bed as he sprang. Jacen scrambled to his feet, barely bringing his weapon up in time to block a vicious downstroke. Luke landed a snap-kick to the stomach that lifted Jacen a meter off the deck, then followed it with a slash to the neck-
    -which Jacen ducked. He came up under Luke’s guard, holding his weapon with one hand and driving a Force-enhanced punch into Luke’s ribs with the other, striking for the same place he had kicked earlier. Luke’s chest exploded into pain, and he found himself croaking instead of breathing.
    Luke struck again with his lightsaber, using both hands and putting all his strength into the attack, beating his nephew’s guard down so far that Jacen’s emerald blade bit into his own shoulder. Jacen kicked at Luke’s legs, catching the side of a knee. Something popped and Luke felt himself going down. On the way, he swept his blade horizontally.
    Jacen screamed, and the smell of scorched bone and singed hair filled the air. Knowing Jacen would strike despite the wound, Luke rolled over his throbbing knee and spun back to his feet with a clearing sweep.
    His blade met Jacen’s in a shower of brilliant sparks. Luke freed one hand and drove a finger-strike at Jacen’s eyes.
    Jacen turned his head, but Luke’s little finger scratched across something soft and bulbous. Jacen roared and stumbled away, shaking his head. Luke feinted a dash toward his nephew’s blind side, then-as Jacen pivoted to protect his injured eye-Luke hit him with a Force wave.
    Jacen went flying, and it required only a soft nudge to steer him into a tendril-draped rack in the far corner.
    He hit with so much cracking and crashing that Luke worried the rack had broken, but the thin tendrils quickly entwined Jacen in a net of pulsing green.
    Luke started forward, his injured knee buckling each time he put weight on it. The rack’s slender tendrils were tightening around Jacen, cutting into his flesh and oozing a yellowish irritant that made skin puff up and split. Jacen began to slash his lightsaber up and down, cutting the vines away two and three at a time. If Luke wanted to finish this-and it seemed like a good idea, given how battered he was himself-he had only a few seconds.
    Luke closed to within two meters without saying a word. What point would there have been? Jacen wasn’t going to surrender, and Luke wouldn’t have believed him if he offered. It was better to attack quickly, while he still had the advantage. He brought his lightsaber up to strike.
    “Wait!” Ben cried from behind him. “Let me do it!”
    Astonished and appalled, Luke put a little too much weight on his injured knee-and fell as it buckled. He rolled beyond the reach of Jacen’s lightsaber and looked back across the chamber. Ben was still strapped in the Embrace, but he had summoned the vibrodagger off the floor and was battling to cut himself free of the chair’s lashing tentacles.
    Luke shook his head. “I don’t think so, Ben.”
    “You have to!” Ben insisted. “I deserve it!”
    “Deserve it?” Luke returned to his feet, far angrier with Jacen than he had been just a moment earlier. “To kill someone?”
    “You don’t understand, “Ben insisted. “It was my fault. If I don’t do this…”
    “I said no, “Luke interrupted. How could Ben believe that he had a right to kill someone? “You’re very confused, Ben. We’ll talk about this later.”
    Giving his son no further chance to argue, Luke turned back to Jacen, who by now was almost free. Only one leg remained caught, though it was still entwined in a half a dozen places. Luke limped forward, circling toward Jacen’s trapped side.
    Jacen stopped cutting at the tendrils and flung a hand toward the ceiling.
    “Dad, look — ”
    Luke was already throwing himself to the deck. A tremendous crash sounded from the illumination panel, and the chamber fell instantly dark. He rolled opposite the direction he had just been moving, but wasn’t quick enough. The fixture smashed into his head and shoulders, slamming his face into the deck. He heard something crunch in his nose and was instantly choking on his own thick blood.
    Jacen’s lightsaber droned twice, filling that corner of the torture chamber with flickering green light. Luke Force-hurled the light fixture off his back, then hobbled to his feet.
    Jacen launched himself over Luke in a high Force flip. They exchanged perfunctory attacks as he tumbled past, then Luke was alone in the corner, watching the green column of his nephew’s lightsaber move toward the door.
    Jacen was running.
    Luke spat out a mouthful of blood and Force-leapt after his nephew, at the same time reaching out to drag him back. They came together in a blinding flurry of sparks, their blades colliding faster than the eye could follow, filling the dark chamber with flashing fans of color. Blows came out of nowhere. Luke caught another kick in his knee and found himself calling on the Force to keep his balance. He landed an elbow and felt a bone in Jacen’s face shatter.
    Jacen stumbled back, groaning, the green light of his lightsaber briefly illuminating Ben’s face as the boy struggled to cut himself free. Luke pressed forward, angling toward the Embrace to keep Jacen away from Ben. Jacen fought his way over anyway, placing himself squarely between Luke and the chair, then gave ground and vanished behind the green ribbons his lightsaber was weaving through the darkness.
    Luke Force-leapt after him, knowing that this Jacen- the Jacen he had caught torturing his son-would not hesitate to take Ben hostage… or to kill him. Luke landed half a meter in front of Jacen’s lightsaber and quickly beat down his nephew’s guard-too quickly. When he did not glimpse a face in the light of his own blade, Luke knew something was wrong and stopped.
    Which was exactly what Jacen was waiting for, of course.
    Luke had barely started to turn before a loop of thin tendril slipped over his head and tightened around his throat, oozing toxin and cutting deep into the flesh. The wound swelled and burned as if it were on fire. Luke whipped his lightsaber around, trying to cut Jacen off his back, but Jacen was already spinning away, tightening his garrote and placing Luke’s body between himself and the deadly blade.
    “Should have let me go when you had the chance, “Jacen snarled. “Now you’re done.”
    Luke slammed an elbow into Jacen’s ribs, but it was like hitting a permacrete wall. Instead of continuing to fight, he accelerated into the spin, using the Force to hurl them both into the nearest wall.
    Jacen hit first, his skull clunking hard into the durasteel. The garrote loosened a little. Luke dropped his lightsaber, bracing one hand against the other so he could use the strength of both arms to hammer his elbow up under Jacen’s chin.
    The garrote went completely slack. Luke followed up with a palm-heel to the same target, using the impact to drive himself away from his attacker and buy some maneuvering room.
    Then Jacen let out a bloodcurdling scream and stumbled away, a black silhouette vanishing into the darkness of the torture chamber.
    Luke stepped back in shock and confusion, summoning his lightsaber to hand, but knowing by the surprise in Jacen’s scream that this was not another trick.
    “It’s okay, Dad, “Ben said from beside him. “It’s just me.”
    Ben took the glow rod from Luke’s belt and activated it. Jacen was crawling across the torture chamber, the hilt of a vibrodagger protruding from between his shoulder blades. His face was inflamed and misshapen, his clothes were smoking and tattered, a hand-sized rectangle of scorched skull showed through his scalp, and still he was stretching a hand toward his lightsaber.
    Luke re-ignited his own lightsaber, then pointed out the door. “Artoo is in the hangar prepping a skiff for launch, “he said. “Go help him while I finish up here.”
    “No way.” Ben extended his free hand and summoned Jacen’s still-ignited lightsaber. “This kill is mine.”

  5. Rookie December 26, 2014 at 8:56 am -      #5

    Darth Caedus vs Jaina:

    “Mirta Gev was the first of the original combatants to recover from the shock of his arrival. A bouncing figure in yellow-orange armor only a few rows from her targets, she turned her G-10 power blaster on a round-faced Moff with a ruddy complexion and three chins, and a smoke hole the size of Jaina’s fist erupted from the man’s back.
    Caedus came out of a spin looking in Mirta’s direction. She sailed meters into the air, flipping upside down and crashing into a ceiling corner on the far side of the chamber, then dropping four meters to the floor. She landed on the crown of her helmet in a metallic crash audible even above the battle and folded in two, and she did not move again.
    Jaina forced herself not to feel the sentiments rising inside her, the rage and shock and sorrow. Emotion is a weakness. It would not save the living, she reminded herself, and it could not bring the dead back to life. She returned her attention to Caedus and saw the Moffs cowering in the seats behind him, returning the Mandalorians’ fire with underpowered hold-out blasters and T-21s taken from their fallen bodyguards.
    Caedus himself was driving a boot into Roegr’s blue breastplate, sending him tumbling backward over a row of seats. Jaina set the QuietSnipe’s sight on the back of the Sith’s head and squeezed the trigger—then saw a gray helmet spurt blood when a bodyguard stepped between her and her target. He fell toward Caedus, smashing him in the small of his back and nearly knocking him over the seats after Roegr.
    Caedus righted himself with the Force and came around with his lightsaber sweeping low, his yellow eyes blazing with anger as he sliced through the bodyguard’s helmet. Jaina adjusted her aim—then barely prevented herself from squeezing the trigger when a streak of blue armor came leaping over the seats to block her shot, the curved blade of a beskad flashing at Caedus’s neck.
    Roegr never had a chance. Caedus simply spun inside the attack, staggering his assailant with a Force-driven elbow to the helmet. Knowing the folly of trying to track a whirling target—especially without the Force to aid her—Jaina kept her eye on her sniper sight and waited for him to move into the shot.
    But Caedus slipped in the opposite direction, dragging his blade across the Mandalorian’s faceplate, then pulling it back across the breastplate. The slashes would have cut through normal armor like a plasma torch through plastoid, but all they did to Roegr’s blue beskar’gam was burn a couple of deep furrows.
    Still, good armor was hardly a match for the speed and power of a Sith Lord. By the time Roegr recovered from the elbow strike and tried to bring his beskad up again, Caedus was already trapping the Mandalorian’s sword arm in an elbow lock. Continuing to spin—and denying Jaina a viable target—he deactivated his lightsaber and cocked his arm back for a pommel strike.
    Then Caedus did a peculiar thing. He paused for an instant, glowering at the Mandalorian’s blue armor as though offended by its color. Jaina saw the chance for a difficult oblique shot past Roegr’s helmet and swung the QuietSnipe over.
    Caedus brought the pommel of his lightsaber down, striking the breastplate not all that hard, not quite in the center…and shattering it. The beskar didn’t burst apart or send*
    shards flying, or do anything remotely explosive. It just crumbled away from the vacproof under-liner, leaving Roegr faceplate-to-chin with his soon-to-be killer.
    Jaina was too disciplined to let her shock distract her, but she was shocked. Beskar’gam was some of the toughest armor in the galaxy, able to deflect blaster bolts and lightsaber strikes with little more than a scorch mark, and her brother had just destroyed a piece with a tap. Had he mastered the shatterpoint?
    The academy Archives claimed that it was a lost and rare art, the ability to perceive points of weakness where a small amount of precisely applied force would unlock the unseen structures that bound together even the most indestructible materials and situations. The great Jedi Master Mace Windu, who had died in the Clone Wars, had been known to possess the gift. He had been the last.
    Until Caedus.
    Growing more frightened than ever by the magnitude of her brother’s powers—and therefore even more resolved to stop him—Jaina set her front sight on Caedus’s ear and fired a burst of three pellets…just as Caedus flipped his lightsaber around and thumbed the activation switch.
    The blade ignited inside Roegr’s chest, splitting him open at the sternum. The tip extended up through his neck and hit the back of his helmet, failing to penetrate the tough beskar and snapping his head back into the path of Jaina’s first mag-pellet. The third pellet whispered past, barely a centimeter behind Caedus’s unprotected head, and punched a hole through a seat.
    But the second pellet, the one that didn’t miss, caught Caedus in the shoulder and sent him spinning. With Roegr’s sword arm still trapped in an elbow lock, he pulled the Mandalorian around with him, and Jaina’s next burst of mag-pellets slammed into the blue plate still affixed to the dead man’s back. The impact tipped the balance, driving Caedus over a row of seats and out of sight down on the floor.
    Jaina continued to fire, her mag-pellets tearing seats apart as she swept the barrel back and forth. Either the Moffs and their bodyguards did not know where the attack on Caedus was coming from or they did not care—which was hardly a surprise. Half a dozen Moffs lay strewn over seats with gaping scorch holes where their medals or eyes or ears used to be, and the four bodyguards left to protect the survivors were clearly not up to the job. Vatok and the other surviving Mandalorian were working their way down toward the lower seats, taking turns moving and covering—and reducing the number of Moffs and bodyguards by one each as Jaina watched.
    was coming from or they did not care—which was hardly a surprise. Half a dozen Moffs lay strewn over seats with gaping scorch holes where their medals or eyes or ears used to be, and the four bodyguards left to protect the survivors were clearly not up to the job. Vatok and the other surviving Mandalorian were working their way down toward the lower seats, taking turns moving and covering—and reducing the number of Moffs and bodyguards by one each as Jaina watched.
    The QuietSnipe finally ran out of mag-pellets. Jaina ducked out of the image aperture and rolled to one side, ejecting the empty magazine and wondering whether she could possibly have taken Caedus out so easily.
    She had her answer an instant later when a fork of Force lightning danced through the aperture and shattered the lens of the holoprojector. Jaina slipped a fresh magazine into her QuietSnipe and continued to roll until she reached the control board where the projectionist had been standing.
    The Force lightning ceased, but Jaina did not make the mistake of returning to the aperture through which she had fired the first time. Instead, she poked her head up above the control board and looked through the viewing panel out into the forum seats.
    Caedus was on his feet again, dancing back and forth, his wounded arm hanging limp at his side, wielding his lightsaber one-handed and still deflecting everything that Vatok and the other Mandalorian were pouring down toward the Moffs. Jaina started to step back to her original firing position—then noticed a trio of blaster barrels scattered across the lower seats, pointing up toward the aperture. Clearly, someone had taken control of the situation down there—and she had the sinking feeling that it was her brother.
    She pulled her lightsaber off her belt and jammed the emitter nozzle against the one-way viewing panel above the control board. Out in the forum, she saw Caedus look toward the second Mandalorian. The man suddenly stopped firing and grabbed for his throat, scratching at the bottom rim of his helmet as though he believed that was what had crushed his larynx.
    Jaina thumbed her lightsaber’s activation switch, and the blade snapped to life, burning a thumb-sized hole through the one-way transparisteel in front of her. The three blaster barrels she had spotted a moment earlier swung toward the blade’s glow and began to pour sizzling bolts of energy into the viewing panel. Jaina ignored the attacks and worked her blade in a circle, enlarging the hole into a suitable firing port.
    By the time she had finished, Vatok was the last Mandalorian remaining, only a few paces from Caedus and the Moffs, and his attacks were being deflected without going anywhere near their targets. Jaina wanted to yell at him to stop, to turn and run, but even had there been time to pull her comlink and open a channel, she knew her words would have been futile. Vatok would never flee while his companions lay dead on the field of battle; nor would Caedus allow him that option.
    Jaina was looking at a dead man. She knew that, knew that even if she killed her brother, she would not save her friend. She pushed the barrel of her QuietSnipe through the hole she had made and pulled the trigger. But this time, Caedus was not surprised. He spun away even as she opened fire, leaping in close to engage Vatok hand-to-hand, deftly placing the big Mandalorian between Jaina and himself.
    Jaina did what Fett would have done—what Vatok himself would have done—and continued to fire, doing her best to direct her pellets past his shoulders into Caedus…and failing. Even without the bodyguards’ blaster bolts streaming up to blind her as they ricocheted off the exterior of her viewing panel, half her pellets were driving dents into Vatok’s back plate, and the rest were sailing harmlessly past to destroy seats.
    Though Vatok still had two good arms and Caedus had only one, it was all he could do to defend himself—and Jaina suspected that was only because her brother needed to keep using Vatok as a shield. The Mandalorian tried to slam the butt of his blaster into Caedus’s head—only to have the lightsaber slice it in half. He drove a knee into the ribs on Caedus’s vulnerable side—only to meet a Force block that sent him stumbling back into a burst of mag-pellets from Jaina. He caught a lightsaber strike on his beskar vambrace, then tried to drop an iron-gloved fist across the bridge of Caedus’s nose—only to find himself striking at empty air when his foe was already ducking away and driving him back with a shoulder to the midsection.
    Nor could Jaina do anything to help. Her brother seemed to anticipate every adjustment she made, swinging Vatok around to block her line of sight when she tried to slide a burst of pellets past the Mandalorian’s flank, dancing aside when she streamed fire straight into his back in an effort to push him forward and bowl Caedus over.
    Then, three seconds and a hundred pellets later, Jaina ran out of ammunition again.
    Before she had even pulled the barrel out of her makeshift firing port, Caedus had Force-hurled Vatok down between the seats and was driving his lightsaber down toward the Mandalorian’s head. Even without the scream, Jaina would have known her friend was dead.

    Caedus felt a boot slam into his ribs—an instant before he saw it coming with his Aing-Tii fighting-sight—and the breath left his lungs. He countered with a head-high backslash and brought his own foot up, landing a Force-enhanced snap-kick between the legs of the brown-robed blur attacking him. The blow drew a pained grunt but failed to even stagger his foe.
    A bony elbow slammed up under his chin, rocking him onto his heels. Then, finally, Caedus felt a familiar tingle in the back of his mind, and he saw the image of a violet blade slashing at his vulnerable side. He swept his own lightsaber down across the front of his body in a desperate reverse block that barely caught the attack in time to prevent it from slicing him in two, then whirled into a spinning back kick that landed squarely in his foe’s stomach and drove him back…a mere two steps.
    It was enough.
    Now Caedus could see who he was fighting, and he could not believe it. A gaunt-faced man with eyes as blue and cold as vardium steel, nostrils flaring red with anger and exertion, a thin-lipped snarl filled with confidence and disdain.
    Luke Skywalker.
    Just a few minutes earlier, Caedus had sensed his uncle’s presence far above Nickel One, in the same blastboat as his mother, father, and Saba Sebatyne. And now here Luke was, inside the asteroid. Even Jedi Grand Masters could not be in two places at once—Caedus knew that—but he did not waste time being confused.
    All that mattered was that Luke was here, somehow, and that he was the one swordsman in the galaxy whom Caedus did not dare fight one-armed. Even as Luke leapt forward weaving a basket of lightsaber slashes, Caedus sprang back out of the projection booth, launching himself into a high Force flip designed to put as much distance between himself and his attacker as possible.
    Luke flew after him, not even bothering to try for the high position, simply coming up under him with a wild slash combination that was anything but subtle or deft or even tricky; just pure relentless ferocity. Caedus had to stretch himself out belly-down in midair to meet the attack, and even calling on the Force to bolster the strength in his good arm, it was all he could do to keep the powerful strikes from knocking his guard aside and leaving him wide open.
    They started to drop, trading a trio of lightning-fast blows that left Caedus’s hands stinging and his heart racing. The last time he had fought Luke, he had started with a painful kidney wound but two good arms—and barely managed to survive. Now, with a relatively bearable shoulder wound and a single good arm, he had to do more than survive, he had to prevail—because now there would be no mercy at the last minute. This time, his uncle would not care whether he survived as long as Caedus died, because now Luke knew the truth about who had killed his wife.
    After the third exchange, Caedus and Luke came down in the seating area, two rows apart. Both landed on their feet, Luke more lightly than Caedus.
    Caedus deactivated his lightsaber and flicked his hand downward arming the dart thrower he had begun wearing beneath his sleeve after their last fight.
    But Luke did something even more unexpected, removing one hand from his lightsaber and pushing the palm forward. An instant later, the unseen hammer of a Force blast caught Caedus in the sternum and drove him not over, but through the seats behind him.
    He slammed into the next row and dropped to the floor foot-to-foot with the big Mandalorian he had killed earlier—the one in the black armor and red helmet. Caedus’s head was spinning and his chest was more than aching—it was throbbing, burning, clenching so tightly he could hardly breathe.
    But he still had his lightsaber—and he needed it. He thumbed the activation switch and brought the weapon up just as Luke’s blue blade came slicing down toward him. Caedus caught it on his own crimson blade, then straightened his arm, simultaneously parrying and pointing the dart thrower on his wrist into his attacker’s face “Release!” he commanded.
    A faint puff of air tickled Caedus’s forearm as the thrower launched its darts, but Luke was already whirling out of the way. The slivers streaked past in a harmless black flash and vanished; then Luke was spinning into the row where Caedus lay, positioning himself above Caedus’s head for the coup de grâce.
    There was no time to leap up or loose a bolt of Force lightning, and the angle was particularly poor for blocking and parrying. Caedus’s only hope lay at his feet, and he seized that hope with the Force, using it to pull the dead Mandalorian up over him, then hurling the corpse headlong into Luke.
    Two bodies collided with the sharp crack of metal impacting bone. When Caedus did not die in the next instant, he realized he had finally driven his uncle onto the defensive. He rolled to a knee, his lightsaber ignited and raised between them.
    Luke lay buried beneath the huge Mandalorian, blood pooling around his head and one motionless arm protruding beneath the fellow’s side. By all appearances, Luke Skywalker was dead—or at least unconscious.
    Caedus’s heart began to pound not with fear, but with excitement. His visions of late had been filled with his uncle’s face—Luke Skywalker attacking him here on Nickel One, Luke firing on him from one of Fett’s Bes’uliike, Luke sitting on Caedus’s throne, claiming the New Empire as his own. Had he—Lord Caedus—finally put an end to those visions—finally ruled out the possibility of those futures becoming the future?
    Eager as he was to be rid of Luke, Caedus was also suspicious. His uncle had been using a new fighting style, one that he had never taught his students at the Jedi academy—one that he had never, as far as Caedus knew, used on anyone who had survived to describe it. The style was essentially conservative, brutal, and ruthless, designed to deal damage without suffering it—and not all that tricky.
    Which meant now would be the perfect time to switch styles and trap an unwary opponent by playing dead. Using the Force to keep the Mandalorian pressed firmly down on Luke, Caedus retreated twenty paces to the body of a fallen stormtrooper, then deactivated his lightsaber and tucked it under his wounded arm. When Luke still did not move, he pulled a fragmentation grenade off the trooper’s equipment belt. He thumbed the arming slide, then sent the grenade sailing toward his uncle and the dead Mandalorian.
    Despite the ringing in her ears and the gauze in her head—despite her hugely aching skull and the big knot of hurt swelling on her brow—Jaina had never been so filled with the Force. She could feel it in every cell of her body, swirling through her like fire, burning more ferociously every moment. She had never felt so strong or so quick or so alert. She could drive her fist through a durasteel wall, or catch a blaster bolt between her fingers. Despite the red curtain of blood cascading from the gash where Vatok’s helmet had split her forehead, she was aware of everything. Including that grenade sailing toward her.
    So Jaina reached out with the Force and sent it flying back toward her brother. An instant later, the weight pressing down on her grew lighter as Caedus’s attention shifted to the grenade. She started to Force-hurl her friend’s body off—then recalled how her brother had been anticipating her attacks. She grabbed the beskad hanging from Vatok’s waist, then sent his body flying after the grenade.
    The iron saber had barely cleared its scabbard before the hammerfist of a grenade detonation jolted the forum. Vatok’s body was silhouetted against the orange flash of the explosion. Jaina held him there, shielding herself from the fiery heat of the blast, and felt the searing bite of shrapnel only in her legs.
    The detonation swept the last wisps of gauze from Jaina’s mind. Not waiting to see if she had been seriously injured, she let her friend’s body drop to the floor and leapt after her brother, lightsaber in one hand and Vatok’s beskad in the other.
    Caedus turned to meet her with his good arm forward and his wounded shoulder behind. Jaina struck high with the lightsaber and low with the beskad. Caedus slipped back, allowing both blades to pass, then sprang forward and counterthrust, trying to impale her with her own momentum.
    Jaina was already spinning past his crimson blade, pivoting on a dead stormtrooper’s chest plate as she brought Vatok’s beskad around at neck height. But Caedus had anticipated her once again, leaning away to take the blow on his wounded shoulder rather than across his throat. Jaina did not even feel the beskad cleaving bone. She simply heard a voice—Jacen’s voice—cry out in shock and pain; then an arm landed on her boots. In the next instant Caedus was whirling away, screaming and flapping a red stump, and something hot and wet splashed across Jaina’s face and throat and began to burn like acid.
    A part of her—the part that had grown up with Jacen and trained with him on Yavin 4 and traded snowballs at Coruscant’s polar playgrounds—was too horrified to act. That part wanted to stand paralyzed in shock, to pretend this was just some terrible nightmare from which she would shortly awaken. The other part—the part that had actually asked for this mission—knew what would happen if she let herself freeze.
    Jaina launched herself after Caedus. The loss of an arm did not seem to faze him. He simply turned to meet her attack, his yellow eyes blazing with pain and fury, and their lightsabers met in a brilliant explosion of color. Jaina brought the beskad around again, striking low for his thigh…and knew she was in trouble when Caedus did not even try to block.
    Caedus deactivated his lightsaber and let it drop between them. Jaina felt the beskad begin to bite, then her brother’s palm sank deep into the pit of her stomach. In the next instant she was riding a bolt of Force lightning across the chamber, her muscles cramping, her teeth grinding, her ears roaring with the fiery sizzle of burning synapses.
    A full second later, she slammed into a durasteel wall and felt a terrible popping in her ribs, then dropped to the floor, still holding her lightsaber and the beskad. The Force lightning had died away, but her muscles remained useless aching knots, and the stench of scorched flesh was so powerful she wanted to retch. Instead, she tried to rise—and succeeded only in sparking a dozen different kinds of pain.
    Across the chamber, her brother was in little better shape. He sat slumped in a half-collapsed chair, his remaining hand clamped over the stump of his missing arm, his thigh wound dripping blood onto the floor. His yellow eyes were staring at Jaina more in confusion than rage, and his head was cocked as though he could not quite believe what he was seeing.
    “You?” he gasped. “Jaina?”

  6. Numinous One December 26, 2014 at 9:12 am -      #6

    “Revan had the kill-a-world-with-a-whisper feat didn’t he? Although the details of that were never clear.”

    Wasn’t that Nihlius? Or am I missing something huge, that said I’ll still side with Revan anyway.

    Tk large objects in orbit from the planets surface, disintergrate with lightning, hurl asteroids faster than the eye can perceive (scripted event during the boss battle at the Foundry, only reason it doesn’t instakill the player or break the platform is game mechanics) and advanced foresight. Overcame the powers of a darkside nexus and turned it to his benifit( Malachor V), takes down ( with the aid of two companions) a veritable army of Sith Masters and Apprentices – Verified in the cut scene where Malak admits they were no more than a stalling tactic, a brief moment of Oneness and I can’t even remember what else.
    Oh and considering he opponents are Sith, if they even try using lightning, Revan will reflect it right back, one of if the not the best exampled users of tutaminis.

    It took a group of seven rather elite people to finally put him down, Satele Shan (Jedi Grand Master/Battle Meditation), Hero of Tython ( Protagonist/Defeated the Sith Emperor), Theron Shan (Satele’s son, Revan’s descendant), Darth Marr ( Sith Lord), Lana Benko and Shae Vizla. Also some Wookie and a droid head.
    Shan is capable of bringing down a mountain with the force, and she believed it was more benificial to utilize battle meditation instead of direct combat. Her foresight is one of the best within the verse.

    Honestly, Revan has some stupdendous fanhype, but looking at his feats objectively, he’s a definite high tier within verse, no matter the era.

  7. Rookie December 26, 2014 at 9:15 am -      #7

    Caedus vs Jaina next battle and also death of Caedus:

    “He let the sentence trail off as the door opened on its own, revealing a dark-uniformed woman with an athletic build and brown, furious eyes.
    A lightsaber snap-hissed to life, and suddenly Caedus felt as though he were going to vomit fire.
    The invisible fist of a Force blast slammed Jaina in the chest and sent her flying back, her breath groaning from her lungs and her lightsaber hissing free of Caedus’s stomach. From the fight on Nickel One, she had learned the dangers of letting her head snap back on impact. She tucked her chin, then fought to hold it there as she struck the durasteel wall on the far side of the corridor.
    Jaina almost wished that she had been knocked unconscious. Stinging needle-thrusts of pain zippered down her spine as her vertebrae rocked beneath the impact, and the synthmesh supporting her half-healed ribs came apart in a single agonizing pop. She dropped to the floor, fighting to keep her pain from carrying her down into numb oblivion, gazing back to where she had surprised Caedus…where Caedus still stood in the doorway, his mouth gaping in surprise, with a thumb-sized scorch hole just below his ribs. But he was still standing.
    Jaina’s pain-clouded mind did not understand how he could take a lightsaber through the gut and do that. Why didn’t Caedus just lie down and die like most people? Didn’t he understand she was trying to do him a favor?
    Apparently not, because as soon as she began to gasp for breath, his hand shot up, the fingers splayed and pointed in her direction. Jaina barely brought her lightsaber around in time to absorb the forks of blue lightning that came dancing toward her chest.
    Then Caedus stepped forward, the Force lightning still shooting from his fingertips. Jaina could not believe what she was seeing. With that wound, he was coming after her. She feinted an attempt to roll to her knees. When Caedus shifted the lightning to block her, she brought her free hand up and gestured toward his shoulder, using the Force to hurl him back through the door. A loud, thudding crash sounded from deep in the shadows, and the voice of an annoyed droid began to complain about the mess.
    Jaina was instantly on her feet, springing through the door. But Caedus was just as quick, forgoing his Force lightning in favor of his lightsaber. She saw a fan of crimson light arcing toward her out of the dark side of the pit and spun toward it, blocking and kicking in the same move. Caedus grunted as her boot caught him somewhere above the waist, but behind his crimson blade, he was no more than a gray blur, and it was impossible to tell where the kick had landed.
    A black boot heel came shooting under Jaina’s guard, driving hard into her sore ribs. She stifled a cry and circled into the shadows, trying to acclimate her eyes to the darkness because it was impossible to sense Caedus in the Force. He fought to keep his advantage, dancing back and forth behind his crimson blade, anticipating her every move—and making her pay for each step with a painful kick or elbow strike.
    Knowing that sooner or later one of Caedus’s blows could be fatal, Jaina risked a quick look around, searching for something she could Force-hurl. The dark side of the pit was black; she could see nothing in there. And the bright side of the pit was so glaring that she could see only the white, glaring mouth of the fusion incinerator and the conveyor belt that fed it.
    Caedus made her pay for the survey in blood, landing a pommel across her cheek that split the flesh and smashed the bone. Jaina countered with a driving knee to the thigh, then a downward slash that Caedus barely turned in time to save his hand.
    A flimsiplast crate emerged from the conveyor belt chute beside them. It wasn’t much—certainly not heavy enough to do damage—but it was all Jaina had. She gave a little ground, allowing Caedus to force her toward the door so she could let the crate move past him and bring it flying into him from behind.
    Then the dark shape of the pit droid came clanking out of the shadows. “Excuse me, please,” it said. “I must inspect—”
    That was as much as it said before Jaina grasped it in the Force and*drew it, stumbling, into Caedus’s flank.
    The droid was more than heavy enough to send Caedus staggering. He whirled instantly, bringing his blade around at shoulder height. By then Jaina had slipped into the shadows and was lunging forward, her shoulders back but her boot heel driving in under his lightsaber.
    Once again, Caedus anticipated her. He spun around, leaning away to protect his vulnerable midsection and bringing his leg up to counterkick. Jaina Force-launched herself into him anyway, whipping her lightsaber around in a down guard to keep his blade at bay. His counterkick landed first, driving into her stomach with a deep sharp ache. Her stomp caught him on the hip and sent him falling onto the conveyor belt.
    The flimsicrate burst at the seams as Caedus’s shoulder and head came down on top of it. Jaina leapt in to press the attack—and was stunned by how quickly he popped back up. There were more than a dozen used syringes hanging from his shoulder and face. He barely seemed to notice*notice. Letting his lightsaber deactivate and drop to the floor, he reached toward her, making a twisting motion with his hand.
    Jaina felt her chin twisting around and went with it, using the Force to accelerate her whole body into a spin, still leaping toward Caedus, bringing her lightsaber around in a clearing arc. She felt the blade meet metal, and the droid’s ebony head popped into the air. Then she was on Caedus, slashing at his head with her lightsaber, bringing her boot toe up under his chin when he grew predictable and ducked.
    The kick snapped Caedus’s head back and sent him tumbling over the conveyor belt. Thinking she had just won the advantage, Jaina dropped her free hand toward the lightsaber he had let fall—then barely saved her arm when the crimson blade snap-hissed to life and went spinning past.
    Caedus’s hand shot up on the other side of the conveyor belt and caught the hilt; then the rest of his body slowly rose into view. His flesh was bulging around the scorch hole in his abdomen, and there were half a dozen syringes planted in his face almost to the barrels. He was in obvious pain—and he was feeding on it. His eyes were bulging and maniacal, his nostrils red and flaring, his lips drawn back so far it almost appeared that he didn’t have any.
    Jaina brought her lightsaber to high guard and braced her feet, ready for Caedus’s attack.
    Instead, he deactivated his blade.
    “Jaina, listen to me.” There was a throaty, gurgling quality to Caedus’s voice, and it seemed obvious that the only thing keeping him on his feet was Force energy—a lot of it.
    “You need to get out of my way. I’m trying to save Tenel Ka and Allana.”
    “Sure you are,” Jaina scoffed. As she spoke, she extended her Force awareness in all directions, trying to figure out why Caedus was stalling when his body was running out of time. “Just like you saved Isolder.”
    “Isolder would have made the same choice. In fact, he did.” Caedus clipped his lightsaber to his belt, a trust-building gesture that might have had some meaning, had he not been a lying Sith murderer. “Jaina, we don’t have time for this.”
    “So die already.”
    Jaina launched herself into a Force flip, tumbling over the conveyor belt head-down so that she could strike before Caedus had time to unclip and ignite his lightsaber.
    Caedus didn’t even try. He simply glanced toward the open mouth of the fusion incinerator. In the next instant Jaina felt herself rushing toward its searing heat, and it took all her Force strength to pull herself aside the half meter that saved her life.
    But the durasteel into which she slammed was still scorching, and the pain of impact was nothing compared to the sizzling shock of merely contacting the furnace exterior. She dropped to the floor screaming in rage and anguish, her nostrils filled with the stench of singed hair and charred skin, the black GAG utilities still burning on her back.
    Then Jaina opened herself fully to the Force, drawing it in through the power of her emotions—not through her anger or pain, as a Sith might, but through her love of what her brother had been…the teenage jokester who could always find hope in a desperate situation, the questioning warrior who had bested the Yuuzhan Vong warmaster in personal combat, the reluctant champion who had shown a galaxy the way to compassionate victory.
    The Force came pouring in from all sides, saturating Jaina and devouring her, filling her with a roaring maelstrom of power, carrying away her pain and leaving in its place the strength not only to survive, but to rise and fight.
    Caedus was already on the far side of the conveyor belt, pulling the syringes from his face and shoulder while he staggered toward the exit. Jaina used the Force to depress the control pad, and the door closed in his face.
    Caedus whirled with fury in his eyes, but Jaina was already bounding over the conveyor belt, her hair still trailing smoke. He splayed his fingers and sprayed Force lightning at her. Jaina caught it on her lightsaber and whirled past, bringing her blade down where Caedus had been an instant before and leaving a long gouge in the door. Caedus’s blade snapped to life beside her, a crimson fan whirling toward her shoulders. She dropped to her haunches and used her free arm to block the Force-driven snap-kick she knew he would launch at her throat.
    Ankle met arm with a sharp crack. What looked like an extra joint appeared in the middle of her forearm, then her wrist flopped over Caedus’s leg, a useless throbbing thing no longer under her control.
    It didn’t matter. Jaina was a dead woman if she didn’t win this maybe even if she did win. She whipped her lightsaber around in a high block and deflected the reverse slash Caedus was bringing down toward her neck.
    Then she dived forward, whipping her violet lightsaber at his other foot. Caedus sprang away backward, trying to draw both feet out of harm’s way at once, and countered by flipping his own weapon around, bringing it up beneath her belly.
    Neither blade cut deep, but both did damage. Jaina felt a searing pain across her abdomen, then felt a terrible uncoiling inside her as something she didn’t want to think about bulged into the void left by the slashed muscle.
    Jaina’s blade tapped Caedus behind the boot, touching just long enough to sever the crucial tendon running up the back of the ankle. He landed in an awkward stagger, nearly falling as his foot flapped and flopped without any control.
    Jaina came to a knee facing him and knew Caedus was about to die. He had one arm and one good leg, and they were not even on the same side of the body. He could not pivot and he could not retreat. All she needed was to get past his lightsaber and attack the armless side of his body—before she collapsed herself, or he recovered enough to kill her with one last Force blast.
    Jaina sprang.
    Caedus tried to turn to meet her, but only staggered, his lightsaber falling to his side as though it were a cane. It wasn’t, of course, and his momentum kept him stumbling back toward the bright side of the pit, his eyes filled with rage and exhaustion and despair.
    Jaina feinted at his head, then began to whirl toward his armless side, bringing her lightsaber around in a flat, high slash that he could not hope to block. It was a sure kill, one that would land even if she died first—which she thought she might, since the attack would leave her completely open to an avenging counterstrike.
    But Caedus seemed to know that Jaina had already killed him, and whatever he had in mind, it was not vengeance. When her blade came*around, his lightsaber was still hanging at his side. He was staring up toward the ceiling, his gaze fixed somewhere far beyond the murk overhead, and the only attempt he made to save himself was to take one step back into the light spilling from the furnace.
    It would not be enough, Jaina knew. She closed her eyes and felt the lightsaber sink in, felt it slicing through his ribs into his chest. And Jaina felt something in the Force, too—something that made her pulse stop and her chest sink and her blood freeze in her veins. Her brother was reaching out to Tenel Ka, screaming at her through the Force, warning her there was danger, urging her to take Allana and…
    Then the blade reached Caedus’s heart, and he dropped at her feet, and Jaina felt nothing at all.”

  8. Rookie December 26, 2014 at 9:20 am -      #8

    Feat for Darth Krayt: i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg216/NikKingMan/Krayt.jpg

  9. pimpmage December 26, 2014 at 10:05 am -      #9

    Holy mother of text walls. Do you think you could cut those down to edible chunks? And are you sure you didn’t post an entire book there? I don’t think admin wants the copyright infringement problems lol.

  10. itcheyness December 26, 2014 at 11:41 am -      #10

    Hey Rookie? Try breaking up the paragraphs with a dash or something to make it easier to read.

  11. Rookie December 26, 2014 at 12:01 pm -      #11

    @Numinous One

    How will Revan deal with the opponent (Krayt) who have both:
    Also Krayt defeated Abeloth together with Luke.


    “And are you sure you didn’t post an entire book there?”

    Yes. Those books are large. I found these feats on spacebattles: forums.spacebattles.com/threads/darth-caedus-vs-yoda.198843/
    Next time I will just link to the feats.

  12. Rookie December 26, 2014 at 12:27 pm -      #12

    Found feats for Revan from novel:

  13. GMoney December 26, 2014 at 7:26 pm -      #13

    Darth Krayt should take this. He was capable of bringing himself back to life and his body had to be disintegrated in the sun to permanently kill him. He defeated Karness Murr, one of the most powerful Sith Lords ever, and killed 4 Imperial Knights (basically Jedi with more militaristic position) with little difficulty.

  14. Rookie December 27, 2014 at 3:04 am -      #14


    “Darth Krayt should take this. He was capable of bringing himself back to life and his body had to be disintegrated in the sun to permanently kill him. He defeated Karness Murr, one of the most powerful Sith Lords ever, and killed 4 Imperial Knights (basically Jedi with more militaristic position) with little difficulty.”

    Revan also killed many jedi, as well as mandalorians leader.

  15. pimpmage December 27, 2014 at 4:33 am -      #15

    Reven had a bunch of additional story stuff going on in the Kotor online game. Though I haven’t played through it before. From a cutscene I saw, he was trying to resurrect the emperor to permanently kill him.

  16. Rookie December 27, 2014 at 5:09 am -      #16


    “From a cutscene I saw, he was trying to resurrect the emperor to permanently kill him.”

    Sad. So Emperor is basically mix of Palpatine from EU and new Nihilus… Nothing original. I liked KOTOR 2 hints about Emperor much better.

  17. pimpmage December 27, 2014 at 5:44 am -      #17

    Kotor 1 hints about it too. They talk about how things may get dark now, but much worse is yet to come.

  18. Numinous One December 27, 2014 at 6:37 am -      #18

    Suppose I’ll throw in a couple of overlooked feats for Revan.
    How are Krayt’s and Caedus’s mental defenses?
    Revan was able to rip out a language and then implant a new one into the heads of the remnants of the Rakatan species. That’s pretty solid memory manipulation.

    Powerscaling puts him above everyone Meetra Surik met, she outright states he has the greatest command of the Force of everyone she had met, which includes the likes of Nihlius.
    The latter being able to hold together massive starships, and move them, through force of will.

    Shortly after Lord Scourge practically gushes over Revan’s raw power and compares him to Vitiate, also when Scourge was seeing the millions of future possibilites there were just as many instances of Revan killing Vitiate as there was of Vitiate killing Revan, Scourge merely chose to believe the future that stuck in his mind.
    Dickmove but hey, plot.

    Creating a holocron requires subatomic manipulation, not a great feat since it was reasonably common amongst greater Sith Lords.

    Was able to resist the atomization of his body on Nathema.

    The Echani said that he seemed to use their battle precog on a galactic scale against the Mandalorions and Republic. That’s either a great precog feat or testament to his strategic genius if his planning compares to a warrior cultures precognition.

    His physical feats are rather lacking though.
    I mean he did canonically solo two Terentateks at once and fight his way through the massive droid and Sith armies followed by duelling an amped Malak. That’s also a stamina feat as well I guess.

    But there are no details there, you’ve got advanced precog, acrobatics and maneuverability and swift decisive victories as the only details given to his fighting style.
    To my knowledge he never had a drawn out engagement unless the odds were against him.

  19. Rookie December 27, 2014 at 6:46 am -      #19

    @Numinous One

    “How are Krayt’s and Caedus’s mental defenses?”

    Krayt can speak with every sith in the galaxy, no matter the distance, withstand a mind-rape from ghost of Luke Skywalker and banished him and one of the Krayt’s assistants took on and won against ancient Sith Lord. Krayt later beat that assistant without any problems and with casual ease in one-on-one battle.
    Caedus took on bloodlusted Luke and nearly won. He also took on and won against Kyle Katarn.

  20. Numinous One December 27, 2014 at 6:48 am -      #20

    “How will Revan deal with the opponent (Krayt) who have both:
    Also Krayt defeated Abeloth together with Luke.”

    Well Satele Shan was an accomplished practitioner of Shatterpoint, and she opted to use battle meditation against Revan instead. I’m not saying it won’t work, but it’s canon that it went down that way so there have been a reason why.
    Either that or without battle meditation Revan would have murdered most of the group straight up.

    As for Dark transfer, you just need to disintergrate the body right? Revan can accomplish that with his lightning if needed. Dunno about Caedus but he was compared to Luke, so he should be able to figure something out too.

    “Caedus took on bloodlusted Luke and nearly won.”

    Was that the fight where Ben was essentially a burden to Luke? Caedus outright admits he doesn’t stand a chance against his uncle in a fair fight.

  21. Rookie December 27, 2014 at 6:58 am -      #21

    @Numinous One

    “Was that the fight where Ben was essentially a burden to Luke? Caedus outright admits he doesn’t stand a chance against his uncle in a fair fight.”

    Yep that’s the one. But the fact that Caedus was fighting against bloodlusted Luke, who have all the bullshit powers he ever had and Caedus managed not die is very impressive.

    “As for Dark transfer, you just need to disintergrate the body right? Revan can accomplish that with his lightning if needed. Dunno about Caedus but he was compared to Luke, so he should be able to figure something out too.”

    Krayt have Vong armor on him, which allowed him to resist a lightsaber for some time. All he need is just to touch Revan or Caedus for DT to work. Krayt noted that DT is superior to force lighting in every way, and since Krayt’s helper killed ancient Sith Lord with force lighting, I think that we can agree that Krayt does know a lot about this subject to trust his opinion on that.

  22. batman3.14 December 27, 2014 at 2:17 pm -      #22

    As Revan is one of my two favorite Star Wars Characters (the other being Boba Fett) I always keep the best Revan respect threads on me:




    I know at least one of respect threads has been updated recently to include the events that occurred in Shadow of Revan. In this expansion pack for SWTOR, Revan compiles an army that threatens both the Republic and the Empire. Thus, they team up. Firsthand, this shows us the strategic power of Revan. Never before has anyone been so threatening that both the Sith and the Jedi HAVE to team up ( please educate me if there was such a threat). In my opinion, that would make Revan one of the most strategic minds in the history of Star Wars (Sidious fans, I said ONE of the most, not most).

    Also, on Yavin Four, Revan battled the second Emperor’s Wrath, Darth Marr, Satele Shan, Lana Beniko, Theron Shan, Shae Vizla and Jakarr all at once. In game gameplay suggested it was a close battle. Keep in mind this was only HALF of Revan, the dark side version. The other side was then a force ghost. *Spoilers* Also, at the end, ghost (light side) Revan continually pushes the idea that they are weaker apart than together. Imagine Revan’s tremendous power if the dark side version took on that gigantic task force.

  23. DevilMayArgue December 28, 2014 at 8:41 pm -      #23

    My initial bet is on Revan, but I don’t know much about Star Wars.

  24. DarthAnt66 January 10, 2015 at 12:47 am -      #24

    Greetings, just wanted to say a thanks to @batman3.14 for advertising my works. The Lightsaber Abilities overview has been recently updated and rehashed also. Cheers!

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