Godzilla Vs Dracula

Godzilla Vs Dracula

Suggested by Amm0vamp1r3

Two legendary monsters here who may not be the first of their kind but definitely are the best and most well known.

In this battle of the titans: composite Dracula will be taking on composite Godzilla.

Which of these kings will come out on top?

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105 Comments on "Godzilla Vs Dracula"

  1. Amm0vamp1r3 November 3, 2014 at 4:54 pm -      #101

    The Sacred Ancestor (Dracula from VHD)

    Can teleport people into space

    ““The lid of the coffin opened slowly. Once it’d finished, a shadowy figure sat up. Under the circumstances, that was hardly strange. However, the mere act of sitting up sent out a howling air that was terribly weird and unholy.
    “Oh, crap!” the left hand cried, pulling its features back in.
    “D!” the figure said, and now he stood beside the coffin. It was unclear what he looked like or what he was wearing. He was just a black shadow. However, even if D’s vision didn’t serve, his other superhuman senses perceived the figure towering before him like a mountain. “It’s been so long since we last met. Perhaps we just needed a suitable place?”
    D kicked off the ground. As he swung his sword down, it was like a gale-force wind, but the figure was now standing behind D, swaying.

    “Not even turning around, D made a backward thrust by his left side.
    Though he was stabbed, the figure didn’t fall.
    Pulling his blade back, D turned to face his opponent.
    “So, is this your land?” he asked.
    “The ruler’s name is Valcua.”
    “I hear you banished him into space, but let him bring this kingdom with him. The same kingdom that bears your mark a little too plainly. Who is he?”
    The shadowy figure shook violently—perhaps this showed the turbulence of his mind. A pale hand reached out from the shadow’s chest—his right hand. The great ring on his little finger gave off gleams of gold. The back of his hand had a single tuft of black hair, which lent a touch of ferocity to his aristocratic elegance. From the third joint up his forefinger moved, beckoning the Hunter. “Suddenly, D was beyond the earth’s atmosphere. His remaining oxygen swelled his lungs to the point of bursting, and his blood boiled.”

    “Vampire Hunter D, Vol. 17: Tyrant’s Stars, Pts. 3 & 4.”

    Crushed an army of other Nobles

    “This is how the legend goes. One day, a man with more power than even the Nobility came on a ship, brought all the Nobles together in the square, and upbraided them for their cruel misdeeds. When the angry Nobles mounted their battle chariots and charged the man, he not only blew away their war machines but also ripped their very homes from the ground with a single flourish of his cape. It’s said that the frightened Nobility, with one exception, all fled the area then.”

    “The battle came the day after the other Nobles left, and it took place at Meinster’s castle. After a conflict that reduced the homes of the Nobles to rubble instantly, wiped out all animal life, and even changed the shape of mountains, Meinster was defeated and his corpse was cast into the sea for all eternity after measures had been taken to ensure he would never return to dry land again. It’s said that even now he prowls the bottom of the deep sea with arms folded, coming up at times to bask in the moonlight and take his sustenance, plotting his return to the land and vengeance against the traveler in black. But that last part is nothing more than legend.”

    “Vampire Hunter D Volume 7: Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, Part One.”

    D vs The Sacred Ancestor


    Lawrence Valuca was about to use a planet to attack some other nobles but The Sacred Ancestor sent it away

    “Ah, what a time it was! It was the anniversary of an ancient holiday. We’d already tapped the power of magma and the ley lines to give Valcua a black eye, but we never imagined he’d pay us back with a shooting star.”
    His missiles were small, metallic meteors summoned by remote control from an asteroid belt two hundred million miles from Earth. Moving at fifteen miles per second when they hit the atmosphere, the five hundred meteorites were greeted with fire from space cannons, but one of them managed to make it through the defensive net and strike the center of the Frontier. For three hundred miles in all directions the ground rose up to the heavens, mountains vanished and seas boiled away. The dead numbered thirty million.
    This incident caused such fervor among the Nobility that an inquest was held to find out why the meteorite hadn’t been detected beforehand. The conclusion they reached was a simple one. Composed largely of darkness and radiation, outer space was something the Nobility loved like it was their own parent. It had never occurred to them that the majestic void might betray them, so they hadn’t seen any reason to keep an eye on the heavens. Who would dare to probe the secrets of their beloved parents’ heart?
    However, they began to scrutinize space much more closely, and just five days later, they discovered a meteor six thousand miles in diameter–actually, a planet–flying toward the Earth. Based on its shape and speed, they discovered it was one of the planetoids in Alpha Centauri, and there was no way to stop it on such short notice. Not only had the Ultimate Noble managed to wrest a celestial body from its orbit in another solar system, he was also able to use it in a plan to wipe out another planet.
    The black arms of despair embraced the three Nobles.
    That’s when it happened.
    “The Sacred Ancestor stepped forward. It was unclear how the planetoid had evaded the immutable laws of the universe to travel to within five million miles of the Earth, but it suddenly changed direction and flew off into the depths of space. In a sense, we were still numb from having to accept our own imminent extinction, but then the Sacred Ancestor commanded us to take Lawrence Valcua alive.”
    VHD Vol.16 “Tyrant’s Stars” Page 76-77

    and another sacred ancestor sighting

    D turned around. Something enormous loomed before him, deeper than the darkness. It was clearly a giant. D could make out boots the size of a house, firm ankles, and muscular calves. The kneecaps and thighs that should’ve been aboce this were one with the darkness of the distant void.

    {skipping some stuff}

    Dsprang. The colossus wore a jacket the color of darkness. His chest out like a massive crag, and D made another bound off of it. The hem of his coat spread. It fanned out like the black wings of a bat, flapping only once. D continued his ascent. A powerful jaw came into view. The lips looked like crudely hewn gravestones. Above a repulsive hooked nose, narrow slits of eyes ran off to either side. The dark irises and pupils had a luster like a crytal, reflecting the gorgeous young man who’d come on the attack. The altitude was ten thousand feet. Night spread in all directions up here as well. The giants hair rippled like waves, and D swung his sword low in the center of it. Suddenly, D was enveloped by complete tranquility.

    {skipping some stuff}

    “So it really was him,” the left hand groaned…

    Vampire Hunter D: Scenes From An Unholy War

  2. Friendlysociopath November 3, 2014 at 5:40 pm -      #102

    Well, it was a good fight, but composite Dracula just has too much to pull from and no constraints for what the writers want him to be able to do compared to Godzilla. Even though Godzilla can tank Black Holes, he’s got no defense against being just chucked through space, even though I think Godzilla is stated to be able to survive in space.
    GG, I submit.

    For making the idea on a whim, Vampire Godzilla is growing on me at an alarming rate.

  3. AreNamesNeeded November 3, 2014 at 6:01 pm -      #103

    No one can resist Vampire Godzilla.

  4. Friendlysociopath November 3, 2014 at 7:08 pm -      #104

    Lights, music, happiness; Golden Week was in full swing. The sunset lit upon the smiles on many children as they ran about, eagerly pulling their parents behind them to play the next game or to find that special treat they were looking for. The parents followed, some laughing, others with an age-old look of accepting weariness.
    Maka danced ahead of her father, in absolute bliss over the kimono her mother had made for her. She ran her tongue over her first adult tooth, enjoying that her younger brother still hadn’t lost a single one of his baby teeth. Her father followed in her wake, burdened by several gifts he planned to give his wife later. Maka gleefully ran over to the viewing booth atop the hill, watching the sun sink below the horizon in a beautiful sunset.
    As the sunlight no longer reached his daughter, Kawazoe felt a chill creep down his spine. He gave his head a small shake, trying to rid himself of the ill feeling that had descended upon him. Maka called out to him,
    “Father, look what I found.” Maka ran up to him, holding her new discovery in her hands. It was a bat.
    “Maka! Put that down at once.” Kawazoe told his daughter. She obeyed, instantly dropping the bat. The bat gave a small shriek and opened its wings to fly away. Kawazoe shivered, for a moment he had imagined the bat possessed bright red eyes. I can’t understand why the bat allowed her to simply walk up to it and hold it- and I can’t believe she wanted to touch it.
    Kawazoe noticed more bats flying through the air, curious indeed. He hadn’t noticed any great concentration of bats before today. The chill suddenly made itself known to a greater degree, a cold wind sprang up, rustling tents and surprising many nearby people with the sudden change in temperature. A surge of bats flew past him, such were their numbers that one was shunted into his arm and fell to the ground, stunned. Kawazoe stared at it closely- he had not imagined it earlier, the bat’s eyes were indeed glowing red. The wind had grown in force even as it lowered in temperature, now matching a cold gust from winter. Kawazoe noticed Maka shivering and drew her close to himself, he followed the stream of bats as they all began to circle around the skyline of Tokyo. Thousands of bats, maybe millions, in utter silence they whirled about, flapping madly as if in a frenzy. A previously cloudless sky suddenly became overcast and then almost pitch-black, the lights of the city becoming brighter as the stars and moon were obscured far faster than they should have been. Maka pulled at her father’s hand,
    “Father, I’m scared, I want to go home now, where is Mother?” Kawazoe had no answer for his daughter, the bats had coalesced into a column of darkness that his eyes couldn’t pierce, and still more were flying towards it. Movement from within the pillar caught Kawazoe’s eye but… That’s massive! Kawazoe thought to himself. What could possibly be that large?! It’s taller than the buildings! Red glowing eyes larger than he was sprang from the darkness, followed by spiked fins, and a roar that echoed across the city as men, women and children alike shrieked in fear.

    Vampire Godzilla had come at last.

  5. SuperTengenToppaGurrenLagann November 3, 2014 at 7:31 pm -      #105

    gimme a sec Draczilla, after I get my sunglasses I’ll fight you. Mano to Vampiric Lizardo.

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