Alexis Mason, Lucy, 6 & Emma Frost Vs Dresden, Andrew, Vader & The Founder

Alexis Mason, Lucy, 6 & Emma Frost Vs Dresden, Andrew, Vader & The Founder

Brought to you by sadot06

Here we have Alexis Mason (Falling Skies), Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) 6 (I Am Number 4) & Emma Frost (X-Men) going up against Harry Dresden (Dresden Files), Andrew (Chronicle), Darth Vader (Star Wars) & The Founder (Tomorrow People)

Fight takes place in Arkham City.

Dresden is Pre Winter Knight.

Lucy is at 70% mental capacity.

Which side wins?

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29 Comments on "Alexis Mason, Lucy, 6 & Emma Frost Vs Dresden, Andrew, Vader & The Founder"

  1. Jake_Uzumaki October 14, 2014 at 8:23 am -      #1

    Well on the upside Dresden knows who Emma is and about how she’s weakest in her diamond form so good news for team 2. He and Founder have telepathy feats so that’s going to be helpful since I think

    I’ve read up on Alexis and apparently she’s similar to Molly powerful empathic and telepathic abilities plus the ability to mess with elements and make light shows.

    70% Lucy from what I read is…able to eat computers in addition to telekinesis? I never really saw the film and am just going off of what little I can find.

    Hasn’t 6 been on here before? Is this her movie or book version?

  2. Private Khaos October 14, 2014 at 8:53 am -      #2

    Seeing how Dresden is a gigantic nerd he’ll know how to deal with Frost and Vader should make this easier for team 2 as well and if it’s EU Vader I don’t think team 1 can win this. Note I’ve only seen the SW movies but hearing how powerful characters are in the SW EU compared to the movies gives me a general idea that Vader is shown to be at least twice as powerful than he is in the original trilogy. What can people on team 1 can do to resist the Force and Dresden’s magic?

  3. Mea quidem sententia October 14, 2014 at 9:47 am -      #3

    I don’t know how Dresden knows Frost. With her ability to turn into diamond, she’s immune to telepathy. Also, a body made of diamond with give her resistance to high temps about 3,000 degrees F. A little more, actually. We could say 3,500. But she’s vulnerable like diamond as well.

    Andrew crushed a car just by turning his hand into a fist, so, yeah.

  4. Jake_Uzumaki October 14, 2014 at 9:56 am -      #4

    Well 6 might be durable enough to take some of Dresden’s spells to the face and survive.
    Lucy could prove problematic until she gets to the point she needs more of the drug, unless that’s not a problem for her anymore at 70%?

    Alexis is an empath, Dresden knows how to exploit an empath…and since they are in a city full of criminals only I have no doubt that no one would feel guilty about causing large scale pain in order to disable her. Especially since the only good guy on team 2 is Dresden. Plus due to the environment they’ll have to attack the criminals anyway because the criminals will attack them so once things kick off Alexis will be feeling all the pain the prisoners are causing each other and that her teammates cause the prisoners and that team 2 causes the prisoners…if she can be affected by empath overload from negative emotions it would effectively render her a non factor but I don’t know if that would work on her or not.

    Also how well would Alexis do against a 44 Magnum bullet to the face (since this is pre winter knight and Dresden didn’t get his 50 cal till after that)? Emma that would kill instantly if it hits I’m pretty sure (outside diamond form, but if it’s diamond form Dresden can always just blast her to bits with fire and force)

  5. Jake_Uzumaki October 14, 2014 at 10:15 am -      #5

    “I don’t know how Dresden knows Frost. With her ability to turn into diamond, she’s immune to telepathy. Also, a body made of diamond with give her resistance to high temps about 3,000 degrees F. A little more, actually. We could say 3,500. But she’s vulnerable like diamond as well.”

    He reads Marvel comics, he’s unable to use any electronic media up close so all he does is read books and comics and occasionally see movies at a drive in or at a distance and in theaters when he was younger and sometimes if he keeps really calm. He quotes Marvel and DC comics all the time though, references multiple characters from them and when he was a ghost for a while he described his ghost powers by saying which X-Man the power belonged to. Not by the books right now but when I get home later tonight I can bring quotes on it.

    Only 3,500 degrees? Dresden’s able to make flames as hot as 6,000 degrees so…yeah fire bombing her is an option.

  6. Mea quidem sententia October 14, 2014 at 10:31 am -      #6

    Ah, I see. That’s pretty cool!

    Well, I don’t know how much higher, but I’d say 3,500 degrees. However, it seems diamond is also affected at 700 degrees centigrade.

  7. Commander Cross October 14, 2014 at 11:05 am -      #7

    For Once, I have too many reasons to completely let Sadot off the hook for the moment.

    Anyway, which version of Emma Frost are we using?
    Classic 616 Emma or Live-Action Emma Frost?

    I’m more familiar with the latter than I am with the former but from what I’d recall, 616 Emma’s no wimp in herself, but Pre-Changes Dresden has Soulfire so he’d be fine even if he’s wearing No Pumpkins on him.

    For what it’s worth, Pre-Changes Dresden had to deal with a Tag-Teaming of 2-5 people during Summer Knight, including the Previous Winter Knight in fact and if he didn’t have his Gun on him, he would have been dead for sure.

    However well they could have fought against The Previous Winter Knight or one of his ‘associates’/fellow cohorts in 1-vs-1, how many in Side A could have fought so much as 2 of such people at a time without dying all over the place?

    Six could be a tougher cookie than expected, but Lucy’s odds depend on how high her mental capacities at the time would be, and Emma’s odds depends on the versions of her we’re talking about.

    OOC: Anyone wondering why Side A consists of Females only as far as I can check? :/

  8. Jake_Uzumaki October 14, 2014 at 12:04 pm -      #8

    It defaults to comic Emma.

    @Mea quidem sententia
    Yeah, he’s basically a BankGamblingr as a wizard.

    I’ve been looking and I’ve seen varying sources for it as well. One thing I saw said 1,472 degrees F was when diamond would start melting when oxygen was in play, Dresden’s hottest flame was like that of an oxy-acetalene torch in makeup and temperature and couple that with Dresden usually pairing fire and blasts of pure force focused in staff sized points he could blast her into chunks or shatter her head with a well placed blast.

  9. Ragnorke October 14, 2014 at 12:12 pm -      #9

    Current Incarnation Lucy is an omnipotent god btw…

    Using Lucy right before current incarnation could make an entire room full of people freeze in mid-air, and access peoples memories…. But she was still susceptible to death by a single bullet

    God I hated that movie

  10. Jake_Uzumaki October 14, 2014 at 12:24 pm -      #10

    It says Lucy at 70% but I don’t know how much time passed between 70 and 100. Dresden is capable of frying her brain if she tries to attack them, she’s the only telepath in this match who has never fought another telepath before which would give Dresden just enough edge to do what he did to an elite Eldritch Abomination Commando and strike her mental form with lightning stunning her long enough for him to go boom headshot..key word being should. I’m not sure how much that feat was influenced by the Winter Mantle if at all.

  11. Jake_Uzumaki October 14, 2014 at 12:46 pm -      #11

    Early Dresden doing a large scale fire spell. Large AoE radius and height, and grabbing targets….don’t most of team 1’s powers require concentration? Hard to concentrate when fire is trying to choke you.

    “I think Michael sensde something and taken the girl from my arms, because the next thing I remember is thrusting my hands toward the nightsky and screaming, “Fuego! Pyrofuego! Burn you greasy bat-faced bastards! Burn!”
    I reached for fire—and fire answered me.
    The tree-towers of the topiary castle exploded into blazes of light, and the hedge-walls, complete with their crenelated tops, went up with them. Fire leapt up into the air, forty, fifity feet, and the sudden explosion of it lifted everyone but me up and off the ground, sent wind roaring around us in a gale.
    I stood amidst it, my mind brilliantly lit by the power coursing through me. It burned me, and some part of me screamed out in joy that it did. My cloak flapped and danced in the gale, spreading out around me in a scarlet and sable cloud.
    The fury in me grew. It swelled and burned and reached out to the fire again. Flames flew out, caught one of the more cowardly of the vampires, huddled at the back, scrabbling to slip his flesh mask back over his squashed bat face. The fire touched him and then twined about him, searing and blackening his skin, then dragging him back, winding and rolling him toward the blaze.
    The magic danced in my eyes, my head, my chest, flying wild and out of control. I couldn’t follow everything that happened. more vampires got too close to the flames, and began screaming. Tendrils of fire rose up from the ground and began to slither over the courtyard like serpents. Everything exploded into motion, shadows flashing through the brightness, seeking escape screaming.
    Grave Peril, Chap 30: pg. 257 -258

    Dresden did this drawing on the natural energy of one of the Great Lakes….wasn’t Arkham City Gotham on the coast or something? Either way he could drain the heat from it do something like this again.

    ” I clenched my teeth as the power rose in me. The hairs on my arms stood up straight, and there was a
    kind of buzzing pressure against the insides of my eardrums. My muscles were tensing, almost to the
    point of convulsing in a full-body charley horse. Stars swam in my vision as I raised the blasting rod.
    “Harry!” Elaine gasped. “Don’t be a fool! You’ll kill us all!”
    I heard her, but I was too far gone into the spell to respond. It had to work. I mean, it had worked once
    before. In theory, it should work again if I could just get it to be a little bit bigger.
    I lifted my face and the blasting rod to the sky, opened my throat, and in a stentorian bellow shouted,
    Fire exploded from the tip of the blasting rod, a column of white-hot flame as thick as my hips. It
    surged up into the smoke, burning it away as it went, rising into a fiery fountain a good twenty stories
    high.All magic obeys certain principles, and many of them apply across the whole spectrum of reality,
    scientific, arcane, or otherwise. As far as casting spells is concerned, the most important is the principle of
    conservation of energy. Energy cannot simply be created. If one wants a twenty-story column of fire hot
    enough to vaporize ten-gauge steel, the energy of all that fire has to come from somewhere. Most of my
    spells use my own personal energy, what is most simply described as sheer force of will. Energy for such
    things can also come from other sources outside of the wizard’s personal power.
    This spell, for example, had been drawn from the heat energy absorbed by the waters of Lake
    The fire roared up with a thunderous detonation of suddenly expanding air, and the shock wave from
    it startled everyone into dead silence. The lake let out a sudden, directionless, crackling snarl. In the
    space of a heartbeat the water between where I stood and the next dock froze over, a sudden sheet of
    hard, white ice. ”
    White Night pg 97

    And even without lake energy he did this

    wall of wind plus soulfire
    “Within seconds, both halves had focused on me, and then two of the freaking things rolled at me, jaws clashing and snapping, equally strong, equally as deadly as before. Only they were going to come rushing at me from multiple directions now.

    “Wow,” Bob said, in a perfectly calm, matter-of-fact, conversational tone. “That is incredibly unfair.”

    “Been that kind of day,” I said. I swapped my blasting rod for my staff. The rod was great for pitching fire around, but I needed to pull off something more complicated than it was really meant to handle, and my wizard’s staff was a great deal more versatile, meant for handling a broad range of possibilities. I called forth my will and laced it with the soulfire within me, then thrust the staff ahead and called, “Fuego murus! Fuego vellum!”

    Energy rushed out of me, and silver-white fire rose up in a ring nearly sixty feet across, three feet thick, and three or four yards high. The roar of the flames seemed to be somehow intertwined with an odd tone that sounded like nothing so much as the voice of a great bell.

    The centipedes (plural – Hell’s bells, I needed to stop being so arrogant) rose up onto their rearmost limbs, trying to bridge the wall in a living arch, but they recoiled from the flames even more violently than when I’d slammed the original head with a cannonball of fire.”
    Changes Chap 12

  12. Mea quidem sententia October 14, 2014 at 2:14 pm -      #12

    White flames are typically 5,000 K.

  13. sadot06 October 14, 2014 at 2:28 pm -      #13

    Lexi Mason feats:

    Kills with touch while holding everybody with in place:

    Blows up squadron of spaceships:

    3:20- Get’s shot at with sniper rifle while not looking, slows down and catches the bullet:

  14. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 2:32 pm -      #14

    Dresden is going to have a tough time with Six on the field. Her kind are fast enough to stop bullets in the air with tk. And Six hereself possesses elemental manipulation.
    So a good deal of what he uses offensively is controllable by her.

  15. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 2:39 pm -      #15

    “Dresden is capable of frying her brain if she tries to attack them, she’s the only telepath in this match who has never fought another telepath before which would give Dresden just enough edge to do what he did to an elite Eldritch Abomination Commando and strike her mental form with lightning stunning her long enough for him to go boom headshot.”

    Problem with Lucy is that her ability is more about controlling people biologically like she does herself. Which isn’t really how telepathy works for Dresden.

  16. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 3:14 pm -      #16

    Garde is what Six is. Sort of like mutants of her race. They tend to be close to one another physically. a good deal of feat shown come from John who tends to be about above average for Garde.
    “The roll of the tape flies back and slams him in the nose. Blood start gushing, and as he reaches for it he drops the gun, which hits the ground and goes off. I point my hand towards the bullet and I make it stop, and behind me I hear henri Laugh. I mmove the bullet so that it hangs in front of the man’s face.”
    -I am number four, Chap 20

    As he steps out, the guard fires at him. With a smile he just raises his hand and stops bullets in midair. He lowers his hand, and the bullets fall to the floor one at a time.
    -Rise of Nine, chap 10, pg68

    The Garde are generally close to each other physically/mentally at base. The ones who either have harder training or experience tend to be a bit stronger/faster then the rest though. Currently Five, Nine and Six are currently the best of the best. Six was at the time of the first quote at a higher level then Four who was the one who stopped the bullet. Even trying his hardest she kicked his ass.
    “She does the same to me, and even though I try laughing it off like I’m playing around, I work my hardest and she still kicks the crap out of me.
    PoS Chap 10 page 78″

    Regardless it’s pretty shown that even the lesser trained Garde are capable of being fast enough to react to bullets after they are fired.
    Strength wise tell tail sign that someone is a garde is lifting stuff like trucks and 5ton slabs of stone.
    And it’s noted that there tk over time gets better then there physical strength.
    The heavier and larger objects have come, the kitchen table, the snowblower henri brought the week before, our new truck, which looks almost exactly like the old one and like millions of other pickup trucks in america. If I can lift it physically, with my body, then I can lift it with my mind. Henri beleives that the strength of my mind will eventually transcend that of my body.”
    IANF chap 22
    Running speed, Garde can reach 60-70 mph. At least for those who’s powers aren’t superspeed.
    Without the truck I decide I’ll run. I probably won’t even break a sweat, and I will be able to get there faster than I would in the truck. And because of the holiday, the roads should be empty. I say good-bye to Bernie, tell him I’ll be home later, and take off. I run on the edges of the fields, through woods. It feels good to burn some energy. It takes the edge off my anxiety. A couple time I get up near full speed, which is probably somewhere around sixty or seventy mile per hour. The sound of it is great, the same sound I hear when I stick my head out the window of the truck as we’re driving down a highway. I wonder how fast I’ll be able to run when I’m twenty, or twenty-five.
    I stop running about a hundred yards from Sarah’s house. I’m not short of breath at all.

    IANF, Chap 18

    Burst of speed
    “Hold on tight,” I say.
    I take three steps and dive forward. The flames swallow us whole but we fly through the air like a bullet, heading straight towards the opening.

    IANF, chap 26
    Six uses reflexes, speed, and invisibility to make it look like someone’s just vanished.
    It’s muscled and bulging fist rushes high in the air, so high that it breaks straight through the rafters and the roof of the school gymnasium. And then it falls, speeding down with such swiftness that it becomes a blur, like the blades of a spinning fan. I cry out in horror, knowing that Henri is about to be crushed. I can’t look away, Henri seeming tiny standing there with the shotgun limply at his sides. When the fist of the beast is a split second from him, Henri disappears. the fist crashes through the gymnasium foor, the wood splintering, the impact sending me crashing into the stands twenty feet away.
    IANF, chap 31

  17. Guardian Dualgunner M1911A1 October 14, 2014 at 4:19 pm -      #17

    “As he steps out, the guard fires at him. With a smile he just raises his hand and stops bullets in midair. He lowers his hand, and the bullets fall to the floor one at a time.
    -Rise of Nine, chap 10, pg68″

    Wait that sounds familiar…

  18. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 5:21 pm -      #18

    Ha! Didn’t even notice the matrixness. They even had the scene with a gruop firing on them too.

  19. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 5:48 pm -      #19

    Six is pretty good at multi-tasking. Using her powers while using weapons.
    Number Six is on top of one of the Humvees with a glowing sword. She’s fighting several soldier at once: hacking off body parts, blocking cannon fire with her blade, using telekinesis to aim a floating cannon high above her so it blast through dozens of Mogadorians on the formation’s edge. She then hurls her sword into a crowd, impaling three soldier at once. Number Six grabs the large gun mounted on the top of the vehicle and mows down dozens of Mogadorians in seconds.
    There are only twenty or thirty soldiers left. Maybe four krauls. Number Six holds one hand over her head while the gun in the other shoots and destroys the Humvees along the shore. Dark clouds form over the mountains and bolts of lightning crack and split the ground near her. The Mogadorians show fear for the first time, and I watch a few drop their weapons and run towards the woods.”

    -Power of Six chap 32, pg. 240

  20. Alpha or Omega October 14, 2014 at 6:54 pm -      #20

    The whole movie about Lucy was dumb.
    I should’ve used my money to watch Guardians a second time instead of that movie. If I could only turn back time.
    Anyway, at the beginning of the movie, she was given some blue powdered drug that increases her cerebral capacity. Which made her an omniscient, omnipresent, and possibly omnipotent at 100%.
    Anyway. when her cerebral capacity was at 40-50%ish(trying to remember), she was able to control other people and make them do whatever she wanted like send them to the ceiling or make them go unconscious at will.
    Oh, and she was also capable of putting a wall of some sort that prevented the asian guy with the gun and pretty much makes guns useless by unloading them by doing so.
    Unfortunately, I only found one clip of it.
    At that same mental level she was able to pull and see radio waves and pull out the exact one out of a lot and listen to the Korean gangster’s phone call.\
    Also, she was able to drive and know where to go despite the fact that she never drove.
    Also on that same mental level, after phone calling a guy at France and getting his name instantly, she was able to exactly point out what was there. While she was in China.
    Anyway, around 20-ish, she was able to easily kick arse as well as pull out a bullet
    Instantly understands Chinese and can see at cellular level. In the movie, after reading the guy’s brain, she shoots him because she knew the operation would be unsuccessful and he would die anyway.
    Also in this same video at 20%, she is able to manipulate technology and read Morgan Freeman’s character’s research on the capacity on the mind in short time.
    Basically she should make it hard for team 2 to do anything against her if she’s not outright an instant win person.
    Arkham City would give her knowledge of where team 2 is because of cameras and any piece of technology there.
    I forgot what she could do at 70% but it’s pretty much a good thing you didn’t make her 98% and above.
    She was time traveling to the beginning of the universe while she was making a super computer telling everything about the universe.
    At 100%, she was everywhere.

  21. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 7:04 pm -      #21

    Lucy was meh. Liked the ending, mogan freeman, and music. Everything else was eh.

  22. Alpha or Omega October 14, 2014 at 7:13 pm -      #22

    The ending didn’t satisfy me much until I realized the movie was over…
    I wished I could see GoTG again

  23. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 8:52 pm -      #23

    Woah. Just Saw Sadot’s post.
    So Alexis is and Six would be the firepower.
    Lucy would be the Hax and Emma would be the mental defense.
    “I wished I could see GoTG again”

    December 9th. Dvd release date. Your wish will be granted. It’ll cost money though.

  24. Blazing Waffles October 14, 2014 at 9:25 pm -      #24

    Is there anything stopping Frost from mind-screwing Team 2 into submission the second the fight starts?

  25. the_man_with The_Answers October 14, 2014 at 9:50 pm -      #25

    Haven’t seen the movie, but Lucy, from what’s been said, sounds relatively invulnerable to me.

  26. Rorschach October 14, 2014 at 10:05 pm -      #26

    @ the_man_with The_Answers
    Lucy is relatively invulnerable.

    I liked the movie, for what it presented regarding the capacity of humans. Now, just about everything did not make sense, but I saw the movie as a take on what would happen when someone comes to 100 percent realization and understanding of the universe.
    If that wasn’t what the movie was about, then I’ll make up something else. I really don’t want to think I just wasted time watching the movie, but after the second scene of animals in the movie, I really questioned why I would be brought to pay money for that.

    Anyway, back to my response.
    Lucy in the movie, I think before 70%, was losing control of her body’s cells. she nearly blew up everywhere, but she was able to get more of the drug in her system. It seemed to stabilize her, but she realized she couldn’t keep doing that, and needed to store the information she was learning for humanity.

    She only started accelerating in percentage of brain control after she connected herself with the computer. Just before she did so, she demonstrated her power over her own atoms, by changing her hand to that of a fin or something. She is still human, however. Her body wouldn’t survive being blown apart, as shown in the movie. Though that was mostly a result of her cells vibrating out of her control.

  27. Warlock Lowk October 14, 2014 at 10:07 pm -      #27

    Lucy doesn’t have many speed feats. She about peak human in physically. Mentally might be a different story since she did read throught a 1000 something books in a few minutes.
    Also her body can be damaged. She might not care if it not a headshot but durabilty isn’t really her thing.
    So if your fast, powerful, or accurate enough you should be able to send an attack her way that she can’t block.

  28. Alpha or Omega October 14, 2014 at 10:57 pm -      #28

    Yeah, what they said.
    While she was finishing the time traveling and building a super computer, the leader of the gangsters was about to shoot her at point blank while she was distracted with uploading all knowledge.
    This implied that this would kill her and probably would until she reached 100%, disappeared, and then became omnipresent&omniscient.

  29. Warlock Lowk October 17, 2014 at 1:35 am -      #29

    Just realized Six could potentially pull Dresden from the board. She can control water and make it rain. hard. And she can localize it.

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