Harry Dresden Vs Lord Vile

Harry Dresden Vs Lord Vile

Suggested by sadot06

For this fight we have Harry Dresden (Dresden Files) going up against Lord Vile from Skulduggery Pleasant.

Dresden is Winter Knight Incarnation .

Fight takes place on the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch.

Who’s going to win?

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30 Comments on "Harry Dresden Vs Lord Vile"

  1. Ragnorke June 26, 2014 at 6:42 am -      #1

    I have heard some really good things about dresden, might need to start reading it.
    He beat richard rahl with ease, in their match right?

    Dont know anything about skullduggery, but did a quick google search.

    Lookin forward to learnin more about both these characters.

  2. mack006 June 26, 2014 at 7:05 am -      #2

    Waiting for Commander Cross to connect…
    loading… loading…

  3. sadot06 June 26, 2014 at 7:39 am -      #3

    Pleasant surprise, thanks admin. Vile is the enchanted suit of armor for Skullduggery. Vile is ruthless and uses shadows as weapons. He can fly, slice through concrete, teleport, create a bubble around himself that drains life force, and survive immense physical trauma.

  4. mack006 June 26, 2014 at 8:28 am -      #4

    Isn’t Lord Vile = Alucard?

  5. Ragnorke June 26, 2014 at 8:51 am -      #5

    “Isn’t Lord Vile = Alucard?”

    Alucard… as in the guy that cant die Alucard? or you mean before he got that power?

  6. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 9:08 am -      #6

    I have one question is Dresden allowed to unleash his full magical might?
    And how would Vile fare against a S&W .500 Dresden’s current firearm? Like say if the rounds hit him in the face or chest. Would he no sell, be unharmed but knocked on his ass, or would it hurt like hell?

    As to magic to magic how fares Vile against spells that suck the heat out of his body?

  7. Rookie June 26, 2014 at 10:26 am -      #7

    I believe that this is the second time Lord Vile appears on BankGambling and I still know zero about him. How is this possible? Someone please, post feats for him.

  8. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 10:35 am -      #8

    not just the second time, the second time in a match where he and Dresden are against each other.

  9. Rookie June 26, 2014 at 10:39 am -      #9


    “not just the second time, the second time in a match where he and Dresden are against each other.”

    This just pure gold. How could I still not know about his abilities? I’l wait for feats for now.

  10. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 11:24 am -      #10

    Well I’ll bring out some feats for Dresden, that said Hogwarts is going to need a new Quidditch Pitch….possibly may have to repair a chunk of the castle since it’s supposed to be walking distance between the Pitch and the Castle.

    first I’ll do a little defense.

    Dresden is able to ground another persons magic when they are charging it up. First doing it to a Lycanthrope as she draws on her power.
    ” “Hello there, Mr. Parker,” I called cheerfully. I suppose that the image I presented as I walked toward them would have been comic—except for all the blood, and the big smile I felt spreading over my face. It seemed to have a somewhat intimidating effect on the Streetwolves at any rate. The woman snarled at me, and for a second I could feel a wild, savage energy, the same that had surrounded the frenzying lycanthropes at the Full Moon Garage, starting to build in the air around me.
    I gave the bitch an annoyed look and slashed my hand at the air, drawling, “Disperdorus.” I forced out an effort of will I might have found daunting on another night, one when I was feeling a little less all-powerful, and the woman jerked back as though I had slapped her in the mouth. The energy she had been gathering fractured and flew apart as though it had never been. She stared at me, growing tense and nervous, and reached a hand toward a knife in a case at her hip ”
    Fool Moon pg 113

    Later without even needing a word does it to his apprentice to be.

    “She spun to me and shrieked, “I did not hurt them!”
    The air suddenly crackled with tension; vague, unfocused energy centered on the screaming girl. There was enough energy to manage something unfortunate, and it was clear that the kid wasn’t in anything like control of her power. I shook my head and swung my left hand in a half circle, palm faced out, and simply drew in the magical energy her emotions had generated and grounded it into the earth before somebody got hurt.
    A tingle of sensation washed up my arm, surprisingly intense. Her talent was not a modest one.”
    Proven Guilty, Chap 41

    Light spell defense plus soulfire able to hold back the raw power and malice of a Fallen Angel.

    “At the same moment, Nicodemus flung both his arms forward, and a terrible, smothering darkness came slamming down upon me.
    I’d had two possible responsis to his first attack in mind–and they had to be responses, not assaults of my own. When all this was over, I wanted there to be absolutely no question in Mab’s mind that he had turned on me, not the other way around. He might have come at me with his sword–it was how henormally preferred to do business in every case that I had seen. A shield would have held him off, at least for a time.
    Or, in his rage, he might unleash the full malice of Anduriel upon me. Which he had done.
    This was not a normal circumstance for Nicodemus.
    I’d prepared the proper defense.
    “Lumios!” I shouted, as the darkness closed in, and I poured my will into the same light spell I’d used earlier–only I added a measure of soulfire into the mix.
    The light leapt forth in a sphere and exploded into sparks as it collided with something that simply devoured it, swallowing it into nothingness as it streamed forth. The effect was damned odd-looking, from the inside. Light poured forth to be enveloped by a slithering blackness all around me, something that recoiled from the sparks and then came surging back in their wake with frenzied agitation–but the darkness could reach no closer than just beyond the reach of my arm.”

  11. Commander Cross June 26, 2014 at 11:38 am -      #11

    Post-Changes Dresden has more Badassitude on his pinky nail in Side A than his Comrades in the 3-vs-3 fight did in an earlier fight against Lord Vile.

    Which is discounted frankly.

    This negligence of a dot hack(.hack) Champion is bogus all the same, you better mean to tell me that Lord Vile did something to make Maggie Dresden cry, and I don’t mean whether or not this Arena’s Evacuated or not either.

    I still find it bogus for the negligence all the same.

    @Mack at #04

    If you mean Pre-Schrodinger Alucard with EVEN MORE SORCERY AT HIS DISPOSAL, why yes as a matter of fact he is Pre-Schrodinger Alucard. :mrgreen: 😀
    Now being allowed to say that will never be bogus for me, shame that the Old Pumpkin-headed one isn’t wearing a Pumpkin that doubles as an Amplifier Artifact, frankly.


    Note to self:

    Get a dot hack(.hack) Champion worth their salt to go fight against someone from The Mortal Instruments later and be done with it.

  12. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 11:40 am -      #12

    sorry the above was from Skin Game pg 351
    Now while dealing with that throwing out an attack to deal with an enemy that can ground out magic itself. By sending out needles of ice. More impressive because there is nothing but the force of them being propelled to the needles of ice…but it’s in Hades realm, where gravity is a bit higher than that of Earth (not sure how much sadly but still.)
    Then he does the same with a head sized sphere of ice harder than stone. The creature he’s fighting is essentially Big Foot…with wizardry…and the ability to take a 50 caliber round without flinching.

    ” The Genoskwa let out a roar, and I knew it was coming right at me. I couldn’t move without stepping into that smothering blackness and that seemed like a horrible idea, so instead I folded my arms across my chest, and muttered, “Let’s see you ground this, ugly.” Then I called upon Winter, and cried out, “Arctispinae!”
    I expanded my arms out explosively, and as I did, slivers of Winter cold froze the water in the air into hundreds of spines of needle-pointed ice that exploded out from me, into the darkness and beyond. No magic attached itself to the spines of ice once they had been formed—they simple became sharp, hurtling pieces of solid matter. I was betting that whatever power the Genoskwa had to negate the effects of directly applied magic, it still had to follow the laws of magic as I understood them.
    The bet paid off. The Genoskwa let out another ear-shattering roar of pain from no more than seven or eight feet away.
    I used the sound as a point of reference and whirled my staff in a swooping arc, its green-silver soulfire-infused light driving back the substance of the Fallen angel still trying to compress upon me. My will gathered more Winter ice around the end of my staff in an irregular globe around the size of my head and harder than stone, and cried, “Forzare!”
    A lance of pure kinetic energy flung the hailstone from the end of my staff and out through the darkness like a cannonball, and it hit something with an enormous and meaty-sounding thunk of obdurate ice against muscle-dense flesh. I must have gotten him in the breadbasket, because instead of roaring, the Genoskwa let out a windy, seething sound. ”
    Skin Game pg 352

    The effect on the cannonball ice.
    “Not far away, the Genoskwa was rising from where he had fallen. The hailstone I’d conjured had apparently knocked him backward over the marble block in the center of the stage, and one side of his rib cage looked distorted. The creature crouched on three limbs, his leg dragging, and bared his teeth at me in a silent snarl, yellowed tusks showing.”
    Skin Game pg 353

    So how well would Lord Vile take that to the gut?

  13. Ragnorke June 26, 2014 at 12:29 pm -      #13

    @Cross, Jake, & Rookie (and all other Pilers)

    This is totally off-topic, so sorry in advance, but a bunch of us are gunna be playing SWTOR together.
    I think its currently 10 people, including Admin.
    Any of you interested in joining? we want the number to preferably be a multiple of 4.

  14. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 12:38 pm -      #14

    I’m not going to be able to sorry.

  15. Namer June 26, 2014 at 12:47 pm -      #15

    I’m trying to not get Skin Game spoiled for me yet, so do try to label any quotes from SG.

    I recall Vile using shadows as a weapon. Fortunately Dresden’s fought Nicodemus enough times to be able to handle that. I’m fairly certain he has enough firepower to take down Vile. Anything for Vile’s durability?

  16. Commander Cross June 26, 2014 at 12:52 pm -      #16

    @Ragnorke at #13

    See someone’s reply at #14, I don’t have the Game on me and I still got my own projects to sort out, let’s just be glad that nobody suggested Post-Changes Dresden vs Kirito
    (1-vs-1), because the latter’s odds in fighting Dresden are worse than Conan the Barbarian’s own without High-End Weaponry.
    Being generous as possible here.


    @Namer at #15

    Vile was dropped from the Earth’s Atmosphere, and its just sad my stated reasons still apply.
    Agreed, hold the Skin Game Spoilers at least until Pages 2 or 3 if anything, both sides and Darquesse each skin Post-Inheritance Eragon alive no questions asked.

    Also, does Post-Changes Dresden get The Winter Knight Armor from Changes or anything on that level or above in this?
    Pre-End of Series Dresden, right?

  17. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 1:05 pm -      #17

    one of the above quotes shows him countering the shadows in fact. I didn’t put any quotes that would spoil the plot or any major details at any rate I’ll leave the discretion up to you though.. And I’ll avoid putting any unmarked spoilers though.
    That said how much force would it take for a sphere of ice the size of a human head to impact a creature 10-15 feet tall (the line in the book describes it as well over nine feet tall which is sadly vague) and built like a hybrid of peak Schwarzenegger and a Silverback Gorilla.

  18. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 1:41 pm -      #18

    Now this is a slightly spoilery moment so be warned before reading further if you don’t want Skin Game moments spoiled for you:

    Okay assuming anyone avoiding spoilers is forewarned…
    So after revealing that he out conned a conman Fallen Angel with 2000 or so years of con experience and emotionally breaking said fallen angel to the point he said fuck it all….and the return of a couple classics from the first Denarian appearances. Lasciel and Dresden have a showdown.

    “The second sphere came flying at me and I countered by lifting my staff and shouting, “Defendarius!” A broad wall of force shimmered into being in front of me, and the sphere smashed into it and exploded into a cloud of flame that spread out along its length and breadth, as if seeking a way around it. The heat was viciously intense, and enough of it would have burned through the shield–but it was a question of volume. Ascher had struck at me with pinpoint precision and intensity. I’d countered her with raw power, using a shield big enough to spread the heat over a wide enough area to keep it from burning through.
    Ascher let out a snarl of frustration and hurled another sphere. Her thinking was obvious—if she could keep pouring fire onto me and force me to hold up the shield against it, eventually she could either burn through it or exhaust my ability to keep holding it up. I’d have taken that fight against a lot of top practitioners: There are relatively few wizards on the White Council who can stay with me in terms of pure magical horsepower. But while there are plenty of wizards who could wear themselves out pounding on my shields, I had a pretty solid intuition that Ascher could keep throwing fire until I was a heap on the ground, especially with Lasciel’s knowledge and experience backing her up. Worse, Lasciel knew me, inside and out.”
    Skin Game 370

    After a brief sentence about learning new tricks

    Showing off kinetic force power with his new staff. And it’s many kinetic storing runes…which store energy whenever the staff moves. And firing it through his shield while keeping it up. So he can play defense and offense at the same time now.

    ” In the past, I’d worn rings designed to store a little excess kinetic energy every time I moved my arm. Then I could let loose the saved energy all in one place to pretty devastating effect when I really needed to do it. I hadn’t had the resources I needed to make new rings, but I’d carved the same spell in my new wizard’s staff.
    Seventy-seven times.
    It wasn’t as handy as my layered rings had been–instead of being broken into multiple units, the energy of the spell was all stored in one reservoir, so I only had the one shot.
    But it was a doozy.
    So as another white-hot sphere splashed into flame against my shield, I whirled the butt end of the staff where the energy storage spells were carved toward Ascher, focused my concentration on the shield, braced my feet, and shouted, “Arietius!”
    The staff bucked in my hands like a living thing and shoved my shoes several inces across the floor as the stored energy unleashed itself and drove into the rear of my shield. For a second, I worried about the staff shattering–I had never tried it with this much stored energy before, and there was always the chance that I had exceeded the design tolerance of the spell at some point. If I had, I would be the center of my own spectacular and splintery explosion. But my work was good and the staff functioned perfectly. I held the structure of the shield together and let the energy from the staff drive it forward, toward Ascher, and suddenly a large, obdurate, and extremely solid invisible wall was rushing at her like an oncoming freight train, shedding a trail of fire in its wake.
    I had never lowered the shield, and my actions had been obscured by all the fire chewing away at it–so Ascher recognized the danger a second too late, and that was where her inexperience showed. She might have real power and a gift with fire, but in a fight there’s no time to think your way through spells and counterspells. Either you’ve done your homework or you haven’t, and despite the advantage of having Lasciel in her corner, Ascher wasn’t ready for something like this. She was focused entirely on offense, not on protecting herself as well, and couldn’t come up with a counter in time.
    The wall hit her with the same force as an oncoming garbage truck, and blew her right out of the veil of purple mist that clung to her naked form. She flew back off the stage in a windmill of flailing limbs, and crashed into a display of particularly fine ecclesiastical robes and garments, most of which burst into flame as the sheath of shimmering heat around her body brushed up against them.”
    okay that’s the end of this post I think.
    Anyone good with math want to figure out how much force it would take to send a woman flying like that in slightly above earths gravity?

  19. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 1:44 pm -      #19

    Oh for the love of….
    really moderation? is it because the quote has the word naked in it? Or is there some name that somehow triggered it?

  20. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 1:45 pm -      #20

    Okay so it’s not the word naked.
    So…one of the names or words….
    so was it the word Lasciel?

    Edit: so not that name…great…I..no not going to go through and test every single word that might have triggered it.

  21. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 2:41 pm -      #21

    well it’s through now.

  22. Blazing Waffles June 26, 2014 at 4:46 pm -      #22

    Haven’t read Skin Game yet, but unless he suddenly has absurd durability feats all of the sudden, one good shot from Vile will kill Dresden, Winter Mantle be damned. Which isn’t saying much, since one good shot from most enemies will kill Dresden. Question is, can Vile get through Dresden’s insane offensive abilities and shield? And will Vile’s armor hold up against all of Dresden’s powers?

  23. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 5:13 pm -      #23

    Dresden can keep the shield up while he attacks now so Vile has less chance of getting through to Dresden and avoiding attacks. Dresden’s gotten good at judging how to deal with what. Beware of possible spoilers below

    He can fire faster balls of ice than the head sized ones specifically the size of apples but faster than a major league pitch.
    “I hadn’t had time to get together as much ice as I’d used on the first two, but the hailstone that hit him was the size of a very large apple and moving considerably faster than a major-league fastball. It didn’t break when it hit. Nicodemus did. There was a wet thump of impact when it hit him in the left side, below the ribs, and he went up onto his toes in reaction, his body drawing to one side in a bow of pain. Then he staggered to one side and fell to a knee”
    Skin Game pg 373

    doing another one.
    “Nicodemus’s eyes widened, but he turned his body to shield the Grail, and the hailstone struck him in the right shoulder blade. He let out another breathless cry–and then sudden blackness engulfed him and a tide of shadow swept him away.”
    Skin Game pg 374

    Redirecting a lance of pure Hellfire, after examining all his options. Keep in mind the opening a Way option is viable here.

    “There was no time to think. I ran on instinct. I couldn’t shield a blast of flame infused with Hellfire, the demonic version of soulfire. Hellfire enormously increased the destructive potential of magic. When Lasciel’s shadow had been inside me, I’d used it. If I’d had my last shield bracelet, I might have parried most of it, but even that wouldn’t have been enough to stop it cold.
    Couldn’t counter it with Winter. If I flung ice out to stop the fire, they would form steam, and the Hellfire would flow right into that, and continue on its way. same result only I’d be steam-cooked instead of roasted.
    Once or twice in my life, I’d been able to open a Way in front of me, fast enough to divert an incoming attack away from me, into the Nevernever or out into somehwere else in the mortal world. But from here, in the secured vault, there was no way I was going to be able to open a Way—not until I got back out beyond the first gate again.
    Fire was hard to deal with. Infuse it with Hellfire and it was almost unstoppable.
    So I didn’t even try to stop it.
    Instead, I redirected it.
    As the strike hurtled toward me, I lifted my staff in my right hand, whirling it back and forth in front of my body in a figure-eight spin and sent my will racing through the staff, infused with soulfire to counter the Fallen angel’s Hellfire, shouting, “Ventas Cyclis!”
    A howling, whirling torrent of wind whipped out of my staff, spiraling tightly in on itself as the Hellfire reached it. There was a flash of light, a thunderous detonation, and the sharp scent of ozone as the two diametrically opposed energies met and warred. The spinning vortex of wind caught the violet fire and bent it upward toward the distant ceiling of the vault, slewing back and forth, a gushing geyser of unearthly flame.
    The effort to control that wind was tremendous but even though the fire came within a few feet, the rush of air moving away from me prevented the thermal bloom from cooking me where I stood. My defense carried the entire power of the strike up to the roof of the cavern, wher it splashed and danced and rolled out in vast circular waves
    It was actually damned beautiful.
    Ascher let out a short snarl of frustration as the last of the strike flashed upward. I released the wind spell but kept my staff spinning slowly, ready to counter a second time if I had to do it. Ascher had plenty of anger still ragin in her, and she drew on it to gather more fire to her hands.”
    Skin Game pgs 377-378

  24. Jake_Uzumaki June 26, 2014 at 5:33 pm -      #24

    Again beware of spoilers for Skin Game

    after a brief discussion and Dresden discussing how he loves magic he redirects a second jet of Hellfire. He also uses his shield to deal with molten rock.

    ” And then with a cry she sent another lance of Hellfire at me, redoubled in strength.
    Again, I caught it with a conjured cyclone infused with soulfire, though the effort was even more tremendous. Again I sent it spiraling up toward the ceiling–but this time I sent it all to one spot.
    Even before the last of the Hellfire had smashed into the ceiling, I dropped to one knee, lifted my staff, and extended the strongest shield I could project, putting it between me and Ascher. It was a calculated bit of distraction on my part, giving her something she wasn’t psychologically equipped to ignore. She screamed at me, her eyes furious, gathering more fire in her hands, seeing only a passive target, weakened and fallen to one knee, one she could smash to bits with a third and final strike—but I saw Lasciel’s glowing eyes widen in sudden dismay and understanding as the Fallen reached her own comprehension of consequences and a few portions of a second too late to do any good.
    An instant later, several hundred tons of molten and red-hot rock, chewed from the earth above us by Ascher’s own Hellfire-infused strike, came crashing down on top of her.
    The noise was terrible. The destruction was appalling. Glowing hot stones bounced from my shield and then began to pile up against it, pushing at me and physically forcing me back across the ground. The pileup shoved me a good twenty feet across the amphitheater floor, with Michael hobbling frantically along a couple of feet ahead of me, crouching to take advantage of the protection of my shield.”
    Skin Game 380

    There was enough stone involved to fill half the amphitheater and build up to the thighs of a large statue. And the stones were falling not quite the way they would in Earth’s gravity as stated here (this is just the gravity thing though)
    “A few last stones fell, clattering over the mess, bouncing. I noted, dimly, that their arches didn’t look the way they should have. Gravity was indeed something heavier here than in the physical world. ”
    Skin Game 381

  25. Namer June 27, 2014 at 4:22 am -      #25

    Thanks for that, Jake.

    @Cross at #16
    Dresden vs Kirito might be a bad idea. At the high end, Kirito’s supersonic, with his SAO, ALO and GGO characters being pretty much the same. Alicization Kirito’s plainly outmatched.

    Vile fell from the atmosphere, how high up? And did he survive that by pure brute durability, or did he use any gimmicks?

  26. Mea quidem sententia July 1, 2014 at 8:50 pm -      #26

    Jake_Uzumaki Posts #17, 18
    The average circumference of a human, male head is 57 cm. That should mean it is 18 cm. in diameter. The radius would then be 9 cm. If we calculate this to be a sphere, then the volume should be 3,127 cm^3. Ice has a density of 0.931 g/cm^3. This would mean that the object should be 2.912 kg. (6.42 lb.) We’ll need to know the speed in order to find the force.

    If we assumed this object was traveling at 100 mi/h, then the force would end up being 130 newtons, which in turn would be equal to getting hit by 29 pounds. It’s not even strong enough to break a rib. But again, we don’t know how fast this object was traveling.

    A garbage truck can vary in weight, but once again, we don’t know what the speed would be for this to occur.

  27. Jake_Uzumaki July 1, 2014 at 9:00 pm -      #27

    would the heavier gravity have any effect on that calc? I’m not sure how that kind of stuff works so just curious.

  28. VAMPIRE-VIGILANTE July 13, 2014 at 7:23 pm -      #28

    Strength feats for Vile

    “Vile opened both hands, pulling shadows from the mouth of the cave. They curled and thrashed behind him, then rose in a giant wave that rolled towards her. Darquesse fell to one knee under the onslaught. It was a test. He was testing her, seeing how strong she was. When the wave was gone, she lunged. He ducked under the punch and grabbed her low, lifting her off her feet, taking her to the grass. His fists came down, battering her face. She tried to wrap her legs around his waist but his armor expanded , keeping her from locking her ankles together. HIs fists were hammers, driving her down into the ground, the earth giving way beneath her. An extraordinary sensation.”
    “His left hand grabbed her wrist, squeezed it so tightly her bones broke”.
    “Headlights swept in and she turned. A taxi slowed to a stop, and the driver got out. He looked t her, looked at Vile, looked at the churned up road. He didn’t ask any question he just stood there like he was waiting for an explanation. She didn’t like that. She didn’t like him. She stepped forward to tear him in two and then Vile grabbed her jacket from behind lifted her off her feet and slammed her through feet and slammed her through the bonnet of the car.
    Her face crunched into the the engine block, and he hauled her out before she even knew what was happening, and hurled her through the window of a Burger King. She hit a table and flipped sideways to the floor, coming to a stop in the dark as an alarm started up, so loud it pierced the world. She got to her hands and knees, spitting blood, and the shadows snaked out, seized her wrists, and she flew back out through the broken window, hitting the ruined taxi, denting the passenger side door. Above the alarm, she heard the driver screaming as he ran away, and then Vile reached down, closed his fingers around her throat.
    He held her off the ground with his left hand and hit her with his right. His fist was a block of stone, showing her explosions of light every time it connected. She need to stop him before he punched her brain out through her skull. She’d done that once. It was funnier when it happened to other people.”

  29. VAMPIRE-VIGILANTE July 13, 2014 at 7:28 pm -      #29

    Shadow controlling feats from Vile

    “The air was split by a scream.
    ‘Vile!’ someone shouted. “It’s Lord Vile”
    Suddenly everyone was panicking. Ghastly grabbed Valkyrie’s arm, dragged her after him. She glimpsed a dark figure striding between the cells, and all those people trying to get away.
    Darkness swarmed his to armour, filling the space behind him. Tendrils lashed out, as fast as striking cobras, impaling those who tried to run. The dead and the dying were lifted off their feet and paraded ahead of Vile as he walked, their tortured cries adding to the panic of those still with a chance of escape.
    ‘Keep him back!” Ghastly roared, and immediately five sorer ors barged past Valkyrie, on an intercept course. Elementals and Adepts, they hurled whatever they had at him. Most of their attacks struck the helpless bodies of Vile’s victims and the attacks that got by were instantly swarmed by shadows”
    “Shadows reared up behind the five sorcerers who faced Vile, and they turned, tried fending them off, but the shadows swayed and feinted, waiting for the silent command to strike. And then they struck, slicing through the sorcerers ad picking their bodies up off the rough ground to join the grisly parade, and still Vile walked.”
    “Valkyrie heard a shout from somewhere to her left, turned her head in time to see Lord Vile step out of the swirling darkness.
    The people closest to him cried put and stumbled back. He brought his arm around, darkness gathering like a wing beneath it, and flung the shadows away from him. They whipped through the crowd, severing limbs and puncturing torsos, felling half a dozen fighters in one go before retracting.
    Ghastly had changed course, forgetting about the man in rags and instead zeroing in on Vile. He used the air to leap over the heads of the panicking crowd, landing in a crouch before his enemy. He clicked his fingers, summoning flames into both hands.
    He lunged and Vile sent his shadow-kinves to slice his body from shoulder to hip. Valkyrie gasped as Ghastly parted from himself and fell in two pieces.”

    Also I get the feeling the shadows that Nicodemus use are of a different nature than Vile’s. Aren’t Nic’s shadows Anduriel himself? Vile pulls shadows from his own armor or his environment. Also, bullet, snowballs, and icicles don’t stand a chance of even denting Vile’s armor

  30. VAMPIRE-VIGILANTE July 13, 2014 at 7:29 pm -      #30

    Vile’s death bubble

    “Lord Vile had turned his full attention to Sean. He was using a trick that was affectionately known as the death bubble. She watched it expand t envelop the boy, and the life energy around his body dimmed immediately, losing its color, fading into grey. His face meanwhile, went white, eyes wide and mouth slack.
    Darquesse watched it all unfold, waiting for Vile to draw the bubble back into himself, taking Sean’s life with it. The force field couldn’t do anything against an attack like this. This was magic, not instinct, and none of these children knew the first thing about magic. They’d been presented with a gift, and then just figured out the best ways to hurt people. They were clumsy, awkward creatures with no understanding of the gifts at their fingertips. A stream of energy hit Vile and he stumbled. The death bubble collapsed and Sean dropped to his knees, sucking in lungfuls of air.”
    This is the only instance of Vile using the death bubble, but I could post feats of a significantly less powerful character using it.
    BTW the death bubble is actually completely invisible. Darquesse could see it in the quote because she can “see” magical energy.

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