Percy Jackson Vs Link

Percy Jackson Vs Link

Suggested by nsl98

Percy Jackson faces Link (Legend of Zelda) in three different scenarios:

Round 1: Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass Link. No time stops. Every other item allowed.

Round 2: Twilight Princess Link.

Round 3: Hyrule Warriors Link.

Best two out of three wins.

Who prevails?

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372 Comments on "Percy Jackson Vs Link"

  1. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 2:26 pm -      #201

    Percy doesn’t get the vitamins.

  2. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 2:26 pm -      #202

    And new page

  3. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 2:45 pm -      #203

    Although, can’t changes to the fight be made if a general consensus is made by the debaters?
    Imma check the rules.

  4. Commander Cross November 23, 2014 at 3:24 pm -      #204

    @Nsl98 at #203

    If either the general public, the fight suggester(s) or the Mod Council approves of it and 2/3rds are in favor, it could be done.
    I probably should have arrived sooner, just in case but either way, I am also glad The LadyRamkin has arrived.

  5. Ciridae Hunter November 23, 2014 at 3:43 pm -      #205

    If the vitamins are allowed, then we should think about how many Percy gets and how long each one will last-I think someone said that each one lasts only for a few minutes against magic directed at Percy, so passive items like the Deku Leaf (unless used in its offensive capacity) will not be affected.

  6. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 4:05 pm -      #206

    So all in favor of Percy getting 3 vitamins in Round 1, post yes or no.

  7. Ciridae Hunter November 23, 2014 at 4:06 pm -      #207


  8. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 4:44 pm -      #208

    I vote yes too. And @Cross what is this Mod council yo speak of?

  9. Commander Cross November 23, 2014 at 9:07 pm -      #209

    @Nsl98 at #206

    If it’s Up to 3 Vitamins as the Maximum Allowed, I’m all for it so I vote Yes.
    3 Vitamins is doable, anything beyond it is asking for trouble by numbers for my tastes.

    @Ciridae Hunter at #205

    About 5 Minutes+ Per Vitamin used is the generous Low-balling score, and each of them are on par with The Blessings of Merlin or Khorne while they’re active, the former a bit more-so than the latter.

    Plus if WW/PH Link gets Time Powers, he’s gonna have to make each and every shot count to begin with, so part of it will boil down to which one’s gonna run out of Counters to the other’s Trump Cards before the other one’s out of Ammo, first? just as much as it does Determination and other vital things, which is how I’d like it.

    @Nsl98 at #208

    Since you so kindly asked, The Mod Council of BankGambling includes the likes of Hitman94, Cpt. Olimar, DivineChaos88(if I recalled exact number at the end) and Officer Megaraptor18, and I can testify that the second and third are Confirmed fans of The Legend of Zelda and I know the former’s familiar with N64!-Link at least.
    There may be more Mods in the Council than just them as there’s more ArchAngels than just the 4 we’d know Best*, but the 4 I listed are the most obvious by far, really.

    The first and the third you may definitely be welcome to talk with if you like, I know not what happened with Olimar either at the moment and I’d rather not trouble the latter if it’s avoidable.

    I feel a little less self-blaming and berating from how I felt a few pages back, I’m still as pleading to mercy from The Big-G Man Himself as ever but I’m at least more stable enough to be more direct with the Fighting Plans, and even then the matter’s like a Glass Half-Full to me, for better or for worse.

    1.) (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel are The Best-Known by far, coincidentally enough The Abrahamic Texts noted the former especially chose The Original Muhammad in The Middle East, so Fridge Logic applies if you’d know which Mod I named first and his roots.)

  10. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 9:16 pm -      #210

    Ah, I see now. I recognized Hitman as someone who posts matches for the Admin, I’m just not familiar with internet lingo, so to speak.

    Anyway, yeah. The new scenario for round one will most likely be Percy gets 3 multi vitamins.
    And I still think Percy takes rounds 1 & 2. 3 is debatable, but my stock is with Link for that one.

  11. Ciridae Hunter November 23, 2014 at 9:18 pm -      #211

    Ok, since it’s five minutes for each vitamin, then the timing for the Time Stops would have to be right before or after each vitamin activation, with Link using his small size and dodging/blocking to keep from being mauled by Riptide.

  12. Ciridae Hunter November 23, 2014 at 9:22 pm -      #212

    I agree that 2 is most likely Percy (since Midna can’t help Link with grab attacks while in Wolf Form), but round one is a little more even (leaning slightly towards Percy) since a well-timed Time Stop could end Percy.

    3 is leaning more towards Link, but I don’t know what items he has aside from bombs so I can’t say for sure.

  13. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 9:25 pm -      #213

    Would the basic info Percy gets at the start of round 1 make him think to use the vitamins? Cuz it would probably be something like:
    “You’re about to fight a talented swordsman with access to magic.”

  14. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 9:28 pm -      #214

    @LadyRamkin post 193
    That’s a good strength feat. His sword strikes are probably going to hurt…a lot. But maybe not as hard as HW Link hits.

  15. Commander Cross November 23, 2014 at 9:29 pm -      #215

    @Nsl98 at #210

    Fair to warn you, Hitman gives No Horse$hit/Pegasus Turd in regards to avoiding Detailed Spoilers, so if there be anyone with a Spoiler-iffic First or Last Name you wanna get into a fight with, DO NOT SUGGEST THAT PERSON OR THING TO HIM!
    It bit me in the ass for not learning it in time.


    This ounce of BankGambling Jargon in ‘The Mod Council’ is pretty much inspired by The Dresden Files* by Jim Butcher himself, ‘Modded’ from ‘The Senior Council’s name itself.
    I talk with the * and numbered it every time I do it for a reason, after the main post’s content is spoken by me.


    Also, I still believe Rounds 1 + 3 would go either way, though the former is mainly because I wanted to go in a fight like this all my life, and the latter is because HW Link brings a lot to offer on the single game he’s from.
    For Round 2, the main thing keeping TP Link afloat is his Casual Superhuman Prowess ASIDE from confirmed Movement and Combat Speed showings, along with his Gadgets, Gear, Ferocious Brutality, Swordsmanship and Determination.

    I feel it’s Partially my fault if WW/PH Link got underestimated, how much of it stems from me being under that Self-Blaming trip I’ve warned you about and how much of it is from not getting more directly involved, I’ve no idea, point is that LadyRamkin is Blessed for doing this and I will always be grateful to both her and Messenger* OriginalA for it.

    1.) (Part of ‘The Butcher Side’ by Jim Butcher, which also includes Codex Alera, one of the finest Young Adult Novels to ever exist.)
    2.) (What I’d also call OriginalA and address him as, sometimes.)

  16. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 9:34 pm -      #216

    Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Is there anything else that needs to be discussed about WW/PH Link? That video has a nice strength feat and with time stop active, he could potentially be doing lots of damage to Percy…but only for a few seconds. That time stop doesn’t last to long.

  17. Commander Cross November 23, 2014 at 9:38 pm -      #217

    @Nsl98 at #216

    You mean Foe Quality notwithstanding since I already mentioned WW Ganondorf being one of the obvious Top Dogs among them, and whatever Final Bosses PH may offer, that about right?

    Okay, well WW/PH Link in the WiiU version of WW also has a Special Ship Sail that also affects the Weather and all that jazz, the main catch of it is that it’s reliant on the Ship and if the fight winds up being on Open Seas, that risks putting WW/PH in Jeopardy unless WW/PH Link had those Sails placed in time.

    I can send you Link for that for what it’s worth.

    Also like I said, for what it’s worth, neither Percy nor WW/PH Link could engage their respective Final Bosses all by themselves, they had to get some kind of aid to finally have a hope of Lady Victory’s approval as well.
    The aid won’t be provided here though, as far as I can tell.

  18. nsl98 November 23, 2014 at 10:02 pm -      #218

    Yeah, can I see the link plz? Thanks. And yeah, no outside help, as per FP rules.

  19. Commander Cross November 23, 2014 at 10:20 pm -      #219

    @Nsl98 at #218

    There you go, it’s right after the Auction on the first half of this video, I can bring you more detailed video links later on if you like but it very much affects weather.

  20. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 2:35 am -      #220

    1) How many Percy Jackson books are there
    2) In how many of those books does he get the vitamins
    3) How many times battles are there in the books he gets the vitamins
    4) how many of those battles does he take them into.

    Depending on the answers to those questions should really be the deciding factor on whether or not they are standard equipment.
    Whereas potions/fairies are pretty standard for almost all Link’s including these 3. Warriors Link has 2 potions as standard, and they restore a sizable chunk of his health, cant remember if it is all of it or not though.

  21. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 2:58 am -      #221

    “LadyRamkin is Blessed for doing this and I will always be grateful to both her ”

    yeah, I’m a dude. This happens a lot.

  22. Ciridae Hunter November 24, 2014 at 3:30 am -      #222

    Is your name a reference, Lady Ramkin?

    As for the vitamins, I think they only appear in one or two books-they would have been irrelevant during the Styx Enhancements, but I would check with the Percy-Pals (people that actually remember the books versus this dude (me)) to make sure.

  23. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 6:09 am -      #223

    1)6, counting Demigod Files, plus 4 more he plays a major role in.

    Funny thing is, I forgot about the vitamins until this thread reminded me.

  24. Commander Cross November 24, 2014 at 10:26 am -      #224

    @LadyRamkin at #221

    Feel free to fire a ‘What The Hell?’ Grenade at me for this mishap, the same kind of thing was done on Cannibalistic/CannibalCookie a long time ago when we first met The Tough Cookie.

    Either way, I apologize for this mishap on my part, even Judge Jwlynas wasn’t exempt from it at all back when Judge J was around.

    @Ciridae Hunter and Nsl98 at #222-223

    Infuriatingly speaking, they never did state what happened to The Multi-vitamins after The Sea of Monsters, because unlike The Nemean Lion Armor or The River Styx Enhancements, nothing was ever stated on them vanishing or being disposed of at all.

    Which is pretty much infuriating and if anything also means that it ought to be cleared up on each fight involving Percy whether or not they’d be included, should Percy be fighting a Magic-using Enemy and how many of them also ought to be allowed at most for that matter. :x

    To be fair, it’s possible that LoZ/Age of Link!-Link may have the same kind of problems from time-to-time somewhere, but he’s not among the listed in this fight so there be only in-direct relevance at most.

    Most of WW/PH Link’s Bosses had Link fight mostly alone but Killing them is definitely possible, most of Percy’s Bosses are generally either Very Powerful Monsters or Un-kill-able/Nigh-Un-kill-able Lunatics, Immortal or otherwise and especially for the latter, Percy had to be with a Party most of the time with a few oddball exceptions so it’s justified if he’s not fighting alone in 1-vs-1, The Titan’s Curse and The Demigod Files spring to mind at a heart-beat or less for examples.

  25. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 11:01 am -      #225

    Alright, so it looks like in Round 1, it just got realer. I still think Percy will win the round, it’ll just take longer now.

  26. Ciridae Hunter November 24, 2014 at 11:54 am -      #226

    Well, since they appeared so often and just became irrelevant as the series progressed, I think they should be used-especially if each match is considered a book (since they appeared for three books)

  27. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 1:19 pm -      #227

    Lady Ramkin is the wife of Sam Vimes from the disc world series. Its the only name i have discovered that is always available when i want to sign up somewhere so i use it. People think im a girl all the time, its not a problem.

    If the Vitamins only appear in one book out of six as stated in post #223 then they are not standard equipment and i don’t think he should have them.

    WindWaker Link can make himself unmovable and temporarily Invincible he can lift and throw rocks many times his size and he can quadruple the amount of damage he does. Does Percy have any range on him? I don’t remember any being mentioned and if that is the case he is gonna have to close the distance. While Percy is closing the distance Link can be taking pot shots at him with ice arrows.Percy has been stated to be a bullet timer but if one of those arrows even nicks him he is screwed. windwaker Links Ice arrows flash froze a permanently erupting volcano. And even once Percy gets into Melee range he cant hurt Link for a while, Which means that he is much easier to hit the ice arrows since he is so close.
    Windwaker Links invulnerability and Ice arrows drain his magic bar, But WW Link has four bottles, wach bottle can hold 2 helpings of Elixar soup. So WW link essentially has EIGHT potions that Fully restore his health, fully restore his magic AND gives him double damage until he himself takes damage. And since he cant take damage until he runs out of magic He has double damage for a LONG ASS time. Though he does only have 30 arrows i think WW link can take his.

    Im not sure how his double damage from WindWaker would interact with his Quadruple damage from Phantom hourglass.

  28. Friendlysociopath November 24, 2014 at 1:36 pm -      #228

    Question, does HW Link have any speed feats?

  29. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 2:16 pm -      #229

    @ Friendly
    Probably arrow timing, as most, if not all Links are arrow timers. You’ll have to ask LadyRamkin.

  30. Commander Cross November 24, 2014 at 3:49 pm -      #230

    @FriendlySociopath at #228

    I was pretty sure that Combat Speed-wise, WW/PH Link might be Peak Human unless I’ve mis-read some matters, wait you’re not asking about WW/PH Link, I take it.

    Anyway, I did had a fight planned involving Percy and 2 of the Links listed in this match, so if anyone does the common courtesies of paying the link a visit at the topia, I’d appreciate it even if you don’t join it.

    Anyway, how extensive is HW Link’s Armory next to the other 2 Links?

  31. Envoy November 24, 2014 at 3:53 pm -      #231

    “WindWaker Link can make himself unmovable…”
    The Iron Boots make you heavy, not unmovable. Every Link with the boots can move in them, and get knocked down by enemies while wearing them.
    “Does Percy have any range on him?”
    Other than Water attacks he has height and reach, which is essential in swordplay.
    “windwaker Links Ice arrows flash froze a permanently erupting volcano.”
    It also fails to freeze other enemies. The magic arrows probably change effects depending on what they hit.
    “And even once Percy gets into Melee range he cant hurt Link for a while, Which means that he is much easier to hit the ice arrows since he is so close.”
    Not really, Magic Armor only protects Link from damage, they don’t stop link from being moved. Percy could consistently throw off his aim with each attack, or his personal hurricane.
    “Probably arrow timing, as most, if not all Links are arrow timers. ”
    IIRC the only arrow timer is TP via beating down Ganondorf.

  32. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 4:29 pm -      #232

    “The Iron Boots make you heavy, not unmovable. Every Link with the boots can move in them, and get knocked down by enemies while wearing them.”

    okay, so i exaggerate a little, but they do make him VERY heavy. I think i posted a video of a rock like 10 times his size that isnt as heavy as the iron boots make him… which now i think about is a strength feat isnt it???

    Also the Iron boots in this game are made to directly counter the effects of strong winds.

    look what its doing to those trees.(sorry for poor quality vid)

    “It also fails to freeze other enemies.”

    I did not know that, which ones specifically?

    wind waker link actually gets 99 arrows not 30.

  33. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 4:39 pm -      #233

    “The only arrow timer is TP Link via beating down Ganondorf.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t one of the Links on the GBA system outrun fired arrows with special boots?

  34. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 4:41 pm -      #234

    You are correct, but links don’t share feats.
    also, cannot find a single video of magic armour actually being used, there are a million on how to obtain it but i cant find any on its function.

    “Other than Water attacks”

    Please elaborate.

  35. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 4:44 pm -      #235

    Unless it’s that Composite Link everyone’s scared of. Thank goodness he’s not in this match.

  36. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 4:47 pm -      #236

    @Commander Cross
    That link (lol, link) takes me to “Mevolent vs Everyone!” is that what it is supposed to do?
    Composite Link wouldn’t be as scary if you disabled some select items, such as “Spell” or Chateau Romani

  37. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 4:51 pm -      #237

    “Please elaborate.”

    Giant watery hands erupted from the stream, copying Percy’s movements. The giant hands grabbed the gorgons, who dropped Frank in surprise. Then the hands lifted the squawking monsters in a liquid vice grip.

    Son of Neptune p. 26

  38. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 4:54 pm -      #238

    So, he can control water that is nearby? Can he condense water out of the air? Control water in peoples bodies? Control ice/steam? Does he have a maximum range? Or just any water he can see? or does he have to be touching water for it to work?

    Where are you guys getting those quotes from? are you typing them out?

  39. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 4:57 pm -      #239

    Yes, I think so, yes, its limited.

    I have most of the books with the exception of the one released a few weeks ago and the very first books. And yeah, I type them out.

  40. Commander Cross November 24, 2014 at 4:58 pm -      #240

    @Nsl98 at #235

    Unless you wanna be talking A Link Based on ONE of the 3 Great LoZ timelines or Total Composite Link, the latter is especially Nightmare-inducing and would require Percy to wind up with EVERYTHING he’s ever had or used, Including The River Styx Enhancements all the while it happens on a Rainy Weekend.

    I can guarantee you that the end result is Everyone Non-Unkillable/Non-Nigh-Unkillable DIES, THE END!

    @LadyRamkin at #236

    Among other things, it’s an invite to join in on the Project before the mayhem begins, which if Sadot06 gets back to us ASAP before the month ends will ideally be soon, before this month ends.
    I’m letting it wait until Sadot reads and finishes The Blood of Olympus, The final Mainline novel of The Heroes of Olympus in fact in case anyone be wondering, and probably the last CHB-related novel we’ll be getting for a few years if at all.


    If Percy gets Everything he’s ever used and not just more than just a few Multi-Vitamins against TC Link, read the above segments of my post and let the Cosmic Carnage Commence.

  41. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 5:00 pm -      #241

    I’m actually looking for something to read at the minuet, do you recommend them?

  42. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 5:02 pm -      #242

    Well he summoned a whole creek that was a few miles away in Battle of the Labyrinth. And he doesn’t need to see it, he senses it near him.

    He could feel the power of the ocean just over the horizon.

    Son of Neptune p. 4

  43. Commander Cross November 24, 2014 at 5:05 pm -      #243

    @LadyRamkin at #241

    Under the same breath I’d use for recommending watching Madoka Magica(The Main Anime) and reading it’s Manga Spin-offs, yes I highly and truly recommend reading the CHB volumes sometime, really.
    You can start with the 1st 5 main novels Plus The Demigod Files, which start with The Lightning Thief if it helps.

    Fair to warn you that Percy himself gets less jollier by each successive volume that has him in it, less jolly and more disturbing.

  44. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 5:07 pm -      #244

    Yes I reccomend them fully. They’re funny, sad (but not all the time), and have plenty of action in them. They are also surprisingly accurate when it comes to original Greek Mythos. I can’t tell you how many English Greek Literature tests I’ve passed thanks to Mr. Riordan. The first in the series is called The Lightning Thief.

  45. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 5:07 pm -      #245

    I’ll look into it.

  46. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 5:30 pm -      #246

    Right, back on topic, I think TP Link Is the least likely to succeed, He is surpassed in all of his feats by the other two.

    Hyrule warriors link, has as general equipment:
    Bombs – Throws about 20 at once.

    each of these in game have a temporary power up, I dont think he will have those here but i’ll list what they do anyway:
    -Bow fires multiple arrows at once that pierce multiple targets
    -Boomerang you throw 3 boomerangs, i haven’t really noticed any improvement otherwise.
    -Bombs get replace by a single very large bomb that that has a massive explosion
    -Hookshot creates a miniature moon from majors mask then drops it on peoples heads

    Link has many weapons that he can take into battle some weapons have multiple more powerful variants, but in game he can only take one at a time. I dont know how that is gonna play out here, are we just gonna give him all of them and he keeps them in his own personal hammer space maybe?

    the weapons he has are:
    Kights sword
    White sword
    Magical sword

    fire rod
    Prism rod
    Magical rod

    silver gauntles
    Golden gauntles
    Power gloves

    Master sword
    Great foutain fairy (counts as weapon in game, is outside help)
    Great forest fairy (counts as weapon in game, is outside help)
    Great sky fairy (counts as weapon in game, is outside help)

    Epona (counts as weapon in game, is outside help)

    The link amiibo also adds the Twilight princess spinner as a weapon.

  47. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 5:32 pm -      #247

    I heard he was making a Norse Mythology series, but it probably won’t come till 2 or 3 years from now.

    Anyway, on the subject of these iron boots of WW/PH Link, hes still going to be pretty agile when using them, but Percy’s doesn’t have to stand still to use the hurricane.

    Percy was fighting like a whirlwind. In fact… he was a whirlwind. A miniature hurricane of water and ice vapor churned around him as he waded through the enemy, knocking Roman ghosts away, deflecting arrows and spears.

    Son of Neptune p. 455

  48. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 5:39 pm -      #248

    General link sword play

  49. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 5:50 pm -      #249

    sorry, every time i post i mean to address the speed feat thing and forget, I apologise.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t know, There aren’t really any combat cut scenes and i don’t know the canon speed for anything to give a comparison, i have posted some gameplay footage in post #246 maybe that will help.

  50. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 5:58 pm -      #250

    So it seems both Percy and Link have AOE attacks, Hurricane Percy and various bombs, tops, and power gloves. Is the Amiibo item canon? Cuz that could help HW Link control the battlefield, or at least get something in there before the hurricane takes real effect (affect?)

  51. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 6:05 pm -      #251

    Its essentially a DLC weapon, I have no idea if they count as canon or not.

    Also, just remembered that OP granted WW Link Time slows on the first page, so Percy should be easier to hit with arrows…. though since the time slows aren’t canon, i have no idea by how much it slows down.

  52. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 6:08 pm -      #252

    Also, just remembered that OP granted WW Link Time slows on the first page, so Percy should be easier to hit with arrows…. though since the time slows aren’t canon, i have no idea by how much it slows down.

  53. Moonbear95 November 24, 2014 at 6:12 pm -      #253

    Ok, before we go any further, has Percy’s water healing been removed from the equation? Because if there’s water around… Percy is going to be close to immortal in this fight.

    “The blood was gone. Where the cut had been, there was a long white scratch, and even that was fading. As i watched, it turned into a small scar, and disappeared.” Page 123, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.

    This happened less that a few minutes after having a sword through his arm. If he can heal a stab wound that quickly, it’s going to be hard for Link to finish him.

    Not to mention he healed from a Pit Scorpion’s venom by crawling into the river (Demon scorpion with venom so potent that, according to Luke Castellan when talking to Percy – “You’ll be dead in sixty seconds” – page 365, same book)

  54. LadyRamkin November 24, 2014 at 6:17 pm -      #254

    4. Field of Battle
    Battles take place in a neutral arena appropriate to the scope of the match (i.e. stadium, facility, city, continent, planet, galaxy, universe, etc.), and it is assumed no one side will have an undue disadvantage. This neutral setting will incorporate all associated elements for all combatants to operate at maximum efficiency.

    The neutral arena incorporates a merged timeline for all parties involved parting from the point they were ported in. Combatants that have control over time or may otherwise affect the timeline may not go past this merging point.

    There must be water somewhere.

    im off for tonight

  55. Commander Cross November 24, 2014 at 7:10 pm -      #255

    @Nsl98 at #247

    For Our Sake, NOT JUST The Riordan Family’s own, I’d hope they’d have the good sense to only have it arrive 2-3 years from now, because either way I’ll probably get booked by the works of a Pair of Cousins, courtesy of their respective projects in ‘Pantheon Wars’ and Willow-wood* and between those Projects, whatever ‘The Butcher Side’* by Jim Butcher cooks up or The World of Madoka Magica* and proverbially speaking, I’d rather not hear of anyone getting Rushed Mission Assignments, more or less.

    Also I seem to remember that in the Timelines where Odin, Thor and the Majority of the rest of their People are alive, Prince Thor’s a confirmed Potential Planet-Buster(at least) by Physical Might alone and it won’t surprise me by itself if Odin at least has Planet-level+ Life-Wiping if he wanted to go there, either.

    Now if I can just shrug out why The Lady Freya/Freyja feels so distant, I don’t believe it’s her fault, but I don’t believe I can easily ignore this sort of impression either.*


    I’m still gonna work harder to avoid any more in-depth spoilers than I’d want to reveal as the fighting goes on, I’m very bloody picky with which ones I’d wanna bring up as I warned before.

    Also as I said before, if either Epona or that Bird from Skyward Sword gets in play, Blackjack gets in play and if one of the Great Fairies were to arrive, either some Minor or Moderate Godling gets in play to compensate or Dionysus joins the mayhem.

    I won’t dispute that Time Powers are a Threat the longer they go un-checked, but hopefully speaking short of Traveling back-to-before the fight starts*, nothing that having 2-3 Multi-Vitamins can’t hope to deal with, here’s hoping their uses will count for something.

    This fight will be hard!
    This fight Will be Awesome!

    1.) (If I recall the spelling correctly.)
    2.) (Jargon for The Dresden Files and Codex Alera, actually.)
    3.) (Which also has Vikings and Valkyrie getting mentioned at least in the Main Anime somewhere, nothing directly involving High King Odin himself but since The Lady Freya/Freyja’s connected with Valkyries especially, you get the drift.)
    4.) (FAR More Advanced Time Powers than Slowing or Stopping Time, believe me.)
    5.) (Reconciled with the fact she’s the Life of the Party for The Victorious Dead, at the very least but still.)

  56. Ciridae Hunter November 24, 2014 at 8:01 pm -      #256

    That Luke character that was quoted seems like a good way to hide a Lou Costello reference (Luke Castellan/Lou Costello-seems pretty close to the mark)

    Water healing is pretty OP-is it like the water healing in Last Airbender (water becomes useless once it heals something)?

  57. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 8:11 pm -      #257

    I just remembered that Percy has had experience with Time Slows before:

    Time slowed down. I mean literally slowed down,because Kronos had that power.
    I tried to fight his magic. I concentrated on the sea around me- the source of my power.

    Last Olympian p. 21-22

  58. Commander Cross November 24, 2014 at 9:43 pm -      #258

    @Ciridae Hunter at #256

    Someone didn’t refrain from giving away anything detailed until further notice, I see.
    Also if you look at it in another potentially ironic name, that’s also the first name of a dangerous Force-User, it’s Ironic because the guy who shares that first name has connections with the Antagonists.*

    As for your second question, Water Still affects Percy even after he recovers from his injuries, like I said before it makes his Physical Stats 5 times bigger than it would have been before.

    @Nsl98 at #257

    I never forgot it in the first place, Percy did deal with ‘basic’ Time Powers even Before he had River Styx Enhancements, where anyone enhanced would No-Sell receiving Time-Slowing or Time-Stopping effects at them along with the other things we’ve noted on the Enhancements earlier in this thread.

    Also thank you for politely refraining from ‘too detailed’ spoilers, so to speak.
    If Percy didn’t have any kind of back-up at all, he’d probably be dead the first time he stumbled on them in the first place.

    1.) (I’ll save the in-depth for Page 03, but let’s just say it may run by more than mere blood alone so to speak.)

  59. Friendlysociopath November 24, 2014 at 9:55 pm -      #259

    “Water healing is pretty OP-is it like the water healing in Last Airbender (water becomes useless once it heals something)?”

    Not as far as I know, Percy heals just by being exposed to it. He can still use it however he wants.

  60. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 9:57 pm -      #260

    Yeah,on the subject of spoilers, I’m just glad no ones gone overboard with quotes from it,as I probably won’t have access to it until Wednesday of this week.

    So with water being able to negate some effects of the time slow for Percy, he’d probably only be lowered to arrow timing reflexes, as that’s his low end. Is that within WW/PH Links skill to deal with?

  61. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 10:03 pm -      #261

    By it I meant Blood of Olympus.

  62. Friendlysociopath November 24, 2014 at 10:05 pm -      #262

    If Link only has arrow timing as his best btw, he’s a bit outmatched by Percy unless he has sufficient hax.
    (Which is pretty much the way most Link fights I’ve seen go on BankGambling, either he’s speedblitzed or his hax pull him through) You’ve got his one decent fight with Cloud but beyond that, he’s pretty sink or swim.
    Arrow-timing is as comparable to bullet-timing as… well, the speed of an arrow vs the speed of a bullet.

  63. nsl98 November 24, 2014 at 10:14 pm -      #263

    What I’m saying is that under the effects of time slow, Percy’s speed would most likely be lowered, unless that quote I posted proves that Percy has some form of resistance to time slow.

  64. Friendlysociopath November 24, 2014 at 10:58 pm -      #264

    Under the effects of the time slow he’d be slower, arrow-timing would make him Links equal in speed. But I thought he had some vitamins for that round? The vitamins would make him immune to magic, and an ungimped Percy is capable of defeating Link before he uses all of his vitamins.

  65. Commander Cross November 25, 2014 at 1:57 am -      #265

    @FriendlySociopath at #262

    To be fair on Cloud Strife(The FF7 version, NOT the KH version although the KH version’s a tough cookie in his own right.) Cloud could casually do what would require Percy to have all the things he’d ever used or have had and a Rainy Week or an Aquatic Planet to have a hope of accomplishing in Physical Might, alone courtesy of it being mainly from Cloud’s Supernaturally Genetic Enhancements, Supernatural Prowess is up for grabs but the point is that Cloud doesn’t need as much heavy gear or equipment to do all that destruction in Physical Prowess at the very least.

    I seldom desire to do this, but it’s like having Might Guy from Naruto with 8 gates unlocked against Base Form Buu Saga Goku, same kind of Physical Prowess regards but Goku don’t need to jeopardize his well-being as much as Guy does to cause that much Physical Devastation, and that’s without Kaio-Ken or going Super Saiyan in play either.*

    I’d prefer Percy vs (Original!-)Kite of the Dot Hack(.Hack) universe if given a choice, but for now that’s neither here nor there.


    @Nsl98 at #263

    Percy’s Combat Speeds if he can’t apply a single Multi-Vitamin in time will definitely be more bearable on WW/PH Link, but every single strike WW/PH Link hits Percy with will definitely at least hurt as much as Percy’s strikes would harm Link, possibly moreso if his Grandmother’s Soup + The Quadruple Attack Boost managed to stack up together.


    @FriendlySociopath at #262

    I do hope the latter part’s a general statement, because most Links that are either Casual Super-Humans in Physical Strength or got Amped up by Artifacts and Items tend to fire faster and farther arrows than most people in general, and Ganondorf can generally dodge and block them with ease whenever Link had to fight him.
    While most guns I’d know can be made more effective with the right users, they’d ‘normally’ require having to modify the guns in question one way or another rather than have anything built-in the Users would already have, to accomplish the same.

    My gut also tells me that WW/PH Link is at least on par with Archers from the Apollo/Apollon Cabin at Boot Camp as far as sharp-shooting’s concerned, potentially higher than most of them since WW/PH Link can do more than just get the Arrows he’d have to hit the targets, possibly enough to give them Pauses for thought in any Archery or other Sharp-Shooting Contests or the like.*
    Keep in mind I’m talking Accuracy-Wise with as much as I can recall, and the off-chance I mis-recall’s the moment I’ll apologize and maybe plead for mercy afterwards.



    Also for what it’s worth, I believe it’s already noted before but it bears repeating that Percy had to fight Vanilla Human Mercenaries, as in ‘Genetically-Normal-by-Family-Tree’ Human Mercenaries that Celestial Bronze Weapons can’t harm unless they stop being so ‘Vanilla’/Start getting Altered some way or another, courtesy of The Titan’s Curse in fact.


    1.) (Main difference is that while my gut says it’s Cloud’s regard to lose, Supernatural Might’s possibly up for grabs in the right location with all that, I’m not too semi-hopeful on Might Guy making Buu Saga!-Base Goku break some sweat glands outside of Martial Arts, and that is PUSHING IT!
    Still, I’m in no hurry to see either one happening at all, the former because if Cloud’s not nailed in time before Percy runs out of Vitamins it’s Game Over on Percy’s existence by Cloud Strife’s Omni-slash variants or Summoning The Knights of The Round Table, and the latter is mainly because we generally have far too many Naruto fights going on in here.
    Bottom line is either one of them would have to Over-work themselves to have a Snowball’s shot against the otherwise Physical Betters in question.
    I’m Bloody Picky about my fights, do us all a favor and deal with it accordingly you hear me?
    That said, if there’s a fight involving CHB-related regards, what I said in not leaving me in the dark about them if avoidable still applies.)
    2.) (Which is to say So Unbelievably Good you’d have to find any Wood-Crafting Alerans of The Codex Alera novels just to find anyone who’d stack up in there, and as someone once said about them, Wood-Crafters have Sharp-Shooting so effective it would make Most Modern-day Snipers Jealous or drop A LOT OF ‘WHAT THE HELL/WTH!?’ GRENADES all over the place in disbelief, whichever happens first.)

  66. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 2:55 am -      #266

    Just been reading lightning thief and Percy has just got his sword, which has been stated cant cunt humans, it just passes through them as though its not there. Does he get a different one later in the series? Because if he doesn’t he is kind of boned here.

    “I just remembered that Percy has had experience with Time Slows before:
    Time slowed down. I mean literally slowed down,because Kronos had that power.”

    I would like much more detail on how Kornos ability works, because that makes literally no sense.

    “But I thought he had some vitamins for that round? The vitamins would make him immune to magic”

    He doesn’t have the vitamins but even if he did they wouldn’t work here. Links time slow magic doesn’t affect Percy as an individual. The Flow of time just slows down and Link becomes Exempt from it. Percy’s Vitamins don’t make him immune to the laws of physics. In fact the only thing Percy should notice is that Link is for some reason ridiculously faster.

    If time is moving slower for everything except Link then the only thing that will change from Percy perspective is link will get faster (and therefore do more damage per hit) and have much better reaction times. Depending on how much time slows Percy could be fighting the the equivalent of a bullet timer.

    Time slow isn’t a De-buff. Percy Doesn’t actually get slower, his reaction times don’t actually get worse. but he is a temporal being, he can only operate at the speed with which time moves. His brain still works at the same rate, BUT Link who is exempt from the time Slow will see perceive Percy moving worse.

    Sorry for overkill explanation, but i wont be able to respond all day, and i dont want this falsely debunked while im away. Properly Debunked would be nice, but not falsely

  67. Commander Cross November 25, 2014 at 3:14 am -      #267

    @LadyRamkin at #266

    Riptide can’t cut ‘Vanilla’/’Unaltered Genetically-Normal’ Humans, direct harming from the blade at them won’t cut it.
    WW/PH Link =/= ‘Vanilla’/’Genetically-Normal’ Human though.

    They’d still work either way against a lot of the other Magical things WW/PH Link may bring to the table, the Sword’s Time Powers are the Trickiest bit, but Kronos had AoE-based Time Powers, and he wasn’t even Close to 100% Maximum Power either, as I warned before.

    In fact, the Only Black Throne-Loyal Titans Percy did had to fight that were at 100% Maximum Power(Without True Immortal Forms) were Atlas and Iapetus, and not only did he not fight them on his own and he was part of a Combat Party for each of the two fights, but neither exactly had much time to flex out their Muscles or Combat Skills in a long while, either, in fact on Top of being Unkillable/Nigh-Unkillable Immortals to begin with.
    Granted for the former, it also took whatever immortals Percy was fighting alongside with Quite a few Major Level-ups in Badassitude to say the least just for the Party from the first of the two listed to have A Fighting Chance in fact.

    Also, if Percy had River Styx enhancements, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything beyond Time Slowing down or being Frozen up and he’d be seeing WW/PH Link, let’s be glad he doesn’t have them here as far as I know, for reasons I’ll elaborate further later on beyond what’s already stated.


    In the meantime, I do hope you’re enjoying the novel actually, we’d all be sad, horrified and depressed if you didn’t, really. ^.^’
    Especially yours truly, WW/PH Link is my favored Link most of all despite only beating OoT and TP with one different Link each for both.

  68. Ciridae Hunter November 25, 2014 at 3:46 am -      #268

    Um, Lady Ramkin, you realize your auto-correct was a little…misguided (I know you meant “cut” instead of the other word).

    Well, WW Link’s main advantage is his time-mastery, but Percy’s shown to be somewhat resistant to that, so timing would be everything; Percy is faster and stronger, but WW is smaller which makes him harder to hit.

    Still, Percy is better matched by a margin.

  69. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 8:32 am -      #269

    “Um, Lady Ramkin, you realize your auto-correct was a little…misguided ”


    “In the meantime, I do hope you’re enjoying the novel”

    I don’t have a problem with it so far, But it isn’t really gripping me like other book series have done. Im only on the first book so far, and you shouldn’t judge a large franchise purely on its first work.

    “but Kronos had AoE-based Time Powers”

    That makes it sound like he has magic that directly affects things in an area to slow down their personal time, which it then make sense for Percy to be able to counter, since magic is directly trying to effect him. Whereas Link simply slows down the flow of time, like, all of it. No magic is actually being directed at Percy. I have no idea if Percy has any experience with that sort of thing.

    And im still not convinced Riptide can hurt link

    “The sword is celestial bronze. Forged by the Cyclopes, Lethe. It’s deadly to monsters, to any creature from the Underworld, provided they don’t kill you first. But the blade will pass through mortals like and illusion. They simply are not important enough for the blade to kill” -Chiron , Lightning thief

    Link is mortal. If Riptide not being able to hurt mortals is contradicted or retcond later in the series please post some quotes, or even if he gets a different sword that can.

  70. Friendlysociopath November 25, 2014 at 8:54 am -      #270

    ” If Riptide not being able to hurt mortals is contradicted or retcond later in the series please post some quotes, or even if he gets a different sword that can.”

    Percy’s sword will hurt other Demigods, who are mortal. Pretty much the only people it will do nothing to are base humans. Of special note,
    “They are simply not important enough for the blade to kill”.
    Link is important enough and he isn’t a base human.

    “He doesn’t have the vitamins but even if he did they wouldn’t work here.”

    Okay, thought he had them. My bad.
    I don’t see why they wouldn’t work though, Link is using magic to slow down time. The vitamins let you resist magic. It’s a magical time slow. Just because Link doesn’t have to aim it at Percy doesn’t make it not a magical time slow.

  71. nsl98 November 25, 2014 at 9:14 am -      #271

    Like, I said before, even if Riptide doesn’t work on Link, Percy doesn’t need a weapon to kill Link.

  72. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 9:14 am -      #272

    “The vitamins let you resist magic”

    But he wouldn’t be the target of any magic to resist

    If you had a drug that made you resist fire, I could still use fire to heat water and boil you.
    Would your drug make you resist that?? Remember anti fire drug not anti heat.
    Same principle here, no magic is effecting Percy. Magic is effecting time, and time is effecting Percy. Has Percy ever shown any Chrono manipulation?
    “Percy’s sword will hurt other Demigods”

    Come on, they are half immortal they are vulnerable to things that would normally only hurt one or the other.

    “Link is important enough”

    You have no way of determining that that.
    Link is not a monster, and neither is he from the Underworld. He has not Immortal blood. He is a Hylian, which is essentially human.

    “Like, I said before, even if Riptide doesn’t work on Link, Percy doesn’t need a weapon to kill Link.”

    Very possibly, But a huge factor in Percy’s favour was superior sword play. If he cant bring that into play, and based on what has been said so far, Im willing to vote Link for the BankGambling award.

  73. nsl98 November 25, 2014 at 9:22 am -      #273

    OriginalA said that Hylians are not regular humans, that they are closer to the gods and have more potential than regular Zeldaverse humans. It’s kind of like the half bloods in the Riordanverse, and Riptide works on them just fine.

  74. nsl98 November 25, 2014 at 9:26 am -      #274

    Percy still has superior weight, height, and reach over WW/PH Link. He can still disarm him and strangle him with his bodily fluids.

  75. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 9:26 am -      #275

    Hylians have pointy ears so that they can hear the gods. They aren’t half god, most cant even do any magic.

  76. Commander Cross November 25, 2014 at 10:10 am -      #276

    Hylians aren’t exactly ‘Vanilla’ Mortals though, that’s part of the thing even when you don’t factor some of them being Avatars for Divine or Infernal Entities.
    It’s not in the main novels or CHB-related side-stories, but Percy had to fight people Hosting the Power of the Gods within their bodies especially, not unlike when The Original Zelda was hosting the Powers of a Heavenly Goddess if I recalled correctly.

    Also to answer any questions if said Hosts were ‘Vanilla’ or not, the Hosts in question are NOT AT ALL ‘Vanilla’ Mortal Humans either.

    Which pretty much confirms that if the Human in question’s Not ‘Vanilla’/Genetically-‘Normal’ by our usual standards, they’d be hurt by Celestial Bronze, and being capable of just Seeing the supernatural in general by their most ‘basic’ forms don’t count on its own.

    Don’t forget, even If WW/PH Link walks out, there’d still be two more rounds to worry about and one of the includes HW Link as well, it’s more or less symbolically akin to the gathering of The Triforce Parts, this match is.

    While it won’t guarantee whether or not Riptide will work on TP Link for sure if used directly at him, TP Link will not be stupid and ignore whatever potential threats the blade may have, either any more than the other 2 Links would dream of it.

  77. Friendlysociopath November 25, 2014 at 11:11 am -      #277

    “If you had a drug that made you resist fire, I could still use fire to heat water and boil you.
    Would your drug make you resist that?”

    Funnily enough, yes. Because fire is nothing but heat- boiling water is the exact same attack, heat.

    “He is a Hylian, which is essentially human.”

    He’s Hylian, which is decidedly not human. Satyrs are just people with goat legs, the weapons work on them. You’re confusing “mortal” with “human”. Their weapons work on wolves just fine, wolves are perfectly mortal aren’t they?

    He’s also the Hero of Time/Wind, which makes him important enough to be killed. Most Link incarnations also have a Triforce piece, which is literally having a piece of God power. The sword will work on him.

  78. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 1:00 pm -      #278

    “He’s Hylian, which is decidedly not human.”

    The only difference between the two is the pointy ears. A minor physical characteristic. that is like saying “He’s Asian, which is decidedly not human”
    How would “mist” effect Link? Im not to sure on the details yet, but “mist” makes you see things differently to how they really are yes? Do all supernatural things give off “mist”? or is a active ability?

  79. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 1:12 pm -      #279

    @Commander Cross
    No offence meant, but I am having trouble reading your posts. I cant seems to… “find the flow” if that makes any sense. Im not trying to belittle you, but i read your posts many times and find it difficult to discern what stance you are taking on a particular issue.

  80. Friendlysociopath November 25, 2014 at 1:36 pm -      #280

    “No offence meant, but I am having trouble reading your posts”

    It gets easier after a while… okay, no it doesn’t- anything relevant is usually right at the top, the further down you read the less sense it’ll make.

    The only difference between the two is the pointy ears. A minor physical characteristic. that is like saying “He’s Asian, which is decidedly not human”

    Nice try, but no, they aren’t human. That’s like saying Elves are human just because they only have pointy ears and are otherwise the same, or Dwarfs are like humans that are just short.

    There’s also the fact they’re able to use magic, which makes them able to be hurt by Percy’s weapon “because they become important enough”. Base humans learn magic in Percy’s series and become important enough to fight.

    Percy’s sword will work on Link just fine. Hylians are not humans. If they were, they’d be called humans. There’s more differences besides the ears, read the earlier pages.

    As for the Mist… if Link isn’t important enough for Percy to fight I don’t know why he’d be able to pierce the Mist unless he has something that let’s him see through illusions or something similar.

  81. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 2:00 pm -      #281

    “Nice try, but no, they aren’t human”

    Yes, they are. As are the Gerudo. The term human is used multiple times throughout Twilight princess To refer to link and other Hylians.

    “There’s also the fact they’re able to use magic”

    Is that an argument against them being human? Because lots of fictional humans can use magic.

    The only Hylians i know of that are ever shown to be able to naturally use magic is the Hyrule royal family, who are descended from a Goddess that took human form.

    Ganondorf and twinrova are Gerudo that can naturally use magic. But every link that I am familiar with had magic given to them.

    ” unless he has something that let’s him see through illusions or something similar.”

    The only thing that comes to mind is the lens of truth from OoT, but that cant be used here. Any idea how much the Mist will affect his fighting ability?

    there is also the Mirror of truth in Hyrule warriors but that is a plot item, cant be used by Link, so moot point.

  82. Commander Cross November 25, 2014 at 2:17 pm -      #282

    @LadyRamkin at #279

    You aren’t the first to ask why I’d number some parts in my post with bullet points, it don’t seem likely you’d be the last anytime soon.

    Also, said Humans that can use Magic generally are not exempt from Riptide, either, I’d hope not to go with this example but I could name many a Human Magic-user in the Potter-world that can be hurt if they’d let Riptide hit them.

    Also, professional Golden Mist-users can also craft visual deceptions, Mirages, Illusions and other such things that screw with your visual perceptions of how things normally are.
    Which also leads to another good question,’When and how do Human people cease being ‘Vanilla’, exactly?’ and it’s a tricky subject to tackle barring some obvious bits like the ones we’ve just listed.

  83. Friendlysociopath November 25, 2014 at 2:18 pm -      #283

    Is that an argument against them being human? Because lots of fictional humans can use magic.

    No, that’s an argument for why they’re important enough for Riptide to hit them. Even humans who know magic can be harmed by Riptide.

    “Any idea how much the Mist will affect his fighting ability?”

    Hmm, not entirely sure to be honest. The only mortals Percy ever hangs around can see through the mist.

    I know it makes his weapon look different, it’s been described as a pipe or a shotgun through mortal eyes, or it’s just a blur that they can’t manage to focus on, which is a bit unnerving when they can see Percy perfectly fine. Link would be unable to notice what Percy is holding in his hands, only that he is indeed holding something.

  84. LadyRamkin November 25, 2014 at 2:24 pm -      #284

    Well at this point i don’t think i can really contribute any more without more information on Percy. So imma go do some reading.

  85. Envoy November 25, 2014 at 11:31 pm -      #285

    “Also the Iron boots in this game are made to directly counter the effects of strong winds.”
    Which don’t help his arms/eyes when under the effects of strong winds.
    “I did not know that, which ones specifically?”
    IIRC Darknuts shrug off magic arrows, I forget what other enemies do this.
    “Please elaborate.”
    One of Medusa’s sisters survives getting hit by a truck.
    “Gotcha!” shrieked Euryale. Percy turned as an arrow thudded into her forehead. Euryale tumbled into the fast lane. A truck slammed into her and carried her backward a hundred yards, but she just climbed over the cab, pulled the arrow out of her head, and launched back into the air.”
    -Chapter 2, Son of Neptune


    Water Hands

    ”Percy thrust out his hands. An intense tugging sensation filled his gut, and the Tiber obeyed his will. The river surged. Whirlpools formed on either side of Frank. Giant watery hands erupted from the stream, copying Percy’s movements. The giant hands grabbed the gorgons, who dropped Frank in surprise. Then the hands lifted the squawking monsters in a liquid vise grip.

    Percy heard the other kids yelping and backing away, but he stayed focused on his task. He made a smashing gesture with his fists, and the giant hands plunged the gorgons into the Tiber. The monsters hit bottom and broke into dust. Glittering clouds of gorgon essence struggled to re- form, but the river pulled them apart like a blender. Soon every trace of the gorgons was swept downstream. The whirlpools vanished, and the current returned to normal.”

    -Chapter 2, The Son of Neptune
    Percy lifts The River Lethe, and makes an air bubble.
    “I didn’t know if I could do this. I was the child of Poseidon, so controlling salt water was no problem. Regular rivers … maybe, if the river spirits were feeling cooperative. Magical Underworld rivers? I had no idea.

    I concentrated on the current-the raging black water rushing past. I imagined it was part of my own body. I could control the flow, make it respond to my will.
    I wasn’t sure, but I thought the water churned and bubbled more violently, as if it sense my presence. I knew I couldn’t stop the river altogether. The current would back up and flood the whole valley, exploding all over us as soon as soon as I let it go. But there was another solution.

    I raised my arms like I was lifting something over my head. My bad shoulder burned like lava, but I tried to ignore it.
    The river rose. It surged out of its banks, flowing up and then down again in a great arc-a raging black rainbow of water twenty feet high. The riverbed in front of us turned to drying mud, a tunnel under the river just wide enough for two people to walk side by side.
    “Go,” I said. “I can’t hold this for long.”
    Yellow spots danced in front of my eyes. My wounded shoulder nearly screamed in pain.

    Not a single drop. I can’t let a single drop of water touch them.
    The River Lethe fought me. It didn’t win at to be forced out of its banks. It wanted to crash down on my friends, wipe their minds clean, and drown them. But I held the arc.

    My knees were shaking. My arms trembled. I took a step forward and almost fell. The water arc quivered.

    Somehow I managed to climb down into the riverbed. One step, then another. The water surged above me. My boots squished in the mud.
    Halfway across, I stumbled. I heard Thalia scream, “No!” And my concentration broke.
    As the River Lethe crashed down on me, I had time for one last desperate thought: Dry.

    I opened my eyes. I was surrounded in darkness, but I was completely dry. A layer of air covered me like a second skin, shielding me from the effects of the water. I struggled to my feet. Even this small effort to stay dry-something I’d done many times in normal water-was almost more than I could handle. I slogged forward through the black current, blind and doubled over in pain.”
    Page 117-119, The Demigod Files.
    Percy’s personal hurricane & Iceberg sinking.
    “Percy was fighting like a whirlwind. In fact…he was a whirlwind. A miniature hurricane of water and ice vapor churned around him as he waded through the enemy, knocking Roman ghosts away, deflecting arrows and spears. Since when did he have that power?

    Percy glanced over. He saw the fallen giant and seemed to understand what was happening. He yelled something that was lost in the wind, probably: Go!
    Then he slammed Riptide into the ice at his feet. The entire glacier shuddered. Ghosts fell to their knees. Behind Percy, a wave surged up from the bay—a wall of gray water even taller than the glacier. Water shot
    from the chasms and crevices in the ice. As the wave hit, the back half of the camp crumbled. The entire edge of the glacier peeled away, cascading into the void—carrying buildings, ghosts, and Percy Jackson over the edge.”
    -Chapter 46, The Lost Hero
    Percy bursts open the veins of Tartarus.
    “Percy gave a battle cry. At the Cyclopes’ feet, a red vein in the ground burst open, spraying the monsters with liquid fire from the Phlegethon. The firewater might have healed mortals, but it didn’t do the Cyclopes any favors. They combusted in a tidal wave of heat. The burst vein sealed itself, but nothing remained of the monsters except a row of scorch marks.”
    -Chapter 70, House of Hades
    Percy chokes Akhlys with her own poison and bodily fluids.
    “He was dimly aware of Annabeth shouting, throwing random pieces of drakon jerky at the goddess. The white-green poison kept pooling, little streams trickling from the plants as the venomous lake around him got wider and wider.
    Lake, he thought. Streams. Water.
    Probably it was just his brain getting fried from poison fumes, but he croaked out a laugh. Poison was liquid. If it moved like water, it must be partially water.
    He remembered some science lecture about the human body being mostly water. He rememberedextracting water from Jason’s lungs back in Rome.… If he could control that, then why not other liquids?
    It was a crazy idea. Poseidon was the god of the sea, not of every liquid everywhere.
    Then again, Tartarus had its own rules. Fire was drinkable. The ground was the body of a dark god. The air was acid, and demigods could be turned into smoky corpses.
    So why not try? He had nothing left to lose.
    He glared at the poison flood encroaching from all sides. He concentrated so hard that something inside him cracked—as if a crystal ball had shattered in his stomach.
    Warmth flowed through him. The poison tide stopped.
    The fumes blew away from him—back toward the goddess. The lake of poison rolled toward her in tiny waves and rivulets.
    Akhlys shrieked. “What is this?”
    “Poison,” Percy said. “That’s your specialty, right?”
    He stood, his anger growing hotter in his gut. As the flood of venom rolled toward the goddess, the fumes began to make her cough. Her eyes watered even more.
    Oh, good, Percy thought. More water.
    Percy imagined her nose and throat filling with her own tears.
    Akhlys gagged. “I—” The tide of venom reached her feet, sizzling like droplets on a hot iron. She wailed and stumbled back.
    “Percy!” Annabeth called.
    She’d retreated to the edge of the cliff, even though the poison wasn’t after her. She sounded terrified. It took Percy a moment to realize she was terrified of him.

    He didn’t want to stop. He wanted to choke this goddess. He wanted to watch her drown in her own poison. He wanted to see just how much misery Misery could take.
    “Percy, please…” Annabeth’s face was still pale and corpse-like, but her eyes were the same as always. The anguish in them made Percy’s anger fade.
    He turned to the goddess. He willed the poison to recede, creating a small path of retreat along the edge of the cliff.
    “Leave!” he bellowed.
    For an emaciated ghoul, Akhlys could run pretty fast when she wanted to. She scrambled along the path, fell on her face, and got up again, wailing as she sped into the dark.
    As soon as she was gone, the pools of poison evaporated. The plants withered to dust and blew away.
    Annabeth stumbled toward him. She looked like a corpse wreathed in smoke, but she felt solid enough when she gripped his arms.
    “Percy, please don’t ever…” Her voice broke in a sob. “Some things aren’t meant to be controlled. Please.”
    His whole body tingled with power, but the anger was subsiding. The broken glass inside him was beginning to smooth at the edges.”
    -Chapter 48, House of Hades.
    Percy and Annabeth fall for a long time into Tartarus, then he catches them in a geyser and a whirlpool.
    As she fell, Annabeth thought about Hesiod, the old Greek poet who’d speculated it would take nine days to fall from earth to Tartarus.
    She hoped Hesiod was wrong. She’d lost track of how long she and Percy had been falling—
    hours? A day? It felt like an eternity. They’d been holding hands ever since they dropped into the chasm. Now Percy pulled her close, hugging her tight as they tumbled through absolute darkness.

    If they reached the bottom at terminal velocity…well, she knew enough science to know it would be terminal.

    Suddenly, the chute they’d been falling through opened into a vast cavern. Maybe half a mile below them, Annabeth could see the bottom. For a moment she was too stunned to think properly. The entire island of Manhattan could have fit inside this cavern—and she couldn’t even see its full extent.

    Percy could control water—assuming that was water below them. He might be able to cushion their fall somehow. Of course Annabeth had heard horrible stories about the rivers of the Underworld. They could take away your memories, or burn your body and soul to ashes. But she decided not to think about that. This was their only chance. The river hurtled toward them. At the last second, Percy yelled defiantly. The water erupted in a massive geyser and swallowed them whole.”
    -Chapter 5, House of Hades.
    “THE IMPACT DIDN’T KILL HER, but the cold nearly did.
    Freezing water shocked the air right out of her lungs. Her limbs turned rigid, and she lost her grip on Percy. She began to sink. Strange wailing sounds filled her ears—millions of heartbroken voices, as if the river were made of distilled sadness. The voices were worse than the cold. They weighed her down and made her numb.

    Percy gripped her hand and jolted her back to reality. She couldn’t see him in the murky water, but suddenly she didn’t want to die. Together they kicked upward and broke the surface. Annabeth gasped, grateful for the air, no matter how sulfurous. The water swirled around them, and she realized Percy was creating a whirlpool to buoy them up.

    Percy looked near dead with exhaustion. Usually water reinvigorated him, but not this water. Controlling it must have taken every bit of his strength. The whirlpool began to dissipate. Annabeth hooked one arm around his waist and struggled across the current.

    “Percy!” she shrieked. “The river is messing with your mind. It’s the Cocytus—the River of Lamentation. It’s made of pure misery!””
    -Chapter 6, House of Hades.
    Carter on “Giant Croc”, Part 1.
    ” The next microsecond, as the water erupted around me, I realized too late that I should’ve brought the entire Twenty-first Nome to help me. I registered glowing yellow eyes as big as my head, the glint of gold jewellery round a massive neck. Then monstrous jaws opened – ridges of crooked teeth and an expanse of pink maw wide enough to gulp down a garbage truck.”
    Part 2
    ” Whatever the case, on dry land the crocodile looked even scarier than he had in the water. He was about forty feet long, as tall as a delivery truck, with a tail so massive and powerful it overturned cars every time it swished. His skin glistened blackish green and gushed water that pooled around his feet. I remembered Sobek once telling me that his divine sweat created the rivers of the world. Yuck. I guessed this monster had the same holy perspiration. Double yuck.”
    Percy creates a whirlpool and a hurricane that sweeps up Giant Croc.
    ” Percy managed a crooked smile. ‘Just run in there as soon as it starts.’
    ‘As soon as what starts?’
    Then the crocodile sneezed, launching the wax hippo across Long Island. The petsuchos turned towards us, roaring in anger, and Percy charged straight at him.

    As it turned out, I didn’t need to ask what kind of distraction Percy had in mind. Once it started, it was pretty obvious.
    He stopped in front of the crocodile and raised his arms. I figured he was planning some kind of magic, but he spoke no command words. He had no staff or wand. He just stood there and looked up at the crocodile as if to say, Here I am! I’m tasty!
    The crocodile seemed momentarily surprised. If nothing else, we would die knowing that we’d confused this monster many, many times.
    Croc sweat kept pouring off his body. The brackish stuff was up to the kerb now, up to our ankles. It sloughed into the storm drains but just continued spilling from the croc’s skin.
    Then I saw what was happening. As Percy raised his arms, the water began swirling counterclockwise. It started around the croc’s feet and quickly built up speed until the whirlpool encompassed the entire cul-de-sac, spinning strongly enough that I could feel it pulling me sideways.
    By the time I realized I’d better start running, the current was already too fast. I’d have to reach the necklace some other way.
    One last trick, I thought.
    I feared the effort might literally burn me up, but I summoned my final bit of magical energy and transformed into a falcon – the sacred animal of Horus.
    Instantly, my vision was a hundred times sharper. I soared upwards, above the rooftops, and the entire world switched to high-definition 3D. I saw the police cars only a few blocks away, the kids standing in the middle of the street, waving them down. I could make out every slimy bump and pore on the crocodile’s hide. I could see each hieroglyph on the clasp of the necklace. And I could see just how impressive Percy’s magic trick was.
    The entire cul-de-sac was engulfed in a hurricane. Percy stood at the edge, unmoved, but the water was churning so fast now that even the giant crocodile lost his footing. Wrecked cars scraped along the pavement. Mailboxes were pulled out of lawns and swept away. The water increased in volume as well as speed, rising up and turning the entire neighbourhood into a liquid centrifuge.”
    “Son of Sobek”
    Percy draws water from a great distance.
    “The nearest water was the creek, half a mile away … but I had to do something. I concentrated. There was a pull in my gut, a roar in my ears. Then a wall of water came rushing through the trees. It doused the fire, Juniper, Grover, and pretty much everything else.
    Grover blew out a spout of water. “Thanks, Percy!”
    “No problem!” I ran back toward the fight, and Grover and Juniper followed.”
    Page 328, The Battle of the Labyrinth.
    “Just been reading lightning thief and Percy has just got his sword, which has been stated cant cunt humans, it just passes through them as though its not there. Does he get a different one later in the series? Because if he doesn’t he is kind of boned here.”
    Link isn’t human, and celestial bronze/imperial gold can hurt humans that have some sort of magic heritage, such as Carter Kane, a human descended from pharaohs who where hosts to Gods.
    He isn’t vanilla enough.
    “I would like much more detail on how Kornos ability works, because that makes literally no sense.”
    He’s a Titan, and those are his powers. There is no other explanation.
    “That makes it sound like he has magic that directly affects things in an area to slow down their personal time, which it then make sense for Percy to be able to counter, since magic is directly trying to effect him.”
    Kronos’ powers are not magic, same with Percy’s. Magic is a whole different thing in this Greek Mythos.
    “If he cant bring that into play, and based on what has been said so far, Im willing to vote Link for the BankGambling award.”
    Even if, somehow, Link couldn’t be hurt by Riptide, all of his items could. Percy could disarm or destroy his stuff and beat the little kids face in.
    “How would “mist” effect Link? Im not to sure on the details yet, but “mist” makes you see things differently to how they really are yes? Do all supernatural things give off “mist”? or is a active ability?”
    Everything supernatural has it. Percy isn’t too adept but he can make himself invisible/unnoticeable.

  86. LadyRamkin November 26, 2014 at 8:50 am -      #286

    …..well, Percy sounds awesome.

    “Darknuts shrug off magic arrows”

    i believe that Darknuts still get frozen but they break out of the ice block VERY quickly.

    “Link isn’t human”

    Yes he is, twilight princess uses the word human to describe Hylians multiple times.

    “some sort of magic heritage”

    The only Hylians that have a magical heritage are the Hylian Royal family, oh, and the sages but not all the others.

    “He’s a Titan, and those are his powers. There is no other explanation.”

    When i said that makes no sense i was referring to Percy’s ability to apparently alter time.

    “Kronos’ powers are not magic, same with Percy’s. Magic is a whole different thing in this Greek Mythos.”

    Ive only just finished lightning thief so um…. Please elaborate?

    “Everything supernatural has it. Percy isn’t too adept but he can make himself invisible/unnoticeable.”

    So Percy is a superior swords man of, and im guessing here, similar strength and he has bullet timing reflexes. His sword may not be able to hurt Link but his vast array of water powers could probably do the job. AND Link may not even be able to see him???? This just gets more and more uphill.

  87. nsl98 November 26, 2014 at 9:14 am -      #287

    Oh you finished it! Did you like it?

    And yeah, I forgot about that Mist Aura demigods have. Maybe I should’ve thought this match through more…

  88. LadyRamkin November 26, 2014 at 9:44 am -      #288

    Yeah, it was alright, i’m about half way through sea of monsters at the minuet.

    When i made that comment about Riptide being completely ineffective, I hadn’t read the part where it could cut everyday normal things, like when he opened the animal cages. So yeah, like Envoy said, “Percy could disarm or destroy his stuff “

  89. nsl98 November 26, 2014 at 10:01 am -      #289

    OK, so what are your thoughts now? I still maintain Round 3 for Link, with TP Link losing. Round 1 is currently under discussion still, or at least that’s what it looks like.

  90. nsl98 November 26, 2014 at 10:07 am -      #290

    @ LadyRamkin
    This might help:
    “My children learn to use the Mist to their advantage, to create illusions or influence the minds of mortals. Other demigods can do this as well.”

    Hecate, goddess of magic. House of Hades p. 26

  91. Friendlysociopath November 26, 2014 at 11:12 am -      #291

    So what’s our overall conclusion for the rounds?
    I’m reasonably sure Percy takes Round 2 easily.
    1 and 3 are debatable:

    Round 1 depends entirely on Link’s time stops. If Percy is slowed to Link’s level he’s going to have a much harder time winning through Link’s magic armor and such. Although Percy can make himself invisible to Link so he does have that advantage.

    I think 3 is still in Percy’s favor as he has a significant speed advantage over Link and he’s used to fighting uber-strong people like that.

  92. LadyRamkin November 26, 2014 at 11:47 am -      #292

    There are so many factor that im just not sure about. If Link cannot even see Percy, or if the mist effects him anywhere near as severely as it does the mortals in the first few books (and i cant think of a reason why it wouldn’t), Then Links chances of success plummet and that is without taking anything else into consideration.

    But on the assumption that Link is not effected by mist and that he is human, which i will never concede, then:

    Round one, WindWaker link can take it. Severe Time slow is a VERY potent weapon, Link will be hitting harder and faster, Percy wont be able to react to many of links slower attacks as well, such as his arrows, bombs ect. Id say link has a good 85% chance of winning if he stops time Immediately if he tries to fight Pery without it he is probably boned.

    Round two, Twilight princess link is casually super human he has a lot of strength, durability and reaction feats, all of which, as far as i am aware, are inferior to Percy’s. Twilight princes link gets beat down easily and only has VERY low odds of success, also Pery cant just drown him since he has the Zora Armour and can breath underwater. His invincibility will keep him in it for a while, it would even make close range bombs a viable option but i say he loses it.

    Round three, Hyrule warriors Link is exceptionally super human far more so than Twilight princess Link. I think the sheer weight of his attacks combined with the fact he can keep them up in a near constant barrage gives him a distinct edge, but then i run into the problem of not being fully aware of the strength of Percy’s opponents and how much damage he can tank. If Windwaker link loses then we wont have to debate this round any more but if we do, it would require someone more knowledgeable about Hyrule warriors than myself.

    When talking about Warriors Link i was talking specifically about the Gauntlets and the Ball and chain.

  93. LadyRamkin November 26, 2014 at 12:53 pm -      #293

    Just finished “Sea of Monsters”, does Percy shill have that shield? If so, how good is it?

  94. nsl98 November 26, 2014 at 2:43 pm -      #294


    The shield breaks in the next book

  95. Friendlysociopath November 26, 2014 at 3:11 pm -      #295

    “but then i run into the problem of not being fully aware of the strength of Percy’s opponents and how much damage he can tank

    Well let’s see, you’ve read the first book then? Remember the part where Ares knocks Person 30 feet away from him with a kick? About how far does HW Link seem to be knocking his opponents? Seems pretty similar to me, for strength values. Percy manages to fight him just fine.

    Also, you’ve got to be the first person I’ve ever met to insist Link is human.
    Again, even if he was human- which he is not- he’s imbued with the power of gods and has magic, both of which make regular humans important enough for Riptide to work on.

  96. LadyRamkin November 26, 2014 at 3:54 pm -      #296

    “even if he was human- which he is not”
    I doubt you’re used to your new body yet, so I’ll just tell you…
    Think about how you fought enemies in your human form…

    I found you!
    Oooh! Aren’t you scary!
    Eeh hee! Are you sure you want to be doing that? Snarling and glaring at me?
    Well, that’s too bad…
    I was planning on helping you…if you were nice.
    Eeh hee! That’s much better! You humans are obedient to a fault, aren’t you?
    Oops! But you AREN’T a human anymore, are you? You’re a beast! Eeh hee!
    There, there. You be a good boy and calm down. No need to bite!

    To humans, this must seem like just an average country town, but to us, it’s

    Were you trying to listen to the humans talk?
    Do you understand human words? That’s amazing!
    I tried to listen with A, too, but I don’t understand human words.

    Ah… To be a wolf on a night when the moon rides high… Beautiful!
    Tell me, is your true form a human who is not currently in the town? …Nah,
    Just teasing!

    Ugh… Why do I have to stand guard…
    The ladder is destroyed, so it is not like any humans will come up…
    And what is with the elders? If we have a problem the humans can help with, we
    should ask. It is better than suffering for the sake of pride.

    Repelling humans by force… What a depressing job…
    Must keep humans out…

    Ah! No humans allowed!
    These lands ahead belong to the Goron tribe! The elder said no humans may pass!

    [The Goron throws Link from the cliff]

    A weak spirit is no match for the might of the Gorons!
    Do you understand me, human? Then away with you!

    Ho! You are back again, human?
    You will never pass! You cannot hope to match our brute force!

    Ahhhh… Nice and hot. Just like I like it…
    What? What is a human doing here?
    I thought the elders told us not to let humans near the mountain, but…

    Is this young one such an imposing enemy that you must all gang up on him? I
    think not, Little Brothers.
    I am a Goron elder, little human. I am called Gor Coron.
    Because of certain…circumstances, I must lead the Goron tribe in place of
    Darbus, our tribal patriarch.
    Tell me, little human, do you come from the village below?
    You have done well to come this far. You are strong…for a human.
    The mines beyond here are sacred to my tribe. Outsiders are not allowed.
    I could make an exception…but you would have to beat me in a contest of
    power. Are you willing to try, little human?

    Attention, Little Brothers.
    The human with the pointed hat is going home.
    Be polite and see him on his way.

    The fact that the guards could not stop one puny human from getting in here is
    a humiliation for all Gorons.

    This is no place for humans! Away with you!

    I must always remember that this path connects to a very important place.
    No human outsider must pass!

    No entry without the elder’s permission, human.

    You again, little human? What are you doing back here?

    Bah… Do not waste my time, little human. Leave immediately.

    You have asked for it, little human. And now you will get it.

    [If you lose]

    Your body is skinny, Brother, and so you are too light. You do not stand a
    Try again later, Brother…

    Eh? What is it? Do you want to try again, little human?

    All right, Little Brothers, see the human off, please.

    The fact that you got by so many Gorons to get here was shocking…but to beat
    the elder… I am in utter disbelief.
    Neither humans nor Gorons should make judgments based on appearance, I

    You… Did you really win? Without cheating?
    If I find out that you cheated, human, you will pay.

    I thought I felt a presence…but what a surprise to find a young human…
    Word has come to me of you…and if Gor Coron has faith in you, then your heart
    must be true.
    …I am one of the four Goron elders. Gor Amoto is my name.
    You are heroic, young human. Please, you must lend this tribe your power.

    Oh… Ah… The young human. I am pleased to see you make it this far,

    Whoa… Human?!
    What business does a human have coming here?! None! No business!
    This is a forbidden place! I will protect this treasure from you!

    Ugh… That…hurt a lot. Who knew that humans were capable of such feats of

    Ah! You are here at last!
    I heard that you might pay a visit, young human. I am farsighted in all things.

    Hmm… Human movement is so rushed and disorganized.

    I am…the last of the spirits of light…consumed…by twilight…
    Hero… Chosen one of the gods… You have…done well to make it this far…
    Gather…my scattered Tears of Light…that were stolen by shadow… Gather
    them…in this…
    I am sure…you know by now…the forms…that these dark insects take…when
    they steal…our light…
    In this shadow realm…of twilight…the insects…are invisible…like the
    humans…of this world…

    Hurrrm? Some of the Zoras are still alive down under there?
    I thought maybe they dried up along with the lake…
    Hey, buddy, have you heard? There’s like a temple or something at the bottom of
    this lake.
    They put on such airs with all their rituals and fancy temple hoo-ha… Then
    they just disappear…
    And what’s with putting that temple so deep that humans can’t swim there?! I
    swear, those Zoras…

    Well, this isn’t good. A human doctor won’t do, huh…

    You look so stern… With that look on your face, you’ll frighten the humans!

    You there!
    You’re Link, correct?
    Mmm, yes, I thought so. I could just tell, you know.
    I’m Louise. Do you remember meeting me in this shop before? Though I don’t
    think we were properly introduced…
    In any case, I must tell you, I’m a bit puzzled as to why you look like that.
    Really, dear, you can’t blame the humans for tossing you out, the way you look.
    Oh… Another patient? You certainly are a curious sort…

    This way!
    Here, get in through the window. The attic is connected to the castle’s
    It’s an old waterway, though…so it could be a rough trip.
    Well… I suppose all that’s left to do is make sure that the humans don’t
    notice you.

    The sword accepted you as its master…
    This thing is the embodiment of the evil magic that Zant cast on you.
    It’s definitely different from our tribe’s shadow magic…
    Careful… If you touch it, you’ll turn back into a beast!
    This thing is too dangerous… It’s probably for the best if we just leave it
    here, huh?
    But on the other hand…if we kept it, you’d be able to transform into a beast
    anytime you wanted…
    Yes, since Zant was kind enough to give this to us, we should be thankful and
    use it all we can!
    If you need it, just call me. I want to keep a low profile, so I’ll hide in
    your shadow when you’re human, but I can change you whenever.

    So, how was your human-cannonball ride into the desert?

    [If you approach as wolf]

    Uh! Rare color of wolf!
    Looks tasty…
    But tonight fish night. Maybe another time.

    Friendly, uh?
    I take you home with me, uh?
    …If I did not have fish.

    [If you approach as human]

    Uh! Whoa-ho!
    I heard ruckus, and uh! Just a human!
    I see humans not often, uh? Why human come to snows?
    You…on spiritual journey? You look for true self?

    Sorry… I have sickness, uh…
    Come closer, uh?

    Uh, wait… I tell you something.

    You cute little human. Husband told me you come. You want to look at mirror,

    Who are you, little human? The young lady’s acquaintance?

    Little human, it is time for you to show your manliness…for the girl’s sake!

    Whether we get that girl’s memory back, young warrior, will be up to you.
    Even our chief, Darbus, has lost the memory of his dark time… We have not
    told him that you were the one who saved him.
    He is a proud Goron, and he can be…touchy. If he knew he had been saved by a

    I thought I had seen that before somewhere…
    That belonged to the tribe that protected the Hylian royal family long ago.
    They worked in secret, so they lived in a lonely, forgotten place. But I heard
    that tribe dwindled in the prolonged wars…
    If you want to find that hidden village, look for a path leading to the Lanayru
    province on the far side of the Bridge of Eldin.
    But…a rockslide blocked the way to the village long ago, so you can’t get
    there anymore.
    What? Oh, I do not mean to worry you, little human. Problems like these are not
    problems to Gorons.

    I could go on, but every character in Twilight Princess thinks hes human so im inclined to agree with them

    “has magic”

    He is granted magic by an outside source, If riptide effects people like that then i concede, but NO canon Link is born with it (*cough*thatiknowof*cough*)

    “he’s imbued with the power of gods”

    eeeh, the only tangible benefit that the Triforce of courage grants is generally against negative polymorph effects.

  97. LadyRamkin November 26, 2014 at 4:07 pm -      #297

    “Percy manages to fight him just fine.”

    Ares wasn’t taking that fight seriously. Percy barely managed to wound his foot, and before ares could even try Someone called him off.

  98. Commander Cross November 26, 2014 at 4:49 pm -      #298

    @Admiral Envoy at #285

    Let’s also agree that Carter Kane IS NOT MOSES THE SORCERER, who was also raised by The House of Life before he became the Man we’d recognize him as.

    Any more than Percy’s any particular Knight of The Round Table with The Original Merlin’s Blessings for that matter, and if Percy were fighting Moses without either the Multi-Vitamins or those Blessings instead of fighting Carter Kane, Percy would have received a Non-Standard Game Over.
    The Original Merlin* also would have been capable of soloing The House of Life as it was, during Moses’ time but with less Divine Aid-by-numbers while pulling it out of his hat, and I grant you that The Big-G Man Himself didn’t directly interfere on either count and I doubt he’d need to do so for Merlin had he swapped positions with Moses.

    The more Modern-day House of Life if they still exist would have Guns available to them, but even then that’s no guarantee they’d have averted receiving a Hax-storm against their favor if they don’t watch it.


    Otherwise, the Medieval/Dark Age Times of Humanity(Post-Original Rome’s Fall) or the More Modern-day times generally have more edges in their favor than Ancient Humanity did aside from those exceptions.

    @LadyRamkin at #297

    Prince Ares definitely didn’t unleash his TDF during the whole fight, and at least Percy has better explanations for not dying all-over-the-place than Diomedes of The Trojan War did when Dio fought Ares.*

    Granted, Diomedes had a Flamethrower Shield along with Amazing Swords, but c’mon in here, let’s agree to throw Percy some Plus Kudos.


    1.) (A bit of help from High Princess Athena aside, the only surefire way to reconcile on that regard is if everyone remembers that Diomedes had to do so By the very SKIN of his teeth, and nothing less than that because otherwise the whole incident would have been next-to-meaningless in some respects.
    I like hearing about Dio every now and then, but for crying outloud!)
    2.) (At least Some of The Original Merlin’s incarnations worth their salt.)

  99. Friendlysociopath November 26, 2014 at 4:57 pm -      #299

    …Just when I thought I was starting to understand Commander Cross…

    Hylians: Given pointed ears to hear messages from the Gods. Can learn magic.
    Human: Round ears, can’t hear the Gods.

    Although if Percy really can make himself invisible to Link all 3 rounds kind of become moot.

  100. Commander Cross November 26, 2014 at 5:06 pm -      #300

    @FriendlySociopath at #299

    Moses was mentioned in The Kane Chronicles volume 01: The Red Pyramid and I’ve read the novel a long time ago when he got mentioned.
    I’ve just started reading about The book about Moses, which is in this link I’m bringing to you.

    The Birth of Moses

    When we’re not taking the time to discuss Fighting, I’d recommend we’d all give it a read sometime. :D


    Another digression: Anyone ever watched 300 : The Movie sometime?


    Back to fighting-at-hand, where were we again?

    Humans could also learn Magic under the right circumstances if I recall correctly, but then they’d stop being ‘Vanilla’ and start being harm-able directly by Celestial Bronze weapons if they do that.

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